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Aura Reading Gary Johnson, Libertarian Candidate for President. Guest Post by ISABELLA CATES

Stoned out Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson, ready for his aura reading
Stoned out Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson, ready for his aura reading

Just a bit of preface, Blog-Buddies, before sharing ISABELLA CATES’ aura reading of Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson.

There are two kinds of people in the world. What, you’ve heard that before? 😉

  1. Some of us are really, really involved in the upcoming U.S. election, including the final presidential debate tonight.
  2. Others of us want to read anything else but.

Today’s article is for those of us in the first category. Personally I haven’t been this caught up in any election since the one in 2008 (that led to the Iraq War, as you might remember).

As for those of you in the second category, you might want to avert your eyes. Unless you’re interested in reading the aura of a pothead. Because, of course, that is one of Gary Johnson’s other claims to fame. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading a Recovering Alcoholic. Part Two.

More of my comparison aura reading of recovering alcoholic JOE. Part 2.
More of my comparison aura reading of recovering alcoholic JOE. Part 2.

Today we’ll complete my comparison aura reading of a recovering alcoholic. Granted, JOE wasn’t imbibing any of that good red wine. Except the room was filling up with spirits. So what effect did that have on him?

Well, that’s why I was inspired to do this aura reading. Warning: This is one of the most controversial articles I’ve ever published.

Many of you may find it too hard to accept. (In which case, don’t bother! I’m sharing this sampling of energetic literacy for those who find it helpful. Please know, I mean no disrespect. Even though what you’re about to read is highly counter-culture.)

Spirits. Ever Wonder Why Liquor Is Called “Spirits”?

Wine and sometimes other drinks are called “spirits” for good reason. Due to two reasons, actually.

  • Getting tipsy or drunk positions awareness. Automatically, for the alcoholic (or social drinker), awareness goes to astral frequencies. Home of spirits!
  • Also, alcoholics and social drinkers are loaded with astral sex appeal. Hence, so attractive to spirits!
  • Wham! Spirits will enter the jolly pub, the Cheers bar, the party.

Throughout human history this has occured. Only now, whoa! So much more action occurs with spirits now, in The Age of Awakening!

To learn more, simply keep reading. Otherwise, develop your own aura reading skills, preferably Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

Just don’t prepare yourself to read all this by pouring yourself a stiff drink, okay? 😉

About My Comparison Aura Reading of JOE, a Recovering Alcoholic

Astrally, so much was happening at that party. Happening thick and fast. Remember what I reported in Part One of this article?

Most of all, let’s note: my energy hygiene worked fine. Nevertheless, I saw enough to prompt me to, later, do aura reading research.

For background, before you proceed, please check out this Aura Reading Part One: A Recovering Alcoholic in The Age of Awakening. Otherwise what follows won’t make nearly as much sense.

BTW, thanks to all you Blog-Buddies who commented at that post. Especially big thanks to you, too, GLADYS. (She guest posted in the article that I entitled Enlightenment Came After She Said NO to Alcohol)

How I Did This Comparison Aura Reading of this Hardworking Ex-Alcoholic

Below you’ll see paired aura readings:

  1. Recovering Alcoholic JOE as Usual. This aura reading research was based on a friendly conversation we had shortly after we met.
  2. By contrast, I later researched an energetic hologram at the party. This version of aura reading is called: Recovering Alcoholic JOE among the Tipsy

Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

Recovering Alcoholic JOE as Usual

You’ll find this aura reading research at the end of our last article. My big “cliffhanger.” 😉

Recovering Alcoholic JOE among the Tipsy

Symbolic size of the chakra databank: 1/8 inch. In shutdown.

Consider this recovering alcoholic to be a living paradox.

There’s terror at the presence of so many entities in the room. However, simultaneously, their presence comforts him. Since, for years, the presence of spirits was so overwhelming for JOE.

Having so many spirits in the room now? Maybe this reminds him of how he lived before, as an alcoholic. Probably then, like any alcoholic, JOE identified with astral vibrational frequencies. (Not human vibrational frequencies.)

Being in this room now, ouch! Energetically all those spirits intensify something usually hidden from JOE’s conscious mind: How this recovering alcoholic constantly fights a life-and-death struggle.

