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    13 Ways to Bring Home YOUR Troops

    The war in Iraq isn’t the only place where some of us are fighting a losing battle. Do you have an ongoing struggle in a semi-foreign realm like “My Weight,” “Furious at Mother-in-Law,” or “Why Can’t I Stop Thinking About My Ex?” Instead of investing even more inner resources where it’s counterproductive, here are 13 ways to let go.

    1. Look down at your left foot. Pinkie toe. The nail. Is that hard to see or what? (Right now, you can designate that toe to become a reminder: You can choose, any moment, to have CONTINUE READING

    Psychic Healer’s GUEST POST

    Rose, I met you a couple of years ago at a Mind Body & Spirit exhibition in London and you very kindly helped me with my daughter Lisa by explaining what an empath was.

    I got your book and gave it to Lisa and after she had read it she understood why she had such problems growing up.  She said that everything fell into place and for once in her life she understood who she was. CONTINUE READING

    More Posh Than Normal

    Local blog-buddies, tonight I’ll be at the Posh Restaurant & Supper Club, reading faces. It’s a freebie for guests, as part of the monthly event they call “Girlfriends Night Out.”

    It’s a delicious evening, with exceptional food, the most stylish surroundings, live music. I’m a big Posh fan, and I hope to see you there tonight. 

    BTW, the above photo of me at Posh was taken by Serge Batyrshin .

    What CAN 9/11 Mean?

    Garrison Keillor was asked last night about the meaning of 9/11 during a radio interview. Wisely, he answered that the event was long over and had personal meaning only for those whose loved ones died. For our nation, the meaning was that America’s constitution had been shelved, something that Keillor hoped would change. Me, too.

    If we do insist on discussing September 11, let’s stop brooding over the past and choose what we would like it to mean in the present. Beliefs shape reality, in the long run, so this exercise could help us create the future we desire. My friend, Dianne Eppler-Adams, suggested the idea of asking what 9/11 could mean. Well, I’ll tell you my dream if you’ll tell me yours! (That’s what COMMENTS are for.)

    From my perspective, reading auras, fear of terrorism is a great cleanser. Right after 9/11, I noticed that many people began a lot of releasing in the crown chakra, right at the back of the head where deep fears CONTINUE READING

    How Deeply Do You Read People?

    How deep is deep? That’s relative, right? You could consider depth to be one of those really hard philosophical questions, or you could just have fun with it via this quiz. (Oh, I can’t do a link yet that works for this kind of thing on my blog, but if you will cut and paste this, it should get you there: know that “How Deeply Do You Read People?” is completely confidential. Don’t be put off by the two demographic questions at the start.

    Feel free to comment about the process of taking this quiz, how you scored. Also, if you would like to share a photo with one or more roses on it, something I could use to illustrate a future quiz, please email me at

    Radio Interview Today, Empath Alert

    Good morning, Blog-Buds:

    Listen to an in-depth radio interview today as I speak with Big Bob, the huge-hearted and hugely funny host of the “E-Z Help Radio Show.” No wonder they call him “Big.”

    His show runs from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., EST.

    Unusual interview – not only is it primarily about becoming skilled as an empath but the show staff had a wild idea, to have me do empathic merges with baby pictures. You’ll see them here. Note the “old guy” at the end. CONTINUE READING

    Stage Fright, GUEST POST

    Today I tried to do an empathic merge with my favorite pianist at a concert she gave. I didn’t think that she might be nervous, but as soon as I started to connect, I got moderately nervous, and she hadn’t even appeared on stage then. Luckily she calmed down quite quickly then and I had the opportunity to follow her every mood to the end. She is also an empath.Do you think it could alleviate her nervousness if somebody does an empathic merge when she is nervous?Posted by Tara

    Russell Simmons Talking Yoga

    Does “Hip-Hop Guru” Russell Simmons have the chops to talk yoga? I just read a blog article by Saraswati, who monitors “Celebrities Talking Yoga,” and am doing a crude version of “Trackback” by cut and paste. (See my humble request for tech tips at the end of this post.) First, here is the original provocative post by Saraswati at :

    Yet another famous person is singing the praises of yoga. In the Sunday issue of The New York Times Magazine, “Hip-Hop Guru” Russell Simmons confesses to practicing yoga and meditation every day. He also says he has read “The Autobiography of a Yoga” by Yogananda (although he claims he can barely read). CONTINUE READING

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