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    Journey with Rebecca and Rose

    “Journeys with Rebecca” is a wonderful show. You can hear it every Saturday at this link: I especially hope you will listen and call in this Saturday, October 6, 9-10 p.m. EST because I will be Rebecca’s guest. We’ll focus on Cut Cords of Attachment: Heal Yourself and Others with Energy Spirituality. CONTINUE READING

    Inner Tennis and More from Massachusetts

    One more book tour complete: Autographs signed, classes ended, personal sessions crammed with all that I could bring forth. Here’s what sloshes around in my mind, as I prepare to fly back to Virginia after spending six glorious days at Circles of Wisdom.


    Nobody does autumn better than Massachusetts. Wasn’t it just my luck that the first day of fall, I was here? Yes, when the season began, I’m sure I felt just the moment; I was taking an afternoon walk down the stately streets of Andover, tasting apple crispness in the air. CONTINUE READING

    The Paranormal Precaution

    How safe is pursuing the paranormal? When I first learned to swim, I clung to the sides of the pool. At the ice skating rink, I did the same thing, wobbling along with my jello-like ankles all aquiver, with my hands grabbing the wall. It takes confidence to step out or swim out. I applaud the intrepid students (like those pictured here) who dare to explore.

    Many people are so security-oriented in life, they never get much further than wall-walking. Never do they make it over to the delicious center of the rink, where the cool figure skating is done. CONTINUE READING

    The Paranormal Push

    Lately I’ve been reading blogs like crazy so, of course, the paranormal world has nearly become normal. Here, for instance, is a group of my students. Would you call  them normal or what?

    Whether the flash of UFOs or the spookiness of ghosts, I feel the appeal. Paranormal questing opens up a sense of mystery that is so often lacking in everyday life. CONTINUE READING

    Late to the Workshop

    Two days in a row, same story, different tears… Here in Massachusetts, I have been giving workshops at Circles of Wisdom. Saturday was devoted to Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® while yesterday, Sunday, we filled the room with empaths, learning to make the transition from “merely” talented to skilled.

    Both days, a participant came late by about half an hour. A lively learning game was in progress, with new concepts whizzing by faster than a golden snitch, and every student a brilliant seeker. “Nancy” and “Jean” both had brains and talent enough to participate in our communal Qwiddich (a version where everyone wins and nobody ever gets whacked with a bludger). CONTINUE READING

    Why I’m Grateful to Mahmoud Amadinejad.

    Iranian President Mahmoud Amadinejad, speaking at Columbia University, sent out the shockwaves that you might expect of a holocaust denier who has said that that Israel should be “wiped off the map.”

    An article in EDGE Boston, observed that “CNN’s Jeanne Moos… presented the views of an expert in reading facial expressions. Said the face-reading expert, “He tried to paste a smile on [as the crowd at Colombia jeered him for his remark], but actually, an anger expression came up under that [showed]… actually, he got rattled by it.” CONTINUE READING

    Mahmoud Amadinejad, the start of this post

    Iranian President Mahmoud Amadinejad, speaking at Columbia University, sent out the shockwaves that you might expect of a holocaust denier who has said that that Israel should be “wiped off the map.” 

    Blog-Buddies, such a day I have had, dealing with formatting problems over this article. My compromise is to repost it with no links or photo, but at least no weird typefaces.

    Thanks for bearing with me, even rooting me on, when I have a day like today… spending longer to format and try-to-fix an article than it took me to write it. I am learning, will learn. Wait and see.

    Smart Consumer or Snob? GUEST POST FROM BRAINY

    A dynamic conversation was started here on the topic of self-teaching vs. using other resources. With several comments, the topic has been gaining energy, and BRAINY WOMAN weighs in anonymously. As with all GUEST POSTS, the blog-site records this as coming from me–but that’s just because I haven’t managed the technical skills yet to show it comes from an anonymous writer.

    Are spiritual teachers necessary? I do think it’s important to have skilled teachers but haven’t wanted to come across as elitist.

    Nobody would want a physician who got his degree online or taught himself only from reading books or looking at information from Google. Chefs learn how to cook by going to culinary school, not just from downloading recipes off the Internet. CONTINUE READING

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