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How our private pain can turn public at Earth School

Energetic literacy reveals how certain sweet things can turn acid
Energetic literacy reveals how certain sweet things can turn acid

CLAUDIA asked a fascinating question today over at How to Make Money in 2015. In Comment 7 she asked:

“Could you please explain why the Root Chakra Databank for Trusting People is important for making money? I can understand that people trusting you is important, but I’m stumped as to the converse.”

According to common sense, CLAUDIA was making an obvious point. For success and wealth and prosperity… doesn’t it matter more if other people trust YOU? Why would it impact somebody else if you are the one who worries or otherwise feels bad?

Hint: Earth School is a really super-duper learning planet. Things are seldom what they seem when you have Stage Three Energetic Literacy and, thus, have access to what is going on in subconscious-level chakra databanks. (As well as what happens to other people responding to you.)

Ever have candy taste bad in this way?

Inside and outside, you and others — the illusions of earth can really twist reality up. CONTINUE READING

How my view of making money has changed. A Guest Post by Isabelle

Learning how to balance making money with personal growth... in a way that works for Isabelle
Learning how to balance making money with personal growth… in a way that works for Isabelle

Energetic literacy and effective skills of aura healing have made a difference for many of my readers and clients. Today’s guest post comes from a Blog-Buddy who sounds quite new to the modality of Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

She still has a powerful tale to tell about learning to operate more in objective reality in order to make money. To Isabelle and others who have been struggling to use energy in conjunction with making money, I do recommend the how to “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.”

I also recommend cautionary tales like the following one. Sometimes a path teaches us powerfully when we realize that it led us to a dead end. Then we can change, as Isabelle has started to do. Change for the more practical and reality-based!

Taking direct action now in order to make money

To be honest, I only worked for 3 months in 2014; the rest of the time I was unemployed. But then, I also started to study again in 2014.

And what changed there was the way I approached the possibility to get a scholarship. I haven’t yet received it, but I can proudly say that I really gave my best and didn’t let ‘no-sayers’ stop me. CONTINUE READING

Adorable, asexual Tim Gunn receives a Magnetize Money Profile


During a blog contest some four years ago, Grace W. wrote:

I’m interested in seeing a reading of Tim Gunn. Any reading of him would be fascinating, no doubt. The reason I think a Magnetize Money profile would be intriguing is that, from the little I’ve read and heard about his career path, he seems to have sort of fallen into his success rather than competitively chasing after it in any kind of driven way. So I think it would be especially interesting to see what’s up in his Mag$$ chakra databanks.

And then Blog-Buddy Jordan added:

Tim Gunn is also celibate and “asexual.”

That part stunned me. For years I have been a huge fan of Tim – including his witty book about fashion, A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style (Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style).

He always seemed to be soooo obviously gay. To me, he seemed a great example of an unapologetically, even proud, gay man. Yet I haden’t followed Tim Gunn’s love life.  And a quick google search showed that Jordan was right. Tim’s sexual status is currently… OFF the dating runway. CONTINUE READING

Spiritual Snapshot of Art Wolfe, Aura Reading Part Two

Art Wolfe, ready for the rest of his Spiritual Snapshot through the lens of aura reading
Art Wolfe, ready for the rest of his Spiritual Snapshot through the lens of aura reading

If you read Part One of this exploration with energetic literacy, you may be very curious indeed about the renowned nature photographer Art Wolfe. At the end of today’s article you’ll find more information about him.

Here is the picture which I will use to read his aura, using our new set of chakra databanks developed to do Aura Reading for a Spiritual Snapshot. And here is a saved version of this aura picture of Art Wolfe, smaller but more stable.

About the aura reading that follows, tell your friends (and any photographers you know) that every photo is an aura photo.  At least when you have Stage Three Energetic Literacy (which is way easier to learn than becoming a professional photographer. It’s just a skill set, folks!)

I can’t wait to share with you what I will find in the second half of this Spiritual Snapshot. My first ever using this set of chakra databanks for an aura reading, and did I ever luck out on a subject!

6. Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra for Making Contact with Objective Reality

80 feet. What an awareness Art Wolfe has of the entire natural landscape! It’s as though he his one with the physical field of life around him. He can tell when and where something stirs, anything in his vicinity. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading for a Spiritual Snapshot of Art Wolfe


Art Wolfe, ready for his Spiritual Snapshot type of aura reading
Art Wolfe, ready for his Spiritual Snapshot type of aura reading

Happy New Year, Blog-Buddies. Isn’t it fun to enjoy life today as if everything were brand new?

It’s also a lark to enjoy things that literally are brand new. What better day than today for our first use of the “Spiritual Snapshot”?

Who better to receive aura reading with this style of energetic literacy? Who better than Art Wolfe? He is a renowned nature photographer with an amazing body of work.

This is a man who traipses around with penguins, as you can see from the photograph at the next link. Actually, this is the picture which I will use to read his aura, using our new set of chakra databanks developed to do Aura Reading for a Spiritual Snapshot.

