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What Was It Like to Do Riverdance as Michael Flatley? A Skilled Empath Merge

No leprochaun but a very human dancer, that Michael Flatley
No leprechaun but a very human dancer, that Michael Flatley

Blog-Buddies, you’re in for a treat. A dance, practically! Because today I play catch-up on our most recent contest, What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick?

And such wonderful people remain! Such as? Michael Flatley. he was nominated by Blog-Buddy JULIE. She wrote:

“I’d like to nominate Michael Flatley, the Irish-American dancer and choreographer. I’d be most interested in his aura at the time of the show Riverdance, which albeit was a long time ago but still a dazzling moment in history….

“I’d like to know more about his creative expression and what makes him tick, creatively.

“I’ve heard that he wasn’t just the lead dancer in Riverdance; he also choreographed all the moves and trained the other staff (hundreds of dancers).”

Here is a biography of Michael Flatley. And here you can see a clip of him in the original, magical performance of “Riverdance” in Dublin, Ireland. Watch it all the way to the end, JULIE recommends, because the excitement builds. CONTINUE READING

Ben Carson-ish. A Guest Post by JACKIE

Meet a brain surgeon who liked guns more than knives
Meet a brain surgeon who liked guns more than knives

Note: If you click on the photograph above, it will be easier to get the point.

Many of you Blog-Buddies have read my recent aura reading of Ben Carson. This was the main article in the November issue of my monthly newsletter “Reading Life Deeper.”

Energetic literacy can bring discernment, protecting us. And, yes, sometimes helping us to gain perspective on claims of having a special relationship with Jesus.

On blog as well as off-blog, I’ve been receiving thank you’s. But the most fascinating response of all comes from JACKIE.

Dating a Neurosurgeon Who Might Have Been Ben Carson’s Son

This aura reading was totally surreal for me. A few years ago I had a short relationship with a very, very politically conservative; very, very religiously Christian, neurosurgeon.

No, it was not Ben Carson, lol. I’ll call him Joe.

What was not surprising? Ben Carson was one of JOE’s heroes. When I learned about Carson at the time, it felt like I might as well have been dating his son.

At the time, I was also a big fan of Carson. (I mean, why not, right? I was in love with a younger version of him.) CONTINUE READING

Gen Xers, Reading the Aura of One of Your Own, Comedian Chris Rock

Aura reading Chris Rock, a happy empath
Aura reading Chris Rock, a happy empath

Gen Xer Chris Rock is famous as a “Saturday Night Live” alum, a movie star, and director.

But he is best known as one of the funniest standup comics of all time. Not afraid to discuss politics and race relations, Chris Rock has been a vocal critic of racial profiling. Often he describes incidents of “everyday racism” that have affected him, despite being famous since 1985.

Regarding that fame, what is another reason why Chris Rock is widely respected? Celebrity or not, he lacks the typical “Look at me, I’m famous!” attitude. CONTINUE READING

Gen Xers, How RES Can Help You

As latchkey children, many of you Gen Xers had to learn to let yourselves in.
As latchkey children, many of you Gen Xers had to learn to let yourselves in.

Were you born between 1964 and 1980? Then, generationally speaking, you are a Gen Xer.

Amazingly, you didn’t grow up with computers. Even though you’re so good with them, you could be considered the last generation to grow up before computers.

Well, you probably learned to use them way before finishing high school. Still, there’s a difference, isn’t there?

What do I especially love about you Gen Xers as a group?  How you question authority; then you don’t stop there but go on to seek answers.

So many of you Gen Xers care more to fix the neighborhood than to save the world. “Think globally, act locally” is no mere slogan for you. Thank God! And thanks to so many of you for showing social responsibility in that way.


Back @ Our Future

What do you hope, or fear, everyday life will be like by October 22, 2045?
What do you hope, or fear, everyday life will be like by October 22, 2045?

Yesterday was widely celebrated as “Back to the Future” Day, related to the time travel date in the highly entertaining movie “Back to the Future 2.” The premise was taking a 30-year leap into the future.

If you have the chance to see today’s issue of “USA Today,” the newspaper starts with a gag section for today’s news, based on the premise of “Back to the Future” Day.

In that movie, the characters played by Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd had already traveled to the future and back. For this sequel, they would travel forward again, this time to October 21, 2015. So entertaining, how that date was imagined in a movie released 30 years ago!

Well, Blog-Buddies, today is October 22, 2015. Which is a perfect day for us to think together, back at the topic of our future. Not just whether or not there will be hoverboards.

What will everyday life will be like for you… where you live now… 30 years ahead?

I’ll share my thoughts here. Then you are soooooo warmly invited to comment with yours as well.

We can be afford to be playful, since the “Deeper Perception” that we make practical at this blog involves no psychic development. So we celebrate gaining insight into life as it is now — to benefit from aura healing emotionally and spiritually — to gain meaningful knowledge — all for the sake of improving the present.

Therefore we have no urgent need for accuracy when enjoying this article’s premise, predicting the future.

