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Growing Fast? 5 Ways to Tell

Five dogs bursting out of their photo, because they are GROWING SO FAST. Click on this image to keep up!
Five dogs are bursting out of this photo. Could it be because they are GROWING SO FAST? Click on this image to keep up!

Celebrate with me. Thanks to you readers, our blog just surpassed 35,000 comments. 🙂 Today let’s explore five ways to tell if you are growing fast, too. Because personal growth can move faster — and differently — in the Age of Awakening.

Just think of the name for this still-new era: The Age of Awakening. Living now, wouldn’t you expect to be growing fast? This is, after all, a post-New-Age age.

The Age of Awakening began less than four years ago, on 12/21/12. Since then, humanity has shifted into a time when every human being can grow extra-fast. If you want to evolve rapidly now, you can.

Since life today is crazy-complicated,  we may not recognize how well we are doing.

Without necessarily noticing, could you still be growing fast? CONTINUE READING

Brianne Taylor Joins the Enlightenment Life List

And that's BRIANNE before Enlightenment.
And that awesome spunker is BRIANNE… before Enlightenment.

Many of you Blog-Buddies know BRIANNE, only so far you have known her as IRENE. Did her recent name alignment have something to do with helping her move into Enlightenment?

I’ll let BRIANNE TAYLOR tell her own story of how she has moved into Householder Enlightenment. When and if she chooses to share her Enlightenment saga.

The good news is, this part of her life story is now complete.

 More good news? BRIANNE After Enlightenment…


10 True Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Every spiritual awakening bursts a bubble of illusion
Every spiritual awakening bursts a bubble of illusion

Spiritual Awakening is available to all who seek it now. Yet there’s so much vibrational confusion around us. So most of the “signs of spiritual awakening” you’ll read about are ridiculously untrue. Not helpful.  And a part of the problem for anybody who seeks spiritual Enlightenment. Today’s article will give you straight talk about true signs of Spiritual Awakening.

These signs of spiritual awakening come from an Enlightenment Coach. One of many in the world today. I wish that more of us would  write about true signs of spiritual awakening, because so many popular articles on this topic are written by bloggers who are probably lovely people. But…. CONTINUE READING

5 False Signs of Awakening

False signs of spiritual awakening? They won't take you where you want to go.
False signs of spiritual awakening? They won’t take you where you want to go.

False signs of spiritual awakening! That’s the opinion of this Enlightenment coach. But this post invites YOUR opinions. Come and share.

Before you read this and get mad — for one reason or another — here’s why I’m presenting this controversial post.

True Signs of The Age of Awakening was the start of a thread that I think could help you a lot. Seems to me, all spiritual seekers would be wise to tell true from false. So many false promises, so many wishey-hope signs of awakening!

And in this Age of Awakening, we really need Post-New-Age Consumer Smarts. CONTINUE READING

True Signs of The Age of Awakening

Show me a sign, a true sign....
Show me a sign, a true sign….

Not optional: You Live in The Age of Awakening. Are you looking for true, reliable signs of that? Do you wish to see signs, tangible signs, that something really did happen with the Shift into The Age of Awakening?

Or maybe you are seeking signs of personal awakening, spiritual growth. That’s beautiful, too.

In the process of seeking those true signs, have you noticed? There’s so much confusion, even crazy talk. Let me help you sort out the sign seeking with today’s article.

Vibrational Confusion Is Not Spiritual Awakening

Whatever your belief system, it can help to recognize this: Vibrationally, life on earth has changed.

How can people find true signs about spiritual Awakening when they don’t know the difference between “energy” and “vibrational frequency”? Sadly, they can’t.

Astral is not Divine, but both are noticed as energy. Still, they’re not just alike because of being noticed as energy. Astral and Divine are completely different vibrational frequencies. CONTINUE READING

Enlightenment Life List Addition Today

Enlightenment opens up for one more member of the RES community
Enlightenment opens up for one more member of the RES community

Enlightenment Life List Addition for today? Yep. It’s… KYLER.

First name is plenty for now, she says.

