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ONEderful August 2017

ONEderful August 2017
ONEderful August 2017. Even on the very first day of this long month, you can find reasons to celebrate. Join us!

ONEderful August 2017. The latest month of your amazing journey in life begins today.

Already you know it’s going to be a generous collection of days. After today, we’ll still have 30 to go. And, in this hemisphere, that means 30 more very hot days.

Much to look forward to.

Below are some of the highlights that I anticipate. Shared to prime the pump. So you can start thinking of possibilities and, maybe, gratitude. And maybe even feel inspired to share some of your hunches and hopes about this magnificent month. CONTINUE READING

Face Reading Parade. A Contest to Inspire.

Face Reading Parade
Face Reading Parade. May it inspire you.

Face Reading Parade. Every day, you and I march in a parade of faces. But meaning is lacking.

Not now, though. Our latest contest is meant to inspire you.

Just think of our most recent post, Face Reading Treat. Thank you, Jessica and Derek Simmons. Both the faces in our tale of everyday heroism… were perfect. How did these two people possess exactly the leadership needed?

Face reading their soul-level characteristics helped make it clear. CONTINUE READING

Honoring Diversity with Face Reading

Recognize this handsome black man? He could be nominated for our Face Reading Diversity Contest.
Recognize this handsome black man? He could be nominated for our Diversity Face Reading Contest.

Blog-Buddies, what two things have I been wanting to give you lately? More diversity, including when I offer any kind of celebrity reading at this blog. And more face reading. So, in my next blog post, I’ll be announcing a new Face Reading Contest.

Today, though, I’m going to introduce the theme of diversity in face reading.

Of course, Face Reading Secrets® is how we read faces around here. The system is based on the premise that “God don’t make no junk.” And it provides a wealth of insights into the person whose face is being read, both talents and potential challenges.

As for my longing for more diversity at this blog, sigh! When I do celebrity readings here at this blog, so often there isn’t much diversity at all. This contest can help balance out the proportion of “white” faces and auras being read around here. CONTINUE READING

Surprise! Guess who won our latest contest?

Announcing the surprise winners for our latest contest
Announcing the surprise winners for our latest contest

Yes, it’s officially over, our contest about What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick?

Blog-Buddies, I just LOVED all those entries.

So here is what I have decided to do.

Those first three prizes will be awarded as described. Free aura reading. Free face reading. Free Skilled Empath Merge. Yeah, energetic literacy!

And then….


Just a few days left to enter our latest contest

Who fascinates you?
Who fascinates you?

Given our latest topic about name changing, you might wish to nominate some public figure who has undergone a big name change.

Also contest-worthy

Folks in the news and those not in the news — when you wish they would be. Yowza, so much of the news today is really horrible. Disgusting or not, there are still heroes. That includes everyday heroes, public figures whom you and I admire a lot. Don’t you wish to know what makes them tick? When you nominate, be sure to let me know which you prefer to win, an aura reading or a face reading?

Athough I was originally aiming for three contest winners, it’s possible I might add one or two extras. Because so far those nominations have been absolutely fascinating.


What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick? A new contest

What does this photo have to do with our latest contest? Hmmmmm.
What does this photo have to do with our latest contest? Hmmmmm.

Deeper perception is for folks who are curious. Well, here’s a contest to help us to indulge that curiosity. And maybe you’ll win a face reading, aura reading, or Skilled Empath Merge.

It’s simple to enter. Start by flagging someone in the news who baffles you. What could possibly make him tick? Or what could make her tick? What was that person possibly thinking?

Headslapper moment! Duh!

Because reading people deeper is not just for ivory towerish dissertations of an abstract nature. You can’t get more down & dirty — or down & clean — than by going beneath the surface of life to research what makes that person tick. CONTINUE READING

What Is “Human-Based Spirituality”?

AYEBD4 light bulb hovering over open hand
Read here how the RES community discovered Human-Based Spirituality

What Is “Human-Based Spirituality”?

The answer came through comments at the original post here. For context, the Age of Awakening had begun. And this Founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) was struggling to name the fastest way of growing for people who live now.

Have you noticed? This is a time of great energy sensitivity.

This blog post, and the comments that follow, can serve as a historic record of sorts.

Originally this article began as a contest. I drew strength from this online community to help me find a name for today’s super-quick path of personal growth. Read here, especially the flow of comments, to learn how — together — we came up with the term, “Human-Based Spirituality.” CONTINUE READING

Face Reading Secrets® Revealed

Face Reading Secrets® are revealed at this thread.
Face Reading Secrets® are revealed here.

Let me educate you about Face Reading Secrets®, a physiognomy system designed to open your heart of compassion. It’s also practical and useful. Face readers, using this system, are pleasantly surprised by the accuracy.

This post began as a free face reading service that I provided for nearly two years. There’s still plenty of face reading fun to enjoy, even though I’m no longer taking requests to teach face reading over the blog.

So do keep reading, both the main article and all the great comments. Reading faces is such a delight! And this particular system is easy to learn.

The NEW Power of Face Reading, Pathways Expo and X-Zone Radio Interview

"Bad Boy" Alexander from "The NEW Power of Face Reading"

Here’s good news for you face readers out in the blogosphere.

Yes, there’s a juicy new face reading interview to listen to, with Canadian broadcasting legend Rob McConnell. That includes some cool questions about the practical benefits of face reading for your personal growth and spiritual growth.

Rob had me do a bit of comparing how Aura Reading Through All Your Senses could supplement Face Reading Secrets, how these two trademarked systems fit together. I don’t think any media interviewer ever asked about that before.

Regarding that face reading interview with Rob… Personally, I think it’s useful to know that you can fit your listening time to the interview link just supplied by fast-forwarding through some of the longish commercial breaks, the long intro. Good, practical perspective on face reading awaits you.

Not to mention the wacky part of the interview, which I’ll get to soon. CONTINUE READING

Free face reading on the radio

Ava, ready for her face reading

Yoo-hoo, a link from the future. Here is a link to the archived edition of the Rose Rosetree face reading interview with Rebecca Jernigan. Once the window opens, you will find a link that looks like this: 2013-01-18_JWR-Guest_RoseRosetree_Topic_Face_Readings.mp3 . After you click, wait a bit for it to load. Or just consider that pause a good chance to grab a mirror, so you can see your own face data from time to time, listening to the interview.

Or, hey, you could probably just click on that link as an mp3 file, also. Blog-Buddies, I still have so much to learn about all things Internet…. At least I can still read faces.

Of course, your face is about something. It is about many true and interesting things about you:

  • How you work most successfully
  • Specialties related to personal power
  • Communication talents that can delight your listeners
  • So much more, about your personal style and strengths about teamwork, creativity, thinking, problem-solving, overcoming obstacles, saving money. And let’s not forget sex. 😉

There’s an art to gleaning this information, a sacred alphabet about how each adult’s face is divinely designed. How it changes over time. How each characteristic on your physical face (except for coloring) reveals your soul.

That 5,000-year old art is called face reading. Which particular system for physiognomy do I use? It is called “Face Reading Secrets(R).”

My latest book about physiognomy was published just two days ago. The New Power of Face Reading inspired my upcoming interview with Rebecca Jernigan. We’re making this a face reading show, and you’re invited to participate. So that you can receive some face reading, for free, on the air. Come join the fun!

How to have your face read on the radio CONTINUE READING