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Golly, We’re Getting Close to 24,000 Comments

Celebrating with you, Blog-Buddies
Celebrating with you, Blog-Buddies

Thanks so much to all you Blog-Buddies for making this such a lively, inquisitive, respectful, kind online community. Where your comments are such a juicy part of this blog. :-)

Thank you for joining me in developing skills that work in the Age of Aquarius.

Because that is what these conversations are about, in historical context.

For those of you who follow our ongoing research progress at the Enlightenment Life List, today we had a fantastic range of nominees being researched.

If you’re curious, just check out Comments 1713 – 1721. Plus whichever comments you’all add. Suffice it to say, this was some bunch o’ nominees!


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What Does NOT Count as Technique Time — 11 Exceptions to the General Rule

Celebrate Father's Day today OR any holiday of your choice. Celebrate in a HUMAN way.
Celebrate Father’s Day today OR any holiday of your choice. Celebrate in a HUMAN way.

Blog-Buddies, I’m so glad to be explaining this last chunk of great importance to those of us who limit our Technique Time to 20 Daily Minutes, Tops. As described in yesterday’s article.

What is Technique Time? It’s all about voluntary positioning of consciousness.

During Technique Time a person positions awareness away from objective reality or surface thoughts and feelings… in order to improve himself or herself.

It’s a movement away from human vibrational frequencies towards Divine vibrational frequencies or — most commonly — the person winds up with awareness positioned squarely at astral vibrational frequencies.

Here are 11 things that could happen during a 24-hour period. None of them would count as your official Technique Time.

Notice the reasons given, however. Each of these exceptions is being named in a context, or a manner of doing a particular activity.

Technique Time Exception #1: Let’s Hear It for Insomnia

All that happens between going to bed for the night and getting out of bed to begin your new day….

If you have insomnia, that could be your lucky opportunity. Because you can pray or visualize or do whatever spiritual activity you like to your heart’s content.

In terms of states of consciousness, you’re moving in and out of waking/sleeping/dreaming. Enjoy that potentially glorious time! CONTINUE READING

How the Empath Gift of Spiritual Oneness Helps Me

Rose Rosetree, grateful that she is an empath
Rose Rosetree, grateful that she is an empath

Last blog post I shared one of my worst nightmares ever, connected to the pesky side of Spiritual Oneness. Today we have a happier topic.

Now, what’s so wonderful about Spiritual Oneness?

Five different answers spring to mind immediately. Totally easily. Just the obvious examples, Blog-Buddies.

Mostly in today’s article,  I’m describing what it is like to have an empath gift that is habitually turned off in everyday life. (Through empath skills, not stifling yourself.)

Even turned off, each empath gift can be highly informative. And, on occasion, if Skilled Empath Merge is done, that gift really lights up deep knowing.

1. The personal fun

Bach, Gerard Manley Hopkins; Bette Midler and Beverly Sills and Gustavo Dudamel — there are so many composers, performers, writers, dancers and other artists who bring alive their personal quality of connection to God.

Then that artist spreads it around, conveys it. Either in the foreground or background. CONTINUE READING

Comparing Skilled Empath Merge to Everyday Life in Enlightenment

This photo was taken a few days after I moved into Enightenment in July 2012
This photo was taken shortly after I moved into Enightenment in July 2012

SANDRA HAERING’s recent guest post about Enlightenment as a skilled empath was thought provoking. She sure got me thinking… about the relationship between gaining empath skills and moving into Enlightenment.

Empath skills aren’t part of the usual conversation about Awakening or Enlightenment. But since when was this blog concerned with the usual conversation? About anything?

As an Enlightenment Coach, I treasure my relationships with the folks on my special Enlightenment Life List of people from this community .

  • All have moved into Enlightenment since we began working together, one way or another, directly or through my books.
  • Not all are empaths. But those who are empaths did become skilled before moving into Enlightenment.
  • By contrast, Blog-Buddy DAVID moved into Enlightenment decades before he learned about empath skills (one reason why I was so moved that he wrote one of the 10 personal stories from empaths at the end of Quick & Easy book for basics of Empath Empowerment® and also in the expanded edition of “The Empowered Empath.”)

Empath skills as I teach them sure aren’t required for making a shift into Awakeness. But those skills can’t hurt, not if you’re eager to gain Enlightenment.

Blog-Buddies, maybe you’re curious. What’s it like, doing a Skilled Empath Merge? How does this compare with everyday life in Enlightenment? CONTINUE READING

How Becoming a Skilled Empath Helped Me on the Path to Enlightenment. A Guest Post by SANDRA HAERING

Sandra Haering, a skilled empath who has moved into Enlightenment
Sandra Haering, a skilled empath who has moved into Enlightenment

I’m a member of that growing group of people in Householder Enlightenment.  It was never my objective to become Enlightened.  I did have a goal for decades, however, which was: “To live a life of love in thought, word, and deed.”