(And if some of you know this KYLER already, please refrain from commenting below about how you know her. Congratulations and other comments would be most welcome.)

I just got off the phone with her, using that “Enlightenment Validation Procedure” that I use on occasion.

To this Enlightenment Coach, this is as joyful an occasion as there can be.

I’ll be adding her to our ongoing lists. After dinner, methinks. (It’s now 10 p.m. A good day, but lots of it.)

For now, big congratulations, KYLER.

Are You Interested in Enlightenment? Or Not.


Dare to Live THE NEW STRONG, Especially During the Days of Trump

You don't have to walk on water to live THE NEW STRONG
You don’t have to walk on water to live THE NEW STRONG

Frightening. The newspaper headlines are just frightening. Funny, perhaps, to those who are stoned. (Or cynical.) All the more reason for us Blog-Buddies to live strong and steady. And yes, that can mean learning to live THE NEW STRONG.

For those of us who care about political life in America, and around the world, it’s time to pay attention. How closely you follow current events is up to you.  What matters most politically is that you will vote on Election Day. Vote, no matter what.

Before then, every day, you can show your mettle with the five tips I’ll summarize in this article, five different ways to live THE NEW STRONG.

Tip #1 to Live THE NEW STRONG: Know What It Is

“THE NEW STRONG” is a way to live, a consciousness lifestyle where you stay in touch with reality.


Self-Actualization, RES and Me. A Guest Post by KRISTINE

With self-actualization, who looks back in the mirror? Your Self.
With self-actualization, who looks back in the mirror? Your Self.

Another term is self-realization. Spiritual awakening is yet another term for a higher state of consciousness. (Just googled “Spiritual awakening” and, at the link just provided, got 2,900,000 hits. If links on the first page of hits are any indication, many popular experts on “spiritual awakening” are, sadly, confusing it with what I call “spiritual addiction.”)

This Enlightenment Coach not so fond of using the term awakening, popular though it has become as a synonym for Enlightenment. Why not? Because I’ve read auras of many people who have had an experience of awakening but are nowhere close to Enlightenment.

In this Age of Awakening — hello! — Age of Awakening! — just about everybody is having experiences of awakening. But awakening is just a step in the right direction.

In her first guest post for this blog, KRISTINE uses another term, showing up. I like that!



Do NOT Use Aura Reading… When?

Surprise, Rose finally figures out sometimes it is better NOT to read auras
Surprise, Rose finally figures out… sometimes it is better NOT to use aura reading skills

Who would have thunk it? One day I would write a blog post on when NOT to use aura reading.

Mostly, of course, I encourage everyone reading these words — you, with your fine word literacy — to use an equally useful kind of literacy. Energetic literacy.

Of course, this Aura Reading Coach is in favor of aura reading. Of course, I’m usually engaged in pointing out the so-many benefits.

For instance, look at this list of aura reading topics you can learn to research when you wish to. (Courtesy of this so-practical book on aura reading and more.)

And, of course, I urge you: CONTINUE READING

KRISTINE Moves into Enlightenment after THE NEW STRONG Workshop

RES Professionals and Apprentices at THE NEW STRONG Workshop
RES Professionals and Apprentices at THE NEW STRONG Workshop

After taking my workshop in “The New Strong,” KRISTINE has moved into Enlightenment.

The photo above shows some of the workshop participants who are RES professionals or apprentices, plus  their teacher. Gorgeous KRISTINE is, unfortunately, not pictured here.

In the back of my mind I was hoping for something like this Blog-Buddies. When writing “THE NEW STRONG” and working to edit, edit, edit… I was hoping. When preparing my first-ever workshop  about THE NEW STRONG, the hope tickled the back of my mind and my heart. Enlightenment acceleration for participants?

And could reading THE NEW STRONG really speed up attaining Enlightenment? Because if the workshop could, then the book would as well (though Enlightenment would be accelerated somewhat less rapidly).

Well, whatever. Rose Rosetree has plenty of hopes and dreams. I just keep on doing my work. But today that hope came true. CONTINUE READING