In the language of this particular recovering alcoholic’s belief system:

Will he fall into the Satanic trap? Or will Jesus save him?

Yet again, JOE humbles himself and cries out from his soul, imploring his Savior. “Have mercy upon me. Help me.”

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Growth

Recovering Alcoholic JOE as Usual

Symbolic size of the chakra databank: 1/8 inch. This feels to me like a long-term shutdown.

How stuck are JOE’s emotions? You might make an analogy to dental hygiene.

Suppose that JOE hasn’t had a cleaning for decades. The build-up of plaque is intense. No spaces left between the teeth. Altogether, there’s much icky in his mouth, all stuck and hardened.

Similarly JOE has built up a subconscious-level system of energetic subroutines. In terms of energetic STUFF, within his aura they’re as real as an arm or a leg. Or a superhighway.

All of that energetic plaque is hardened whenever he attends a 12-step meeting. Together with other recovering alcoholics, he shares about these “beautiful” illusions they are all carrying energetically:

  • “This keeps me alive.”
  • “This is my tale of triumph.”
  • “My destiny is be an alcoholic.”
  • “I must fight this every day of my life.”

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Astral Beings

Recovering Alcoholic JOE as Usual

Symbolic size of the chakra databank: 90 miles. Is that over-functioning? Like crazy!

Huge groups of astral entities are stuck to the outside of JOE’s aura.

They remind me of little families. Each group comes from a world that is low-frequency, within astral the range of astral vibrational frequencies.

Think about it, Blog-Buddies. Of course, there are innumerable such worlds within the range of low astral frequencies.

Seems to me, the quality of vibrational frequency corresponds to the level of addiction that JOE experienced back in the day.

  • How much astral squalor he visited, back then, before hitting bottom.
  • Just as some people might keep friends from different stages of their lives, JOE is still carrying these “old friends.”
  • Astral buddies, these spirits are stuck to his aura. The different groups span the beginning of his social drinking to just before JOE went into recovery.
  • By then JOE was living near-blind iin consciousness. The experience stuck in a bit of this chakra databank shows me JOE in a waking (astral) trance. He suffers so much, it ifeels as though he is “Being burned by Hell-fire.”

(Furthermore, while doing this aura reading, here’s how it seems to me. JOE’s subconscious language here combines his Catholic upbringing… Plus how his subconscious mind tries to make sense out of how bad he feels energetically, not just emotionally.)

Never before have I read the aura of someone who hit bottom like this. Blog-Buddies, I’ve got to tell you.

I am just awed by JOE’s great courage. His is such a beautiful aura, sculpted by tragedy and polished by faith.

Summarizing this So-Painful Experience, Being This Particular Recovering Alcoholic

Doing this aura reading, I’m just stunned by what this experience is like. Especially at this particular chakra databank, about JOE’s “Connection to Astral Beings.”

What is going on with him subconsciously? Such a wildly over-functioning chakra databank feels like what?

His way of being a recovering alcoholic is immensely challenging, verging on athleticism. Picture a man who must constantly walk a tightrope while he’s awake. Even more so while falling asleep.

According to the beliefs encoded in this chakra databank — what a living nightmare:

Supposedly, if JOE let his thoughts stray, guess what? Once again, he’d be visiting that Hell. Where, supposedly, he would have only himself to blame.

Recovering Alcoholic JOE among the Tipsy

Symbolic size of the chakra databank: 1/8 inch. One more chakra databank in shutdown. Quite a contrast to before he was in that room loaded with spirits!

Reflexively, JOE goes turtle. Climbs back into his shell.

Even while with others, at this party, he shut off all his human emotion. Self-protection. Pure and (never) simple.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Receiving Psychic-Level Guidance

Recovering Alcoholic JOE as Usual

Symbolic size of the chakra databank: 90 miles

Walking around in everyday life, JOE perpetually feels as though he’s receiving insights about recovery. Similar to “Breaking News” headlines on cable TV.

For JOE, it’s as though these messages come from God.

Sigh! Leave it to aura reading skills to add some precision.

Vibrationally the ongoing messages don’t come from The Divine Vibrational Frequency.

