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    Media Interview #771

    Listen up, Blog-Buddies. One of my favorite radio interviewers has invited me back to his show this Friday for two hours “in the bathtub together.” (We’ll be explaining this technical term, no doubt.) You can listen from dry land, and I recommend that you do, because Rob McConnell, pictured here, is a wild man. So listen in and if you’re feeling really brave, also call in. It won’t cost you a dime to dial this number: 877-528-8255.


    On air, we’ll also be talking–I hope–about my brand new book, Cut Cords of Attachment: Heal Yourself and Others with Energy Spirituality. Since the book was only published a few days ago, this would be my first media interview about it. CONTINUE READING

    Face Reading of O.J. Simpson

    Decades ago, O.J. Simpson was a beloved athlete and comedic actor.

    Auditioning for “The Terminator,” he lost the leading role to Arnold Schwarzenegger because, according to director James Cameron, “People would not have believed a nice guy like O.J. playing the part of a ruthless killer.”

    And, of course, O.J. won fans for his role the hit comedy “Naked Gun.”

    Here is a photo of Simpson taken in happier days. Changes to his face data are followed by quick summaries. (New at Face Reading? Check here to learn how to tell right from left in an image and how to expand the photo shown here, so Simpson’s face shows more clearly.)

    A dozen meaningful changes happened, as read by this physiognomist. Just for fun, I threw in one face part that you would expect to change but didn’t. CONTINUE READING

    Impersonation, GUEST POST

    How does Will Ferrell pull it off?

    The former Saturday Night Live comedian, has done one of the best Dubya impersonations I’ve ever seen. It had me in stitches.

    Empathic merge perhaps? Enjoy it on!

    from Anabela

    Rose adds: Go for it, Blog-Buds. Anyone want to comment on this one? There might be changes to face and aura that are done as part of this, too, so use whichever is your favorite specialty.

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    O.J. Not O.K.

    When read auras rather than faces? When would it be preferable to do an auric merge?

    So many resources are available to those of us who use our built-in gifts for Deeper Perception. There is no one, most appropriate technique to use always. Either you will use the technique that you prefer or, if you’ve mastered them all, you can decide based on the situation.

    In this case, I started by reading O.J.’s face because this is easier for a newbie to see. Besides, CONTINUE READING

    O.J.’s Dent of Denial

    O.J.’s latest arrest may seem beyond belief.

    Isn’t it enough that he escaped conviction for murdering his wife and Ronald Goldman? That he managed to avoid paying millions of damages to Goldman’s family, after losing the civil suit? That he actually wrote a book entitled, “If I Did It”?

    Now the former star of football field and film is dealing with seven felony charges over stealing sports memorabilia.

    Is this latest crime merely one more over-the-top story in a hero-turned-hoodlum celebrity-hood? Instead, the latest O.J. drama may support the idea that truth will out. Deeper perception shows that people carry within them the truth of what they have done, encoded in both faces and auras. And that truth will out-picture in life events, sooner or later.


    No wonder I have had so many requests to read the face and aura of this interesting man. What secrets can we find in that face? Do Face Reading along with me, and comment freely to this post.


    Note that face data can be a bit subtle, if you don’t spend a lot of your life doing physiognomy. A great advantage with photos like those shown here is that you can easily increase their size.


    My aha! came the day after the big Bronco chase, when O.J. proclaimed his complete innocence and America wondered “Huh? Then why the big car chase?” I saw his mug shot in the newspaper, took a good look, and thought “His face tells the tale.”

    Millions of not-yet face readers have seen that famous photo without noticing. Do you see the big clue?

    Check out that swollen left eyelid. (Remember, when reading faces from photos you must cross over to tell right from left, as if shaking hands.) And the left eye is about personal relationships, e.g., to a wife! Compare the size of that eyelid to the other one.

    Ordinarily, as in our more recent photo, O.J.’s eyelids are equally full. That means his intimacy style is the same, whether in public or private. Back when he was booked for murder, however, the intimacy part of his face was swollen up extra-large. I read that as inflamed passions over a personal relationship and thought, “For a man who claims he is innocent, that intimacy part of his face doth protest too much.”



    Two notable shifts to Simpson’s face reveal how he has changed since he literally got away with murder. Again, just for fun, first compare photos for yourself. What do you notice?

    First, I am struck by the shift to his lip proportions. In 1994, Simpson’s upper lip was a bit fuller than his lower lip. By this year, his lower lip has become four times fuller than that upper lip. Meaning? Persuasiveness has grown hugely.

