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Let’s talk about your name. A counter-culture conversation!

"A rose by any other name" blah-blah. Hey, there's so much more to human names.
“A rose by any other name” blah-blah. Hey, there’s so much more to HUMAN names.

“Noooooooooooooooooooooo” I wanted to scream into my newspaper this morning.

I was reading the advice column by Carolyn Hax. Usually her columns is one of my favorite parts of The Washington Post. But today? Ouch!

Let’s play advice columnist today, Blog-Buddies. I’ll add my bit and then you can add your responses in the form of comments. Even if Carolyn doesn’t read any of them. (Sure, I will send her a link, but Carolyn Hax must receive about a zillion emails per day.)

Here was the original question from “Name Change”

“I’m in my 40s and heading to graduate school for a completely different career. I’ve always hated my first name — it sounds great for a child but does not transfer very well as a professional name. I’d like to change it as I embark on my new direction but I feel silly being my age and sounding like I’m having an identity crisis. Thoughts?” CONTINUE READING

Skilled Empath Merge with James Corden, new host of The Late Late Show

James Corden reminds me of a happy bunny.
James Corden reminds me of a happy bunny.

Everyone into late night TV is talking about James Corden, who made his debut last night as the host of the “Late Late Show.” The CBS show host is perfect for what I’m in the mood for today — something lighthearted. After all, we have been so darned practical lately. I’ll be glad when that series is over.

You know what I mean by “that series,” right?

Practical and helpful, I hope. But I was made for joy more than anything, and maybe you were too. Let’s enjoy today’s Skilled Empath Merge of the gorgeous-voiced singer. You might have seen and heard him in “Into the Woods.” I haven’t, any more than I watched his show last night.

However I did hear a little clip of James Corden singing. You can hear one at this link, if you’re curious. Or just ready for a treat.

Skilled Empath Merge can be the biggest fun


Aura Reading Tom Hanks for Inspiration

Tom Hanks, ready for his aura reading
Tom Hanks, ready for his aura reading

Well I, for one, am so glad to be nearing completion of our 6-part series about how to deal with difficult people, with insight from reading people deeper. That series began here.

Important and practical? Sure. Yet the topic isn’t exactly pure joy.

And hey, today is our first day of spring (in this hemisphere) (that didn’t begin with an eclipse).

I could stand some inspiration, and maybe you can too. Besides, who doesn’t really, really like Tom Hanks? Beloved as the A-lister is, maybe he hasn’t always felt that comfortable being Tom. Not so comfortable as he clearly is now. Let’s find out. CONTINUE READING

Protect Yourself Energetically from Energy Vampires, Part 3

Could that boyfriend really be an energy vampire who is masquerading as a human being?
Could that boyfriend really be an energy vampire who is masquerading as a regular human being?

Today we continue our series on protecting yourself from difficult people, a.k.a.  energy vampires, psychic vampires, narcissists, draining people, toxic personalities, or just plain “somebody difficult.”

Why do new fears emerge now, almost as if fearing contimination by somebody else’s energies? When you live has a lot to do with it. We’re still getting used to the new Age of Aquarius, whose defining characteristic is this: All humans can notice energy more easily.

You may not go to the extreme of calling that difficult person in your life an “energy vampire” or other names that grew popular in the decades leading up to The Shift into this Age of Aquarius.  Yet you still may feel uncomfortable around certain people’s energies.

What can you do about that? How can you protect yourself? In today’s Part 3 of a 6-part series that began here, let’s consider one very big way you can help yourself to disentangle energetically from the energies of a problem person in your life.

What is an energy vampire, anyway?

The first step in protecting yourself would be to set the record straight. There are no energy vampires. Not figuratively, unless you’re a very sloppy perceiver of energy. And, I’m pretty sure, not literally.

Really, has any human being ever approached you, then growled, “I come to suck your blood”? How about ringing your doorbell, giving you a grim glower, and then announcing, “I come to suck your energy”? CONTINUE READING

Aura reading Justin Bieber, and how fame changed him

Justin Bieber in 2009, ready for his aura reading
Justin Bieber in 2009, ready for his aura reading

Fascinated by Justin Bieber? I wouldn’t go that far. But intrigued, maybe.

