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Confusion about The Age of Awakening. We Can Overcome.

YES! We can sort through the energetic mess of adapting to The Age of Awakening
YES! We can sort through the energetic mess of adapting to The Age of Awakening

Emerging from confusion, from great big mess — yes all of humanity can do that.

And you don’t have to wait for anyone else to live in a way where you are well adapted to life in The Age of Awakening.

Yesterday’s article went into some detail about the mess and confusion running rampant in this new Age of Awakening.

Now it’s Giggle Time. I’m going to share an example of… CONTINUE READING

Let’s Get Un-Messy. More Clarity about The Age of Awakening

Many are struggling to adapt to the Age of Awakening. I'm here to help.
Many are struggling to adapt to the Age of Awakening. I’m here to help.

Aren’t teenagers great? One reason I love them is how they notice everything people say and do — directly present to human life. There’s no fooling these smart kids!

By contrast, we adults can develop overlays of belief and expectation. We use them to tidy up everyday reality, sorting as we go. Although useful in some ways, those preconceptions can muffle our hearing, dim our sight.

And that’s really clobbering many of us now. In the early years of this Age of Awakening, this adult-type “sophistication” can cause the equivalent of intermittent deafness and blindness, like that picture at the top of today’s post.

Why are so many good people today struggling to face reality? So many of our expectations come from living before the Age of Awakening, preceding today’s messy problems of adjustment.

Vibrational frequencies work differently now.

Not just energy, but vibrational types of energy and how we notice them — that’s what The Age of Awakening is all about. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Muhammad Ali for Power

Celebrating Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer in the world
Celebrating Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer in the world

I don’t get boxing. Do you?

Yet I’m curious about the legendary public figure, heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, who died this weekend. An Olympic gold medalist by the age of 18. An anti-war protester during the time of the Vietnam War. An outspoken leader on civil rights.  Beloved by millions all over the world who mourn him today.

Here is one of the stirring articles paying tribute to Muhammad Ali. And here’s another, describing him as the greatest boxer of all time. Finally, here is a link to the photograph that I used for today’s aura reading. CONTINUE READING

Seeking More Clarity about the ENERGY Aspect of Your Personal Presence? Aura Reading Helps.

For a strong personal presence in the Age of Awakening, energy DOES matter
For a strong personal presence in the Age of Awakening, your energy DOES matter

Presence has become a big, juicy, important topic in this Age of Awakening — the era on earth that began on December 21, 2012 and is the topic of my upcoming book, “The New Strong.” (Click here to learn basics about this age, sometimes called “The Age of Aquarius.”)

For every one of us, presence means power. A stronger presence means that we will have more power, and with that the ability to make more money, wield more influence socially, date or marry a mate of a higher caliber than you would rate otherwise.

What if you’re already in a love relationship, and should you already have children? By developing a stronger energy presence, you can shift the balance of power in your life. You won’t have to become a tyrant, either. (Ugh! Which of us would really prefer that sort of energy presence?) Instead think of benefits like:

  • More self-confidence
  • More self-respect
  • More respect from others
  • More likely to speak up for yourself
  • More likely to be heard by others when you do speak up for yourself.


How Aura Reading Can Help You with the SOCIAL Aspect of Personal Presence

Having a strong presence in your human life can be about more than energy
Having a strong presence in your human life can be about more than energy

Our conversation is coming along so productively. Thanks to all who have been commenting at our first article in this series about personal presence. Today let’s start to distinguish two separate things that are often confused when we yearn for a stronger, better presence:

  • The energy aspect
  • And the social aspect

Because man oh man, are they different! Yet it’s so human that, in our pain, in our longings, these two disparate aspects are often confused. Leading to problems. Sometimes big problems. CONTINUE READING

The Powerful Presence of an Aura Reader

What kind of energy presence do you radiate?
What kind of energy presence do you radiate?

Did you ever long to have a big energy presence, one that would cause others to stop in their tracks? (Or, at least, respect you.)

