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What Is the Point of Personal Growth? For You. For Anyone.

What is the point of personal development? For you. For anyone.
What is the point of personal development? For you. For anyone.

A passionate question came to this blog today, over at Perspective on the Sex Scandals of Great Enlightened World Gurus.

New commenter at this blog, SINDWA KANYIMBA, asked this:

“From your article, I conclude that being enlightened does not make one to be more morally upright and does not build ethic.

“If so, it’s of no use and I see no need to pursue practices leading to enlightenment.

“Most of these gurus were meditators. This to me implies meditation does not make one a better person in society.

“Why the hype on the benefits of meditation since it does not confer high moral/ethical standards?”

Let’s try this experiment, Blog-Buddies. How about YOU answer this, one comment at a time? CONTINUE READING

Could Your Personal Growth Be Stuck in a Rut?

Personal development can be slowed through neglect or boredom -- why let that happen?
Personal development can be slowed through neglect or boredom — why let that happen?

What’s one way to be really cheap with yourself, timewise? (Godwise, too.)

Don’t spend 20 minutes a day on personal development, a.k.a. Technique Time.

Of course you can do better than that! You can give yourself 20 full minutes a day on something that inspires you powerfully, accelerating your emotional and spiritual growth.

Some of you Blog-Buddies aren’t doing this, though.

  • You’re so busy.
  • Or you have been scared off, due to the desire to avoid Spiritual Addiction.
  • While some of you have slowed down your growth journey due to being stuck in a comfortable rut. Same old, same old.

That could get boring, you know? CONTINUE READING

Moving into Enlightenment. A Guest Post by JEAN.

Lotus, a spectacularly pure flower that grows in water, sometimes in mud
The lotus, a spectacularly pure flower that grows in water, sometimes in mud

Yes, Blog-Buddy  JEAN is the latest member of the RES community to move into Enlightenment.

And one reason I chose this particular lotus photo will show if you click on the image and see the bits of brown on the leaves.

One of the sweetest things I have learned about Enlightenment is that each person has a story. I’d say that Jean’s backstory does have it’s share of grimy suffering. And yet… that makes the purity of the flowering lotus all the lovelier.

Graciously Jean shares highlights of her latest story here.


Welcome, JEAN, to Enlightenment

Householder Enlightenment dawns for JEAN
Householder Enlightenment dawns for JEAN

Yesterday JEAN and I were having one of our phone sessions. This wonderful client has had sessions with me, off and on, since 2011.

  • Sessions of aura healing and transformation.
  • Sessions of aura reading research.
  • Also, on her path of personal development, JEAN has chosen to learn the skills of Empath Empowerment®. For years she has lived as a very skilled empath.

Over the years JEAN has been blossoming into her human life. Actually, for more than a year, I have wondered when she was going to move into Enlightenment. Would it be today?

On October 27, 2015, soon as I did the session’s early-on Skilled Empath Merge, I laughed in delight.

Because something was up. Someone was up. Up into a higher state of consciousness.

I had that special feeling… that today was the day to make JEAN’s shift in consciousness official. CONTINUE READING

Back @ Our Future

What do you hope, or fear, everyday life will be like by October 22, 2045?
What do you hope, or fear, everyday life will be like by October 22, 2045?

Yesterday was widely celebrated as “Back to the Future” Day, related to the time travel date in the highly entertaining movie “Back to the Future 2.” The premise was taking a 30-year leap into the future.

If you have the chance to see today’s issue of “USA Today,” the newspaper starts with a gag section for today’s news, based on the premise of “Back to the Future” Day.

In that movie, the characters played by Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd had already traveled to the future and back. For this sequel, they would travel forward again, this time to October 21, 2015. So entertaining, how that date was imagined in a movie released 30 years ago!

Well, Blog-Buddies, today is October 22, 2015. Which is a perfect day for us to think together, back at the topic of our future. Not just whether or not there will be hoverboards.

What will everyday life will be like for you… where you live now… 30 years ahead?

I’ll share my thoughts here. Then you are soooooo warmly invited to comment with yours as well.

We can be afford to be playful, since the “Deeper Perception” that we make practical at this blog involves no psychic development. So we celebrate gaining insight into life as it is now — to benefit from aura healing emotionally and spiritually — to gain meaningful knowledge — all for the sake of improving the present.

Therefore we have no urgent need for accuracy when enjoying this article’s premise, predicting the future.

What are your dreams? Your hopes? Your fears? Just plain thoughts!

Here are mine.


Comparison Aura Reading of Darlene Zschech, Famed for Addictive Church Music

Spiritual sleepwalking -- does it impress you?
Spiritual sleepwalking — does it impress you?

Does God really need the help of performers like Darlene Zschech?

