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My Perspective, as an Enlightenment Coach, on Energetic Ponzi Schemes

Rose Rosetree, Enlightenment Coach, invites you not to worry about Energetic Ponzi Schemes
Rose Rosetree, Enlightenment Coach, invites you not to worry about Energetic Ponzi Schemes

Emphasizing your self-authority is what I do, more than anything else, as an Enlightenment Coach.

Also, I bring the perspective of energetic literacy, inviting you to research people’s auras on your own. So that you can become a smarter consumer, deciding which teachers and healers are best to follow on your cherished path of personal development.

For a different kind of giant step forward along your path, I offer you the techniques of Rosetree Energy Spirituality for self-healing.

Well, within the last 24 hours, there has been a lot of conversation with some of my clients about big-name New Age celebrities. This led to the generation of many comments at our most popular post at the blog, all concerning Energetic Ponzi Schemes. (Most of these comments have been awaiting moderation for most of my day, as I spent a typical Sunday: 6 1/2 hours helping my clients.)

Yes, more and more, New Age celebrities are becoming involved.

Well, I don’t want to worry anyone about this but, rather, I am bring perspective. Here’s a point of view if you are interested in moving most rapidly towards Enlightenment. So let’s take a deep breath and get practical.

You have good choices. Not terrible ones. And nobody is going to hell (or the equivalent) on account of Energetic Ponzi Schemes. The purpose of today’s article is to bring a realistic perspective. CONTINUE READING

Evgenia Brodyagina joins our Enlightenment Life List

Evgenia, beautiful even before Enlightenment
Evgenia, beautiful even before Enlightenment

It’s a delight to announce that EVGENIA is the latest addition to the Enlightenment Life List. Makes this Enlightenment Coach so proud to be part of her path to Enlightenment.

So far, EVGENIA hasn’t found a chance to take a selfie, not since our session on Saturday. When she does, I’ll share it here.

EVGENIA has done many sessions of Aura Healing and Transformation, plus many sessions of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(R). She helped me last year with some publicity photos like this one:

Face Reading Evgenia, possibly good supplement

When she became an American citizen, she supplied photos for this blog post: Becoming a Citizen, a Skilled Empath Merge

Ooh, Glady’s secret identity is out…


Moving into Enlightenment, Helped by Rosetree Energy Spirituality

Millions of us, living in this new Age of Energy, are moving into Enlightenment
Millions of us, living in this new Age of Energy, are moving into Enlightenment

Each of the people named on the following list had a very long history before encountering anything related to Rosetree Energy Spirituality. Not to mention an even longer history as a soul before this lifetime, all of which contributed to moving into Enlightenment.

Outside this informal online community, there are plenty of people not at all interested in Rosetree Energy Spirituality who have moved into experiences of spiritual awakening and, even, into Enlightenment.

Still, if my peeps can’t be named here, where can they be named? For those who are interested, I do serve as an Enlightenment Coach. This is in the background of my personal sessions of aura healing and transformation, the workshops and mentoring programs, the books, and this blog itself.

So here comes a running list, begun on a day when I tried to keep track at the Enlightenment Life List, Alphabetized, and encountered such a confusing chronology. Here we go, with order and joy. Some day, YOU may be on this list. In chronological order: CONTINUE READING

How Virtual Reincarnation has changed me. A guest post by Isabella

ISABELLA, not quite ready for the Enlightenment Life List, but close
ISABELLA, not quite ready for the Enlightenment Life List, but close

ISABELLA CATES is the latest addition to my Enlightenment Life List. Already a very active contributor to this blog, perhaps her collection of comments and blog posts will eventually include disclosing more about what it’s like for her, moving into this higher state of consciousness.

Meanwhile, I’ll let her bask, with privacy, during this orientation phase…. while sharing a guest post she had already prepared, in advance of that “gradual click” of moving into Enlightenment.

Virtual Reincarnation, a perfect topic for Labor Day

Isn’t Labor Day perfect for an announcement about Enlightenment? In ISABELLA’s case, this was preceded by Virtual Reincarnation (not that a path to Enlightenment necessarily includes that).

Maybe some of you Blog-Buddies have read our recent post on  Why Virtual Reincarnation Matters More to Me than Enlightenment, Concluding . The gist of it? Virtual Reincarnation can result from our choices in life. CONTINUE READING

ANOTHER new addition to the Enlightenment Life List

Enlightenment flowers once again
Enlightenment flowers once again and again

Within less than a week, another member of this informal online community is ready for the Enlightenment Life List.

We discussed it yesterday. Three more cheers for Householder Enlightenment!!!

On this busy day, I won’t be able to do a proper blog post. I will tell you that this particular individual has been VERY active at this blog.  So why not have a bit of fun guessing?

Aiming for a related blog post tomorrow.


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Virtual Reincarnation and STUFF Removal, Series Part Two

Butterflies don't just emerge automatically, nor does Enlightenment happen automatically, does it?
Butterflies don’t just emerge automatically. Nor does Enlightenment happen automatically, does it?

Usually I take a practical approach to STUFF removal, and probably you do, too.

Rosetree Energy Spirituality provides techniques designed to remove the 15 kinds of STUFF that can block (or sabotage) all your efforts to have a good life.