JOE’s subconscious news crawl comes from spirits. Why not? They have such easy access to his system.

These spirits feed him intermittent insights  about how important it is for him to stay sober, vigilant, in control.

Thus, his inner experience is set up as a harsh polarity.

  • Either JOE stays in control.
  • Or he loses control. Back to the worst of the alcoholic craziness.
  • For JOE,  faith and Divine help are activated again and again. He depends on this throughout his daily drama of Recovery.

Recovering Alcoholic JOE among the Tipsy

Symbolic size of the chakra databank: 1/8 inches. So shut down!

Holding himself very, very tightly… It’s as though JOE is secretly screaming a prayer to Jesus.

  • Visibly, at this party, JOE smiles.
  • Inwardly he’s down on his knees, begging for mercy.
  • JOE has learned a great deal about how to hide this kind of multi-tasking. Alcoholics do it. Recovering alcoholics, too.
  • Actually anyone who has struggled with secret shame has learned a comparable version of this kind of hiding.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

Recovering Alcoholic JOE as Usual

Symbolic size of the chakra databank: 24 feet

Aha! Our first normal-sized chakra databank it this aura reading. 🙂

Even better, Jesus here is here. Jesus is truly there in the databank, always available.

For this recovering alcoholic, all this is JOE’s great love story. The stakes are as large as heaven or hell.

Recovering Alcoholic JOE among the Tipsy

Symbolic size of the chakra databank: 5 feet

Imagine pea soup fog, where you can’t see in front of you at all.

Feeling the anguish of his long days… early in the recovery process.

Other hard days have brought back the full terror, unpredicatable struggles that feel as though they never will end.

At such times, JOE inwardly screams and cries and begs for Jesus. And yet Jesus will not come. JOE has learned to love this struggle as though it were like having Jesus come to help him.

JOE has learned to call this “faith.”

Outwardly JOE simply pretends that everything is fine.

It’s like he’s testing himself by staying in a place where he feels so uncomfortable.

Like so many people on earth now, he has no clue what is happening vibrationally. Consequently he just incorporates the vibrational confusions into his ongoing personal drama. Loves his belief system more than ever!

In Conclusion

What did I learn from aura reading this beautiful recovering alcoholic? A lot.

To begin, why JOE’s face looked like thick flesh-colored rubber, dripping with astral beings.

Also, why did this recovering alcoholic look so much older than his (senior citizen) years.

Most of all, I understand better what happened the first time I ever met JOE. Then, what did I see?

Only a singular first impression: The sweet face of a 70-year-old with the light of God shining all over him.

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A Recovering Alcoholic in The Age of Awakening

For a certain kind of recovering alcoholic, unexpected difficulties can occur in The Age of Awakening
For a certain kind of recovering alcoholic, unexpected difficulties can occur in The Age of Awakening

Energetically what happened to a recovering alcoholic while attending a party where wine poured freely? JOE didn’t drink alcohol. Yet this was an Age of Awakening event. Turns out, that was enough to cause significant energetic trouble for JOE.

Today I’ll draw you an aura reading comparison. Reading auras, of course, is part of my counter-culture perspective on recreational substances, liquor included. “Deeper perception made practical” at this blog means Energy READING skills and also Energy HEALING skills!

Here at the blog we’ve been discussing the pretty minor consequences of social drinking. Which, to this aura reader, have worsened since The Age of Awakening began on 12/21/12.  Now I’ll share one of the most grotesque things I have witnessed… since the Shift into our Age of Awakening.

At a minimum, this article can help you understand why I’ve cautioned you about drinking alcohol now, even in moderation. CONTINUE READING

Colin Firth Aura Reading, Concluded. Guest Post by BRIANNE

Colin Firth, aura reading continued. And like the actor himself, it just gets better.
Colin Firth, aura reading Part Two. And like the actor himself, this just gets better.

Blog-Buddies, here’s the rest of BRIANNE’s wonderful aura reading of Colin Firth.

If you’re already a Colin Firth fan, beware! This aura reading might cause you to admire and enjoy this actor more than ever.

Part One — and your comments about it — can be found here: Aura Reading Colin Firth. A Guest Post by BRIANNE


Aura Reading Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connecting to Psychic-level Energies

Symbolic Size: 50 ft.

