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    FAQs about the Blog

    Q. You have set this blog up to interact with people who share your interest in reading people deeper. Are any questions off limits?

    A. Yes, I’ve had to set limits or else I’d be blogging for 48 hours a day. Please ask questions only about the readings and photos that have been posted on the site. By all means:


    • Add your own observations.
    • Ask for clarification about previous blogging and comments.
    • Question about other characteristics of someone chosen to be read on the blog, e.g., requesting an empathic merge when, so far, I have only read a face.
    • Request that I read someone new, provided this is someone in the news. Supply a photo link, if you have one.

    Q. What isn’t okay, for questions here at this blog?

    A. Any question is a good question, but not necessarily for this blog. (So I will follow up a NO! item with the appropriate way to get that type of question answered.)


    • Please do not ask me to read your face on this blog. (Instead, spend the $25 and order one here: // )
    • Please do not ask me to read your aura on this blog. (Instead, have a session of aura reading research with me by phone, Skype video, or in person.)
    • Please do not ask me to supply in-depth how-to instructions for my techniques. (Why do you think I write all those books? If I teach you something, let’s do it properly. Browse the books here: Ordering is a toll-free number away: 800-345-6665.)
    • Please do not ask random questions about what things on a face might mean. There is a free face reading service at this blog where you just supply a photo, and various rules are pretty simple for helping you to become a fabulous face reader. Check out the free face reading service at this blog post: //

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