Usually, Blog-Buddies, I give a technical definition of STUFF in the context of human-based spirituality, aura healing and transformation:

In Rosetree Energy Spirituality, STUFF means stored emotional and spiritual energies at the astral level. STUFF can always, always, always be healed.

Or perhaps you are more familiar with my definition of STUFF in a psychological context. In this modality that helps people to self-actualize:

STUFF means that emotional energies are stuck at a level within you corresponding to your subconscious mind. This causes problems noticed by your conscious mind. Consciously analyzing these problems won’t cause meaningful change. For that, remove subconscious STUFF and then add appropriate subconscious PUT-IN that expresses who you are more fully.

Well, today let’s consider STUFF, and STUFF removal, in a metaphysical context. This is essential for understanding what happens with Virtual Reincarnation. CONTINUE READING

Why virtual reincarnation might matter more to you than spiritual awakening or, even Enlightenment. Part One

Chez Panisse, a restaurant in Berkeley, California. How can it be related to virtual reincarnation, spiritual awakening, Enlightenment?
How could a restaurant like Chez Panisse be related to virtual reincarnation, spiritual awakening, Enlightenment?

Many of us living today have experienced a virtual reincarnation, that great reward for superb spiritual achievement in life. For someone moving forward in human-based spirituality, virtual reincarnations might matter as much as gaining Enlightenment.

Actually, this may be more important… than either spiritual awakening or Enlightenment.

Before we go into the why’s, let’s start with some what’s — basic definitions.

What is virtual reincarnation?

Within this same incarnation, you can change and grow to such an extent that you become like a different person having that same lifetime.

Usually a virtual reincarnation is preceded by a long dark night of the soul. By the time you recover, so many things are different. You still feel like yourself, deep down. Yet otherwise you can be so different, and so can your circumstances.

This way you avoid a rebirth. In that sense, it’s like negotiating to become a walk-in, while on the other side. Only no other soul is walking into this mind-body-spirit of yours. It was you before the virtual reincarnation and it is you now, after making the shift into a virtual reincarnation.

Perhaps you have completed the biggest learning planned in your original Life Contract. If you still stick around, in this same body and surroundings, sometimes you can start again. With virtual reincarnation, you avoid having to start all over, learning again how to walk and talk… and the other big-deal basics for having a human lifetime.

It’s a lot of work to be born and start over. Blog-Buddies, do you remember the big “fun” of birth? How it came complete with bright lights and screamingly loud voices?

With a start, you’re baaaaaaack in human form. Great opportunity to evolve. Yet uh-oh.

The horror of human life is inextricably mixed with glory. CONTINUE READING

Enlightenment Entrainment, a perspective

Julie, a Blog-Buddy who has benefitted from Enlightenment Coaching
Julie, a Blog-Buddy who has benefitted from Enlightenment Coaching

Many Enlightenment Coaches believe in Enlightenment Entrainment, the idea that being in the presence of someone Enlightened will wake others up spiritually. Like a sort of contagion, Enlightenment being passed around a room like a cosmic yawn, only spiritually healing.

Among Enlightenment Entrainment fans is JEFFREY CHAPPELL, author of Answers from Silence. Blog-Buddies, you may have heard him make a case for it during Part Two of our recent interview on Enlightenment.

JEFFREY’s approach is to advocate Enlightenment Entrainment, describing life from the perspective of Enlightenment, and then inviting his students/readers to seek answers from the Divine. This last part brings a special spark to his wonderful book — including instructions towards the end for receiving answers from silence.

Or consider another influential Enlightenment Coach, who goes by “DAVID” here and “DAVIDYA” at his blog, Davidya.ca.

As I understand it — and I know he’ll sweetly correct me if I’m wrong, just as JEFFREY will if I have misinterpreted his magnificent teachings — DAVID believes in waking up spiritually as something that happens in groups; and the bigger that group happens to be, the better. In addition, this Enlightenment Coach advocates knowledge and discernment, learning, meditation, healing, and making wise choices to move forward on one’s spiritual path. A LOT of ways to move forward on one’s spiritual path can work synergistically, according to DAVID. CONTINUE READING

Exploring Enlightenment Interview, Part 2, Jeffrey Chappell and Rose Rosetree

A close-up view of Amy in Enlightenment
Emily,  a Blog-Buddy from the E.U. who has benefitted from Enlightenment Coaching

Yes, Blog-Buddies, our conversation about Enlightenment continues, as two Enlightenment Coaches interview each other.

Today, here is the wrap-up of a two-part recording, where Jeffrey and Rose interview each other:


Sure, today’s post concludes a two-part series. But this hardly ends the ongoing, unfolding conversation at this blog about Householder Enlightenment.

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Exploring Enlightenment, Jeffrey Chappell and Rose Rosetree Interview Each Other, Part 1

Josefa Perea, Professional in Rosetree Energy Spirituality, offering sessions in Spanish as well as English
Josefa Perea, a professional at Rosetree Energy Spirituality who has benefitted from Enlightenment Coaching

What happens when two Enlightenment Coaches interview each other?

Find out, Blog-Buddies. Here’s Part One of our two-part interview, about 20 minutes:


About these two Enlightenment Coaches

Jeffrey Chappell dedicates an entire website to his work as an Enlightenment Coach, and has published “Answers from Silence.”

I offer Enlightenment Coaching more informally.

If you have questions about this interview, ask away, Blog-Buddies. Big thanks to Jeffrey for doing these experimental interviews with me.

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