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    New Age Leftover Collection. Part 3. A Wake-Up Call.

    New Age Leftover Collection
    New Age Leftover Collection. Let’s carry forward the promise of Post-New-Age.

    New Age Leftover Collection — you may read today’s post with a grim fascination. Because it’s a cautionary set of observations. Yet this is also a hopeful post for all of us who wish to carry forward the promise of New Age.

    All of this has been prompted, as you may know, from a certain unofficial experiment in time-lapse encounters. Via the Pathways Mind-Body-Spirit Expo. Lovingly presented every six months, supporting a group of dedicated, long-term, New Agers. Arguably the region’s best.

    Might you or your loved ones still live New Age? But our entire planet has shifted into The Age of Awakening. Although New Agers win loyalty points, and perseverance plaudits, hello! Now’s the time to learn some new tricks.

    Please tell these so-spiritual people, “Sure you can learn how to live Post-New Age. And thrive in the process.”


    Ascension Misunderstanding, Part 2. Bring on Post-New-Age Clarity!


    Ascension misunderstanding
    Ascension Misunderstanding is spiralling out of control for many beautiful New Agers. But we can stop this.

    Ascension Misunderstanding is a serious problem in New Age today.

    Described here? Two of the biggest misunderstandings. Decide for yourself what makes better sense.

    Ascension Misunderstanding flares up… in gatherings of New Age-style mind-body-spirit.  Earlier, I started exploring seven biggies. Today’s Part Two article will cover two more Ascension Misunderstandings. Let’s gain more clarity. CONTINUE READING

    Blooming Reader, Fall in Love Wisely.

    Blooming Reader
    Blooming Reader, here’s a newsletter preview designed to help you fall in love with your life

    Blooming Reader, have I got a newsletter announcement for you!

    Got a touch of spring fever? May this be a year when you fall in love wisely. Because it’s so easy to fall in love while tender, pastel blossoms and flirty daffodils are blooming.

    Likewise for you Blooming Readers in the Southern Hemisphere… the promise of autumn love may be stirring within you as well.

    Just as powerful in its way, bringing sophisticated nuances of bittersweet longing. As in, “Yes, even in a world where nothing lasts forever, I can dare to reach for hope one more time.” CONTINUE READING

    Ascension Confusion. 7 New Age Misunderstandings

    Ascension confusion

      For many New Agers, the pinwheel of Ascension Confusion is starting to spin out of control

    Ascension confusion was on abundant display at the Pathways Expo yesterday. Today’s article will bring my perspective, respectfully offered. As I bring to light seven serious Post-New-Age misunderstandings.

    Basically, truth has evolved since during the New Age Years. (From 1980-12/21/12.) Now we’re in The Age of Awakening. Post-New Age, we need different understandings.

    Significantly different understandings. Compared with what worked during those transitional years. Seems to me, it’s imperative that caring spiritual leaders adjust better to today’s new vibrational freedom.

    One alternative  is what I offer in The New Strong. You may find other alternatives, equally good. Today I’ll share the best I know. Countering popular ideas about ascension and more. CONTINUE READING

    Weird Al Yankovic Aura Reading

    Not Weird Al Yankovic
    Not Weird Al Yankovic — his smile is INSPIRINGLY goofy, purposely weird.

    Weird Al Yankovic — what fun to read his aura! Will it be “weird” or simply brimming with human-type talent?

    Granted, some of his fans (self included) feel like we’ve known him forever. But what if you’ve never heard of the “weird” performer? Here’s an introduction courtesy of Wikipedia.

    Weird Al Yankovic has become famous by writing parodies. Hilarious, witty, accessible songs. In various styles.

    Plus, he plays the accordion. As you’ve never heard it before. How many albums has he sold? Latest stats are 10 years old. Even then, he’s topped  12 million albums.


    Alexander McCall Smith Aura Reading. Plot Twist!

