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Energetic Hologram: Advanced Aura Reading on a YouTube

Energetic Hologram
Energetic Hologram Research is big fun. See for yourself on this YouTube.

Energetic Hologram Reading? That can be so helpful to the one who receives it. Also pretty darned interesting to watch. See today’s YouTube.

Granted, most people don’t have this skill level yet. Nonetheless, it’s just aura reading, folks. Easy-peasy once you know how.

(For giggles, while watching, check out how hard I’m squinting and straining. 😉 )

Hello, Reading an Energetic Hologram is Practical


Aura Reading 15 Stages: Full Energetic Literacy

One of the earliest photos of me teaching aura reading. Where else would you find a statue like that? A "Tea Garden" in Los Angeles
Aura Reading 15 Stages? Easy! Here’s a photos of Rose teaching aura reading at a “Tea Garden” in Los Angeles, 2008-ish.

Aura Reading 15 Stages? Effortless! Each of those 15 stages of energetic literacy involves specific skills. Neither psychic development nor difficult. Simply the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®, as taught by Rose Rosetree.

Welcome, my fellow consciousness nerds! Welcome, all who are curious about what aura reading can be. Welcome, those of you who’ve had sessions with me and wondered, “How did she do that?”

Today’s article is dedicated to you. Nothing in this world brings me greater joy than co-creating new knowledge in this emerging field.

Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) exists to help people, that simple. New discoveries flow because of those who value the help. Then this human teacher, co-creating with the Divine, receives more to share than ever. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading of a Pothead. Long-Term Consequences for Sex.

No matter how hard you try, it's hard to make love work with a pothead
No matter how hard you try, it’s hard to make love work with a pothead

How sexy is it to be a pothead? Let’s continue to explore with Part Two, completing this series. Today’s recording continues the aura reading research I did with client DAISY, exploring the long-term consequences of smoking pot.

One marriage. One man’s personal tragedy. One wife’s confusion.

With that, maybe you’ll have some thoughts to counter the current coolness of cannabis. Because it’s one thing to decriminalize marijuana possession. By contrast, what happens when marijuana starts possessing the habitual user?

Let’s remember, STUFF deposited by pot into somebody’s aura can always, always, always, be healed. And whether or not the recovery program includes techniques of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, recovery IS strongly possible for anyone who commits to it.

That said, you may be shocked by the following recording, an aura reading of a pothead. (I was.)


P.S. For my fellow consciousness nerds: Technically this is a recorded samples of using Stage Four Energetic Literacy to research an energetic hologram of my client. Using the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R).

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How Sexy Is It to Be a Pothead? Aura Reading One Couple’s Relationship

Just how sexy is a pothead? Aura reading brings a perspective that may shock you.
Just how sexy is a pothead? Aura reading brings a perspective that may shock you.

Having sex when your spouse has a long-term habit with marijuana? Not necessarily enticing.

The details in today’s audio interview aren’t necessary juicy. But they do shed light on weed-related subconscious patterns. And the consequences of being married to a pothead who does not seek recovery. CONTINUE READING

When bad things happen FROM good people. (Seven ways that good people can make us feel bad energetically.)

Labels at Earth School reveal zilch about auric modeling

Here is the blog post I promised, related to Why could other people make us feel bad? (Blabbing about a taboo topic in New Age.) Thanks to all who have participated in that conversation — and thanks in advance to all who continue that thread.

Socially, there are plenty of ways a person might legitimately feel worse, not better, from contact with another person. Especially somebody who is considered to be “good,” or “awakened” or “Enlightened.”

Today I would like to start exploring how good people can make us feel bad energetically. Legitimate reactions, explored from a healer’s perspective. Specifically, my perspective from facilitating sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

A bestselling book from a wise rabbi, Harold S. Kushner, explored “When bad things happen TO good people.” Sure, that happens. It’s way more common, energetically, that bad things happen FROM good people.

