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Dependable Aura Reading

Dependable Aura Reading
Dependable Aura Reading. Opposite to the gaudy cliche about rainbow-hued auras.

Dependable Aura Reading. JAMES is an excellent aura reader. So he knows how useful energetic literacy really can be. Quite different from the rainbow-like illustration at the top of this post. Rainbows inviting you to a fantasy.

(To learn more about that, see my Conclusion, after JAMES’s guest post.)

By contrast, JAMES reads auras to give him an advantage in dealing with reality. CONTINUE READING

Energetic Literacy Flowchart. Showing 15 Stages of RES Energetic Literacy

energetic literacy flowchart 2

Energetic Literacy Flowchart, yes, bring it on!

See all 15 Stages of Energetic Literacy used in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). All of 15 stages begin with the system called Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®

energetic literacy flowchart
Energetic literacy flowchart, showing 15 stages of development

Want to see this Energetic Literacy Flowchart look bigger? Click on it! CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading and Energetic Literacy, Top 10 List

Top 10 and top ten

Are you curious about reading auras? Have you tried with limited success? Or are you stuck at your present level of skill with energetic literacy?

Well, aura reading is one of the most practical skills you can learn. Witness over 100 techniques in the beginner’s how-to,  Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.

Don’t expect a blog article — anyone’s blog article — to give you a quick tutorial. The skill is comparable to learning how to drive an automobile. Aura reading is hardly beyond your powers. CONTINUE READING

Enlightenment Aura Reading of Yusuf Islam, also Chris Martin

What is surprising about this picture?

With enough Election Day votes in to signal a general mood, let’s find a way to get happy. And fortunately, I’ve got some inspiration available. Because consciousness is something each person votes on every day. Each of us votes to wake up, to live with integrity, to strive spiritually, to make our human life as beautiful as it can be, to help others one person at a time.

Voting is when collective consciousness runs smack, hard, into us. Daily life is when each of us is freed from what others do spiritually, so we can hold our light and keep on evolving.

Thus, fortunately, we can restore sanity. And, mostly I wasn’t reading auras at the Rally to Restore Sanity, not when I went in person. Not later, when I watched a recorded version on TV.

Still, whenever I encounter someone whose brightness just leaps off the forehead and face —  someone who makes me feel a familiar ineffable joy, like a glorious sunrise or that first bite of a huge hot fudge sundae — how could I NOT notice? How could I NOT follow up with some aura reading or a skilled empath merge.

The photo above shows Ozzy Osbourne and Yusuf Islam (also called “Cat Stevens” when he first started singing “Peace Train.”)

Really, can’t you notice how one of these men is interestingly human (like most of us) while the other one is both interesting and gloriously human? Yes, one of these men is spiritually Enlightened. Any hunch which is which? (Not that anyone in the Age of Energetic Literacy needs to settle for just a hunch.) CONTINUE READING