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Dropping the pounds through Aura Reading Research. A guest post by KYLIE

Kylie, making joyful discoveries
Kylie, making joyful discoveries

Eight months ago I did Aura Reading Research with Rose on foods, seeking to discover if I might have any food intolerances.

I’d always worried that I might be allergic to dairy, because a lot of nutritional information I had read suggested that eating dairy made seasonal allergies worse, and I have year-long seasonal allergies.

I didn’t have high expectations from my session—I was mostly just curious. I thought I already ate a healthy diet.

I had no idea how much that session would change my life. CONTINUE READING

Your Name of Power. And how to awaken your life with Name Alignment Aura Reading Research.

Rose Rosetree and Evegnia, demonstrating Soul Thrill Aura Reading Research
Rose Rosetree and Evegnia, demonstrating Soul Thrill Aura Reading Research

Don’t save this for your Bucket List. Put it on your list of things to do in the new year. At least if you’re interested in having a much, much better life.

Does the name you have now really help you express your true self? To fulfill your potential?

You can find out. If the news isn’t good, you can do something about it.

The best way to find out whether your current name helps or hinders

Ask your aura. Use Stage Three Energetic Literacy to research in detail the impact on major chakra databanks. CONTINUE READING

Skilled Empath Merge with Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell, ready for her Skilled Empath Merge
Joni Mitchell, ready for her Skilled Empath Merge

Joni Mitchell, “a painter who writes songs,” has just released a boxed set with four discs of her music, Love Has Many Faces. She also gave a two-part interview to “Morning Edition” on National Public Radio.

In the first interview she revealed the story behind her magnificent, sad Christmas song, “River.”

In the second interview, Joni Mitchell recounted how she fought back against polio after being told she that would never walk again.

Remarkably, I heard both segments. (Usually I’m making breakfast at a different time of day).

Remarkably, but not surprisingly, Joni Mitchell’s interview spoke straight to my heart. Much as I remember hearing a peace song  she sang on the “Ed Sullivan Show.” The words, even the name? That didn’t stay with me. But, like so many in the audience, I registered her screaming prayer for peace. And like so many in my generation, listening intently, I joined with her to send out our spiritual light, our collective demand to bring peace.

Back in the day I heard the Beatles sing live, heard and saw many performances. Yet hers was the singular song I will never forget. Because, once again, Joni Mitchell’s artistry had gone straight to my heart.

Her paintings touch me still, but her music? Even better.

What is like to be Joni Mitchell these days?

Today I would like to explore this great artist through a Skilled Empath Merge. Won’t you join me? CONTINUE READING

Aura reading what the heck is going on. Behold an $$$$$ Unboxing Video $$$$$.

Worshipping money. How it shows in an aura.
Worshipping money. How it shows in an aura.

Have you ever heard of this new form of performance art? Freely available at YouTube, it’s called unboxing videos? It’s a kind of materialism porn and striptease rolled into one. Or maybe just some old-fashioned worship of Mammon, unwrapping the statue.

One example is the unboxing video devoted to Disney-themed Kinder Eggs. A hand “slowly peels the foil off the egg, cracks it open with a thumb and reveals the surprise treasure inside. It’s Slinky Dog from “Toy Story”! The video lingers on the plastic pooch for a few seconds, making sure to take in every angle, then repeats the process with each of the remaining Kinder Eggs.

“As far as popular videos go, it would seem to pale next to viral skateboard crashes, comedy sketches or music clips. And yet this video has been viewed more than 35 million times since it was posted to the FluffyJet channel on YouTube in 2012.”

Just in time for Christmas cheer, and tales Black Friday deals, I read this unboxing video report in The Washington Post with what? “Un-wrapt attention”?

Reporter Robin Givhan describes how Trina Leavers “gives close-ups of the opulent packaging and heavy-stock literature that came with her white Chanel tote bag.” And receives 24,477 views as part of the bargain.

Personally, I don’t get it. I don’t get buying a handbag that costs over $5,000. I certainly don’t get making a ritual of unwrapping it.

Why would thousands of people watch this? And how on earth could this exercise in conspicuous consumption last nearly 11 minutes?

And yet God is everywhere, including Trina Leavers and her fans. Maybe I’m missing something, something beautiful. CONTINUE READING

Aura reading the inventor of lab-grown penises, Anthony J. Atala, M.D.

A joy implant in honor of Anthony J. Adala, MD
A happiness implant in honor of Anthony J. Atala, MD

Here in Virginia, it’s a cold and rainy day before Thanksgiving. Where you live, too, the weather could seem just a bit un-sparkly.

Well, I don’t have the power to grant you a day of great weather. But may I offer you a treat? How about a compassion booster?

Here it is. Technically just an aura reading of a scientist whose work can help to save so many lives. Plenty unfolds here, to my surprise, when researching and writing about the energy field of a not-that-famous-but-should-be scientist.

Aura reading can surprise us, wake us up

Even a routine exercise in Stage Three Energetic Literacy can deliver surprises. Done today, when I make good on the final prize for our Contest to Admire by offering up some fresh, new aura reading research.

Here begins DAISY’s prize-winning entry of a pioneer in the field of organ implants: “I would like to nominate Anthony J. Atala, M.D., who is the Director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine.”

DAISY went on to write:

“Dr. Atala led the team that developed the first lab-grown organ to be implanted into a human, and is continuing his work in cellular regeneration and printable organs. And all the while, continuing clinic hours in the Urology Department at Wake Forest. His accomplishments are way too many to list.”

You see, Blog-Buddies, guns aren’t the only commodity that can be printed on demand with today’s emerging technologies.

Dr. Atala’s lab at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine is helping to do just that. Imagine engineering over 30 tissues and whole organs that can be printed!

