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Aura Reading Online Workshop. Available Now.


Aura Reading Online Workshop
Aura Reading Online Workshop begins today, including a FREE introductory workshop

Yes, really! My Aura Reading Online Workshop — today it becomes available. Today’s also the first day for my FREE Introductory workshop “Aura Reading for YOU.”

Here’s a link to sign up for the FREE Intro. When you check out this new resource, you’ll find it on the left. Scroll down a bit.

Yes, really! That’s where to start aura reading, with the free introductory workshop. Five lessons. Much knowledge and zero obligation!

After finishing “Aura Reading for YOU” then you can decide if you’re ready to go on to the full workshop, “Aura Reading Online Workshop.” Today’s blog post answers seven Q&A’s about it. CONTINUE READING

What Inspires You?

Divine inspiration in everyday life
Divine inspiration in everyday life

News in America is elevated these days by Pope Francis’s visit, an inspiration to America’s Catholics and countless others as well.

Isn’t it rare for the news media to cover anything inspiring? How wonderful this is.

I wonder, would you be willing to comment here on what inspires YOU lately?

Here are three of my biggest inspirations CONTINUE READING

Call for Stories. 10 Questions about Your Experiences with Aura Reading

Aura reading can be such big fun. Got stories, anyone?
Aura reading can be such big fun. Got stories, anyone?

One form of deeper perception that I use every day is the aura reading part of energetic literacy. Many of you Blog-Buddies have learned aura reading from me. It’s easy and natural.

Yet I’ve been told that the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® is far, far ahead of where mainstream conversations are today.

Stories from you could help to move collective consciousness forward. Because personal stories can bring truth to life in a way that nothing else can. A human way. CONTINUE READING

Stop the Squirmy-Wormy. Why You Can Get Really Good at Aura Reading

Aura reading the newspaper (an aura photo in The Washington Post)
Rose Rosetree aura reading the newspaper (an aura photo in The Washington Post)

June is Aura Reading Month around here, since I’ll be giving the annual Aura Reading Workshop the last weekend of 6-15.

At the very mention of reading auras, so many people react with an instant squirmy-wormy feeling.

Like “I can’t do this.” Or “There’s something icky about this weird thing, auras. I’m not even sure what they are.”

Do I understand that kind of thing? Painfully well. Once upon a time I felt the same way myself.

So let’s take a few minutes with an article meant to rehab your confidence. Just in case that could help you some day with reading auras. Maybe align your confidence, too. Right now.

(You’ll see. Just keep reading with your regular word-deciphering literacy.) CONTINUE READING

Inside Information about My Workshops in 2015


In the February issue of “Reading Life Deeper,” you learn inside information about my workshops in SEVEN WAYS.

To subscribe, just go onto The Official Rose Rosetree Website and sign up for the free monthly treat for as long as you wish to receive it.

Feel free to start commenting below

Even before the newsletter is sent out this week, you may have some perspective to share. At my official website, there is no place for asking questions about my workshops. Let this blog post be the place!


Rosetree Energy Spirituality WORKSHOPS for 2015, inside information

For me, teaching a workshop is always a sacred activity
For me, teaching a workshop is always a sacred activity

Announcing my in-person workshops for 2015, I’m so glad to be offering these transformational experiences that take place real life, a close encounter of the human kind.

Each workshop will bring you knowledge from one of my trademarked systems. (The exception is the Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Workshop. Although this skill set is unique, I have not trademarked it at this time.)

Smart New Age Consumers, consider:

How hard is it to find a workshop on tapping or Reiki or angels or clairvoyance?

Not very. Compare that to any of these workshops , the like of which you won’t find elsewhere.

Each weekend of group learning can move you forward by six months, or more. Imagine how one weekend can help you to rapidly make progress at becoming really GOOD at that skill set! That’s true whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student of the skill set being taught. CONTINUE READING

Deception Detection with Aura Reading, Part Three

Aura Reading for Secret Sleuthing
Aura Reading for Secret Sleuthing

Protecting yourself from liars continues to be an excellent reason to develop Stage Three Energetic Literacy, easy and natural aura reading. There is so much to understand about differences between energetic literacy and the more mainstream attempts to read body language, expression, even micro-expression.

