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Aura Reading Rachel Dolezal, Pushing the Boundaries of Racial Identity

How much does skin color have to matter to you?
How much does skin color have to matter to you?

Nobody said living now would be easy. But really, how flexible does a person have to be? Geesh!

As if it weren’t enough that a national conversation was thrust upon us by Caitlin (formerly Bruce) Jenner! Now a scandal has erupted over Rachel Dolezal, who announced her resignation Monday as head of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Washington. So many people are so very upset because this white woman has identified as black, and lived accordingly.

In her professional life, Rachel Dolezal has chosen to advance the lives of African-Americans.

Her son has told her, “Mom, racially you’re human and culturally you’re black.” Rachel Dolezal reports that, as a girl, she drew self-portraits “using brown crayon, rather than peach, to portray herself, and drawing herself with black, curly hair, not the straight, blonde locks she grew up with.”

While her indignant mother has told the media, “She did not ever refer to herself or draw pictures (like the described self-portraits) or do anything that indicated she thought she was black.” 

Seems to me “ever” is a pretty impressive word for a person to use when describing somebody else’s behavior. I wonder if this mother, Ruthanne Dolezal, also happens to be omnipresent and omniscient. 😉

Certainly it’s indisputible that, unlike Caitlin Jenner, Rachel Dolezal has not sought the spotlight. Yet here it is anyway, and many people have expressed rage, outrage, indignation, and more.

Is she crazy, as her biological parents proclaim to the media? Or is she no more crazy than any transgendered person or cross-dresser, or person who speaks in an accent that doesn’t come from how she was raised? Is it crazy to be a social climber? Or a political activist for a group into which you haven’t been born?

Is it deeply dishonest to exchange a name that doesn’t fit you for a name that aligns with your soul?

What do you Blog-Buddies think? Because a lot of us have skin in this game, literally or figuratively or both. CONTINUE READING

How EXACTLY Can Aura Reading Protect You? 10 Ways, for Starters.

Aura reading can protect you in so many ways. Here are 10.
Aura reading can protect you in so many ways. Here are 10.

Three cheers to Blog-Buddy ISABELLE for asking such a practical question.

How EXACTLY can aura reading protect you? That’s relevant to many, many practical aspects of life. Right off the top of my head, here are 10 ways that reading auras can protect you. After you take a look, please comment below with:

  • Any stories you have about how aura reading HAS protected you, saved you money, helped you get back on your path in life.
  • Any questions about whether aura reading CAN protect you in a particular area of life of concern to you now.

Aura Reading Protection #1. Clarity


Call for Stories. 10 Questions about Your Experiences with Aura Reading

Aura reading can be such big fun. Got stories, anyone?
Aura reading can be such big fun. Got stories, anyone?

One form of deeper perception that I use every day is the aura reading part of energetic literacy. Many of you Blog-Buddies have learned aura reading from me. It’s easy and natural.

Yet I’ve been told that the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® is far, far ahead of where mainstream conversations are today.

Stories from you could help to move collective consciousness forward. Because personal stories can bring truth to life in a way that nothing else can. A human way. CONTINUE READING

Stop the Squirmy-Wormy. Why You Can Get Really Good at Aura Reading

Aura reading the newspaper (an aura photo in The Washington Post)
Rose Rosetree aura reading the newspaper (an aura photo in The Washington Post)

June is Aura Reading Month around here, since I’ll be giving the annual Aura Reading Workshop the last weekend of 6-15.

At the very mention of reading auras, so many people react with an instant squirmy-wormy feeling.

Like “I can’t do this.” Or “There’s something icky about this weird thing, auras. I’m not even sure what they are.”

Do I understand that kind of thing? Painfully well. Once upon a time I felt the same way myself.

So let’s take a few minutes with an article meant to rehab your confidence. Just in case that could help you some day with reading auras. Maybe align your confidence, too. Right now.

(You’ll see. Just keep reading with your regular word-deciphering literacy.) CONTINUE READING

Buh-Bye, Fears about Psychic Coercion. Let’s Get Skills.

You don't need superpowers to vanquish psychic coercion
You don’t need Spiderman superpowers to vanquish psychic coercion

Energy healing skills — you’ve come to the right place for that today! Because this seven-part series about psychic coercion concludes here. It has been all about helping you to gain important skills for self-healing.

Understandably, many of you Blog-Buddies have been sidetracked in the past. You didn’t understand what psychic coercion really is.

Learning my healing technique for psychic coercion is simple. It’s available to you so easily from the paperback or eBook about Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.” Really, really easy to learn.

Yet this blog can give you something I didn’t have time to do in a book. (Which is already jam-packed with healing techniques, dedicated skill sets.) Here you can learn more about the practical bits. That’s essential for developing skills, knowing when to use which healing technique, when to stop worrying unnecessarily, etc.

