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    Avoid This Silly Mistake

    Face readers, why is it that all over the world, people look down at themselves? It happens soon as they pick up that mirror.

    If I’m talking to someone in person, I often ask, “Which do you think is more important, to see yourself clearly or to rest your elbow?”

    Please, look on the level at your own face and the faces as well. Looking down at a person will never show you the truth. Think about it! Don’t look up, either. See people on the level.

    Even when reading photos, it is important to do the same thing. Look on the level. Yes, pick up that newspaper or book or hard-copy photograph.

    Only when reading auras from regular pictures is it okay to have it lying on a table or your lap. That’s another easy and very useful kind of reading to do. And a different conversation for us.

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