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ONEderful December 2017

ONEderful December 2017
ONEderful December 2017 can mean a month of great expectations for you. Expectations fulfilled!

ONEderful December 2017 can be a month of completion.

Hmmm, what will best complete this year for you? I’ll lead off the sharing. Inviting you to look forward with a courageous heart. And maybe do some sharing here as well. CONTINUE READING

Guest Post on “Goal Setting with the Aura Reading Advantage”

Rose Rosetree does Aura Reading Research

Blog-Buddy Jessica just emailed me about my upcoming workshop, Goal Setting with the Aura Reading Advantage. This is a way to learn to do Thrill Your Soul Research for yourself. (No previous aura reading experience is required, incidentally.) Jessica wrote:

Here’s a blog post if you like, or just an update for you on how cool it has been since the goal workshop.

I saw in the [monthly “Reading Life Deeper”] newsletter that you’re holding another goal workshop and I started looking through everything I’ve researched this year and everything I have or haven’t done as a result and was totally shocked by how much has changed because of it.

So then I just kind of turned it into the third person, thinking it might be helpful for others to hear it from someone who was been there…. As usual, whatever you want to do or not do with this is totally fine….

What not to do with it? Ha! Forget that!

Here is every word from Jessica, posted with pride and gratitude by Rose.

You know, doing a workshop is a bit like doing a phoner radio interview. Except that for the former I would never wear pyjamas. Either type of conversation, you talk and give your best. Long-term, you don’t know how all that giving is being received.

Jessica’s version of feedback follows, with only headings added by me plus minute bits of copy editing for clarity. (Like changing “chakras” to the more technically correct “chakra databanks.”)

About learning to do Thrill Your Soul Research

I decided to go to Rose’s Goal Setting Workshop last year on a whim. I’m fortunate enough to live in the area, and I was struggling with some decisions and realized I could get a couple of personal sessions or just go and learn it for myself, which would take more work but might last longer. CONTINUE READING