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Aura Reading Donald Trump on YouTube


You may notice a certain glee as I do this aura reading of Donald Trump.
You may notice a certain glee as I do this aura reading of Donald Trump.

Were you surprised by the Republican presidential candidate’s recent performance at the first debate? Does Donald Trump mystify you in general? In advance of the debate, I did an aura reading of Donald Trump. Today I am posting it on YouTube.

Whether Donald is your hero or your nightmare presidential candidate, you may be wondering. What makes him tick? Aura reading does that. Not psychologically and behaviorally but through reading his energies. Energetic literacy is really, really good for that.

Warning: You may be shocked with my findings about the controversial politician. Right from the start! When I research the energetics of Donald Trump’s “Presence in the Room.”

Of course, on that YouTube I’m using the system of Aura Reading Through All  Your Senses®. Not sharing random feelings that I got due to being energy sensitive.

Empath Merge with Simone Biles from Rose Rosetree

Preparing to do this Empath Merge with Simone Biles made me really happy
Preparing to do this Empath Merge with Simone Biles made me really happy

Were you were glued to the screen during Rio Olympics 2016 gymnastics? Then you’ll be fascinated as I profile the consciousness of Simone Biles. No nasty deductions will be taken away. Nor will scores be awarded. 😉 But I’ll tell you that this is my favorite Skilled Empath Merge, among the three prizes awarded to winners of our Olympic Empath Contest.

Yes, you’re cordially invited watch my second YouTube in this series.


Curious about Britain’s Brand New Prime Minister, Theresa May?

Curious about new Prime Minister Theresa May?
Curious about new Prime Minister Theresa May?

Blog-Buddies, may I ask you a personal question? How much do you welcome change right now?

Hmmm, did I hear a cheering “Yay!” Or perhaps a tooth-clenching “Nay!”

It can be easier to accept change when we do two things:

  1. Follow the facts. Because there’s something steadying about human-level objective reality. Plus, there’s no substitute for knowing what is happening in reality, in contrast to focusing only on how folks feel about it.
  2. We can use !!!skills for deeper perception!!! to learn about what really makes people tick.

That combo can be so helpful for adjusting to the historic events in the U.K., with such impact for the entire European Union and, through that, the world.

As change roils through Great Britain, another surprise is the new prime minister. Who took office just yesterday. A politician who was barely in the news at the time of the Brexit vote.  Plus she’s a woman! Theresa May has become Britain’s the first female head of state since Margaret Thatcher. CONTINUE READING

A Bit of Brexit Aura Reading on YouTube

Here's a bit of aura reading to explore some of the Brexit voters
Here’s a bit of aura reading to explore some of the Brexit voters

“The sun never sets on the British Empire.”

Well, that’s how it was, not so terribly long ago.

Now there’s Brexit, where the United Kingdom is taking a stand towards a different kind of sovereignty.

Yesterday a YouTube was made with aura reading of some jubilant Brexit voters from a photograph in The Washington Post. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find the original photograph to show you here, but I can tell you that every person in this front page photo from Saturday was NOT the typical demographic for those thought to have voted to exit the EU. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the subject of our aura reading today.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the subject of our aura reading today.

Are you, too, fascinated by the charismatic, photogenic new Canadian Prime Minister? Justin Trudeau was nominated to win the Grand Prize at our New Empath Contest, Where All Who Enter Win Something.

That contest continues to accept nominations through May 15, so let’s keep the momentum going in this shiny (and hopefully merry) month of May. And everyone who enters with a complete nomination — not that hard — will find out, YES or NO, whether the nominee is at least one of the 15 kinds of empath I help with the skills of Empath Empowerment(R).

Oh, today’s aura reading doesn’t count as winning the contest’s Grand Prize. I just got so gosh darned curious! CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading to Celebrate Shalonda Holt, The Washington Post’s Teacher of the Year

The Greeks and Romans used a laurel wreath to crown a hero. The Washington Post found a different way to honor Shalonda
The Greeks used a laurel wreath to crown a hero. The Washington Post has found a different way to honor Shalonda Holt.