To Colin Firth, connecting to psychic-level energies is like a delightfully tickly sensation. Just such a joke.  CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Colin Firth. A Guest Post by BRIANNE

Colin Firth, in Enlightenment, and ready for his aura reading
Colin Firth, in Enlightenment, and ready for his aura reading

With today’s aura reading of Colin Firth, you can find much to celebrate. The beauty of this Age of Awakening grows, gently, day by day. BRIANNE’s inspiring guest post adds to that.

Previewing, let’s indulge in a bit of ta da! Because BRIANNE’s wonderful aura reading deserves a trumpeting introduction.  How amazing it is to live now? Here’s a quick series of fanfare-like notes: CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Tim Kaine on YouTube

Aura reading Tim Kaine, what is the big surprise about the candidate for vice- president?
Aura reading Tim Kaine, what is my big surprise about the candidate for vice- president?

Whew! He’s pretty normal guy! Shockingly, today’s aura reading of Senator Tim Kaine — Vice-Presidential Candidate — reveals a guy who is pretty darned normal.


For a politician.

Juicy details are the fun part, of course. Join me as I conclude this series of five YouTubes to help with Election Decision 2016.

Which five YouTubes? Here’s the list…

All My Aura Readings of Politicians on YouTube

  1. About how I read Tim Kaine’s aura? Yes, in part. Because this YouTube explains how I do every one of the political aura readings for Election Decision 2016. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNX5CWtBO_Y
  2. About Tim Kaine’s secret crush on Hillary? Nope. It’s simply a YouTube aura reading of Hillary Clinton. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIC6et4NASQ
  3. About Tim Kaine being a business “genius”? Not really. If you pine to learn about somebody who has repeatedly been called a “genius” by a former New York Mayor… Wait that wouldn’t be Michael Bloomberg, a self-made billionaire who said about Trump, “”I’m a New Yorker and I know a con when I see one
  4. About Tim Kaine being called a business “genius” by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani? Not that, either. But I did upload onto YouTube a detailed aura reading of Donald Trump. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCBK8z5XZ3w
  5. About Tim Kaine’s notorious badmouthing and all-around peevishness? Haha. That’s true neither of Tim Kaine nor of the other Veep Candidate, Mike Pence. Pence! Whose aura I did profile here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gB8MdhTBElI
  6. About Tim Kaine’s much-vaunted charisma? Sadly not. But here is the YouTube Aura Reading of Tim Kaine that I’m just making live today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjtJK9Cb6Tg

Hey, I Know This

If you’re an American, you’re probably not going to cast your vote because of vice-presidential candidates.

Maybe you may not even be inclined to watch their big debate, broadcast tomorrow night.

Nevertheless, the lower half of the presidential ticket can tell you a great deal about the team.

Energetically, Both Teams Couldn’t Be More Opposite

To be really blunt, what can you expect to happen in America when if the election winners are these Republican folks?

  • Vice-Presidential Candidate, Governor Tim Pence. In extreme spiritual addiction.
  • Potential First Lady, Melania Trump.  In extreme spiritual addiction.
  • And Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump.  In extreme spiritual addiction.

Yes, all three of them are living in extreme spiritual addiction. (See yesterday’s blog post for tips for recognizing public figures with this consciousness lifestyle.)

By contrast, with the Democratic folks we’ve got:

  • Vice-Presidential Candidate,  Senator Tim Kaine as a person in human-based spirituality. A normal guy, living and growing as best he can.
  • Potential First Gentleman, former President Bill Clinton, in Householder Enlightenment. (This was researched in an exclusive article written for my newsletter subscribers.)
  • And Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, also in Householder Enlightenment. (This was researched in an exclusive article written for my newsletter subscribers.)

And, just in case you’re curious, about the current team:

Sure, Republicans can be in Enlightenment also.  So far, I’ve identified former First Lady Betty Ford as having achieved Enlightenment. Whenever you have other politicians to propose for my Enlightenment Life List, go ahead and nominate them. Wouldn’t that be great!

More about this Aura Reading of Tim Kaine?

First and foremost auras don’t lie. That matters most to me. How about you?

