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Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing, The Ebook is starting to go live today

The easiest way to learn to cut cords of attachment
The easiest way to learn to cut cords of attachment

Meet the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R) on a diet… and selling for $8.50.

Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healingcontains the simplest step-by-step instructions for cutting cords of attachment.

So far, available exclusively in an eBook edition, this how-to is about 1/3 the size of this book some of you Blog-Buddies know and have used to facilitate miracles…

“Cut Cords of Attachment” — the more detailed cord-cutting book

What’s the difference between the two books?

Both can help you with self-healing. The shorter book is the Quick & Easy variety. I won’t call it a
“Dummies” edition, because you’re not a dummy. Plus who would want (safe) major surgery done to your aura by a dummy?

The shorter, easier book is perfect for self-healing — all you need to know in order to facilitate quality, permanent aura healing.

The longer version tells you the why’s behind the what’s. Also included are many brief case histories, bringing alive the only trademarked system in America, 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R).

To order this simplest book for self-healing and cutting cords of attachment

Amazon.com sells a Kindle edition of “Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing.”

Cord-cutting over at the Barnes & Noble eBookstore? Sure, go for the Nook edition!  That doesn’t mean you must have a Nook reader. Because you can easily download BN’s free Nook reading app for your Windows PC, Mac, or Smartphone.

You can also purchase this self-help book at the iTunes store, on Kobo, and your other favorite eBook retailers.

As for publication of the eBook as a paperback, I’m still working on it and will update this blog post when all is done.

Whichever format of eBook you purchase, in America (at least) the sales price is $8.50.

Here’s to your empowerment, permanent self-healing with Rosetree Energy Spirituality!

Cord-cutting at an intersection that changed my life, a Guest Post by Max

Cutting cords of attachment, a Guest Post

Blog-Buddies, Max can speak for himself. So I will let this health professional take it away. Let him, and me, know if you have any questions about Max’s….

Energy Spirituality Case Study

Looking At The Intersection Between Physical Health and Astral-Level STUFF.

I recently had a session with Rose that had an unexpectedly powerful effect.

I’ve had many life-changing sessions with Rose over the last three years, so I don’t use the phrase “unexpectedly powerful” lightly.

Very early on in my career as an acupuncturist, specializing in physical healing, I had a patient who experienced temporary aggravation of his pain after a treatment.

Healing crises with holistic treatments

Negative treatment reactions or “healing crises” rarely happen to my patients, and they are usually the result of misdiagnosis resulting in overtreatment. (This normally occurs when the patient turns out to be unexpectedly frail.)

Usually, the patient comes back, tells me he or she got worse, I try something lighter, and he or she gets better. It’s a little embarrassing for me, but generally an easily recoverable error.

On this occasion, the patient (I’ll follow the naming convention at this blog and give him the fake name “JOE”) was not frail. Diagnostically, everything indicated a body capable of easily handling strong treatment. He was a big fellow and in apparently good health. I treated him to the best of my ability.

A few days later, I received a furious phone call from JOE. Some aggravation of muscular pain had made it difficult for him to enjoy his weekend.

I was mortified. JOE was the last person I would have expected to have such a severe reaction. At the time, I had no other theoretical models for explaining this result, so I assumed that I had made colossal errors in diagnosis and treatment.

Geesh, could this get worse?

It was at this point in the conversation, when I was feeling like a complete idiot, that JOE threatened to sue me.

This was my First time at the rodeo” with litigation threats, and I wasn’t sure what to do. So I just apologized profusely until he hung up.

Then I slumped back into my chair, broke into a cold sweat, and spent the next 20 minutes feeling like I had been run over by a train. CONTINUE READING

More Requirements for Permanent Energy Healing

energy healing, rose rosetree

Let’s continue our consumer-smarts exploration about what it really takes for successful energy healing. You could also call this “Permanently moving out STUFF” or doing professional-quality spiritual healing or emotional healing.

I’m not going to include physical healing where energy is involved. Except to say this:

Many of my clients and students ARE physical healers, whether massage therapists or bodyworkers or Reiki healers or practitioners of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine or Janet Mentgen’s Healing Touch or students at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing or acupuncturists or chiropractors.

And THEY tell me how exhausting it can be for them, doing energy healing where the focus is physical. Because many clients just come to be fixed. They must be fixed again and again. CONTINUE READING

Do You Want to Complain or to Heal?

Following yesterday’s discussion of narcissists, one of our Blog-Buddies — Lisa — wrote this as part of her comment:

Rose has recently done some spiritual healing work for me and cut a cord of attachment to someone who was also very much into her own self. Even though I knew intellectually that she was like that, I still allowed myself to get caught in the web. CONTINUE READING