    The potential challenge with this involves lying. Hmm, could that be the case for the wholesome Mr. O.J.? We’ll have to read his aura to check that part out.

     Second, look carefully at that forehead in the photo from 2007. You’re not just seeing creases related to lifted eyebrows. Notice that big vertical Dent of Denial, framed by ridges, right at Simpson’s third eye. Not a good sign for spiritual life.

    Majorly serious, chronic spiritual problems show on a forehead. And this is a picture-perfect piece of memorabilia, not about sports but rationalization. When someone refuses to see the truth, strange things happen. The face shows it, if you only know where to look.




    My most sophisticated Face Reading book is Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras goes category by category. (You’re invited to preview these categories; they’re the most useful ones I could find in the field of Deeper Perception.)


    If you’re unconvinced that Face Reading really is different from expression reading, this book will prove it to you as well as anything could. To order, call 800-345-6665 any time, 24/7, or click our magic ordering button for Read People Deeper.


    Book two about Face Reading is our most popular all over the world: The Power of Face Reading. This has line drawings to train your eye as a face reader, examples of more than 500 famous faces, and goes chapter by chapter. 


    Be bold, take a Face Reading romp that you will never forget. To order, call 800-345-6665 any time, 24/7, or click our magic ordering button for The Power of Face Reading.


    Book three about Face Reading: Wrinkles Are God’s Makeup: How You Can Find Meaning in Your Evolving Face.


    Are you sophisticated? Here’s the test.

     If sophisticated, you will be thrilled that I spent nearly 10 years putting together a book with this most advanced approach to Face Reading.

    Notice, what matters is that you are sophisticated, not that you have spent 30 years with Face Reading. This still can be your first book for learning the art.  Choose it when you are ready to become a spiritual talent scout as well as do Face Reading.


    Photographs are used as illustrations, including before-and-after pictures of famous people like Lady Diana. This Face Reading book will prove to you that faces do not change BECAUSE of time. Instead, faces change (or not) depending on how much people grew inside.


    To order my favorite among Rose Rosetree Face Reading books, call 800-345-6665 any time, 24/7, or click our magic ordering button for Wrinkles Are God’s Makeup.


    My face reading correspondence course is available, whether you start with just one lesson or commit to the full program.


    Finally, what about having me do Face Reading on you? Low-cost face reports are a popular way to prove to yourself the validity of Face Reading Secrets(R), and they also make a great gift.

     Ordering a face reading is easy. The in-depth session can be done over the phone, as long as you send me your photo. 

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    Reading Auras from Photos, GUEST POST

    I have always been very interested in “metaphysical” things.  Just last week (at 51 years) that I discovered I can see auras – my own and of objects and plant.  It really surprised me as I never thought I could do anything like this – now I’m very hungry for more knowledge on this matter and very interested in learning to see more, such as how to see the chakras etc. 

    I have also been wondering … how to see/read auras from photos.  How is it possible??? I searched the web but have not found anything on how it’s done.   Must be a “trade secret”?  CONTINUE READING

    Publication Day

    Each of my books has a cool back story, but I’ve never told any of them in public. Until now. Blog-Buddies, are you interested in hearing the story behind the book being published today?


    That new book is Cut Cords of Attachment Heal Yourself and Others with Energy Spirituality. At my website, you can read a sample chapter, check out the reading group guideand learn how to receive an autographed, numbered copy. But you won’t find the back story. That’s more a blog thing. CONTINUE READING

    Got Spam?

    Even a specialist in shallow perception could get fed up with spam. For no other type of reading have I hired someone else to serve as a bouncer. Okay, Mr. Microsoft Junk Mail isn’t exactly human but then maybe most of the spam senders aren’t either.

    Now that I have a blog of my own, I would like to include the occasional spam story (both mine and yours, so remember your standing invitation to comment and/or to Guest Post). My college training as an English Major doesn’t get as much use as it once did, back when I wrote papers on those big sellers of sexual performance drugs, Herbert Spenser, John Milton, and Virginia Woolf. CONTINUE READING

    Bill Belichick’s Apology

    Integrity vs. excuses—while Patriots fans are reconsidering their opinion of Bill Belichick, maybe it would help to read his aura. The human energy field is a storehouse of information, the ultimate insider taping.

    Often clients ask me to read auras from photos so that I can check up on integrity. From what I’ve heard, Belichick is considered a good guy. Of course, we’re all mixtures. In case you’re curious, here is CONTINUE READING

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