    Alexander McCall Smith Aura Reading
    Alexander McCall Smith Aura Reading — with a plot twist for the famous author.

    This Alexander McCall Smith aura reading does contain a plot twist. Not one from his popular novels but from his aura itself.

    How did our latest aura reading story get started?

    Blog-Buddy GILLIAN piqued my curiosity. Telling me this interesting fact about Alexander McCall Smith. Amazingly productive, he is the author of the “No 1 Ladies Detective Agency” series.

    He writes 1000 words per hour. Amazingly, on a normal writing day he produces 5000 words. CONTINUE READING

    Skilled Empath Merge? What Is That?

    Skilled Empath Merge Rose Rosetree
    Skilled Empath Merge, so fascinating! What is it?

    Skilled Empath Merge means what? Different from an aura reading, a psychic reading, an energy reading, or “Picking up a vibe.”

    Learn the truth here.

    What Is a Skilled Empath Merge?

    During a Skilled Empath Merge, you safely, deeply and powerfully experience what it is like to be another person.

    This is the deepest experience of energetic literacy, a.k.a. aura reading.

    Frankly, it’s the purpose of all empath gifts. Whichever of the 15 empath gifts you may have, they have been installed in preparation for you to do Skilled Empath Merge.


    Pathways Expo April 2, 2017. 5 Fun Reasons to Come.

    Pathways Expo Rose Rosetree
    Pathways Expo fun with Rose Rosetree and a brand new workshop.

    The Pathways Expo, metro D.C.’s semi-annual extravaganza of personal growth — come join us for so many reasons.

    Next weekend. April 2, 2017 is the date. You’ll find my Booth #78 is ridiculously easy to find.

    Here are five fabulous reasons to attend the premier New Age (and, in my case, Post-New-Age) Expo.

    Pathways Expo Fun #1. A Brand New Talk

    Post-Truth? Find Truth!


    Spiritual Awakening Plus Confusion. Thrive in The Age of Awakening

    Spiritual Awakening PLUS Confusion
    Spiritual Awakening PLUS Confusion — let’s untangle the two of them now.

    Spiritual awakening plus confusion — that combo went mainstream during the New Age Years. Yet you can untangle the confusions and thrive now, in The Age of Awakening.

    Here’s the final article in a slightly shocking pair of posts that began with Post-New-Age Tips. For Steadier Personal Growth in The Age of Awakening. Living now, you are learning how to have a great life in this post-New-Age era. When so much has changed, yet gone un-reported.

    • Why haven’t you seen the changes described in your local newspaper?
    • Maybe because local newspapers are struggling for their survival: Sometimes they merely write stories about paint drying; other times they break news that local drinking water has become unsafe.
    • As for those bigger newspapers which thankfully, also, still report facts… these are crazy times. Survival no longer seems like a given.

    Yet spiritually we can be growing. And growing fast. CONTINUE READING

    Post-New-Age Tips. For Steadier Personal Growth in The Age of Awakening

    Post-New-Age Tips
    Post-New-Age tips for Beth. And others who are still living New Age.

    Post-New-Age tips in this article can help you. Might I suggest? For personal growth, you can do better than New Age concepts and practices. Because now we’re living in The Age of Awakening. When you keep up with the times, that can make you a leader!

    Blog-Buddy BETH started me thinking about Post-New-Age versus NOW. Thanks to her heartfelt and generously-detailed contest entry. I’ll be quoting from this throughout this multi-part post, which she inspired. BETH has agreed, via email, to receive this article for assistance on her personal path. Rather than be considered for the three contest prizes.

    Why offer this alternative? Because I thought it would help her more. Actually, it may help a lot of you Blog-Buddies! And perhaps you may also think of some friends who would find today’s article helpful. In which case, please share today’s post.

    Do you know any seekers of personal growth who are feeling stuck?

    Maybe they’re frustrated, spinning their wheels when they could move forward at the speed they deserve. CONTINUE READING

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