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Aura Reading Online Workshop. Available Now.


Aura Reading Online Workshop
Aura Reading Online Workshop begins today, including a FREE introductory workshop

Yes, really! My Aura Reading Online Workshop — today it becomes available. Today’s also the first day for my FREE Introductory workshop “Aura Reading for YOU.”

Here’s a link to sign up for the FREE Intro. When you check out this new resource, you’ll find it on the left. Scroll down a bit.

Yes, really! That’s where to start aura reading, with the free introductory workshop. Five lessons. Much knowledge and zero obligation!

After finishing “Aura Reading for YOU” then you can decide if you’re ready to go on to the full workshop, “Aura Reading Online Workshop.” Today’s blog post answers seven Q&A’s about it. CONTINUE READING

Enlightenment Aura Reading

Enlightenment Aura Reading
Enlightenment Aura Reading. What, you think in Enlightenment you’ll suddenly start reading auras? Not true. Keep reading, please.

Enlightenment Aura Reading. Are you interested in Enlightenment? Learn how aura reading can help you a great deal. Energetic literacy empowers you!

So why is it that so many seekers of Enlightenment are waiting for aura reading to drop out of the sky?

Let’s debunk this unrealistic thinking about auras.