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Awakening Enlightenment Now! For AJ.

Awakening Enlightenment Now
Awakening Enlightenment Now! Just happened to Blog-Buddy AJ. McClary.

Awakening Enlightenment Now!  Congratulating AJ McClary, the latest member of our community to move into Age of Awakening Enlightenment!

Three cheers for our funny, informal group of people interested in one aspect or another of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). So many human-sized triumphs!

Later today I’ll add him to the list of folks from our informal community who have moved into that long-time higher state of consciousness. Plus I’ll update our other Enlightenment Life Lists, that main one. Also our main alphabetical list about Enlightenment.

Here’s a link to a YouTube that introduces that Enlightenment Life List. Where, yowza! I sure have some (delightful) catch-up to do. CONTINUE READING

Age of Awakening Enlightenment, India! It Has Begun

Age Awakening Enlightenment, India! Story
Age of Awakening Enlightenment, India! Come read this inspiring, historic story.

Awakening Enlightenment, India! To my knowledge, as the Founder of RES, Age of Awakening Enlightenment has “officially” begun in India on Monday, February 27, 2017.

Not just America, Canada, and England! Among members of the loosely knit community around this blog and Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) — now, for the first time, an addition to my Enlightenment Life List from India!

Another disclaimer: I’m not announcing that all Enlightenment has just begun. Actually, Traditional Enlightenment has dominated conversations about the entire topic of Self-Realization. And much of that conversation has taken place in Asia. Especially India.


DORIS Enlightenment Is Age of Awakening Enlightenment Style. Not Traditional Enlightenment

Doris Enlightenment, Age Awakening
Doris Enlightenment. Learn how her soul chose Age of Awakening Enlightenment, not Traditional Enlightenment

DORIS Enlightenment? Yes! Her soul chooses Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

In a later post I change the terminology you’ll see here, in the rest of this article. Consequently, you can click here to learn why, in the near future, I will change names. Notably, from “Householder Enlightenment” to Age of Awakening Enlightenment. Furthermore, I will change “The Surrender Model of Enlightenment” to Traditional Enlightenment.

However the rest of this post uses my “older” terminology. As a result of not being a time traveler, no more lingo update. What begins? The story of DORIS Enlightenment begins.


10 True Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Every spiritual awakening bursts a bubble of illusion
Every spiritual awakening bursts a bubble of illusion

Spiritual Awakening is available to all who seek it now. Yet there’s so much vibrational confusion around us. So most of the “signs of spiritual awakening” you’ll read about are ridiculously untrue. Not helpful.  And a part of the problem for anybody who seeks spiritual Enlightenment. Today’s article will give you straight talk about true signs of Spiritual Awakening.

These signs of spiritual awakening come from an Enlightenment Coach. One of many in the world today. I wish that more of us would  write about true signs of spiritual awakening, because so many popular articles on this topic are written by bloggers who are probably lovely people. But…. CONTINUE READING

5 False Signs of Awakening

False signs of spiritual awakening? They won't take you where you want to go.
False signs of spiritual awakening? They won’t take you where you want to go.

False signs of spiritual awakening! That’s the opinion of this Enlightenment coach. But this post invites YOUR opinions. Come and share.

Before you read this and get mad — for one reason or another — here’s why I’m presenting this controversial post.

True Signs of The Age of Awakening was the start of a thread that I think could help you a lot. Seems to me, all spiritual seekers would be wise to tell true from false. So many false promises, so many wishey-hope signs of awakening!

And in this Age of Awakening, we really need Post-New-Age Consumer Smarts. CONTINUE READING

KRISTINE Moves into Enlightenment after THE NEW STRONG Workshop

RES Professionals and Apprentices at THE NEW STRONG Workshop
RES Professionals and Apprentices at THE NEW STRONG Workshop

After taking my workshop in “The New Strong,” KRISTINE has moved into Enlightenment.

The photo above shows some of the workshop participants who are RES professionals or apprentices, plus  their teacher. Gorgeous KRISTINE is, unfortunately, not pictured here.

In the back of my mind I was hoping for something like this Blog-Buddies. When writing “THE NEW STRONG” and working to edit, edit, edit… I was hoping. When preparing my first-ever workshop  about THE NEW STRONG, the hope tickled the back of my mind and my heart. Enlightenment acceleration for participants?

And could reading THE NEW STRONG really speed up attaining Enlightenment? Because if the workshop could, then the book would as well (though Enlightenment would be accelerated somewhat less rapidly).

Well, whatever. Rose Rosetree has plenty of hopes and dreams. I just keep on doing my work. But today that hope came true. CONTINUE READING

Becoming Less Critical of Myself. A Guest Post by IRENE

No wonder flip-flops are so popular. That is just how our guest poster feels a lot of the time.
No wonder flip-flops are so popular. That is just how our guest poster feels a lot of the time.

As I learn about Enlightenment and hear the real-life experiences of those living in Householder Enlightenment, I’m becoming less critical of myself.

See, I have these moments (lasting seconds or hours or days) where things just start to work for me, where I see clearly and know the exact right thing to do or say next in order to get where I want to go in objective reality. Moments when things just make sense, and I can move forward confidently.

Then it gets all messed up the next day. CONTINUE READING

What Does Ayahuasca Do for Spiritual Development? Welcome to a New Kind of Group Contest.

