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    How Deeply Do You Read People?

    How deep is deep? That’s relative, right? You could consider depth to be one of those really hard philosophical questions, or you could just have fun with it via this quiz. (Oh, I can’t do a link yet that works for this kind of thing on my blog, but if you will cut and paste this, it should get you there: know that “How Deeply Do You Read People?” is completely confidential. Don’t be put off by the two demographic questions at the start.

    Feel free to comment about the process of taking this quiz, how you scored. Also, if you would like to share a photo with one or more roses on it, something I could use to illustrate a future quiz, please email me at

    Radio Interview Today, Empath Alert

    Good morning, Blog-Buds:

    Listen to an in-depth radio interview today as I speak with Big Bob, the huge-hearted and hugely funny host of the “E-Z Help Radio Show.” No wonder they call him “Big.”

    His show runs from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., EST.

    Unusual interview – not only is it primarily about becoming skilled as an empath but the show staff had a wild idea, to have me do empathic merges with baby pictures. You’ll see them here. Note the “old guy” at the end. CONTINUE READING

    Stage Fright, GUEST POST

    Today I tried to do an empathic merge with my favorite pianist at a concert she gave. I didn’t think that she might be nervous, but as soon as I started to connect, I got moderately nervous, and she hadn’t even appeared on stage then. Luckily she calmed down quite quickly then and I had the opportunity to follow her every mood to the end. She is also an empath.Do you think it could alleviate her nervousness if somebody does an empathic merge when she is nervous?Posted by Tara

    Russell Simmons Talking Yoga

    Does “Hip-Hop Guru” Russell Simmons have the chops to talk yoga? I just read a blog article by Saraswati, who monitors “Celebrities Talking Yoga,” and am doing a crude version of “Trackback” by cut and paste. (See my humble request for tech tips at the end of this post.) First, here is the original provocative post by Saraswati at :

    Yet another famous person is singing the praises of yoga. In the Sunday issue of The New York Times Magazine, “Hip-Hop Guru” Russell Simmons confesses to practicing yoga and meditation every day. He also says he has read “The Autobiography of a Yoga” by Yogananda (although he claims he can barely read). CONTINUE READING

    Post Away!

    Yes, you are cordially invited to post your writing here.

    Just because you have something to say doesn’t mean you have time for a blog. When you have aha’s! about deeper perception, let me host your comments. Send me your post:

    I’ll read it and, if I think that blog readers would enjoy it, I’ll post it right here. Include your website or favorite site for social networking,wherever you consider your home in the blogosphere.

    Of course, if you do have a blog of your own, cross-posting here can help you start a stream of conversation that flows into this community. Why not?

    Some of the biggest fun with deeper perception is the stories, so let’s hear yours.

    Listening to Luscious Luciano

    One luscious voice has left the world, with the death of tenor Luciano Pavarotti. Let’s celebrate his talent Deeper-Perception-style, by reading his lips.


    For blog-style background on face reading, click here. For a photo of the great singer, see this fine one published in USA Today. (Yes, eventually I will figure out how to import photos and not have them practically be the size of a football field; I’m still new to this and wanted to post this profile now, not later.)


    After I sing out about this great artist, remember that I’ll be listening for your comments, so read him deeper or simply sound off. Especially you aura readers and skilled empaths. What do you find in the great man’s throat chakra?



    Owen Wilson. A Celebrity Aura Reading

    Owen Wilson
    Owen Wilson stars in today’s celebrity reading.

    Owen Wilson’s recent suicide attempt shocked me. How about you?

    I’m so glad he’s okay. Although not his greatest fan, I have enjoyed watching him perform.

    My immediate reaction was to wonder what about his troubles would show in his aura. I’d also like to read about some of the gifts of his soul, those unchanging super-deep components that everyone has. CONTINUE READING

    Why This Blog?

    Photos tell a deeper truth, if you let them. Often celebrities place media stories about how they are suddenly either good as new or else reinvented: Recovery from that rehab clinic? Instant spiritual conversion? Oh-so-over being bumped from that TV show?

    For commentary, I’ll flash on that photo, but I won’t look in a way that lets me be manipulated. How many images are we shown every day? Most are expertly contrived to persuade us at the surface level, with pert expressions, stunning pose, flattering lighting, touch-ups, etc. But nobody can cover up what shows with deeper perception. CONTINUE READING

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