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    How to Comment Here at this Blog

    Good news for thoughtful people like you!

    Here, on this blog, we get to write “Comments.” (Sometimes these are elevated by me, the blog monitor, to “Guest Posts” or “Articles.”)

    These are not “posts,” like on Facebook and many other social media.

    Here we can communicate in a way helps people who aim to think about each other’s contributions. We can do more than express ourselves in a quick flash, look at the pretty pictures, pass along fascinating questions like “Prove you’re a genius by finding the name of a city that includes a vowel.”

    With all the wonders of FB, it is doesn’t encourage deep thought, does it? Mostly we either click on LIKE or pass by.

    • Here we can participate actively.
    • Here we hit ENTER and space out our paragraphs. (Try it. You’ll like it! And so will people who are reading your comments.)
    • Here we can think.

    Which matters, because we are educating each other about concepts that are new in personal development. As noted in a comment by Blog-Buddy DAVID B., a leading spiritual teacher and Enlightenment Coach: “You have a great program that is light years ahead of anything else I’ve seen, Rose.”

    You become part of that post-New Age leadership every time you comment here.

    If you add a comment and it is too long and smooshed together for the style of this blog, I reserve the right as blog monitor to break it up and space it up into more digestible chunks. When doing that, I won’t change a word. Just aerate.

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