And here is a saved version of this aura picture of Art Wolfe, smaller but more stable. Be sure to show it to any penguins you have visiting while you read this. ;-) Seriously, if you’re new to reading auras with energetic literacy (rather than as a psychic pursuit), you’ll find background at the end of today’s post.

I wanted Art Wolfe’s “aura studio” shot to be taken out in the wild, where he is doing his artistic work. The perfectly-named nature photographer also gives workshops to photographers and, judging from his website, seems to do an impeccable job of making his gorgeous photos available. But that’s just on the surface of life. What will Deeper Perception reveal?

Let’s explore Art Wolfe with a Spiritual Snapshot. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading for a Spiritual Snapshot

The quest to live our spiritual aspirations is more complex than it might seem
The quest to live our spiritual aspirations is more complex than it might seem

Some exceptional wisdom made its appearance recently in Comments 37 and 38 at What does it mean to be spiritual, really? Blog-Buddy LARA wrote:

I guess I think that all of us are evolving to express or embody as fully as possible all the different aspects of our make-up. All of these aspects can be considered spiritual in the sense that they are part our divinely created selves, one part of which is the ability to consciously connect with the divine.

Some lifetimes specialise in certain ones like power, wealth, poverty, health, etc, some maybe in developing a ‘spiritual connection’ in the Third Eye sense. Ultimately all of these are necessary for ‘spiritual’ evolution. Isn’t that the essence of humanly evolving spirituality? Elizabeth Holmes may not be experiencing her larger consciousness spiritually but through other aspects.

This member of our Enlightenment Life List doesn’t comment often, but when she does? Wow! Thank you so much, LARA.

Now, for extra insights about leading a spiritual life…


Aura reading detective work about a person’s spiritual life

Oooh! Let's be discreet as we research a person's spiritual life through aura reading.
Oooh! Let’s be discreet as we research a person’s spiritual life through aura reading.

Asking a person is easy. At least, some people are all to eager to tell you about their religion and spiritual life.

Asking is a fine way to have a conversation, provided you really wish to hear the answer. ;-)

This holiday season I received my annual communication from a distant relative GLADYS. She lives for her church, volunteers generously, and is as sweet as she could be. Nothing but religion really matters for her, far as I know. So she sent a Christmas card to our family, getting our first names right but the last names wrong.

GLADYS’ card arrived a month early, perhaps so she could produce greater impact than any other, lesser, cards we might receive during the actual Christmas season. Enclosed in the envelope was a nicely printed religious tract, going into generous detail.

Yes, some people are all too eager to tell us about their spiritual lives. They may believe they get extra points for missionary work — and who am I to say? Maybe they receive those points, too.

But isn’t Earth School a funny place? What we’re really curious about doesn’t necessarily show on the surface of life at all. “Being a spiritual person” is a great example because the deep truth of the matter does not lie on the surface of self-description. CONTINUE READING

Five Things I have learned as an Enlightenment Coach

ELAINE, enjoying photography. One more way to play.
ELAINE, enjoying photography. One more way to play.

Is Enlightenment Coaching about the inner you or the outer you?

RACHEL has asked a great version of this question at our pair of guest posts by new additions to our Enlightenment Life List, KYLIE and ELAINE. I’m going to alternate answers with each of her fine quotes. Then I’ll blurt out something (formerly) rather private: The five most important things I have learned so far as an Enlightenment Coach.

Big disclaimer first. Rose Rosetree does not know everything. What, you knew that already? ;-) I’m just one energy healer who helps with emotional progress and spiritual growth. I never set out to found the system of Rosetree Energy Spirituality but co-created it piece by piece. As for the piece of my work around being an Enlightenment Coach, that is relatively new. In short, I’m still learning. Here I will simply share what I have learned so far. What is Enlightenment Coaching, anyway?

“I don’t get how one person’s Enlightenment is “an inside job,” and they are Enlightened despite life not being how they want it to be…”

Dropping the pounds through Aura Reading Research. A guest post by KYLIE

Kylie, making joyful discoveries
Kylie, making joyful discoveries

Eight months ago I did Aura Reading Research with Rose on foods, seeking to discover if I might have any food intolerances.

I’d always worried that I might be allergic to dairy, because a lot of nutritional information I had read suggested that eating dairy made seasonal allergies worse, and I have year-long seasonal allergies.

I didn’t have high expectations from my session—I was mostly just curious. I thought I already ate a healthy diet.

I had no idea how much that session would change my life. CONTINUE READING

Your Name of Power. And how to awaken your life with Name Alignment Aura Reading Research.

Rose Rosetree and Evegnia, demonstrating Soul Thrill Aura Reading Research
Rose Rosetree and Evgenia, demonstrating Soul Thrill Aura Reading Research

Don’t save this for your Bucket List. Put it on your list of things to do in the new year. At least if you’re interested in having a much, much better life.

Does the name you have now really help you express your true self? To fulfill your potential?

You can find out. If the news isn’t good, you can do something about it.

The best way to find out whether your current name helps or hinders

Ask your aura. Use Stage Three Energetic Literacy to research in detail the impact on major chakra databanks. CONTINUE READING