How self-denying; how holy!  At least that was how I interpreted that goal.  In retrospect, I was probably aiming for a type of Enlightenment more typical of religious devotees secreted away in convents, monasteries or caves.

The problem was that I didn’t live in a cave, but amongst many family, friends and strangers.  I was also an unskilled empath.

A Dangerous Combination

That is a dangerous combination, a person who:

  • Personally feels everyone’s physical and emotional pain, and
  • Believes she needs to love and help them.


How I Can, and Can’t, Help You Gain Enlightenment

Anita in Householder Enlightenment
Anita in Householder Enlightenment

A comment today from JNANA included a sentence that really moved me. Two of the candidates she proposed had been successful at making it onto my Enlightenment Life List. From her beautiful mystic’s heart JNANA wrote:

Delighted to learn that Kathryn Stockett is enlightened. That was some book she wrote! And glad to have Swami Sri Gnanananda Giri grace the list of the enlightened as well.

The bliss of true knowledge [Enlightenment] it is, and Deeper Perception gives that to us too.”

JNANA didn’t just move me. She made me think, inspiring today’s inquiry that I’ll be sharing with you.

Does deeper perception bring us true knowledge?

Yes, it can. It is true knowledge about a person energetically. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Mysterious Morgan Freeman, Long-Term Pot Lover

Morgan Freeman, ready for his aura reading
Morgan Freeman, ready for his aura reading

Another gorgeous day, another winner of What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick? A new contest. MADALENA LEMOS wrote:

I would like to nominate Morgan Freeman. First because he is a mysterious guy. I get a warm nice feeling about him, but there is something about him that he doesn’t share with everyone. He reminds me of my grandfather, who has a few physical similarities and makes me feel the same way. Like I would like to sit close to him and listen him telling all his stories….

I would prefer a aura reading!

Well here it is, a brand new aura reading of the Oscar-winning actor. Scroll to the end of this article for the photo link used, plus how you can develop Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

Imagine, merrily reading auras from regular photos like this one. Sure you can! A special treat in his case, right?

According to a consumer survey done at the end of last year, Morgan Freeman is America’s most liked celebrity.


Sandra Haering Healing Services, a Splendid New Website,

Sandra Haering. offering sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality
Sandra Haering. offering sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality

Sandra Haering has just launched her elegant website as an expert at Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

It’s called Sandra Haering Healing Services.

She offers sessions of aura healing and transformation. Also aura reading research.

Shining a big light in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Sandra is on my Enlightenment Life List. As well as having so much compassion and wisdom to match her technical skills at Energy Spirituality.

Sandra has also joined the new group Empath Empowerment Skills with Rose Rosetree on Facebook. Ask her your questions, there or here in the COMMENTS section below.

Starting now, Sandra Haering’s blog occupies a special place on the right column of this blog. Linked to along with other RES experts Jessica Gates in Michigan, Josefa Perea in New Mexico, and Stephanie Thomas in metro Washington, D.C.

Here is a current list of all the RES Practitioners and Apprentices I have trained so far, convenient for making appointments for yourself and referring friends.


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Enlightenment and Ascension in this Age of Aquarius

Aura reading research by Rose Rosetree for all you movie fans
You are more than your aura. That human body matters.

How do you know that one person’s use of the word “ascension” doesn’t line up with another’s use of the word “enlightenment”?

That smart question was asked yesterday by SARAH, at our conversation around Longing for Ascension? Ascension is a highly charged word in this new Age of Aquarius. It is associated with having a higher state of consciousness. Yesterday’s post was all about “What is ascension?”

Let’s not confuse that with Enlightenment. Spiritual Enlightenment is a state of human self-actualization. You are functioning with your full potential as a human being. Not that you have learned everything. Instead there is an integrated awareness to your mind-body-spirit system. Not a mood and not a wish but a natural and efforless state of consciousness.

You can learn a lot about Enlightenment here at the blog. Most popular is our Enlightenment Life List. My personal fave is the list of people from this community who have moved into Enlightenment. And this Top 10 Post on Enlightenment can give you a quick education that can protect you.

Yes, protect you. CONTINUE READING

Longing for Ascension? Ouch!

Longing for ascension?
Longing for ascension?

Ascension is a charged word in New Age spirituality. Having worked professionally in mind-body-spirit since 1970, I heard the ascension idea long before it became mainstream. How long ago did you first hear that highly-charged word, ascension?

Today I would like to share a perspective fresh from now, living in this new Age of Aquarius. What is “ascension”? And how does energetic literacy bring a perspective that could spare you a lot of unnecessary anguish?

What does ascension mean?

Of course, ascension has a sacred meaning in Christian theology. As in, “Jesus Christ rose on the third day.”

Many who believe in The Rapture are waiting to receive a contemporary type of ascension. As in, “The righteous will stay with God for eternity. As for the rest of you, well, there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. And you’d better practice now… how to hold your nose.” CONTINUE READING