Does Jesus really “want” or “need” for you to surrender your normal thinking and feeling to another human being… even someone as pretty as that Darlene… in order to have a “sacred” experience?

Oh, I think not.

Look at this world, peopled by incarnated souls like you and me who have free will. Are we weird exceptions to Robot World,  where the “good Christians” or “Enlightened People” are really self-actualized?

Or maybe the whole point of living on earth is to actually grow spiritually, which includes your sacred self-authority in its many forms!

Are your mind and heart really some garbage, to be hypnotically numbed into submission? Oh, I think not.

Sometimes there will be a mystical experience where a person reaches towards God, and maybe God also reaches back. Whatever the mysterious dynamics of that loving relationship, it sure doesn’t involve being hypnotized under false pretenses by some other human being. CONTINUE READING

Enlightenment Basics — Announcing Rose’s First Teleseminar Series

Enlightenment Coaching begins for a small group, first time ever
Enlightenment Coaching begins for a small group, first time ever

From Awakening… towards Enlightenment

Hannah always had a deep caring about serving others, being a good person. Last year, some beautiful experiences of awakening changed everything, as if spiritually she was coming alive. With this awakening, it seemed as though her old life fell away. Hannah was ready to make any change, do whatever it took. But what was her new path going to be?

Hank was going through a rough time. When he went to a psychic for guidance, he felt comforted. Actually Hank felt more than simply comforted. The psychic told Hank he was very, very talented as an intuitive. Naturally he signed up for a program to awaken still more. But something felt off. Hank wasn’t sure if this was his path or not. And if it wasn’t, what was?

Lately Hillary has been having some lovely experiences. It’s as though a spiritual light has switched on within her. Hillary feels that she has awakened. Yet there is a troubling gap between how good she feels noticing energies versus everyday life. That hardly matters to her any more, compared to watching inspirational videos or seeking spiritual guidance. Is this what it really means, being Enlightened?

Hannah, Hank and Hillary — their names are fictitious. But their stories are not. I have helped all three of these beautiful people, awakened but not yet Enlightened. Clients like these came to me for personal sessions. Hundreds of clients like these have been helped, one session at a time. Until I began to wonder… CONTINUE READING

When the Sweetness of Enlightenment Doesn’t Necessarily SEEM Sweet. A Guest Post by GRACE W.

Householder Enlightenment, a state of consciousness that is dependable yet ever fresh
Householder Enlightenment, a state of consciousness that is dependable… yet ever fresh

Funny, Blog-Buddies, how lately there have been so many blog posts and guest posts here on the topic of Enlightenment. Including a juicy one from GRACE W. that I’ll be sharing with you today.

Don’t be surprised if tomorrow I make live something I have been working on for a while, something about Enlightenment Coaching. An opportunity that just might be very helpful for YOU.

Among the skill sets and knowledge that have developed for me, Enlightenment Coaching is very special compared to the others.

By contrast, for instance, there are six skill sets that I have trademarked: Empath Empowerment® * 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment® * Vibrational Re-Positioning®

Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® * Face Reading Secrets® * Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®

Every one of them feels like a sacred responsibility, yet I feel that more strongly with the Enlightenment Coaching.

Every one of them has been co-created with Divine inspiration, yet I feel that even more strongly with the Enlightenment Coaching.

And even more wonder. And even more gratitude (including ways that this lifetime and some other incarnations have prepared me just enough).

It humbles me, both the knowledge I have been given and the knowledge that is developing… CONTINUE READING

How Your Favorite Music Reveals Your Vibrational Needs

When music plays on your heart strings, what does that reveal about YOU?
When music plays on your heart strings, what does that reveal about YOU?

In a recent blog post,  Aura Reading of Bad Boy Kanye West, this part may have stood out for you:

So many versions of truth are available. In this chakra databank Kanye West is clearly positioning himself within vibrational reality at the very lowest frequencies available to life on earth. That’s his market. That’s his appeal. More on that to come in a later blog post.

Well, here we go, you delightfully human Blog-Buddies. Sure, music involves vibrational frequencies. And the music you like is related.

Well, let’s begin our survey with the basics. CONTINUE READING

Kathleen from Australia Joins our Enlightenment Life List

Even more fun than "Find the Joey"! Meet another Australian Blog-Buddy who has moved into Enlightenment.
Even more fun than “Find the joey”! Meet another Australian Blog-Buddy who has moved into Enlightenment.

Cute as a koala, a spotted quoll, or a red kangaroo in a good mood — that’s my long-time client KATHLEEN. Actually, way more adorable!

Recently she has moved into Enlightenment. So onto all relevant lists at this blog, here she goes:

A Higher State of Consciousness Can Bring More Everyday Success

Related to that is a conversation that I had yesterday, shortly after validating Enlightenment for KATHLEEN. CONTINUE READING