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Mystery Solved about Rap Music, and How Kanye West Changed. A Guest Post by LEO

Rap music: Expressing just rage, or something else?
Rap music: Expressing just rage, or something more?

Blog-Buddies, have you ever asked yourself: Exactly what is it exactly that I love so much about rap music?

Not me. Rap music has not been my thing, ever. Occasionally I might admire cleverness when I happen to hear some. But my strongest experience of rap music pretty much sums up my usual taste for it.

Early one Friday evening I was sitting in the upstairs lounge of a posh ice cream parlor in Nishi Azabu, Tokyo. Crowds hadn’t come in yet; I had the place to myself.

Slowly I spooned in the luscious treat. My pricey dish of sweetness was supposed to be a homesickness remedy, because three weeks into any of my trips to Japan a huge wave of homesickness would strike me: 13 trips for 13.

Many’s the time I would sit in a Starbucks, listening to American music, eating my dependably yummy chocolate chip cookie. And discretely crying.

This time I had gone for My Strongest Homesickness Remedy. The allure of ice cream was far more powerful than mere cookie. Sure enough, I wasn’t tearing up now, but feeling fortunate to hang out at Hobson’s, eating a sample of my favorite food group.

As at a Tokyo Starbucks, American pop music was playing softly in the background. Suddenly it switched to a rap song, an angry one. Words like “bitch” and “ho” shocked me, like vinegar sauce suddenly poured on sweet dessert. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading of Bad Boy Kanye West

Aura reading Kanye West, so rich and famous. For what?
Aura reading Kanye West, so rich and famous. Famous for what?

There’s sure something about Kanye West. People are immensely curious about this celebrity.

In 2007, I did an aura reading of him, “Daring to Be Kanye West,” which was followed up by a Kanye West face reading.

And then he was nominated by Blog-Buddy CATHY in our most recent contest, What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick? She wrote:

I would like to nominate someone that, frankly, I can’t stand! Kanye West.

The guy comes across to me as a completely egocentric jerk who is in love with himself and his fame.

An aura reading might sort out if this is just an act? A persona he puts on? Why do people like him?

The things that come out of his mouth…really, he should just never speak. As in never. CONTINUE READING

Seven Reasons to Come to the Pathways Expo One Week from Today

Banner for Fall 2015

September 27, 2015 is an exciting day for the mind-body-spirit community in metro Washington, D.C. The Pathways Expo is happening again.

You’ll find my Booth #119 right in the main concourse, before entering the main exhibit hall. Here are seven sweet reasons to attend the premier New Age (and, in my case, Post-New-Age) Expo.

Expo Fun #1. The Talk

“Aura Reading Can Tell You What?” That will be the theme as I deliver a workshop with 10 different reasons why reading auras can be so useful; starting 10:30 a.m.

This is one of 63 workshops that you can attend on that Splendid Sunday. (Lucky me, this aura reading workshop is listed first in the program, so you can find it easily.) CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading of Anne Frank

Aura reading to learn from the strength of Anne Frank
Aura reading to learn from the strength of Anne Frank

Have you ever wondered about the courageous, articulate girl who became so famous through “The Diary of a Young Girl“? Here’s a summary of Anne Frank’s story.

Today’s aura reading will help to satisfy that curiosity. Also this will complete a series of articles that began with a winning contest entry from Blog-Buddy JNANA at What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick? She nominated Barbro Karlen, who has claimed to be a reincarnation of Anne Frank.

Too Young for an Aura Reading?

Today’s exercise in energetic literacy will simply be an aura reading of this young girl. In the picture I’ll be using as an aura photo, Anne is only 13 years old. (She was put to death just two years later.) CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading for Truth and Nonjudgment. A Guest Post by Isabella Cates

Energetic literacy can help you be more kind, not less
Energetic literacy can help you be more kind, not less

Energetic literacy tells you the truth. By the time you develop dependable Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, you can research auras in person or from a regular photograph. Then you can trust all the nuances you find about chakra databanks, just as now you can trust yourself to read this screen right now.