Last year he topped Forbes’ list of the highest-earning celebrities under 30. No stranger to scandal, in recent years, he has agreed to pay $80,000 to a former neighbor after egging his house and apprently has punched a paparazzo in Paris. Gets around, this kid!

Truth be told, I’m more familiar with a naughty pleasure, Kate McKinnon’s imitations of the superstar on “Saturday Night Live.” That’s all the Justin Bieber I have witnessed for years. Rather than, for instance, following him on Twitter (where he has 56.6 million followers). No malice intended toward the young singer. Just about anything Kate McKinnon does on “Saturday Night Live” makes me laugh really hard.

Yet the guy is still pulling in the moolah, and so I’ll lead off with Justin Bieber while pursuing our latest theme of wondering, “What makes some people tick?”.

The big-deal singer just had a birthday, March 1. Making him just 21. Think you could have handled all that celebrity any better than he has? CONTINUE READING

How face reading has helped me. A guest post by Rev. Joan Barringer

Joan's friend Rachel, ready for her face reading
Joan’s friend Rachel, ready for her face reading

Face reading is such fun. With grim headlines in the news and, for some of us, weather that doesn’t quite inspire, it’s great to have an instant way to have more fun.

For me, face reading is always a go-to resource when I want more fun. Because you stay right on the physical surface of life, it doesn’t count as Technique Time. And it can always inspire.

Although sometimes I read faces to help me to overcome obstacles, or get inside information in order to become more successful. Well, that’s fair play, too. CONTINUE READING

What is The Romance of the Astral?

What is The Romance of the Astral according to Rosetree Energy Spirituality?
What is The Romance of the Astral?

With this year’s movie awards behind all of us, and snow swirling around some of us, does there seem to be a distinct lack of glamour in your life?

Maybe that’s a good thing.

Today let’s consider why you can help your life bigtime by NOT falling for a certain type of glamour.

“The Romance of the Astral” means what?

If you’ve heard that term “The Romance of the Astral,” you’re way ahead of many in New Age. Who live for it.

To start explaining, here are some basic spiritual facts of life that can help you to avoid getting sidetracked on your path of personal development. CONTINUE READING

Aura reading movie reviews by Rose Rosetree — find ALL of them here

Aura reading research by Rose Rosetree for all you movie fans
Aura reading research by Rose Rosetree for all you movie fans

Really, how could I choose just a Top 10 List for this topic. Isn’t show biz competitive enough?

Aura reading movie reviews are a very specialized form of cinematic criticism. Instead of a maximum of two thumbs up for a top review, there ought to be something about pinkies. Or whatever is the most refined part of the hand for gesturing. ;-) CONTINUE READING

Aura reading movie review starring Edward Norton in “Birdman”

Edward Norton in 2014, ready for his aura reading
Edward Norton in 2014, ready for his aura reading

Blog-Buddies, I’m really looking forward to this research. The amazing Edward Norton plays an over-the-top role with his usual flair in “Birdman.” Let’s give him an aura-level close-up.

Get ready for today’s Aura Reading Movie Review

The Film: “Birdman

The Movie Trailer: Watching the actual movie is really way less fun than you might think from this trailer. Beware! (Although Norton’s performance was absolutely delicious.) CONTINUE READING

Aura reading movie review starring Julianne Moore in “Still Alice”

Julianne Moore in 2008, ready for her aura reading
Julianne Moore in 2008, ready for her aura reading

Julianne Moore had no trouble remembering her lines, evidently, when portraying Alice, a woman whose cognitive abilities weren’t working so well. Meanwhile the buzz around Oscars 2015 is that people are remembering her. Julianne Moore’s performance was memorable to such an extent that she is likely to win this Sunday night.

Let’s explore Julianne Moore’s performance with some aura reading research. (You’ll find more background about aura reading movie reviews at the end of today’s article.)

Let me encourage you, right from the start. Today’s energetic literacy research won’t be as upsetting as you might expect. CONTINUE READING