Curious about ayahuasca? Could this pop you into Enlightenment?
Curious about ayahuasca? Could this pop you into Enlightenment?

Lately many of you Blog-Buddies have been writing here about ayahuasca, a wonder-drug of choice these days for spiritual seekers.

Because you know about energetic literacy, many of you find this troubling. There’s a very big gap between experiences of spiritual awakening versus the stabilized state of consciousness known as “Enlightenment.”

Your concern has surfaced in comments like this one, #48, by IRENE at In The Age of Awakening, Spiritual Shutdown Can’t Quite Keep Energy Awareness Away. A Guest Post by IRENE:

“There just isn’t even an indication out there that there could be big negative spiritual consequences to drug use, which does make it difficult to make an informed choice about it.” CONTINUE READING

What Is The Age of Awakening? A Vibrational Perspective.

Stop the mushy-gushy energy mess in this Age of Awakening!
Stop the mushy-gushy energy mess in this Age of Awakening!

The “Age of Awakening” is the biggest “non-event” that has happened so far in your life!

Because something important really did occur on December 21, 2012. This was nothing less than a change to the way vibrational frequencies work on earth.

You can learn more about it the book published just one week ago: THE NEW STRONG: Stop Fixing Yourself—And Actually Accelerate Your Personal Growth! (Rules & Tools for Thriving in the “Age of Awakening.”

Today I’m going to share with you one of the most practical — and way counter-culture — things you can start doing right now. Do this and you’ll adapt far better to the Age of Awakening… than most people on earth are doing so far.

Adapting has been really, really rough for billions of people. Today I’ll provide an aura reader’s inside look at some of the mess going on behind the scenes. CONTINUE READING

Spiritual Evolution for AMANDA

Amanda Flood, in Enlightenment
AMANDA FLOOD, now in the Surrender Model of Enlightenment

As an Enlightenment Coach, I keep learning. Today, on March 4, 2017, I’m adding a preface to this popular post. Just because I think it’s important to share my latest learning.

In months and years to come, I expect to do more writing and teaching about Householder Enlightenment, as well as how it differs from the more traditional form. In the post that follows, written so “Long ago” on April 2, 2016, I flagged AMANDA’s shift in consciousness, and dedicated a post to that. This post!

However, I’ve learned a lot in less than a year. Currently I believe that, when I wrote this post originally, her soul had chosen to move into the other form of Enlightenment, which I now call “The Surrender Model of Enlightenment.” As you read this article, you’ll find that then I was using a different term, “The Simplicity Model of Enlightenment.” I’m aiming to create a blog post soon to explain a bit more about this terminology.

It’s always a fascinating puzzle to me, whether to write a new guest post, to preface an existing guest post (as I’ve done today), and/or to add a series of comments at some ongoing blog post (which I’ve also done today).

Unless I’m writing in book form, or creating a workshop, I’ll use one or more of these three methods to update you on the latest in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). Blog-Buddies, I’m so glad you have inquiring minds. You really do want to know. Thank you for keeping up with me, as I do my best to stay current in the rapidly growing field of RES.

Especially important: AMANDA’s beautiful level of consciousness has not changed just because I’ve been doing my best to understand it conceptually, and because my understanding has changed. When I write about her here, it’s done with tremendous respect. As MY point of view only.

Householder Enlightenment Contrasting with

The Surrender Model of Enlightenment

Really, you can’t learn more up-to-date knowledge, from this Enlightenment Coach, than by reading this little series of comments.

Over at my Enlightenment Life List.

The action starts with Comment #2214 and builds up steam all the way through to Comment #2229.

Enough said, for now. So let’s start that article I wrote “So loooooooooong ago. What, 11 months back?”

Exploring the Mysteries of Evolution for those in Enlightenment

Can spiritual evolution continue once you have crossed the threshold into Enlightenment?

That depends.

  • What if acknowledging any ripening of consciousness would clash with your belief system? If a person doesn’t want further growth within self-realization, this is unlikely to happen.
  • Same thing if a person doesn’t know much about higher states of consciousness particularly. That person’s awareness might beautifully stay put. And even if other consciousness-related development happens, the person might not notice. The politicians and celebrities on my Enlightenment Life List may never have heard of the term, yet they’re living in Enlightenment. (Sweet!)
  • I’ve seen both of these stay-put experiences with some Buddhists and non-duality folks, for instance.

Otherwise, yes. For somebody in Enlightenment, there can definitely be further evolution. The human game isn’t “done,” not by a long shot.

Two Different Versions of Enlightenment, One of Them New on the Planet

Our Blog-Buddy DAVID B. devotes an entire blog to the nuances of consciousness, and I’d recommend it to any of you who are curious about that. Especially impressive to me is how he illuminates the more traditional ways of understanding Enlightenment.

These days I call it “The Simplicity Model of Enlightenment.” As in, “It’s all about consciousness. Ultimately that simple.”

As an Enlightenment Coach, I specialize in a different model, “Householder Enlightenment,” which is unfolding in the world now because we’re now in the Age of Awakening. As in, “The development of consciousness is lived in very human ways, with an emphasis on the human experiences.”

For today’s article, we have a lovely opportunity, to research how Enlightenment has been ripening for one of the members of our community, meditation teacher AMANDA FLOOD.

Amanda Flood, as enlightenment ripens
Amanda Flood as enlightenment ripens

Nuts and Bolts for this Aura Reading