Sadly, people are sometimes creeped out after hearing that “Auras tell you the truth.”

I can relate. Nasty comments can be wrapped up with pretty questionable aura reading, especially when a person has developed just Stage 1 or Stage 2 Energetic Literacy.

As for people playing with energy like a shiny new toy, the judgmental factor can be high. Even while accuracy is way low. Simply due to lack of skills, usually. Because that same talented aura reader could develop a fluent relationship with the truth that can be delivered with full skills of energetic literacy.

Of course, many aura readers do manage that. :-)

Aura Reading Can Give a Compassionate Truth

When I can, I add this other aspect of aura reading that I think is really important to know: Aura reading doesn’t just reveal deep truths. Doing a quality aura reading can open up your heart of compassion.

Knowledge and compassion both — that’s what I aim for with the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®. This is a method of energetic literacy where you co-create with the Divine. Which sure cuts down on snark.

ISABELLA CATES is a Practitioner of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). She’s highly skilled and also kind. Today’s guest post today demonstrates that combo beautifully.

ISABELLA was inspired to write her after she saw my aura reading of Barbro Klaren, who has boldly claimed to be a reincarnation of Anne Frank. My headings, ISABELLA’s wisdom.

The Aura Reading of Barbro Klaren Surprised Me


God doesn’t let you get cynical, does he? About people and their claims?

Well, actually, put more accurately – God does let you get cynical. If you want. Plenty of people are. :)

But cynicism is not a quality of The Divine, so if you’re co-creating, cynicism is dissolved, or chipped away, it seems.

About Barbro Klaren’s Claim to Be a Reincarnation of Anne Frank

Evaluating claims like this requires so much discernment.

I used to believe pretty much every outlandish claim people made about energy and reincarnation. Because I knew that Earth life isn’t as straightforward as human being living well-adjusted human life. Not always. And I didn’t have the tools to discern what was really going on. (Aura reading.)

Now I know a lot of claims to be either false or very confused information.

But how could I write off every wild claim, when I know what’s possible? When I have my own wild claims about my own history as a soul? ?

So I give respect to Barbro Klaren, who probably deals with condescension and people referring to her own personal identity as an “outlandish claim” daily.

Aura Reading Can Help Us to Respect Others

This aura reading of Barbro Klaren gives me great perspective on dealing more respectfully with people who are making untrue claims or are confused about what’s going on with them energetically.

Like people who become involved in extreme spiritual addiction or provide harmful ‘healing,’ or lie about themselves. Respect is important all around.

Personally I had lost my respect for Caitlyn Jenner. Seeing her pop up on TV and social media, I was disgusted over and over.

But disrespecting the people who lie and do disgusting things means you also end up disrespecting the people who are telling the truth but seem to be lying, like Barbro Klaren. And that’s not worth it at all.

Aura reading gets another big thumbs up from me.

Anyone who is reading auras today – let’s appreciate how much truth we are bringing into the world. WOW!


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Aura Reading of Barbro Klaren Convinces Me that She IS a Reincarnation of Anne Frank

Curious about Barbro Karlen? She claims to be the reincarnation of Anne Frank.
Curious about Barbro Klaren? She claims to be the reincarnation of Anne Frank.

Right from reading this first chakra databank, Barbro Klaren’s aura has shocked me.

We’ll get there. But first things first. Blog-Buddies, you may know that Barbro Klaren is a writer who claims to be a reincarnation of Anne Frank. As with all those who entered our most recent contest for a free reading, you might wonder, What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick?

Setting the groundwork for today’s article, have I discussed the reincarnation aspect here: Energetic Literacy Flash: Can You Read Auras from One Incarnation to the Next? I sure didn’t expect to find anything about being a reincarnation of anybody. And yet…

You’re invited to share in my discovery process with today’s aura reading.

Would like to do some energetic literacy research on your own? Just scroll down to the end of today’s article for nuts and bolts. I’d recommend that you do your own aura reading before looking at mine, so you won’t be influenced by it. Your perceptions are equally important for learning about the multi-faceted diamond that is ANY human soul.

