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    Neat Tricks

    Most of the technical tricks of Deeper Perception take a while to learn. None is hard. But the instructions take a few pages in my how-to books. (This is a major reason I went to the trouble of writing those books.)

     The quickest techniques and tips I can give you are here on blog pages. Otherwise, remember that I have written entire books full of neat tricks. They include:

    America’s first book about how to bring huge emotional and spiritual healing by cutting cords of attachment. This powerful form of Energy Spirituality includes many techniques not found elsewhere, including how to read 50 different databanks in any chakra.

    Another book contains over 100 techniques for reading auras. (Absolutely, you can be really good at this.)

    Or dip into America’s first book with techniques for becoming a skilled empath, using consciousness rather than the hoary social cliches like, “Strengthen your boundaries.” (Fine advice if you are NOT an empath, just not helpful for the 1 in 20 people born as an empath.)

    Practical ways to use your spiritual connection to make life more enjoyable–over 450 tips and techniques. See the list here.

     Of course, the best way to become a face reader is to use a face reading book for reference. I recommend this one because it uses the system of Face Reading Secrets(R), plus it’s practical and funny.

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