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Prayer Secrets. Energetic Literacy Reveals WHAT?

prayer secrets public prayer
Prayer secrets. What does aura reading show is happening energetically in a  picture-perfect prayer?

When you see prayer pictured in a photograph, what do you see? Today’s article shares prayer secrets revealed by Stage Three Energetic Literacy. My last article introduced this topic. Including why I think it’s fair to research public prayer. Not private prayer, but prayer on display at a media event.

Here’s the photo that inspired today’s blog post (as well as the lead article in my upcoming newsletter, “Reading Life Deeper”).

Join Me In A Prayer Secrets-Type Experiment

Before reading further, would you do this quick experiment? Click on the link above and look at the woman who is front and center. Gladys holds hands in prayer position; her mouth is open.

Take a quick look and then put your reaction into words. Is this a moving prayer? Do you find it courageous, beautiful, what? Please write a comment below. Then continue with the rest of today’s article. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading to Celebrate Shalonda Holt, The Washington Post’s Teacher of the Year

The Greeks and Romans used a laurel wreath to crown a hero. The Washington Post found a different way to honor Shalonda
The Greeks used a laurel wreath to crown a hero. The Washington Post has found a different way to honor Shalonda Holt.

I fell in love with Shalonda Holt the day I read about her in the Washington Post Magazine. What a force of nature!

Shalonda Holt was born on a bathroom floor, to a 17-year-old mother who had kept the pregnancy a secret — even from her parents. That mother, Rhoda Buckner, later sacrificed everything to raise a stand-up daughter. And did she ever succeed!

You can read the details about this remarkable educator, Shalonda Holt, in this profile in The Washington Post.

Today I’m going to read the aura of the “one woman powerhouse.” I hope she reads it. Perhaps indirectly the insights will help her to bear the shameful “micro-aggressions — little paper cuts every day” that happen at her suburban school in Maryland, where the African-American biology teacher helps to educate a suburban school in diversity as well as biology.

Of course, I don’t know yet what I’ll find when I research Shalonda Holt’s aura. I just have a hunch that it will impress me… even more than what I read in that “Teacher of the Year” magazine profile. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading 15 Stages: Full Energetic Literacy

One of the earliest photos of me teaching aura reading. Where else would you find a statue like that? A "Tea Garden" in Los Angeles
Aura Reading 15 Stages? Easy! Here’s a photos of Rose teaching aura reading at a “Tea Garden” in Los Angeles, 2008-ish.

Aura Reading 15 Stages? Effortless! Each of those 15 stages of energetic literacy involves specific skills. Neither psychic development nor difficult. Simply the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®, as taught by Rose Rosetree.

Welcome, my fellow consciousness nerds! Welcome, all who are curious about what aura reading can be. Welcome, those of you who’ve had sessions with me and wondered, “How did she do that?”

Today’s article is dedicated to you. Nothing in this world brings me greater joy than co-creating new knowledge in this emerging field.

Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) exists to help people, that simple. New discoveries flow because of those who value the help. Then this human teacher, co-creating with the Divine, receives more to share than ever. CONTINUE READING

The Guru Game in the Age of Awakening

Where can you find your guru? Dwelling in the lotus of your heart.
TRADITIONAL: Where is your guru? Dwelling in the lotus of your heart.                            AGE OF AWAKENING: Come play the Guru Game. Now!

Here’s what got me started thinking about the Guru Game.

The Guru Game is a hidden fact of spiritual life now, in the Age of Awakening.

Today I did a session with JOE, a courageous client who has been going through a hellacious health ordeal. We were researching different foods for him, massages and foot soaks; all sorts of ways he might take the best care of his body.

Yes, this is a form of Thrill Your Soul Aura Research that could have been developed just to help people like JOE, folks who are going through big ordeals in life and have so many  choices about what to do… that, without this kind of research, those choices could be overwheming.

This has been quite the morning. Before doing the 2+ hours with JOE, I got an email from one of my very dearest friends in all the world, GLADYS. We had been doing a bit of emailing back and forth lately.

This time she reported on how she’s been doing with a long-term health problem (pretty well, but with some scary parts left hanging — which could well have terrified somebody less spunky). While all this is going on, GLADYS work situation has been deteriorating. She needs to find another job fast. CONTINUE READING

Reviewing Rose Rosetree’s Books on Aura Reading. A Guest Post by DAVID

Aura photo of Rose Rosetree, aura reader


Blog-Buddies, today I hoped to officially release the ebook edition of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses. That is taking a bit more time than expected, as noted in a series of Comments #15-17 over at A day in the life of my body, a guest post by Amanda. However, we really do have something good to look forward to, because Blog-Buddy DAVID has done a guest post with a review of that book plus my other how-to for aura reading, Read People Deeper.

This article is cross-posted at David’s blog,  in2Deep. I am adding headings, minor copy edits, and a lot of thanks for this perceptive review of my two books on aura reading, as read by a man with a deep, rich background in spiritual development. CONTINUE READING