Not harvested from bleeding-heart “Make me an organ donor” people like me. Manufactured tissues and organs. Is that an amazing concept or what?

In the words of a interviewer from Public Broadcasting, “Anthony Atala bakes things that will make you feel good inside, but we’re not talking cakes and muffins.”

In particular, Daisy expressed curiosity about “whether this mega-talented doctor and scientist has any empath gifts that are beneficial to his research.” Sure, there’s a consciousness app for that. I can include that research in today’s aura reading. CONTINUE READING

Consciousness Lifestyle #4. Aura reading of Maryam Mirzakhani in Enlightenment

Genius can unfold like a huge beach umbrella
Genius can unfold like a huge beach umbrella

Consciousness Lifestyles — let’s conclude our series with some inspiration.

No mere abstraction, Consciousness Lifestyle creates big consequences for how we live, how rapidly we evolve, the friends we make… even the version of reality that we live in.

Consciousness Lifestyle #4 is Enlightenment, a state of consciousness we often explore here at the blog, including my personal Enlightenment Life List.

Maryam Mirzakhani may already be familiar to you Blog-Buddies, thanks to previous articles Face Reading Mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani, Part One and Face Reading Fiesta with Mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani, Concluded.

While doing the research for these articles, I paused to do an aura reading technique and hooray! I received that delightful surprise of encountering someone who was living in a clearer reality than passes for normal, currently, here on Earth School.

Perhaps, in our lifetimes, Enlightenment will become the new “normal.” Meanwhile, it is a delight to research this new member of my Enlightenment Life List. CONTINUE READING

What Is My Purpose?

Seeking direction, seeking life purpose
Seeking direction, seeking life purpose

There are so many reasons to seek a purpose in life, especially if you are a Spiritual Seeker. (Which is exactly what I’m going to call you today, Spiritual Seeker.)

Energetic literacy can bring a fresh perspective to your quest. Let’s take the search for purpose one question at a time.

What does life purpose mean?

It’s a thrilling concept, really. Supposedly there is one big and beautiful spiritual purpose for your life. Once you find that, your life has meaning.

Life purpose, the real purpose of my life, my true purpose, my Divine purpose, my sacred purpose, finding my purpose. “Purpose” just might be the sexiest word in the English language.

Daily experiences may not always be perfect. Yet you’re less likely to sweat the small stuff once you know about your big, glorious purpose. With that spiritual clarity you can trust your path in life.

Finding that purposeful life is so appealing. Spiritual Seeker that you are, I suspect you’re not content to have your life just be about the size of your paycheck or your number of friends on Facebook. It’s so important to connect up with something bigger than yourself. Really, could you go even one day without having your life be meaningful? I don’t think I could.

Look around and you will find so many different ways that people pursue the quest for purpose. CONTINUE READING

Aura reading, how Renée Zellweger changed

Renee Zellweger in 2010, with still more fascinating face reading data
Renee Zellweger in 2010, ready for her aura reading

What is the most important discovery, potentially, when you explore comparison face readings of the same person over time? It opens your heart of compassion. Maybe that is what you found, following our recent trio of face reading articles about Renée Zellweger:

This woman, Renée Zellweger, has sure been through a lot! Even if you don’t generally follow celebrity doings and you have no clue what on earth a “Bridget Jones movie” might be, the pressures of fame are a perennial mystery worth exploring.

It’s only human to want more and more, to reach more people, to wield greater influence, to be admired. Who doesn’t wish to be considered a beautiful person?

When someone gets all that, bigtime, and then changes so drastically… even on a physical level… how much greater must be the aura-level changes. Just what I will explore in today’s article. Once again we will star Renée Zellweger.  CONTINUE READING

An aura reading radio interview to profile a terrorist

The Founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality... talking. (How unusual ;-) )
Rose Rosetree, who relishes preparing for a radio interview, aura reading of a terrorist

Here’s the link, Rose Rosetree’s Interview about a Terrorist.

Blog-Buddies, tomorrow night I will be doing a radio interview with an aura reading on “The Face of Terror.” There will also be face readings.

X-Zone Radio host Rob McConnell has invited me to research the aura of a terrorist responsible for recent attacks in Canada.

You may know there have been two, one in Quebec and the one in Ottawa, taking the lives of two soldiers. For this terrorist I will use the form of energetic literacy that involves reading chakra databanks. That would be the way to go.

A link to the interview pictures is here, with face reading mug shots in readiness.

The live radio interview will be archived and I will supply that link when I have it, so you can listen at your leisure.

First broadcast is set for tonight, Wednesday, October 29, 2014 from 11 p.m. Eastern to midnight.

Rob McConnell and I have done many radio interviews. And according to my Media Log of Interviews and Publications, this will be my #1,022. (Not all of them with Rob. ;-) )

It’s an honor to be a guest on the legendary Canadian broadcaster’s radio show.



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Consciousness Lifestyle #3. Aura reading of Eric Betzig, not exactly a failure

Albert Einstein, living in Human-Based Spirituality, ready for his aura reading
Albert Einstein, living in Human-Based Spirituality, ready for his aura reading

Consciousness Lifestyles — let’s continue to explore what they mean in everyday life.

Today’s profile of Eric Betzig fits into a multi-part series of articles about how people get in the habit of positioning consciousness.

No mere abstraction, Consciousness Lifestyle creates big consequences for how we live, how rapidly we evolve, the friends we make… even the version of reality that we live in.

Eric Betzig, ever hear of him?

His ground-breaking work has brought optical microscopy into the nanodimension, according to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

In plain(er) English, the chemist just won The Nobel Prize, along with William Moerner and Stefan Hell. As a result of their research, people can now see objects in the nanodimension.

How much will you and I benefit from their development of super-resolved microscopy? Wait and see. But don’t wait to learn about this remarkable man’s energy field. CONTINUE READING