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    Why I’m Grateful to Mahmoud Amadinejad.

    Iranian President Mahmoud Amadinejad, speaking at Columbia University, sent out the shockwaves that you might expect of a holocaust denier who has said that that Israel should be “wiped off the map.”

    An article in EDGE Boston, observed that “CNN’s Jeanne Moos… presented the views of an expert in reading facial expressions. Said the face-reading expert, “He tried to paste a smile on [as the crowd at Colombia jeered him for his remark], but actually, an anger expression came up under that [showed]… actually, he got rattled by it.” CONTINUE READING

    Mahmoud Amadinejad, the start of this post

    Iranian President Mahmoud Amadinejad, speaking at Columbia University, sent out the shockwaves that you might expect of a holocaust denier who has said that that Israel should be “wiped off the map.” 

    Blog-Buddies, such a day I have had, dealing with formatting problems over this article. My compromise is to repost it with no links or photo, but at least no weird typefaces.

    Thanks for bearing with me, even rooting me on, when I have a day like today… spending longer to format and try-to-fix an article than it took me to write it. I am learning, will learn. Wait and see.

    Smart Consumer or Snob? GUEST POST FROM BRAINY

    A dynamic conversation was started here on the topic of self-teaching vs. using other resources. With several comments, the topic has been gaining energy, and BRAINY WOMAN weighs in anonymously. As with all GUEST POSTS, the blog-site records this as coming from me–but that’s just because I haven’t managed the technical skills yet to show it comes from an anonymous writer.

    Are spiritual teachers necessary? I do think it’s important to have skilled teachers but haven’t wanted to come across as elitist.

    Nobody would want a physician who got his degree online or taught himself only from reading books or looking at information from Google. Chefs learn how to cook by going to culinary school, not just from downloading recipes off the Internet. CONTINUE READING

    Cosmetic Surgery, GUEST POST

    This Guest Post comes courtesy of Ryan Biggerstaff. If you would like to see a clearer photo of Dr. Phil, click here.

    I watch very little television, but I recently decided to go channel surfing in time to catch an episode of the Dr. Phil talk show that featured guests who want or had plastic surgery to change their ethnic features.  (See for a slideshow.) 

    This episode of Dr. Phil could spark (to put it lightly) multiple conversations framed within the context of physiognomy, but I did not start watching until about the middle of the show, so this article focuses on the last segment titled “A Nose Only a Mother Could Love?”  CONTINUE READING

    Marcel Didn’t Give Chicken Soup for the Soul

    No mime interpreter needed here—the best kind of expert to reveal the inner Marcel Marceau would surely be an empath. Let’s merge with the man pictured here to celebrate his extraordinary life, 84 years that ended September 22. I’ll describe the databanks that interest me most. Comment away with your own findings!

    “What kind of reality does the man live in, anyway?” at the Root Chakra

    In Marceau’s inner world, the folks don’t wear white face. They’re more blood-spattered. For a man who brought so much joy through performance, Marceau’s aura shows him to be shockingly aware of pain. In that respect, he’s like the dreaded kind of relative you would meet after 10 years, an uncle who starts your conversation by listing all the funerals. CONTINUE READING

    Thanks again, Mr. Colbert

    I’m a huge fan of Stephen Colbert. Today, a friend called to let me know about the cover story about him today in “Parade Magazine.” Was I curious? You bet.Check out the article, if you can. I especially enjoyed reading that Colbert comes from a Catholic family and teaches Sunday School. That Catholic connection sang to me loud and clear when I did an empathic merge, reading him for a story in the Chicago Sun-Times. Part of my profile went like this: CONTINUE READING

    Recognize Those Lips?

    Natural physical changes are the glory of face reading. They shine as bright as the stars on a general’s uniform, and who would be a better example than retired General Colin Powell? Continuing from yesterday’s face reading, let’s read his lips. During just a couple of years, they changed so much. Again, let’s use these three photos for comparison: 

    As with yesterday’s post, PHOTO A, the first picture shows Powell in 2000. The next photo, PHOTO B, reveals that same set of lips, only in 2001.


    Patraeus “Betray Us” Or Just “Give Us Busy Work”?

    Busy-work for an enraged America, that’s the true message in the General’s report. We are to move out the absolute minimum of soldiers from Iraq, meanwhile asking our nation to avoid “rushing to failure.” Will it be so much better if we plod to failure?


    Patraeus’ report sets this country a most ridiculous assignment: Talking CONTINUE READING

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