Here I think of my former friend, sweet Gladys, who became a staunch Born-Again Christian. In her zeal she emailed me. I must paraphrase, because I received this message over 20 years ago. The gist of it burned into my brain, though:

“Now I’m truly alive. I live for the light of Christ. I want to have a presence that makes everyone who meets me lights up in that exact same way, with the sacred flame burning brighter and brighter within them until they must believe.”


Finding Your New Direction for Success, Health, and More. Newsletter Announcement.

In praise of your magnificent path
In praise of your magnificent path

May is a splendid time to question assumptions about finding your direction in life.

“May I make this choice, God? Am I supposed to?”

So many of us asked questions like these. We want to be good boys or girls, and do as we’re told. How earnestly some of us have prayed for Divine guidance. Or we’ve sought merciful synchronicities to show us the way.

Awakening Reader, have you ever felt downright tormented because you needed to find your way and it seemed as though that vital information was cruelly being withheld from you?

What is my purpose? I demand to know my life purpose. How can I follow my spiritual path if I don’t know what it is? CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau. A Guest Post by RES Apprentice GRACE TRENT

RES Apprentice Grace Trent, using her skills of energetic literacy
RES Apprentice Grace Trent, using her skills of energetic literacy

Even a blog that isn’t designed to be political does include the occasional energy READING of a public figure who happens to be a politician.

Recently I responded to severak contest entries by giving you… Aura Reading Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister. (Incidentally, that latest RES Contest is still accepting entries through May 15, 2016, and the Grand Prize is yet to be awarded, yet every nominee will win something. Read the main post and you’ll find out what.)

The comments from many of you Blog-Buddies were fascinating, with many points of view represented, yet always thoughtful.

It happens that, so far, Canada can boast just one apprentice in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). GRACE TRENT. Well, she took the initiative to prepare today’s guest post about the wife of the new Canadian Prime Minister. Fascinating! CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the subject of our aura reading today.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the subject of our aura reading today.

Are you, too, fascinated by the charismatic, photogenic new Canadian Prime Minister? Justin Trudeau was nominated to win the Grand Prize at our New Empath Contest, Where All Who Enter Win Something.

That contest continues to accept nominations through May 15, so let’s keep the momentum going in this shiny (and hopefully merry) month of May. And everyone who enters with a complete nomination — not that hard — will find out, YES or NO, whether the nominee is at least one of the 15 kinds of empath I help with the skills of Empath Empowerment(R).

Oh, today’s aura reading doesn’t count as winning the contest’s Grand Prize. I just got so gosh darned curious! CONTINUE READING

How Anita Hill Helped Me Read Auras

"Aura Reading Through All Your Senses." Thanks, in part to Anita Hill.
“Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.” Thanks, in part to Anita Hill.

Anita Hill is in the news again, with a new movie on HBO. “Confirmation chronicles the intense confirmation battle for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas after Anita Hill, a former employee, claimed he sexually harassed her.

Recently National Public Radio has broadcast “The Real Story” behind the confirmation battle. Nina Totenberg, the reporter who broke the story, has fascinating things to say about what transpired. Two audio links are supplied at the link I’ve just given you; both give insight into Anita Hill, a woman who spoke truth to power; Nina Totenberg, a reporter who wouldn’t give up; and the horrendous backlash that followed Anita Hill’s courageous testimony.

From a political perspective, you may find these podcasts fascinating. Especially if you care about Black Lives Matter, or today’s harrassment in the American workplace (where race is the most common problem, followed by sexual harrassment), or even today’s new sexual warfare being conducted over bathroom privileges, like the city in Alabama that has enacted a law, “Use bathrooms matching your biological sex  or face six months of jail time.”

Today’s blog post gives you a different kind of inside story. About another kind of truth that Anita Hill set in motion. Indirectly. About the system trademarked as Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.

In the political scheme of things, I know that my discovery was small potatoes. But I’m going to share that story because, in the world of energetic literacy — including the part of the world about Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) — energy READING skills are a pretty tasty and nourishing kind of potato dish, too. CONTINUE READING