Probing the mysteries within each one’s chakras — that’s easy.  Due to having skills, you can put politics and other perspectives aside. Simply use energetic literacy skills.

Since they’re like word literacy skills that you’re using right now, how hard is that?

Maybe you’ve heard, “Aura reading is just for clairvoyants or psychics.” Ridiculous! Moreover, an aura reading isn’t random energy sensitivity, chakra reading, energy reading, picking up vibes, getting hits, doing intuitive reading, clairvoyant reading, or other variations on not-quite-fully-there skills of energetic literacy. Simply put…

Energetic literacy is a survival skill in this Age of Awakening.

And it’s just a set of skills. I use ‘em. I teach ‘em. In today’s YouTube about Tim Kaine, here they are in motion.

For a voter, it helps to bring nuance and clarity.

Although commenting is disabled for this iMovie, this blog post has been created so that you can share your reaction to Rose’s my last YouTube for a while.

Inquiring minds want to know. What do you think of this very human guy, Tim Kaine?

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Aura Reading Donald Trump on YouTube


You may notice a certain glee as I do this aura reading of Donald Trump.
You may notice a certain glee as I do this aura reading of Donald Trump.

Were you surprised by the Republican presidential candidate’s recent performance at the first debate? Does Donald Trump mystify you in general? In advance of the debate, I did an aura reading of Donald Trump. Today I am posting it on YouTube.

Whether Donald is your hero or your nightmare presidential candidate, you may be wondering. What makes him tick? Aura reading does that. Not psychologically and behaviorally but through reading his energies. Energetic literacy is really, really good for that.

Warning: You may be shocked with my findings about the controversial politician. Right from the start! When I research the energetics of Donald Trump’s “Presence in the Room.”

Of course, on that YouTube I’m using the system of Aura Reading Through All  Your Senses®. Not sharing random feelings that I got due to being energy sensitive.

Aura Reading Hillary Clinton on YouTube

Rose approaches any political aura reading with a considerable enthusiasm. Pre-debate, she profiles Hillary Clinton.
Before the first presidential debate, Rose does an aura reading of Hillary Clinton.

Yes, today’s the first presidential debate for Election Decision 2016. First of all, I’ll give my first public aura reading of Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate. Will I also be doing extra political aura readings?

Definitely! I’ve got YouTube readings ready for Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Tim Kaine. Each “Political Aura Reading iMovie” will be supported by a blog post here. That way you can comment. CONTINUE READING

Pathways Expo Fall 2016 with “The New Strong” in a First-Ever Workshop

Rose Rosetree's first public talk on "The New Strong" at the Pathways Expo! Also meet Valerie St. John, pictured here.
Rose Rosetree’s first public talk on “The New Strong” at the Pathways Expo! Also meet Valerie St. John, pictured here.

Come to the Fall 2016 Pathways Expo and you can share a first. Because I’ll be giving my first free workshop ever on “The New Strong.” Such an Age of Awakening event!

This post invites all you Blog-Buddies in the metro Washington, D.C. area — old friends and new. Let’s meet in person.

Sunday, September 25, 2016 * The Pathways Natural Living Expo * 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Seven Fun Reasons to Attend the Pathways Expo


Aura Reading Hugh Jackman. Guest Post by BRIANNE

Hugh Jackman, in Enlightenment, and ready for his aura reading
Hugh Jackman, in Enlightenment, and ready for his aura reading

Aura reading Hugh Jackman was fun for our Guest Poster BRIANNE. Her insights into this celebrity’s aura are especially interesting because, guess what?

By now, Hugh Jackman and BRIANNE are both on my Enlightenment Life List.

New to aura reading and energetic literacy? This is the blog for you.

Because I don’t just do it. I teach it. I can teach you these skills just fine!

You’ll find other guest posts from my students at this ongoing resource, packed with celebrity aura readings and other explorations with energetic literacy.

And here’s a basic post about energetic literacy itself.

By contrast, what BRIANNE has here supplied is not basic. Keep reading and a whole new set of information comes up. Concerning —  woo-hoo — the nature of vibrational reality and what it is like to live in Enlightenment! So many reasons to enjoy today’s guest post a lot!!! CONTINUE READING