And after you read today’s article, you might enjoy watching this YouTube interview with Barbro Karlen. CONTINUE READING

Energetic Literacy Flash: Can You Read Auras from One Incarnation to the Next?

Could aura reading be like looking in the mirror across lifetimes?
Could aura reading be like looking in the mirror across lifetimes?

Ready to meet someone absolutely fascinating, Blog-Buddies? Barbro Karlen came to my attention through JNANA’s powerful nomination at our contest, What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick?

Indirectly, JNANA’s nomination raises some interesting questions about what you can — and can’t — do with aura reading.

Today’s article may be especially helpful if you’re still trying to figure out what energetic literacy has to do with psychic development. Is all aura reading the same? 

In another blog post I plan to give you an aura reading of Barbro Karlen. First, though, we have have a grand teachable moment.

Living now, millions of people are learning to use that very Age of Awakening survival skill, energetic literacy. Reading energies is our shiny new toy. Understandably, there are many confusions about what aura reading can tell us. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Five Proud Vegans. Is It Self-Starvation Made Trendy?

It's so human to want to be the adult among children
It’s so human to want to be THE adult among children.

Vegans love their way of life. And, really, what’s not to love about it…  in theory? Yet this aura reader is not so convinced it’s a great choice for everyone.

So I’m going to risk writing an article that may be controversial.

Helping clients, I’ve done a modest share of aura reading research on some long-term vegans. And the news wasn’t pretty.

  • Some of you Blog-Buddies are long-time vegetarians. And this suits you. Hey, I’ve read your auras.
  • Going on a cleanse for a couple of weeks or even months? That can be a good thing.
  • But eating raw for extended periods of time? Or choosing the vegan lifestyle? I have yet to see good results for that. Not in the auras of people I’ve read, whether in person or from photos — including public figures who advocate these diets. Which is why I, personally, have come to think of them as “exteme diets.” Yet maybe today I’ll change my mind.

What else have I observed so far as an aura reader? Teenagers or young adults may do better on this cleanse-type food lifestyle than older people, especially if those younger vegans had decent nutrition before going on their extreme diets.

An article in The Washington Post has given me the perfect opportunity to do five aura readings of outspoken, very public and proud vegans. What will I find? I’m very curious. How about you? Maybe a committed vegan lifestyle is good for all people, or most of us, and the folks whose auras I read before were the outliers. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Brazilian Supermodel Gisele Bündchen. What Makes Her Tick?

Aura reading supermodel Gisele Bündchen
Aura reading supermodel Gisele Bündchen

Wow, that Gisele Bündchen! In nominating her for our contest,  What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick?, Blog-Buddy JULIE wrote this:

She’s one of the top earning models of all time. In 2001 she was reported to have made $7,000 an hour. She’s announced her retirement from the runaway in April of this year. She had a very long career for a model.

“She’s reportedly been very shrewd with the management of her career and financial empire. She came to mind in the original context of this contest as someone who baffles me. Probably she is a very different kind of person than myself.”

Me too, JULIE! Finding a photo to use for this aura reading was really hard, since Gisele was usually posing pretty close to naked. What would that be like, posing for the public again and again in a semi-nude state?

And then I read at that link JULIE supplied that Ms. Bündchen has earned $386 million throughout her career…

As if it weren’t enough to be married to football celebrity Tom Brady, now of Deflategate fame.

What can this possibly, possibly, possibly be like? What makes Gisele Bündchen tick? CONTINUE READING

Can You Read Auras of Dead People?

A deep question about aura reading
A deep question about aura reading

Blog-Buddy RACHEL asked today, “Do you ever research people posthumously?” She was submitting a nominee for the Enlightenment Life List.

Golly, I guess that the topic never came up clearly before. So let’s get right to it.

Dead people do not have auras any more. But…

Can You Read Auras of Dead People? Of Course.

From photographs, you sure can.

I don’t recommend hanging out with a corpse and using an in-person technique for reading auras.

And cancel that are research trip to the nearest morgue, folks. 😉 CONTINUE READING