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ONEderful Reasons to Celebrate This New Month, December 2016

Come celebrate with me. It's ONEderful December 2016.
ONEderful December 2016 has begun.

Come celebrate with me. It’s ONEderful December 2016.

Let’s begin our regular opening up to possibility. This December is a shiny new month here at Ever-Fresh Earth School. What can that mean for you?

I do hope you’ll comment below, sharing your reasons to feel excited about the month to come. That’s my favorite part of these monthly blog posts.

Of course, I’ll contribute my share — set things rolling

ONEderful December 2016 Will Include Singing


Truth Light. What You Can Do During the Trump Years.

Truth light. Let yours shine every day.
Truth light. Let yours shine every day.

Truth Light is a form of spiritual volunteer work. Can you take two minutes a day to help send the light of spiritual truth into America and the world? Because if you are, today I will teach you one way to do that.

Three things got me thinking about this. And then I had one Aha! about this form of spiritual volunteer work.

Blog-Buddies, first I will to tell you about these three WHYs. Then I’ll share with you the simple WHAT. CONTINUE READING

Staying Real. A Guest Post from BEV

Staying real -- each of us can find our own strength and live it.
Staying real — each of us can find our own moral strength and live it.

Today’s inspiring guest post offers wisdom on staying real. BEV is carrying forward the theme in our recent discussions, “How to Survive a Trump Presidency, “and also yesterday’s post,London Bus Conductor Effect. Bring It, Millennials! Others, Too.”

Towards the end of BEV’s comments, she quotes Hillary Clinton’s concession speech. So I found the link for us all who would like to hear and see this amazing woman.

Hillary Clinton is not just America’s first female candidate for president. And the winner of the popular vote in the election this week. She is the first presidential candidate in Enlightenment to run for this high office. CONTINUE READING

How My Enlightenment Coaching Works. Celebrating BEV, Newest Member of the Enlightenment Life List.

Enlightenment Coaching for Bev, for all who are interested.
Enlightenment Coaching for BEV. Three stories illustrate how this coaching works.

BEV UPSHUR is the latest addition to my Enlightenment Life List. BEV has also gone onto the separate list I maintain for people from this community who have moved into that higher state of consciousness. In her honor, today’s article explores how my Enlightenment Coaching DOES and DOESN’T work.

Whether you call it Householder Enlightenment, spiritual awakening (as an established state of consciousness), Self-Realization, or psychological self-actualization…

This state of consciousness is dawning now. In fact, here’s my favorite way of describing The Age of Awakening:

Now we live in a time when millions of people can move into Enlightenment. And do it as householders!


Enlightenment Came After She Said NO to Alcohol

Can you say NO to social drinking? YES, if you aim for Enlightenment.
Can you say NO to alcohol? YES, if you aim for personal growth, even Enlightenment.

In today’s guest post, GLADYS from our RES Enlightenment Life List shares something personal. Read her candid account. Why did she come to say NO to drinking alcohol?

I’m touched that GLADYS was too modest to mention having moved into Enlightenment. But this Enlightenment Coach finds a connection. In what follows, you might notice this interesting sequence: CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Colin Firth. A Guest Post by BRIANNE

Colin Firth, in Enlightenment, and ready for his aura reading
Colin Firth, in Enlightenment, and ready for his aura reading

With today’s aura reading of Colin Firth, you can find much to celebrate. The beauty of this Age of Awakening grows, gently, day by day. BRIANNE’s inspiring guest post adds to that.

Previewing, let’s indulge in a bit of ta da! Because BRIANNE’s wonderful aura reading deserves a trumpeting introduction.  How amazing it is to live now? Here’s a quick series of fanfare-like notes: CONTINUE READING

Householder Enlightenment for DORIS, Not the Surrender Model of Enlightenment

Doris joins those from the RES community who have moved into Householder Enlightenment. Not surprising to Rose as an Enlightenment Coach
Doris joins those from the RES community who have moved into Householder Enlightenment. Extra-inspiring to Rose as an Enlightenment Coach! Find out why.

Today it’s official that RES client DORIS has moved into Enlightenment. That’s Householder Enlightenment, not the Surrender Model of Enlightenment. Yes, living now, in The Age of Awakening, two different models of Enlightenment are available, plus loads of spiritual awakening.

As an enlightenment coach, it’s my job to know these differences. For DORIS it turned out to be a big deal, which type of Enlightenment she was going to move into.

With DORIS’s permission, here’s a bit of her story.

Although every bit of enlightenment coaching I’ve done has been unique so far, gorgeously and tenderly unique, guess what? I think that the future will bring many, many clients to me who are very much like DORIS. CONTINUE READING

Growing Fast? 5 Ways to Tell

Five dogs bursting out of their photo, because they are GROWING SO FAST. Click on this image to keep up!
Five dogs are bursting out of this photo. Could it be because they are GROWING SO FAST? Click on this image to keep up!

Celebrate with me. Thanks to you readers, our blog just surpassed 35,000 comments. 🙂 Today let’s explore five ways to tell if you are growing fast, too. Because personal growth can move faster — and differently — in the Age of Awakening.

Just think of the name for this still-new era: The Age of Awakening. Living now, wouldn’t you expect to be growing fast? This is, after all, a post-New-Age age.

The Age of Awakening began less than four years ago, on 12/21/12. Since then, humanity has shifted into a time when every human being can grow extra-fast. If you want to evolve rapidly now, you can.

Since life today is crazy-complicated,  we may not recognize how well we are doing.

Without necessarily noticing, could you still be growing fast? CONTINUE READING

Brianne Taylor Joins the Enlightenment Life List

And that's BRIANNE before Enlightenment.
And that awesome spunker is BRIANNE… before Enlightenment.

Many of you Blog-Buddies know BRIANNE, only so far you have known her as IRENE. Did her recent name alignment have something to do with helping her move into Enlightenment?

I’ll let BRIANNE TAYLOR tell her own story of how she has moved into Householder Enlightenment. When and if she chooses to share her Enlightenment saga.

The good news is, this part of her life story is now complete.

 More good news? BRIANNE After Enlightenment…


10 True Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Every spiritual awakening bursts a bubble of illusion
Every spiritual awakening bursts a bubble of illusion

Spiritual Awakening is available to all who seek it now. Yet there’s so much vibrational confusion around us. So most of the “signs of spiritual awakening” you’ll read about are ridiculously untrue. Not helpful.  And a part of the problem for anybody who seeks spiritual Enlightenment. Today’s article will give you straight talk about true signs of Spiritual Awakening.

These signs of spiritual awakening come from an Enlightenment Coach. One of many in the world today. I wish that more of us would  write about true signs of spiritual awakening, because so many popular articles on this topic are written by bloggers who are probably lovely people. But…. CONTINUE READING