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Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing, The Ebook is starting to go live today

The easiest way to learn to cut cords of attachment
The easiest way to learn to cut cords of attachment

Meet the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R) on a diet… and selling for $8.50.

Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healingcontains the simplest step-by-step instructions for cutting cords of attachment.

So far, available exclusively in an eBook edition, this how-to is about 1/3 the size of this book some of you Blog-Buddies know and have used to facilitate miracles…

“Cut Cords of Attachment” — the more detailed cord-cutting book

What’s the difference between the two books?

Both can help you with self-healing. The shorter book is the Quick & Easy variety. I won’t call it a
“Dummies” edition, because you’re not a dummy. Plus who would want (safe) major surgery done to your aura by a dummy?

The shorter, easier book is perfect for self-healing — all you need to know in order to facilitate quality, permanent aura healing.

The longer version tells you the why’s behind the what’s. Also included are many brief case histories, bringing alive the only trademarked system in America, 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R).

To order this simplest book for self-healing and cutting cords of attachment

Amazon.com sells a Kindle edition of “Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing.”

Cord-cutting over at the Barnes & Noble eBookstore? Sure, go for the Nook edition!  That doesn’t mean you must have a Nook reader. Because you can easily download BN’s free Nook reading app for your Windows PC, Mac, or Smartphone.

You can also purchase this self-help book at the iTunes store, on Kobo, and your other favorite eBook retailers.

As for publication of the eBook as a paperback, I’m still working on it and will update this blog post when all is done.

Whichever format of eBook you purchase, in America (at least) the sales price is $8.50.

Here’s to your empowerment, permanent self-healing with Rosetree Energy Spirituality!

How to get rid of energetic cords

When healers refer to "Energetic Cords," what does that reveal about them?

What are energetic cords? How do they differ from cords of attachment? Or do both terms mean the same thing?

Let’s have some fun with this educational topic, Blog-Buddies. I’ll supply 10 myths about energetic cords… and how to get rid of them.

Do I have the proper credentials to debunk myths about energetic cords? I think so. Working in the field of Energy Spirituality since 1986:

  • I have probably cut more cords of attachment/energetic cords than anyone else alive.
  • That means cutting those energetic cords so they really stayed cut. (More on that later in today’s post.)
  • The 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R) is a system that works, as has been demonstrated by readers of “Cut Cords of Attachment” as well as my clients and students and apprentices in the Energy Spirituality Mentoring Program. FYI, this is the only system for cord-cutting in America that is trademarked.
  • Feedback about results, as well as skill at cord-cutting, makes use of detailed reading of auras, all the way down to the level of chakra databanks. That’s another skill set I teach with a trademarked system that can help anyone who wants to succeed.

Let’s pause for a moment at that last point. Think about this as a New Age Consumer. Without Stage Three Energetic Literacy, how is it even possible for a healer to discern whether a technique for energetic cord-cutting really works?

Your own spiritual self-authority matters most, of course, regarding what you wind up believing about energetic cords. I don’t demand that you agree with all the points below. Will you find them helpful? This is, of course, the purpose of today’s post. You are in control of your life and your healing journey. CONTINUE READING

Fear of being corded?

Woolly thinking, not to be confused with real cords of attachment

Yesterday was my last day of doing Energy Spirituality sessions at the College of Psychic Studies in 2012. And, wouldn’t you know it, two different clients came to me with terrible fears related to cord-cutting, fears that were totally groundless.

Groundless except for the many weird conversations these days about cutting cords of attachment. So that perfectly sensible JOE was told that if he cut his cord of attachment to GLADYS, he would never see her again.

This was troubling as JOE cared deeply about GLADYS and wanted to continue in the relationship. Months ago, he suffered so much, however, that he allowed the practitioner to cut his cord of attachment to her anyway.

It made no difference.


JOE also had a second energy healer cut his cord of attachment to GLADYS. Or attempt to. Or pretend to.

I’m really not sure what on earth happened, except that JOE still had a cord of attachment to GLADYS. Yesterday, he finally received healing that used a system that worked. CONTINUE READING

Vibrational lifting, energy vampire fears, energy hypochondria

Congratulations to our latest group of Skilled Empaths, graduates of the Empath Empowerment Workshop. Every time I teach this workshop, it is a unique delight. And this group didn’t disappoint.

If you are new to learning about empaths, I wish you could have met this group — such a diverse collection of people. All they had in common:

  • Being human
  • Having at least one of the many possible gifts that qualify someone to be an empath
  • Participating delightfully in the workshop, as very good sports, even Brave Explorers
  • And all of them were really, really intelligent

However, I did notice something about this group of students. Also I noticed something similar with the folks who have taken other workshops in New Mexico and California that I offered over the last few weeks. It’s concerning enough to warrant a blog post, I thought. Because you might be intereacting with people who have this newish problem, or even have it yourself.

Learn what is happening, why it is happening, and how you can avoid having this happen to you. CONTINUE READING

Cutting cords of attachment to a GREAT relationship

Preemptive cord cutting?

Trust Blog-Buddy GRACE S. to ask something really deep. It would have been Comment #20 in the post about Karma + Yuckiness Index + Cords of Attachment, all part of your path to Enlightenment , only the set of questions was too, too fabulous.

So I turned her comment into a promise that I would do this guest post. Today I make good on that promise.

In the “Q&A Conversation” that follows, I will alternate GRACE’s words (as if Questions) with my answers (as if they were Answers). Here we go!

Cord-cutting with your child?

Q. My husband and I have talked about the idea of “Why wouldn’t you just cut the cord of attachment with your young child preemptively?”

A. Of course, it’s a great idea to cut a cord of attachment to every single child you have. Just wait until that child is physically born! CONTINUE READING

Suicide and Cords of Attachment

CUT CORDS, Czech Republic's edition of the how-to

When someone dies,  it’s common to think that no cord of attachment remains — so, at least, you would have no worries about having that kind of energetic link to the deceased any more.

That’s backwards, actually, and especially inaccurate in the case of a suicide. CONTINUE READING

Q&A Cut Cords of Attachment

Cut Cords of Attachment, Rose RosetreeTo cut Cords of Attachment is to be involved in one of the most powerful techniques available today for holistic healing and psychological healing.

You might have questions as a client, a prospective client, a healer, or a healer who’s considering learning my 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R).

Or you might have questions as a complete newbie, someone just learning about this amazing Cut Cords option for the first time. CONTINUE READING