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    All Mind-Body-Spirit Healing Equal? All of It? Really?

    Is a feather the same as a bar of gold? Just as unlikely, "All mind-body-spirit skills are equal."
    Does a feather weigh as much as a bar of gold? Just as unlikely, “All mind-body-spirit skills are equal.”

    Is all Mind-Body-Spirit healing equal? Joe thought so.

    Thank you, Joe, for inspiring today’s blog post. Today my goal is to help all you Blog-Buddies to question this common assumption. For instance, what if you search online about any of the categories for this blog? Will every method offered be identical, equally useful?

    That’s worth asking. Especially since many of us fear “being judgmental.” Perhaps preferring the superior standards of “whatever.” 😉 Or touting an Age of Faith idea, like “If you really believe, that’s all that matters.” Blog-Buddies, do you think that idea holds up in our new Age of Awakening? CONTINUE READING

    Cocaine Cord Gone. A Guest Post from Joe

    Cocaine Cord Gone
    Cocaine cord gone? Sessions of RES may help with recovery from drug use.

    Cocaine Cord Gone, Yeah! In today’s guest post, Joe gives us a beautiful follow-up to the last post.

    Now that months have elapsed, which benefits have Joe noticed? Big thanks, Joe. 🙂

    Cocaine Cord Gone Means… Less KEN Influence


    ONEderful June 2017. Let’s Party.

    ONEderful June
    ONEderful June 2017 just might become your favorite June EVER.

    ONEderful June 2017 — brimming with great potentials. Including some RES treats that I’m looking forward to immensely. What are they?

    Read up, and then add your ideas to the mix. Plus a tiny Birthday Quiz.

    Like a ONEderful June Birthday Party

    Or Un-Birthday Party


    Stop Cocaine? Cutting Cords of Attachment Can Help.

    Stop Cocaine
    Stop Cocaine? Sessions of RES may help.

    Stop Cocaine? Sessions of RES may help.Stop Cocaine? That can become a lifelong battle. Yet RES can help. Ever hear that “Once you’ve done drugs like cocaine, you think about it every day of your life?”

    Might I suggest? That doesn’t have to be true. Terrible problems, like recovery from substance abuse! These substances can cause a daily struggle for life. But I’ve got the perspective of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). Accordingly. I know that subconscious-level, and energetic, STUFF comes in many varieties.

    Since RES specializes in permanent STUFF removal, sometimes I can facilitate sessions that support sobriety. CONTINUE READING

    New Enlightenment Life Listie

    New Enlightenment Life Listie
    New Enlightenment Life Listie, Today’s the Day

    A New Enlightenment Life List Member? Yes, let’s celebrate our latest from the RES Community. Leaping into Age of Awakening Enlightenment!

    Especially exciting? The Enlightenment Validation just happened today. CONTINUE READING

    New Strong Wakeup Call

    New Strong Wakeup Call
    New Strong Wakeup Call to empower you.

    Today’s New Strong Wakeup Call can help you appreciate the practical importance of developing The New Strong. Also included: A spiritual invitation.

    It all boils down to a hidden but very real new vibrational freedom. You have it. Everyone has it.

    Discovering how to use that freedom productively is the whole point of The New Strong. Both the paperback and eBook. Also, now, you can fast-track that way of being successful in The Age of Awakening. Thanks to a lively, interactive new learning experience described in this recent article.

    Today I’d like to share three success stories. All related to receiving a wakeup call from using the “Program for Easy Vibrational Balance” in The New Strong. CONTINUE READING

    Changing Auras: What Changes? What Doesn’t?

    Changing auras
    Changing auras. When I read this sweet man’s aura in 2003, that doesn’t mean it’s that way now. Or even 10 minutes after the time of this photo.

    Changing Auras. Let’s bring clarity about which parts of an aura change. Versus which do not. You don’t have to READ auras yet to understand these basics!

    Basic understandings matter for your peace of mind. For instance, what recently happened with my client Joe? Four months ago, in session, I told him something like this: CONTINUE READING

    Nicola Sturgeon Aura Reading

    Nicola Sturgeon
    Nicola Sturgeon? Calling Scottish voters… And anyone curious about her aura reading.

    Nicola Sturgeon is the leader of the Scottish National Party. Remarkably,  this Scottish politician swept the board in the 2015 elections. As a result, she wiped the Labour Party off the map. This, according to one of our Blog-Buddies. Besides that, GILLIAN wrote that:

    The SNP have one over-arching objective. Which is pretty obvious from the name! Independence from the rest of the UK.

    “Equally admired and loathed,” GILLIAN wrote.

    Probably you’re curious, Blog-Buddies. I sure am. Accordingly, might I interest you in an aura reading? Let’s use this photo CONTINUE READING

    Jeremy Corbyn, Political Aura Reading

    Jeremy Corbyn
    Jeremy Corbyn — here’s aura reading perspective on the controversial British politician/

    Jeremy Corbyn is in the spotlight today, at least if you live in England and you’re getting ready to vote on June 8. What does his aura say?

    At our current contest, Money Happy Contest Starts Today, a few different Blog-Buddies nominated the controversial politician. They really wanted him to get the full energetic literacy treatment. How could I resist, after these fascinating comments from BERNIE? CONTINUE READING

    New Strong Online Workshop… My Big Announcement

    New Strong Online Workshop
    New Strong Online Workshop — To help you get stronger in ways that make all the difference in the world.

    New Strong Online Workshop — it’s going live today.

    What can you gain from these on-demand workshops?

    New Strong Online Workshop Solves Underlying Problems


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