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    Read People Deeper When You VOTE

    In the days and weeks to come, I will be giving you detailed profiles of the presidential candidates. But first, I want to go on record about the use of aura reading and other forms of deeper perception for voters.


    Never would I recommend that you only read character. Voting is way too important. I never miss an election, not even a primary. For this Virginia voter, that means learning about each CONTINUE READING

    Two Radio Interviews

    Faces of politicians, that’s what I’ll read in my next radio interview.


    Listen, and invite your friends to do the same. It’s “The X-Zone” on Friday, January 11, at 10:00 p.m. This internationally syndicated broadcast is one of the biggest mind-body shows on the airways, hosted by Rob Mc Connell  Click here to listen. CONTINUE READING

    About Hillary’s Win, Did You Notice?

    Surprise, pundits! Hillary Clinton won that New Hampshire primary.


    I read today that she had only two speeches prepared, one for losing by a huge amount and other for losing only slightly. Still, if Senator Clinton had read this blog, she would have seen a modest prediction about the outcome of the election as a whole, from reading high heart chakras of all the leading candidates.

    Message to pundits: Maybe you ought to learn aura reading. Or at least read the blog! Aura comments were part of our post here.

    Hillary Clinton’s “Victory” databank: Huge energy projection, Divinely blessed for winning, leaving her feel personally serene. Here she also projects outer confidence as a façade body.  CONTINUE READING

    Secrets of the Human Soul, GUEST POST by Anabela

    I am not only grateful that Rose has opened this topic, but I am also deeply grateful that she has taught us to learn about the “secrets” of the human soul. These secrets are anything but sensational and cheap – they are the very motivations in the human heart that are often hidden even from those closest to us as well as from ourselves.

    Indeed, emotions may be of great interest to empaths with emotional oneness, but I’ve learned the hard way that everyone processes emotions differently.

    I used to just assume everyone had the same feelings and thoughts as I – how mistaken I was! CONTINUE READING

    Funky Vibe

    Continuing yesterday’s conversation about the limits of emotions, I’d like to start with a very perceptive bit of self-knowledge via our Blog-Buddy “Gloria”:

    As I was reflecting on patterns in certain relationships from my past… I noticed that what I would do is find a point of connection with the person, focus on the positive, which isn’t such a bad thing, but then I would basically drop any sense of discernment.

    hen, wham!, down the road, I’d get blindsided and/or I’d get a red flag, but already felt pretty attached, so it was harder to take the red flag seriously enough. Some definite Earth School messiness in the relationship arena, for sure.   CONTINUE READING

    How Deep Are Your Emotions, Anyway?

    Let’s have a couple of posts for comic relief between reading the faces of Obama and Huckabee, et al. Comic relief, wailing, jealousy, giddy puppy love, bring it all on!

    One of our hottest blog threads has involved reading dates in order to avoid heartbreak or worse. In Comment #5, Jenmcp wrote, “Is it possible to read from an aura a person’s feelings/emotions, as well as of course their personality traits?”

    Good question there, Jen. I think you’re absolutely correct when you add, “I think this might help in relating to people better… as well as looking for good guys/bad guys.” It helps, but maybe not in the way you expect. CONTINUE READING

    Answering Your Questions About Obama

    Thank you, Blog-Buddies, for the comments about our recent face reading. To blow up the main image used for this reading, click here and then copy the picture onto a document, then drag the corners. Today’s professional quality digital photos have remarkable clarity at almost any size.  

    That’s good for us because the first item I read in this two-part post would be hard to see unless you could blow up the photo a bit. It’s a unique characteristic that I, at least, have never seen on anyone else CONTINUE READING

    The Face of a Winner

    Fresh from his victory in yesterday’s first state primary, Obama is glowing.


    But then his face always glows. For this election, there is no more likeable candidate, Democratic or Republican.

    Today we’ll look beneath the glow at his face itself. What can we learn about the soul-level strengths and potential challenges of the current senator from Illinois? 

    Every item of face data has two meanings, in my system of Face Reading Secrets (R), both a talent that is definitely present and a potential challenge, that may or may not have been overcome. CONTINUE READING

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