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Can You Read Auras of Dead People?

A deep question about aura reading
A deep question about aura reading

Blog-Buddy RACHEL asked today, “Do you ever research people posthumously?” She was submitting a nominee for the Enlightenment Life List.

Golly, I guess that the topic never came up clearly before. So let’s get right to it.

Dead people do not have auras any more. But…

Can You Read Auras of Dead People? Of Course.

From photographs, you sure can.

I don’t recommend hanging out with a corpse and using an in-person technique for reading auras.

And cancel that are research trip to the nearest morgue, folks. 😉 CONTINUE READING

Psychic Development Is Optional. Empath Skills Are Not.


An empath, a psychic, or just plain zany?
An empath, a psychic, or just plain zany?

Of course psychics are not the same as empaths. Let’s continue with this little series about differences between being a psychic, or intuitive, versus being an empath, or simply considering yourself to be energy sensitive.

Choice Is a Big Difference, for Starters

Being an empath is not a choice. You are born that way. Without exception, all empaths are born as empaths. That could mean you, since 1 in 20 people was born as an empath.

Also not a choice? Until a born empath gets effective skills, there will be suffering. Because every empath is born as an unskilled empath.

Every day, that unskilled empath will pick up Imported STUFF, astral level garbage that detracts from quality of life.

That’s why, IMHO, it is so wise for every empath to choose to develop empath skills. I recommend this as a priority for any empath, at any stage of education in mind-body-spirit.

Well, what if you’re born with talent as a psychic. You have noticed energies or seen energies or had flashes of knowing the future?

Whether or not you pursue that IS a choice. CONTINUE READING

Why Can’t We Fully Understand How Enlightenment Will Be… Until It Happens?

Enlightenment -- ever fresh, and always unique in its unfolding
Enlightenment — ever fresh, and always unique in its unfolding

Of course we can’t understand how Enlightenment will be until it happens.

In that respect, Enlightenment is like any genuinely new experience.

To paraphrase my former guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, you can learn about strawberries. You can research them all you like. You can become a strawberry expert. But until you have tasted a strawberry, you can’t really know.

In a more technical way, Enlightenment is about not having significant STUFF. Whatever astral debris we still have is knocked down to a 1 on the Yuckiness Index. It’s a grace of God change, a form of Divine mercy. As if God says to you, “Close enough. Here you go.”

Yes, many people have experiences of Awakening, which helps along the way. But Awakening is not the same thing as Enlightenment.

We live in an Age of Awakening, where such blessed experiences are far more common than before. These wonderful experiences change us forever, bringing Divine presence in concentrated form — as a shift to personal identity. CONTINUE READING

Householder Enlightenment Leadership. A Guest Post from ISABELLA C.

"Euwww, I'm awake for this? I mean, I'm glad to be awake. Grateful. But...."
“Euwww, I’m awake for this? I mean, I’m glad to be awake. Grateful. But….”

When a blog comment moves me to tears, I think it deserves to be elevated to a guest post (if possible). That happened today.

We were discussing how Enlightenment doesn’t necesssarily solve all human problems. And how difficulties can even arise post-Enlightenment that seem, and feel, very personal. Yet they may result from a leadership role in collective consciousness.

In this new Age of Awakening, millions of people may be moving into Enlightenment. Doing this as householders, too. Rather than following time-hallowed models, suitable for earlier development of consciousness at Earth School, when the path to Self-Realization was deemed to require the renunciate way of life.

Over at Does Enlightenment Break Your World Wide Open?, Blog-Buddy SARAH asked about “the idea that pioneers/leaders of a group are taking on karma for that group beyond their own personal karma.” CONTINUE READING

Removing Illusions about Enlightenment. A Guest Post by RES Practitioner ISABELLA

RES Practitioner, and Enlightenment  Life List member, ISABELLA CATES, is right out in front here, wearing pink.
RES Practitioner, and Enlightenment Life List member, ISABELLA CATES, is right out in front here, wearing pink.

Enlightenment has become a lively topic here once more, thanks to a recent guest post. News from KYLIE, Transformation in the Age of Awakening. Wonderful flows of information happen here, at this informal blog community.

In Comment 12, Blog-Buddy RACHEL asked, “I am curious as to whether you continued to feel the need to have cords of attachement cut, post-enlightenment?”

Like KYLIE, ISABELLA is another active member of this online community who has moved into Enlightenment. She is also a grad of the Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). ISABELLA began to respond as you will see in her Comment 13, over where RACHEL was writing.

The rest is below, turned into a Guest Post. My headings and links, ISABELLA’s wisdom.

The Worst Misunderstanding — a Common LIE — about Enlightenment

There are so many illusions about Enlightenment. So many of them are really quite ridiculous and stand in stark contrast to my day-to-day experience.

One of them is that once you are Enlightened, your growing as a person is done.

Frankly this illusion, this LIE, makes me quite angry and impassioned. CONTINUE READING

Does Enlightenment Break Your World Wide Open?

