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Does Enlightenment Break Your World Wide Open?

Just how realistic are your ideas about Enlightenment?
Just how realistic are your ideas about Enlightenment?

“Enlightenment will break my world right open.”

That’s what I thought long ago. Might you have some equally fantastic ideas in mind?

If you have been seeking spiritual self-realization, or Enlightenment, you probably do.

I can’t speak to your unique version. Because each person’s ideals are different.

However I can tell you this: Whenever you do cross over the threshold into Enlightenment, it will be the perfect experience for you. Although probably quite different from what you were expecting.

Just as your life up until this very day… has been perfect preparation. Even a necessary part of your journey! In retrospect, many things you thought were obstacles were really gifts for your spiritual evolution. CONTINUE READING

Surprise! Guess who won our latest contest?

Announcing the surprise winners for our latest contest
Announcing the surprise winners for our latest contest

Yes, it’s officially over, our contest about What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick?

Blog-Buddies, I just LOVED all those entries.

So here is what I have decided to do.

Those first three prizes will be awarded as described. Free aura reading. Free face reading. Free Skilled Empath Merge. Yeah, energetic literacy!

And then….


Just a few days left to enter our latest contest

Who fascinates you?
Who fascinates you?

Given our latest topic about name changing, you might wish to nominate some public figure who has undergone a big name change.

Also contest-worthy

Folks in the news and those not in the news — when you wish they would be. Yowza, so much of the news today is really horrible. Disgusting or not, there are still heroes. That includes everyday heroes, public figures whom you and I admire a lot. Don’t you wish to know what makes them tick? When you nominate, be sure to let me know which you prefer to win, an aura reading or a face reading?

Athough I was originally aiming for three contest winners, it’s possible I might add one or two extras. Because so far those nominations have been absolutely fascinating.


Naming Contest for Pursuing Enlightenment, the happy middle ground of “Human-Based Spirituality”

Note: By the end of this contest, we have found a name for this super-quick path of personal growth, human-based spirituality. What is human-based spirituality? You’ll find an unfolding description in this post and the lively discussion that follows in the comments below.

Mediocre people of the world, unite! We need a new name.

Whoa, I don’t want to send Karl Marx twirling in his grave. But I do have a naming predicament. Latest comment moderated before I leave for six days in Canada… was where DAVE wrote, “Maybe it’s not only Rose who has a talent for naming things!”

How ironic, because I have been struggling, struggling, Blog-Buddies.

Bet you can help, because personally I can’t think of a smarter, kinder, cooler community on the entire Internet.

You know two important concepts from Rosetree Energy Spirituality, concepts made possible thanks to Stage Three Energetic Literacy, plus caring about personal development. You have read posts about the:

  • 45% of people in spiritual shutdown, and the
  • 45% of people in spiritual addiction

So what is a proper name for the remaining 10%? CONTINUE READING

Empath Contest Where Everybody Can Win

Announcing an empath contest where everybody wins

“Everyone is an empath.” Recently that idea was raised at this blog. I strongly disagree. But don’t just take my word for it. Enter this latest contest.

Who is an empath?

In the system of Empath Empowerment(R), what does it mean to be an empath?

An empath has at least one significant, trainable gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person. Hardwired into a person (or not), aura reading research can reveal if somebody is an empath even while that somebody is in the womb.

Potentially, having lifelong talent as an empath is a great asset in life. Practically, until you become a skilled empath, you are certain to suffer.

Not because you have a disability or need psychiatric interventions or a support group. But because any unskilled empath constantly does unskilled empath merges with random people. CONTINUE READING

How you can find the posts you want most at this blog

How do I choose which personal development topics to emphasize at this blog?

How can you help to steer the number of posts that include your favorite topics? Your response at the blog is what tells me your preference.

These days, which interests you most:

  • Depth Skilled Empath Merge, Aura Reading, or Face Reading — all the skill sets of Energy Literacy, or just some of them?
  • Maybe you’re leaning more toward Cutting Cords of Attachment, Spiritual Protection Skills, or other healing topics related to Energy Spirituality?
  • What about your growing interest in Soul Energy Awakening Past-Life Regression?
  • Could it be that what appeals to you more are lifestyle posts about living with Deeper Perception, such as our recent thread on The Anorexic Ideal?
  • Or does reaching Enlightenment fascinate you more, especially Householder Enlightenment?

