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    Enlarge Photos for Better Face Reading

    Enlarge photos for better face reading. Heres how.
    Enlarge photos for better face reading. Heres how.

    Over the years, I have learned some tricks that have helped me to read faces. I’m happy to share them with you. If you know better ones, or ones that I post on this blog do not work with your computer, let me know. Learning is ongoing for me. A great advantage with photos that you see on the Net is how easily you can enlarge them.

    Here’s how I usually do it these days:

    1. Find a photo online.

    2. Open up a blank document on your P.C.

    3. Right-click on the photo and copy the picture onto that document.

    4. Then left-click on your copied photo. Handles will appear on the image.

    5. Grabbing one handle with your cursor/arrow, click on shift with your left hand. Pull on that image to resize! Let go when the picture has expanded to the size you desire.

    I enjoy this method because you can make the picture get larger or smaller at will. Back in the day, I had to use a magnifying glass. With the Internet, we can become face detectives without bringing along the old-fashioned props.  

    Ryan’s Neat Trick to Enlarge Photos for Better Face Reading

    You might want to try the FireFox web browser. It has “add-ons” (extensions) that enable you to enlarge images right within the browser without having to do the whole copy-paste sequence into a word processing document

    Internet Explorer might have similar tools (which may or may not be free) but I do not use IE anymore so I cannot recommend any if they exist. google-site-verification: google865806d532658ecb.html

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