Just how realistic are your ideas about Enlightenment?
Just how realistic are your ideas about Enlightenment?

“Enlightenment will break my world right open.”

That’s what I thought long ago. Might you have some equally fantastic ideas in mind?

If you have been seeking spiritual self-realization, or Enlightenment, you probably do.

I can’t speak to your unique version. Because each person’s ideals are different.

However I can tell you this: Whenever you do cross over the threshold into Enlightenment, it will be the perfect experience for you. Although probably quite different from what you were expecting.

Just as your life up until this very day… has been perfect preparation. Even a necessary part of your journey! In retrospect, many things you thought were obstacles were really gifts for your spiritual evolution. CONTINUE READING

News from KYLIE, Transformation in the Age of Awakening

Three Post-New-Age skill sets in Rosetree Energy Spirituality
Three Post-New-Age skill sets in Rosetree Energy Spirituality

BlogBuddies, little did I anticipate this, when opening up the thread for Age of Awakening NEWS! I was planning to celebrate shifts in collective consciousness, encouraging news in the realm of objective reality. And I wished to explain where I was coming from as a Post-New-Age writer, teacher, and helper.

LILIAN had already given insightful perspective on her sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) at What Are Energetic Frozen Blocks? Then, to my surprise,  KIRA and KYLIE stepped forward with success stories about how they had been growing since the start of this Age of Awakening. And those success stories do seem to be related to this era. So these stories did fit with the theme of Age of Awakening NEWS.

It is beginning seem to me, Blog-Buddies, that many of the energy healing techniques and energy reading techniques that helped so many of us in as New Age… were part of a shift into this time.

Whereas RES skills are more designed to work now. They are Post-New-Age skills. Appropriate since humanity is no longer preparing for an Aquarian Age but living it. Admittedly that’s a strange concept to wrap my head around. Yet, for me, this seems to fit.


Golly, We’re Getting Close to 24,000 Comments

Celebrating with you, Blog-Buddies
Celebrating with you, Blog-Buddies

Thanks so much to all you Blog-Buddies for making this such a lively, inquisitive, respectful, kind online community. Where your comments are such a juicy part of this blog. :-)

Thank you for joining me in developing skills that work in the Age of Aquarius.

Because that is what these conversations are about, in historical context.

For those of you who follow our ongoing research progress at the Enlightenment Life List, today we had a fantastic range of nominees being researched.

If you’re curious, just check out Comments 1713 – 1721. Plus whichever comments you’all add. Suffice it to say, this was some bunch o’ nominees!


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What Does NOT Count as Technique Time — 11 Exceptions to the General Rule

Celebrate Father's Day today OR any holiday of your choice. Celebrate in a HUMAN way.
Celebrate Father’s Day today OR any holiday of your choice. Celebrate in a HUMAN way.

Blog-Buddies, I’m so glad to be explaining this last chunk of great importance to those of us who limit our Technique Time to 20 Daily Minutes, Tops. As described in yesterday’s article.

What is Technique Time? It’s all about voluntary positioning of consciousness.

During Technique Time a person positions awareness away from objective reality or surface thoughts and feelings… in order to improve himself or herself.

It’s a movement away from human vibrational frequencies towards Divine vibrational frequencies or — most commonly — the person winds up with awareness positioned squarely at astral vibrational frequencies.

Here are 11 things that could happen during a 24-hour period. None of them would count as your official Technique Time.

Notice the reasons given, however. Each of these exceptions is being named in a context, or a manner of doing a particular activity.

Technique Time Exception #1: Let’s Hear It for Insomnia

All that happens between going to bed for the night and getting out of bed to begin your new day….

If you have insomnia, that could be your lucky opportunity. Because you can pray or visualize or do whatever spiritual activity you like to your heart’s content.

In terms of states of consciousness, you’re moving in and out of waking/sleeping/dreaming. Enjoy that potentially glorious time! CONTINUE READING

How the Empath Gift of Spiritual Oneness Helps Me

Rose Rosetree, grateful that she is an empath
Rose Rosetree, grateful that she is an empath

Last blog post I shared one of my worst nightmares ever, connected to the pesky side of Spiritual Oneness. Today we have a happier topic.

Now, what’s so wonderful about Spiritual Oneness?

Five different answers spring to mind immediately. Totally easily. Just the obvious examples, Blog-Buddies.

Mostly in today’s article,  I’m describing what it is like to have an empath gift that is habitually turned off in everyday life. (Through empath skills, not stifling yourself.)

Even turned off, each empath gift can be highly informative. And, on occasion, if Skilled Empath Merge is done, that gift really lights up deep knowing.

1. The personal fun

Bach, Gerard Manley Hopkins; Bette Midler and Beverly Sills and Gustavo Dudamel — there are so many composers, performers, writers, dancers and other artists who bring alive their personal quality of connection to God.

Then that artist spreads it around, conveys it. Either in the foreground or background. CONTINUE READING