I fell in love with Shalonda Holt the day I read about her in the Washington Post Magazine. What a force of nature!

Shalonda Holt was born on a bathroom floor, to a 17-year-old mother who had kept the pregnancy a secret — even from her parents. That mother, Rhoda Buckner, later sacrificed everything to raise a stand-up daughter. And did she ever succeed!

You can read the details about this remarkable educator, Shalonda Holt, in this profile in The Washington Post.

Today I’m going to read the aura of the “one woman powerhouse.” I hope she reads it. Perhaps indirectly the insights will help her to bear the shameful “micro-aggressions — little paper cuts every day” that happen at her suburban school in Maryland, where the African-American biology teacher helps to educate a suburban school in diversity as well as biology.

Of course, I don’t know yet what I’ll find when I research Shalonda Holt’s aura. I just have a hunch that it will impress me… even more than what I read in that “Teacher of the Year” magazine profile. CONTINUE READING

The 15 Stages of Energetic Literacy

One of the earliest photos of me teaching aura reading. Where else would you find a statue like that? A "Tea Garden" in Los Angeles
One of the earliest photos of Rose teaching aura reading. At a “Tea Garden” in Los Angeles, 2008-ish.

Welcome, my fellow consciousness nerds! Welcome, all who are curious about what aura reading can be. Welcome, those of you who’ve had sessions with me and wondered, “How did she do that?”

Today’s article is dedicated to you. And inspired by the five groups of people who have drawn all these skills out of me:

  • You recent graduates of my Empath Empowerment® Level 1 Workshop– a spectacularly talented group of empaths, and a delight to teach.
  • All of you who have taken my workshops or mentored with me, allowing me to teach you at depth.
  • Experts in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), both my hardworking apprentices and you who now serve humanity as RES professionals.
  • All of you who have been my clients for personal sessions; especially those who have been long-term clients, exploring the cumulative results of RES sessions.
  • And all you Blog-Buddies but especially those of you who actively comment and/or guest post at this blog.

When I can share the best that I know with you, and you really get it, that gives me heart to share more. CONTINUE READING

Why Learn How to Read Auras?

Why aura reading can be a bright idea.
Aura reading can be a bright idea.

Why develop full energetic literacy? That’s almost like asking, “Why bother to learn how to read words on a screen, or in a book?”

Today’s article will give you more than 150 reasons, but you only need one.

But First, Can You Do This? Can You Learn?

Of  course you can, and it isn’t even terribly hard. Just takes a smallish amount of time, at least if you’re using the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.

If you can read the words on this screen, you can definitely learn to read auras. Accurately. In detail.

So Back to “Why, Why, Why Read Auras?”

The quick answer is that energetic literacy will give you a huge advantage in everyday life.

Another answer is that reading people deeper can give you great inside information about people at work, and also personal relationships. (And also yourself.)

Here’s a link to 50 different categories about very important make-or-break aspects of life. CONTINUE READING

How is Energetic Literacy Different from Psychic Readings?

Why aura readings do not have to be psychic readings
Why aura readings do not have to be psychic readings

Thanks to recent comments here at the blog, ta da! We have another teachable moment. It’s on a recurring theme: What makes energetic literacy different from psychic readings?

Blog-Buddies, this is such an important topic because, for centuries, people have sought answers to life’s mysterious questions through psychic readings or intuitive development.

By  contrast, energetic literacy — particularly full, Stage Three Energetic Literacy is pretty new in the world.

This is a very Age of Awakening kind of energy reading with skill. It’s more like word literacy. The methods that I teach include Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® and (for Skilled Empath Merges) Empath Empowerment®.

Even experienced aura readers can sometimes fall into a bit of turmoil about what to expect, given how much we have heard all our lives about psychic readings. Certain expectations can confuse us. CONTINUE READING