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Melania Trump Aura. Does It Proclaim Her Great Love of Motherhood? Really?

Melania Trump Aura

Melania Trump Aura: Is she really a high achiever at motherhood? Let’s research, shall we?

Melania Trump Aura — right away, be it noted, I am not a fan of her as a person. Or as a first lady.

But even if I were a fan, I’d be suspicious. Because here’s a small sampling of articles about her:


Pray for Trump? I Sure Can.

Pray for President Trump? Yes, I do. And I will.
Pray for Trump? Suprisingly, I now believe that is a smart thing to do.

I do. I really do plan to pray every day for Donald Trump and his family.

You may hate me for even writing this paragraph. Apologies in advance. Ordinarily this is not a political blog. Nor have I blogged about prayers — until a recent article here in advance of the presidential election.

If you’re game to keep reading, I’d like to explain what I’m doing, and why. Perhaps I might even inspire you.


Aura Reading Leslie Jones — Who Already Hit the Face Reading Jackpot

Leslie Jones, ready for her aura reading
Aura Reading Leslie Jones — so inspiring!

After four hours of face reading Leslie Jones, now I’ve just got to do some aura reading of Leslie Jones, too. Go figure!

Here’s what happened.

You may know Leslie Jones as one of the stars of “Saturday Night Live.”

Or you might recognize her as a nominee of our recent . (EMILY T. nominated her.)

Unless you’re a skilled face reader, however, I’ll bet you never knew this could happen. CONTINUE READING

Empath Merge on The Photo That Broke Twitter — and a Contest about Surface Star Wattage of Nine A-List Movie Stars

Nine -- Count 'em -- 9 stars were in "The Photo that Broke Twitter"
Nine — Count ’em — 9 stars were in “The Photo that Broke Twitter”

“Ellen DeGeneres takes a selfie for the ages from the front row during the Academy Awards telecast” proclaimed the New York Daily News.

Maybe you saw the TV broadcast.

Maybe you were not surprised when, later in the broadcast, host Ellen DeGeneres proclaimed, “”We got an email from Twitter and we crashed and broke Twitter. We have made history.”

Sure, Twitter was temporarily shut down. Why wouldn’t this have happened? Reporter Caitlin Dewey put it well in an article for The Style Blog at The Washington Post, “DeGeneres asked for retweets on a massive live broadcast that reaches 40 million people, which would seem to tip the scales.” CONTINUE READING

What makes celebrity love tick? A guest post by JULIE.

A Valentine's Day look at celebrity crushes
A Valentine’s Day look at celebrity crushes

Most of us, if we’re honest, will recognize that we have had some rather complicated relationships with celebrities, be they movie stars or politicians or athletes.

Why do we follow them on Twitter? Why do we crush on them?

Or feel disappointed when they marry or divorce?  

Do we care so much that sometimes we drop them like hot potatoes? Because they did what? Absolutely fascinating!

What exactly fascinates us? Repels us? Judy Garland famously sang an anthem to celebrity crushes, You Made Me Love You,” in “Broadway Melody 1938.” Gee, do you think a person living today might be exposed to a few more celebrities than in 1938?

Today Blog-Buddy JULIE has added to a thread begun at yesterday’s Academy Award Reading of Cate Blanchett. Such a gorgeous sequence of insights, dressed up in human garb. And how appropriate to Valentine’s Day,

What has been quirky or puzzling or spiritually evolutionary about your relationships with celebrities, Bl0g-Buddies? CONTINUE READING

Insatiable Desire for Fame after The Shift

How much fame can ever be enough?
How much fame can ever be enough?

Speaking of uses for aura reading, I would like to start today’s post about fame by sharing an example of energetic literacy research that touched me deeply.

BERNIE, who commented at this blog today, is hardly the only musician in our online community around Deeper Perception. Many of you Blog-Buddies are involved in the arts at a professional level, while others of you have talent in one or more of the arts. Still others of you are passionate fans.

Well, one of my clients, JOE, is a professional musician who requested a session of Aura Reading Research. JOE asked me to use Stage Four Energetic Literacy to research chakra databanks (nadis) on a colleague who is a professional singer, GLADYS. CONTINUE READING

Fame Change Contest for Face Reading or Aura Reading, Your Choice

Ah, the seductive call of fame
Ah, the seductive call of fame

Fame beyond 15 minutes, per person, per lifetime in this self-conscious age… that can be tough to handle. Enter our latest contest if you are curious about a celebrity or politician who seems to have been changed a lot, whether for good or ill.

Is there anyone really famous who remains untouched by all that notoriety? Sometimes a mouth glides all the way to the right, no matter how much cosmetic surgery has been done.

What does that kind of change mean?

Even tracking the physical face changes, through face reading, can be so complex, so fascinating. With the talented Doreen Virtue, for instance.

You can see a relatively current photograph at the Doreen Virtue website but… as added to this blog post in 2015… I wouldn’t particularly recommend opening up that website or checking out recent photos of the New Age superstar. Because she has moved into extreme spiritual addiction, like so many other New Age superstars.

After considerable hunting, I found this earlier picture which seems to date from 1999. So many millions of books ago for this incredibly influential writer!

It would have been fascinating to compare photos from the times of these earlier books by Doreen. To me, they seem refreshingly human-related, rather than angel-related. It would be so interesting to find some Doreen-related photos from titles like these:

  • My Kids Don’t Live With Me Anymore: Coping With the Custody Crisis
  • Chocoholic’s Dream Diet
  • In the Mood: How to Create Romance, Passion, and Sexual Excitement by Falling in Love All Over Again
  • Yo-Yo Relationships: How to Break the ‘I Need a Man’ Habit and Find Stability

When pictures are available, we can research, Blog-Buddies: Writers. Athletes. Royalty. You name it. CONTINUE READING

Eliza Doolittle at the Japanese Ball

Songs from “My Fair Lady” are running through my head this morning because last night I was really treated like royalty. It followed busy days of doing sessions with my incredibly talented, kind interpreters Kyoko-san and Makiko-san. Before us came a parade of clients, these included:

  • I loved hearing the cello-deep voice of a pianist and composer, not my friend Jeffrey Chappell but a Japanese man whose inner child flames out through his eyes with a similar outrageousness. CONTINUE READING

Owen Wilson. A Celebrity Aura Reading

Owen Wilson
Owen Wilson stars in today’s celebrity reading.

Owen Wilson’s recent suicide attempt shocked me. How about you?

I’m so glad he’s okay. Although not his greatest fan, I have enjoyed watching him perform.

My immediate reaction was to wonder what about his troubles would show in his aura. I’d also like to read about some of the gifts of his soul, those unchanging super-deep components that everyone has. CONTINUE READING