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    Guest Post FAQs

    Q. What is the difference between adding a COMMENT and doing a GUEST POST?


    A. Length could be the difference. A comment can run anywhere from a sentence to a full page. But a guest post must contain at least three strong paragraphs.

    Q. Other differences?

    A. Topic can be a difference. It is recommended that the first line of your COMMENT be the topic, such as “Reading the face of Dr. Phil” or “You just made a good point, Dr. Phil.” or “Dr. Phil, I disagree.” Note that all comments do NOT have to be about Dr. Phil.

    By contrast, a focused topic is required for a GUEST POST. I am especially looking for guest posts that have a strong point of view. And, of course, this topic must involve deeper perception in some form.

    Q. Could, can—come on, Rose. What must be different between a COMMENT and doing a GUEST POST?

    A. Your COMMENT can be totally spontaneous. Comments are meant to be an easy, breezy way to interact with community. This is a totally no-pressure, jeans-and-tee-shirt kind of writing. Or you may choose to be more formal, more like wearing a tuxedo or cocktail-dress (or both at once, because this is the Internet.) Seriously, you can write as if composing a letter to the editor of your big newspaper — only there you have a snowball-in-hell chance of ever being published whereas here you have the snowball-building-a-snow-fort chance. Almost for sure, you will be published.

    Now you definitely will have to think through a GUEST POST. It gets more attention on the blog. Sometimes, I will take a comment that has been particularly post-worthy and turn it into a GUEST POST, using my magic wand…. I mean “magic mouse.” I will do this when a comment is so delectable, so stellar, so oomphy, etc.

    Q. How much should I fuss over formatting either a COMMENT or a GUEST POST?

    A. Don’t fuss at all. Definitely don’t use HTML, because it’s superfluous. Your contribution will be fixed up before being posted.

    Q. Embarrassing question: Although I want to post, I don’t feel that secure about my grammar and spelling. Can you reassure me?

    A. First, know that you are in the majority, so don’t fret. As part of our blog style, I review every comment or post and will edit just enough to add a certain amount of Grammatical Correctness.

    Now, I will not take away your personal voice. But I do not want my blog to read like My Space or other online communities where so many of the contributors have misspellings and run-on sentences. Editing is a great way to use my skills as an English major. In life, I walk around wishing I could edit signs like, “Use the sidedoor”. In this blog, I have the superpower! So light editing can make us both happy.

    Q. Must I supply a link to a photo for a GUEST POST?

    A. No, but you can. If it is a big file, I can make it into a small file when posting for you.


    Q. What if I just want to leave a comment that’s not necessarily related to a specific element already there?  For example, “I want you to know that Empowered by Empathy changed my life.  Blah blah blah.  Love, Kazho.”

    A. First  noodle around to find something related. See the part of the blog where it lists BLOG CATEGORIES? This is a column on the right. You can click on any of the topics, e.g., Empathic Merges. Suddenly, like magic, you’ll find a whole page of comments and posts on that topic. And you’ll find a place where you’ll fit in.

    Q. What if I want to establish myself by my own name as a regular blogger, interested in getting some traffic onto my own site?


    A. Go for it. GUEST POST whenever you wish. COMMENT at will.

    The comment form will always bring a trackback to your site automatically, helpful for your search engine standing. In addition, I don’t mind if you also include one reference per COMMENT or GUEST POST to your website (just 1, not 20—seem reasonable?)


    If it is a GUEST POST, I can embed your website plug as a clickable link. With COMMENTS, I can’t be so fancy, but your link will work just fine.


    Q. You really don’t mind if I use your blog as a way to have a lot of the advantages of my own blog, but without going to the trouble?


    A. I would be delighted. If your work involves some form of deeper perception and you are adding to our community, you belong here. Of course, we have rules against attacking members of our community, overt selling, no sensa humor, etc. Details are here.


    Q. Can I COMMENT or GUEST POST anonymously?

    A. Absolutely! You can even make up a funny name for yourself. Just write a note to Rose, e.g., “Call me Prince Charming, please.” Click on the following link for an example of a GUEST POST where the writer emailed that she was leery of using her name because of the controversial subject.

    If you haven’t read much on this blog yet, you might wish to read more here before you do post. In the words of a fine ethnic proverb, “Sample the existing culture before you brew more yogurt.” Okay, I made up this proverb. Some day perhaps you will write a GUEST POST consisting entirely of proverbs. Submit it!

    Q. What if my GUEST POST doesn’t make it onto the blog?

    A. Please don’t feel personally rejected. Your proposed post may be similar to another post, or not a topic that floats the host boat. Write again.


    Whenever you email a GUEST POST (sending it to, Rose will acknowledge receipt and tell you whether or not she will be using your submission. She will respond as quickly as possible, being very sympathetic to the tender feelings of a fellow writer. Time doesn’t permit her to give a detailed critique, however. So please don’t expect this. Here at DEEPER PERCEPTION MADE PRACTICAL, we have a “humanly possible” policy. That’s because, regardless of skill level, people don’t have much depth to perception when dead tired.

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