What are your dreams? Your hopes? Your fears? Just plain thoughts!

Here are mine.


Comparison Aura Reading of Darlene Zschech, Famed for Addictive Church Music

Spiritual sleepwalking -- does it impress you?
Spiritual sleepwalking — does it impress you?

Does God really need the help of performers like Darlene Zschech?

Does Jesus really “want” or “need” for you to surrender your normal thinking and feeling to another human being… even someone as pretty as that Darlene… in order to have a “sacred” experience?

Oh, I think not.

Look at this world, peopled by incarnated souls like you and me who have free will. Are we weird exceptions to Robot World,  where the “good Christians” or “Enlightened People” are really self-actualized?

Or maybe the whole point of living on earth is to actually grow spiritually, which includes your sacred self-authority in its many forms!

Are your mind and heart really some garbage, to be hypnotically numbed into submission? Oh, I think not.

Sometimes there will be a mystical experience where a person reaches towards God, and maybe God also reaches back. Whatever the mysterious dynamics of that loving relationship, it sure doesn’t involve being hypnotized under false pretenses by some other human being. CONTINUE READING

The Mystery of Enlightenment Coaching

Celebrating your magnificent, mysterious path
Celebrating your magnificent, mysterious path

Heard from Joe early in his first session with me:

“Everything is going great. It’s hard to think of any area for improvement. I just want a general aura healing, like you can cut my cords and find anything else that’s in the way.”

Then, after 30 minutes, came this from Joe:

“Yeah, I’ve been having a midlife crisis.”

Jesus is reputed to have said, “do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.” However, there was a context for this advice: “When you give to the needy.”

Internal numbness makes for a lousy way of life!

And gee, do you think this sort of compartmentalization helps people much on their personal paths to God?

Enlightenment Means Integration of Life

By definition, people can’t usually find the dull spots on their own, consciously note the glitches. Making things trickier, the joy of some awakening experiences can actually confuse a person. Why? CONTINUE READING

How Curious Am I about Enlightenment?

So many paths to Enlightenment seem promising. How can you choose wisely?
So many paths to Enlightenment seem promising. How can you choose wisely?

Recently I have found many people drawn to conversations about Enlightenment. Some watch interviews given by people like me. Others are signing up for meditation courses. Online experts appeal to some.

If you’re reading this, you know. Many today are very curious indeed about Enlightenment. So much is available now that appeals to your curiosity.

Well, this is going to be one of my more controversial blog posts. But I’ll lead up to it gently.

Is Enlightenment a fairly new idea for you? Or have you been questing for quite a while?

And at what point did you ever use terms like Enlightenment, Self-Realization, Self-Actualization, or Spiritual Awakening?

I’m especially looking forward to comments at the end of this post about your story:

When DID you first become interested in the idea of Enlightenment?


Mystery Solved about Rap Music, and How Kanye West Changed. A Guest Post by LEO

Rap music: Expressing just rage, or something else?
Rap music: Expressing just rage, or something more?

Blog-Buddies, have you ever asked yourself: Exactly what is it exactly that I love so much about rap music?

Not me. Rap music has not been my thing, ever. Occasionally I might admire cleverness when I happen to hear some. But my strongest experience of rap music pretty much sums up my usual taste for it.

Early one Friday evening I was sitting in the upstairs lounge of a posh ice cream parlor in Nishi Azabu, Tokyo. Crowds hadn’t come in yet; I had the place to myself.

Slowly I spooned in the luscious treat. My pricey dish of sweetness was supposed to be a homesickness remedy, because three weeks into any of my trips to Japan a huge wave of homesickness would strike me: 13 trips for 13.

Many’s the time I would sit in a Starbucks, listening to American music, eating my dependably yummy chocolate chip cookie. And discretely crying.

This time I had gone for My Strongest Homesickness Remedy. The allure of ice cream was far more powerful than mere cookie. Sure enough, I wasn’t tearing up now, but feeling fortunate to hang out at Hobson’s, eating a sample of my favorite food group.

As at a Tokyo Starbucks, American pop music was playing softly in the background. Suddenly it switched to a rap song, an angry one. Words like “bitch” and “ho” shocked me, like vinegar sauce suddenly poured on sweet dessert. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading of Bad Boy Kanye West

Aura reading Kanye West, so rich and famous. For what?
Aura reading Kanye West, so rich and famous. Famous for what?

There’s sure something about Kanye West. People are immensely curious about this celebrity.

In 2007, I did an aura reading of him, “Daring to Be Kanye West,” which was followed up by a Kanye West face reading.

And then he was nominated by Blog-Buddy CATHY in our most recent contest, What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick? She wrote:

I would like to nominate someone that, frankly, I can’t stand! Kanye West.

The guy comes across to me as a completely egocentric jerk who is in love with himself and his fame.

An aura reading might sort out if this is just an act? A persona he puts on? Why do people like him?

The things that come out of his mouth…really, he should just never speak. As in never. CONTINUE READING