Why is aura reading so much more effective? This concluding interview of the series helps to spill the beans.

We started with Deception Detection with Aura Reading, Part One.

Then came our  Limit the Liars Link for Deception Detection with Aura Reading, Part Two.

And today’s treat? An audio link that I will call “Outwit the Wascals “– a.k.a. Deception Detection with Aura Reading, PETE interviewing ROSE, Part Three. Listen away! Then comment with your reactions and questions, Blog-Buddies.

Resources to Learn Aura Reading

Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras is a how-to that specifically addresses lying, along with sexual fidelity, financial behavior, and other aspects of life where truthfulness and integrity (or their opposites) can make such a difference.

This book also includes really easy techniques for reading auras in person and from regular photographs. Have you heard? To an aura reader with Stage Three Energetic Literacy — such as you can get from this book — every photo is an aura photo!

Also, once a year I teach an Aura Reading Workshop. Not a clairvoyance workshop, nor a psychic development workshop to “Read the Colours.” This is Energetic Literacy, folks, and it’s both accessible and practical and fun! There still is some room in the workshop. If you’re interested, I’d recommend that you register soon.

Rose Rosetree’s Media Interview #999 is postponed, but Hypno-Gram lives on

Rebecca Jernigan is freshly back from her service project to humanity in Egypt, for 12-21-12 and beyond. It will be an honor to speak with her on “Journeys with Rebecca.” A description about the radio broadcast is acoming!

But first, speaking of numerology and my favorite number, which isn’t 12-21-12 but 9, how about that Log total! Kind of snuck up on me!

Recent publication in a professional journal

The Rose Rosetree media log includes newspaper, magazine, radio, and TV interviews. Print publications I have authored for magazines and professional journals are also included. But the number in professional journals isn’t huge. It is now up to two. 🙂

That’s because there IS no professional journal yet for Energy Spirituality. However, two prestigious journals do exist within the field of hypnosis. And I exist, somewhat, in the field of hypnosis.

The National Guild of Hypnotists isn’t the only association in this field but is definitely the largest, with over 10,000 active members. (Including Larry Garrett, who contributed recently to this blog.)

My recent paper is “Frozen Block Removal for Depth Healing in Hypnosis,” appearing in the October/Nov. 2012 of Hypno-Gram, a newsletter published by the National Guild of Hypnotists. See pages 16-19, if you’re a hypnotist and you have kept that recent issue around. CONTINUE READING

What is Energetic Literacy?

Energetic Literacy
Energetic Literacy. What is it? Why does it matter?

Energetic Literacy, huh?

Maybe the term is new to you. Well, get used to it. Because Energetic Literacy is THE happening everyday skill in the Third Millennium. CONTINUE READING

Last Day Early Bird Fee… for Workshop to Set Goals

Calling all goal-oriented people who want to get the very most out of this new year, this new decade, and beyond.

One week from today is my annual workshop where you learn to do Thrill Your Soul readings of your own aura. This brings nuance and wisdom, helping you to make better choices. Aura Reading techniques make the difference.

You can be a complete newbie, an experienced Aura Reader, or anything in-between. You’ll still gain a lot from the very unusual, powerful, easy-to-learn techniques from this workshop.

Today is the last day for the Early Bird Fee — Just $99 for an all-day workshop.

To register, or ask questions, contact Workshop Coordinator Julie Schroedl (last name rhymes with “dredel”:

  • Email her at JulieSchroedl[at]msn.com
  • Or call 1-540-310-4896

 Click here to learn more about Goal Setting with the Aura Reading Advantage, the workshop with Rose Rosetree to be held in the suburbs of Northern Virginia on Saturday 9, 2010.