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Melania Trump Aura. Does It Proclaim Her Great Love of Motherhood? Really?

Melania Trump Aura

Melania Trump Aura: Is she really a high achiever at motherhood? Let’s research, shall we?

Melania Trump Aura — right away, be it noted, I am not a fan of her as a person. Or as a first lady.

But even if I were a fan, I’d be suspicious. Because here’s a small sampling of articles about her:


Aura Reading Leonard Nimoy. A Guest Post by IRENE

Aura reading the late Leonard Nimoy
Aura reading the late Leonard Nimoy

More and more of you Blog-Buddies are developing Stage Three Energetic Literacy. Curiosity can turn to wonder and then to joy. Because  you’re finding you can easily do aura reading in person or from a regular photo. Today IRENE joins the list of guest posters here who have used energetic literacy to make life better. 

A few months ago, I learned Aura Reading by personal mentoring with Rose. Such a delightful treat! Finally a way to put my talent for energy sensitivity to good use, when otherwise it just peskily gets in the way of me living my human life.

Of course, that sensitivity is not always a handicap. Now that I have a way to use it appropriately though, it is easier to stay at human vibrational frequencies during my day (except for Technique Time). CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Movie Review Starring Mark Ruffalo

Rachel McAdams, ready for her aura reading movie review
Mark Ruffalo, ready for his aura reading movie review

Mark Ruffalo, today it’s your turn for an aura reading.

At our Aura Reading Movie Review of Rachel McAdams’s performance in “Spotlight,” she did the best of any actors this year who’s received the full-out energetic literacy treatment. Was excellence alive on that set or what? Today let’s turn to another actor from that film. He was likewise nominated for a Best Supporting role: Mark Ruffalo.

And over at our Contest for Aura Reading Movie Reviews in 2016. IRENE just added the third request for researching this actor. (GRACE W set things rolling and then I added a formal vote yesterday.)

So it’s official, Mark Ruffalo has been nominated more often than anyone left on that list, since so many fascinating performers have been proposed for consideration. Here we go, woo-hoo!

In an interview with The Boston Globe, Ruffalo told the reporter:

“It really could have been me. I did go to a Catholic church [and to Catholic school]. I have friends who were abused,” he said. “So you know, that was my truth as well as [Rezendes’s] truth. It’s a universal truth.”


Why Is Academy Award Nominee Jennifer Lawrence So Popular? Skilled Empath Merge Explains a Lot.

Aura Reading Movie Review starring Jennifer Lawrence
Aura Reading Movie Review starring Jennifer Lawrence

ELAINE won the prize in a recent contest, naming her choice for some aura reading movie criticism where I would go deepest of all and do Skilled Empath Merge as the form of energetic literacy.When ELAINE claimed her prize, here is how she explained her choice of the popular Jennifer Lawrence:

“My choice would be Jennifer Lawrence, just because I sense there is something else beneath the Hollywood actress’s façade presented to the world. Someone at the top of their Hollywood career and yet with the insecurity to keep trying to get noticed or keep putting out the vibe to not be forgotten.

“I have to wonder, is she in this business because she really loves acting and presenting her skills to the world? Or is there some other motivating factor that makes her go after the Hollywood dream?

“I guess all around it’s just curiosity but intuitively it just feels to me like there’s something more motivating her that might well surprise her fan base.”


Skilled Empath Merge with Academy Award Winner Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey, ready for his  movie review done with Skilled Empath Merge
Matthew McConaughey, ready for his movie review done with Skilled Empath Merge

Winner #1 of our recent contest was MADELINE. We corresponded by email. Here is how she explained her choice of Matthew McConaughey for this aura reading  movie review for an Oscar nominee — and in McConaughey’s case, Oscar winner!

Why Madeline Wonders About Matthew McConaughey’s Aura and Acting

I choose Matthew McConaughey.  He was someone I did not like at all before.  He seemed so cocky and full of himself.  Whenever he was photographed it was sans shirt, working out, or hanging out with his friends picking up women.

I thought the same “I’m too cool” persona permeated his acting as well, so I avoided his movies.   But then I heard so much about his performance in “Dallas Buyers Club “that I decided to give it a try.  His physical transformation and acting were pretty impressive.

Then I watched his small role in “The Wolf of Wall Street.”  Pretty amazing,  mesmerizing.

His Oscar acceptance speech further served to change my perception (surface only) of him.   He seems to love his family; he thanked God first; and I sensed a humility there not present before.

Of course these are all surface perceptions without actually reading deeper so it will be so interesting to find out if my surface perceptions match what you find at the level of his aura. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Gold Medalists Charlie White and Meryl Davis, Part Two

The strength of an emphant, only human, so let's read the aura of Charlie White
The strength of an emphant, only human, so let’s read the aura of Charlie White

Charlie White and  Meryl Davis are darlings of the Olympics at Sochi this year, at least for American fans. First time ever, having Americans win the gold at ice dancing? Pretty spectacular.

Last article, I read the aura of Meryl Davis, a highly specialized individual just loaded with talent. Today it’s Charlie’s turn.

Researching him is preparation for our final article of the series of three articles, where I will  explore what happens to their personal auras when they dance together on the ice, Sunny-Looking Charlie and Super-Focused Yet Feminine Meryl. CONTINUE READING

How has Pope Francis changed so far? A comparison Skilled Empath Merge.

Pope Francis, ready for his comparison aura reading
Pope Francis, ready for his comparison aura reading

Skilled Empath Merges here will compare Pope Francis’s aura, comparing before and shortly after he became the head of the Catholic Church.

When I read the new pope’s aura for this blog, so looooooooooooong ago, back in 2013, I was no pushover. Since then he has impressed the world, gaining such admiration. And not just from Time Magazine, which named him Person of the Year for 2013.

The Catholic pontiff has even impressed the mighty Rush Limbaugh, in a way. Pope Francis got the whole world talking with a startling comment about gay priests that may steer the Church towards more inclusiveness, “Who am I to judge?” CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Brittany Murphy, Dying Young in Pursuit of Fame

Aura reading Brittany Murphy, never as big a star as she wanted to be
Aura reading Brittany Murphy, never as big a star as she wanted to be

The C-list actress died young. At the time of her death last Sunday, the Hollywood casualty was just 32. This aura reading of Brittany Murphy aims to shed light on a problem faced by of countless celebrity wannabes:

What happens to performers who chase after a dream for which they lack charisma?

Why do they keep trying, even when life keeps telling them “No”?

Spiritually, what price do performers pay for ceaseless striving?

To put it bluntly, what happens when an aspiring movie star lacks star power? (And can’t accept it.)