Because, really, do any of you think that worrying is a skill? 😉 CONTINUE READING

Can Other People’s Cults Hurt You? More about Psychic Coercion.

Sleepwalking in a cult -- when somebody does that, can it hurt YOU energetically?
Sleepwalking in a cult — when somebody does that, can it hurt YOU energetically?

Cult mind control is such an ugly topic. And often a taboo topic. Have you noticed?

Many of the people you know may be cult sleepwalkers. Ironically these neighbors, family members, work associates would be shocked, shocked! at the very idea that they might be considered cult followers. Yet Fundamentalists and evangelicals are often in cults. Spiritual seekers, idealists of all kinds, can move into cults.

I have helped clients to fully exit meditation cults, New Age cults, Christian cults, Buddhist cults, Tapping cults, other cults associated with healing, and more.

This complements work done in Energy Spirituality to help clients move out of spiritual addiction (and to avoid the virusey problems some are having with “extreme spiritual addiction”).

Since we have been considering psychic coercion, it only seems fair to address this concern of cult activity possibly hurting other people energetically. Address this concern in plain English. Not whispering or hinting about it.

What if you just stumbled upon today’s blog post and don’t know what on earth I mean by “Psychic coercion”?  If you’re not sure sure, or you wish to learn more about this series of articles, just skip down to the end of today’s article. You might want to take the Psychic Coercion Quiz before reading further in today’s blog post.

Today, at the end of the post, I’ll also include a section with more information about exiting cults from the perspective of Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

Now let’s continue responses to our recent Psychic Coercion Quiz.

Psychic Coercion Quiz Question 9. When Cult Members Try to Control You


Beauty Ideals that Turn Ugly ENERGETICALLY

What don't you have to be in this life? A Barbie doll or a Ken doll.
What don’t you have to be in this life? A Barbie doll or a Ken doll.

Welcome, whether you have been reading this series all along or today you just stumbled upon today’s blog post.

To learn more about this nasty kind of energetic STUFF that can get lodged in your aura and subconscious mind, you might wish to check out the earlier articles in this series:

Now let’s continue to sort out the difference between psychic coercion, other problems that involve STUFF, and forms of fear-talk that are common since The Shift into The Age of Aquarius.

Psychic Coercion Quiz Question 8. Pressure about “Looking Good”

Directly and indirectly, many people give you messages about how to look. In our quiz, I gave this particular example:

This guy you have been dating, JOE, keeps asking you to dye your hair blond.


Will Toxic Prayer Give You Psychic Coercion?

Can somebody else's pushy prayers give YOU psychic coercion?
Can somebody else’s pushy prayers give YOU psychic coercion?

Welcome, whether you have been following this series or you have just stumbled upon today’s article. Practical knowledge about psychic coercion can protect you and reassure you.

Maybe today’s blog post will also encourage you to use appropriate  human-type skills rather than (as Blog-Buddy RACHEL put it in a recent comment), making energy another thing to blame.

Of course energies matter and skills for spiritual cleansing and protection are important. That’s why I use them to to help clients. Why I write books to teach those skills.

In everyday life, what matters more than energies? CONTINUE READING

Psychic Coercion Quiz. ANSWERS Begin Here.

How you handle pushy, obnoxious behavior is up to you
How you handle pushy, obnoxious behavior is up to you

Thanks so much to all who responded to our first post of this series, the Psychic Coercion Quiz itself. NICCI and PRIMMIE, your responses to the quiz itself will help shape today’s article, plus blog posts to follow.

The rest of you Blog-Buddies, guess what? So cordially! You are invited to take this quiz before reading this article and ones that follow. Investing the five minutes will make today’s post much more meaningful to you.

The big secret for preventing and healing psychic coercion…


Using Self-Authority and Energetic Literacy When Choosing a Spiritual Healer. A guest post by Sandra Haering


Thinking isn't just for games like chess. It's for making choices about healing and spiritual development.
Thinking isn’t just for games like chess. It’s for making choices about healing and spiritual development.

SANDRA HAERING is an expert at Rosetree Energy Spirituality with a gorgeous new website, Sandra Haering Healing Services. She was moved to write this guest post after reading another guest post, Cult mind control. A guest post by Spiritual Cinderella

Blog-Buddies, please don’t be vague about energies or healing, or energy healing. And do remember that energy is our shiny new toy in this Age of Aquarius.

My headings, SANDRA’s wisdom. Your invitation to be a smart New Age Consumer.

A lot of experimenting goes on in New Age. Is that always wise?

Recently a client of mine, Gladys, gave me a call.  She was distraught because her young daughter, Bella, had been “treated” to a spiritual healing that Grandma had orchestrated. CONTINUE READING