1. Auric modeling

Auric modeling means that, on a subconscious level, you can read everyone’s aura beautifully. With zero effort, you receive the full download about JOE’s and GLADYS’s chakra databanks. All you need do is be on the telephone together, or be present in the same room at the same time.

Being present with another human being in energetic real time, automatically you will also store energetic holograms for every split second of the interaction. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading for Guidance on Sex Appeal

Sex appeal, just a bit complicated?
Sex appeal, just a bit complicated?

Sure, let’s start a blog conversation with an aura reading perspective on sex appeal. For starters…

Defining sex appeal

Not easy, finding a full definition. See if this works for you Blog-Buddies:

Sex appeal brings forth a certain kind of attraction, one that seeks intimate expression.

However, sex appeal between people can simply involve turning the energy up for an interaction, so that when you are with Joe or Gladys, life glows brighter, sweat feels sweatier.

Sex appeal or not, we’re still human.  Everything cannot seem brighter. So what dims with sex appeal? What do we notice less? CONTINUE READING

Reading energetic holograms, what is this type of aura reading?

Rose Rosetree, doing a skilled empath merge with a ruby

Thank you, GLADYS. Because your question today made me realize that I have probably never given a good explanation of this process online anywhere. Yet this type of aura reading, with energetic holograms, has a lot of uses. It’s a good thing to know about.

At this blog, I have written many general articles about Stage Three Energetic Literacy — where you can research any chankra databank at will, one chakra databank at a time.

And with that Stage Three Energetic Literacy, it is possible to read a person’s aura from a regular photograph as well as in person. Having done this sort of thing for thousands of session hours, a new skill emerged for me.

Hence the various ways it is possible to research an energetic hologram. Just so you know about this very practical skill set, and how it might be helpful for you, here come some details. CONTINUE READING

For those who prefer aura reading, empath merge, face reading to… Enlightenment

Rose Rosetree, surprised to become a teacher of Enlightenment

Recently we had the biggest drama yet at this blog. There was an adorable bunch o’ comments at a newsy post about Latest stats about energetic literacy. We learned the “secret” identity of my first client and student and reader to become spiritually Enlightened.

Still excited about this, a thought occurred to me the next morning. Maybe some of you lurkers, or even regular Blog-Buddies, are offended at our having conversations about Enlightenment.

Sure enough, I opened up the Admin interface at my blog and found today’s comment from a self-described “LURKER.” She never had posted comments here before but courageously — and mildly — asked, in Comment 35: 

Perhaps the average visitor to this blog does not maintain the interest in Enlightenment that you do?

In your honor, LURKER, here are 10 reasons why you will find the occasional post devoted to Enlightenment at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

1. You can always get an aura reading, empath merge, face reading from Rose Rosetree.

Of course aura reading, empath merge, face reading are available. At this blog, just type terms like these into the search box at the upper left column. CONTINUE READING

What Energy Spirituality taught me in 2010

Over 1,000 personal session hours again this year — of course, spending so much healing time with clients has taught me something in 2010. Of course, looking back, I’m awed at the strength and quirkiness of all my clients. Naturally I’m grateful to God and other Divine Beings; when invited to help, they made the healing happen, with just a bit of teamwork from my side.

That doesn’t change. But the learning does. Here is my favorite healing aha! from 2010. CONTINUE READING

Why I do not believe in “Dark Souls”

Couldn’t there be some shades of grey?

Sure, I’ve heard the names just as you have: Dark souls. Darksiders. Psychic vampires. Energy vampires. Such a long list.

But do I believe in them? No. Here I’d like to offer my reasons, just in case they help you to shape your own views.

Recently at Deeper Perception Made Practical, my colleague Anna Conlan guest posted on ethics. She said explicitly that she does not believe in dark souls. That has implications for how she will treat her clients, her friends, herself. Every belief set has implications for a person’s quality of life. So it’s worthwhile to consider your own choice of beliefs on this topic, whether or not you wind up agreeing with Anna and me. CONTINUE READING