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Random “Bad Energies”? Fear Them Not.

Rose Rosetree, digging out some fear-producing illusions
Rose Rosetree, digging out some fear-producing illusions

It’s so rare at this blog to read “Energy fear”-talk. I’m inspired to leap in today to clear up a bit of that kind of thinking. It crept into a blog comment, probably by accident.

Sure, much of New Age Spirituality today emphasizes fear of people who aren’t positive, or checking one’s energies constantly to avoid being “contaminated.”

However well meant all this self-healing is, this aura reader doesn’t find the results to be terribly encouraging. You can read about the unintended consequences of energy fears in “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy,” including the chapter summarizing aura reading research I did into 50 devoted teachers of Law of Attraction.

In general, energy fears about everyday life aren’t warranted.

This is one of the reasons why this blog is proudly Post-New-Age. The field of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) offers you a clear alternative to working hard at practices for perpetually working on yourself energetically: clearing, grounding, shielding, protecting your energies, etc.

Energy fears run rampant in this Age of Awakening, when everyone can notice energies. But that doesn’t make such fears realistic. CONTINUE READING

When Empath Empowerment Doesn’t Seem to Work. A Guest Post by SANDY.

Connecting the dots about Empath Empowerment Skills
Connecting the dots about Empath Empowerment Skills

We have a real treat today, Blog-Buddies, for those of you who are empaths. In today’s guest post, SANDY courageously shares a really important saga about using her skills as an empath.

Heads up! An important part of SANDY’s saga is Imported STUFF. In case this term is new to you, Imported STUFF is 1 of the 15 kinds of STUFF that can be identified, and removed, with skills in this system of Energy Spirituality. Imported STUFF is a sign of being an unskilled empath.

So far I haven’t written a blog post about this yet, but I sure have written about Imported STUFF in my books for empaths. Because they teach how to develop empath skills which PREVENT your getting Imported STUFF.

For SANDY’s guest post I have added just some headings, minor edits, and links that explain some of the technical parts of her journal. Yes, SANDY has given us a miniature journal.

Living La Vita Empath, a Journal Summarized by SANDY

At the beginning of this journal, I planned to cover what I thought were teaching gaps in Rose’s workshops.

While reflecting and writing, I realized that the onus is on me to take what Rose taught and apply it to my situational needs. Rose cannot tell me what I need nor should she be expected to. She laid out the dots. It is up to me to connect them. CONTINUE READING

15 Kinds of STUFF. Energy Healing with RES Skills.

Happy Birthday, Vibrational Re-Positioning. Now come join the other 14 kids.
15 kinds of STUFF? Happy Birthday, Vibrational Re-Positioning(R). What are the other skills for  RES energy HEALING?

Healing Ener-Junk? Note: Just 18 months after first posting this article, it is soooooooooooo obsolete. Why?

All 15 forms of STUFF described in this article still are removed, routinely in RES sessions of energy HEALING.

  • Of course, I’m still using skills of Vibrational Re-Positioning® to help clients during those sessions. This group of techniques produces amazing results, no question.
  • But there are more than a dozen other skills of energy HEALING used in this rapidly-growing specialty.
  • I’ve even started calling STUFF by a different name, “Ener-Junk.” (Hope you like that name, too.)

Here’s what’s different.

Ener-Junk Healing Skills Are Not All Do-It-Yourself

Back when I posted this article, I thought that people would understand my field better if I would explain more of the technical parts.

Even though this field is growing rapidly — Rosetree Energy Spirituality for long and “RES” for short. Despite the growth of RES in the world of mind-body-spirit, I thought I could keep up.

Fortunately, respect for RES is growing. Respect for the energy READING skills; respect for the energy HEALING skills; respect for the Empath Empowerment® skills; even recognition for the counter-culture (in spiritual circles) Enlightenment Coaching.

But I’ve changed my mind about listing all the emerging RES skills for Ener-Junk healing.

No More New Listings of Ener-Junk Healing Skills

This isn’t practical. RES experts learn about the latest developments, just like any group of healing professionals. And, by now, there are more than two dozen kinds of Ener-Junk that are addressed in different energy HEALING skills of RES.

Yet I’m not teaching them all via my books. These skills are too technical. Realistically speaking, it’s too much to expect that you can pick up a self-help book and learn them.

Blog-Buddies, I’ll continue to publish books and offer workshops. When it comes to keeping up with the latest in this field, that will happen when you are in session with me or another RES expert.

That’s how you’ll learn the latest. More important, you’ll get results. Quality control. Not just making an interesting little list.

The Original Article about 15 Kinds of STUFF Begins Here

Still celebrating the new trademark for Vibrational Re-Positioning® , today I’m thinking, hello! It’s about time I listed for you all the resources available now in this system of aura healing and transformation.  So many ways of protecting yourself and moving forward on your path of personal development!

A client’s job is simple. You just bring an intention, like “Live more in the present” or “Use my personal power more.” Human-type talk! CONTINUE READING