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    Banish Bad Wealth Habits

    Banish Bad Wealth Habits
    Banish Bad Wealth Habits — that’s the lead article in my August 2017 newsletter. Learn more here.

    Banish Bad Wealth Habits? By that I mean clearing out bad $$$ habits that you might have. Habits that keep you from gaining wealth. Habits that don’t help at all.

    Because my August 2017 newsletter is coming soon. And what will be the lead article in this issue of “Reading Life Deeper”?

    Oh, you guessed it.

    Banish Bad Wealth Habits — Huh?

    Money-Making You, it really is possible. Unknowingly you might have some once-good habits for making more money. Habits that now are weighing you down. And I don’t mean like carrying too many gold bars in your jeans. CONTINUE READING

    Tiffany Haddish Aura Reading

    Tiffany Haddish Aura
    Tiffany Haddish Aura. Behold the dazzle star!

    The Tiffany Haddish Aura — it’s got to be absolutely amazing. Watching the summer hit “Girls Trip,” I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Why?

    A stellar performance was one answer. But, having energetic literacy, I wanted to know more.

    Curiosity prompted me to write today’s in-depth aura profile of this unique comedian with a brilliant future. Vanity Fair has called Tiffany Haddish “the funniest person alive right now.” She definitely stole every scene in “Girls Trip.” CONTINUE READING

    Rose Rosetree Aura Reading

    Rose Rosetree Aura Reading
    Rose Rosetree Aura Reading. What does this have to do with nesting dolls? Watch this YouTube and see.

    Rose Rosetree Aura Reading. Huh?

    Maybe it’s about time I explained what that is. Because I don’t mean chakra readings, psychic readings, intuitive readings, energy readings, clairvoyant readings, etc. What do I mean?

    Here’s a YouTube to summarize the basics of aura reading. As done by Rose Rosetree.


    ONEderful August 2017

    ONEderful August 2017
    ONEderful August 2017. Even on the very first day of this long month, you can find reasons to celebrate. Join us!

    ONEderful August 2017. The latest month of your amazing journey in life begins today.

    Already you know it’s going to be a generous collection of days. After today, we’ll still have 30 to go. And, in this hemisphere, that means 30 more very hot days.

    Much to look forward to.

    Below are some of the highlights that I anticipate. Shared to prime the pump. So you can start thinking of possibilities and, maybe, gratitude. And maybe even feel inspired to share some of your hunches and hopes about this magnificent month. CONTINUE READING

    40,000 Comments! How to Celebrate When We Get There?

    40,000? Not quite yet, but this blog is getting mighty close to 40,000 comments. Ideas?

    40,000 Comments? Yes, Blog-Buddies, we really are getting close to that many comments at “Deeper Perception Made Practical,” the RES blog. How to celebrate?

    Do any of you have ideas about good ways to celebrate when we reach that milestone?

    Going Sideways? Let’s Gain Clarity.

    Going Sideways
    Going Sideways. That’s an imprecise term for several very different energetic problems. Let’s discuss.

    Going Sideways? That’s a popular term among teachers of Traditional Enlightenment. A way of making sense of something tragic. Sometimes people stop living in a high state of consciousness and fall away. Why? What causes that?

    Some call it “Going sideways.”

    Well, this Enlightenment Coach brings a different perspective. Not only that of Age of Awakening Enlightenment but also energetic literacy. Which makes it possible to figure out what’s going on with someone. Adding more precision than simply mourning how Joe or Gladys has “gone sideways.”

    Today I’d like to share with you the best I know by now about several very different ways of going sideways. From recent comments here at this blog, it seems as though some of you Blog-Buddies are worrying. And you really don’t have to be. With more clarity, I hope you’ll stop worrying.

    Besides all that… What, specifically, inspired today’s post? CONTINUE READING

    Joe DiMaggio’s Grace. A Comparison Aura Reading

    Joe DiMaggio's Grace
    Joe DiMaggio’s Grace and also his very human klutziness — both explored in today’s blog post

    Joe DiMaggio’s Grace. Exceptional for athletic grace, how did he manage being human? Towards understanding, let’s do a comparison aura reading.

    “The Symbol of American Grace.”  That’s the first thing you’ll see at the website dedicated to him. And then you can continue to read about his 13 years with the New York Yankees.

    Or you could bunt over to Wikipedia for extra photos and more details. (Including a bit about anti-immigrant prejudice towards Joltin’ Joe’s parents. Honestly, when is my country going to grow up?) More upliftingly, in 1941,  Joe DiMaggio held the Major League Baseball record with a streak of 56 consecutive games.

    Sometimes Graceful, Other Times Klutzy


    Jared Kushner Integrity. Aura Reading Research

    Jared Kushner Integrity
    Jared Kushner Integrity? Learn about six different components of integrity for this political newbie with so many big-deal responsibilities.

    Jared Kushner Integrity? Everybody has some kind of integrity. How about his? Let’s use skills of energetic literacy (aura reading) to reveal deep truths.

    By now I’m pretty darned curious about this man in the news. Although brand new to holding political office, apparently he’s won at a kind of Chutes & Ladders Game. Because what’s he now responsible for? Only this: CONTINUE READING

    Cary Grant Charm. Yeah, Charm Wiki!

    Cary Grant Charm
    Cary Grant Charm. Let’s have fun exploring the aura of this mega-charming actor.

    Cary Grant Charm. After all that money-focused aura reading, enough already! Let’s turn to another emphasis for aura reading: Charm.

    Blog-Buddies, do you remember. Three years ago, we did a bunch of blog posts (and great comments from you’ all) about charm. Started a Charm Wiki, aura-reading-style. (See the bottom of this post for six more glowing examples.)

    Here’s a current event question, though.

    Have You Given Up On Charm?


    Dick Bolles AURA. Was He More Than a Dreamer?

    Dick Bolles Aura
    Dick Bolles Aura. Let’s explore the money mojo of Mr. “What Color Is My Parachute?”

    Dick Bolles Aura. Famous for giving career advice, he wrote “What Color Is Your Parachute?” What did his own aura say about gaining wealth?

    We began discussion of Bolles’ work here.  What didn’t I mention yesterday? GILLIAN concluded her contest entry with these thoughtful words:

    I don’t mean to suggest that he was some kind of rip-off merchant. I’m sure he believed sincerely in what he was offering.

    But it would be interesting to find out whether he had a toughness and reality when it came to making money that wasn’t obvious from the ideas presented in his book.


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