Comment. Whether short or long, any comment counts as a comment.

I do my best to be responsive to your strongest interests, as signalled by the quantity of comments.

If only one comment appears on a thread, versus a dozen on a different thread, such as Enlightenment, what does that (apparently) tell me?

That the Enlightenment component of this blog needs to be the topic of most new posts.

Which topic does interest you most?

Funny thing is, I have a hunch that most of you Blog-Buddies are more interested in becoming skilled empaths, or you enjoy the aura readings.

Well, the only way this blog will reflect your interests — as well as mine — is for you to comment when you like a type of post. Which happens, directly or indirectly, whenever you comment on a particular post.

Here’s more incentive than usual. We are in the midst of our latest contest here at the blog, where all your comments are being tallied up. The one of you who has commented most by May 15, 2013 will win an aura reading at the blog… of the person of your choice.

Then, of course, there is one more incentive. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Contest for Sex Appeal

What IS so appealing about that newsmaker's aura?

Daffodils and tulips are singing around you, Blog-Buddies, unless your weather happens to be more like snow. And I don’t just mean snow for you readers from downunder locations like Australia (Ooh, one centimeter predicted to arrive soon in Hotham) but Colorado or North Dakota.

Spring is more a state of mind, anyway. A state of mind and body and soul and spirit and emotions.

Spring is a state of being that impacts all your chakra databanks, how you do auric modeling and, with that, your contribution to collective consciousness. So keep those vibes high and joyful by entering our latest contest for a free aura reading. This Aura Reading Contest aims to put spring in your step, your heart.

How to enter our latest Aura Reading Contest

Starting today, through May 15, 2013, I’ll be counting how many blog comments you post.

Whoever comments most often will win an aura reading of the celebrity of your choice.

What, your comments springing up like daffodils?

If you win, I hope you will supply the name and photo of someone drool-worthy, someone who makes you feel extra alive, someone totes adorb. CONTINUE READING

Mysterious Aura Reading Contest

Rose Rosetree, Curious. (Photo by Stephen Voss, WAMU)

Honestly! Celebrities and newsmakers are no more mysterious than you or me, Blog-Buddies. However, being more famous, sometimes it is so intriguing: Who is that person, really?

Hence our latest aura reading contest.

As usual, there are requirements for entry. There is a closing date. Afterwards, up to three winning entries will be selected.

Each winning entry will receive a full aura reading post here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

Enter here for a free aura reading

of the mystery candidate of your choice

Enter with a comment below.

  1. Supply the name of your candidate and a summary of that person’s claim to fame. (e.g., Why that individual is a public figure; of course, only public figures are to be nominated. We don’t want to start some Facebook war….)
  2. Write, at any length, who that person is in terms of doing something meaningful or important. Optional: Add one or more links to a webpage about that person’s specialty. Everyone on this earth is important. This part of your contest entry will help us to understand why we would be especially interested in reading this particular person’s aura.
  3. Please share why that person is mysterious to you. What about that person is extraordinary? Could that person have done something in public that is strongly contradictory. Or amazing? CONTINUE READING

Adding to the Fun of our Latest Contest

Blog-Buddies, we’ve had loads of great comments lately for our Enlightenment Life List (Hmmm, do I smell the topic of our next contest? Yum, such a Divine fragrance). Thank you!

But now we have a different contest to wind up in triumph and knowledge and fun. On October 1, our submissions will end for the Near Death Experience Contest, where I will do a free aura reading of someone who has gone through one of those out-and-back, life-changing experiences (NDEs).

A big part of the fun with Stage 3 Energetic Literacy is your ability to explore how a person has been changed by an expansion of consciousness. I have some fun chakra databanks in mind for this unusual research. Well, here’s a way I would like to broaden this particular contest. CONTINUE READING

Near Death Experiences — Aura Reading Contest

So many of you Blog-Buddies have had a Near Death Experience (NDE). Today I was reminded of this while talking with Gladys, who was gracious enough to tell me the story of the one she had at age 12.

I would love to do aura reading research on one or two of you Blog-Buddies who win this contest. I am especially interested in investigating chakra databanks related to your connection to Spiritual Source, way of viewing reality, and soul expression — both before and after that experience.

Entering the contest, or just reading the entries, may be so inspiring. Here’s how to enter: CONTINUE READING