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Divine Presence

Divine Presence
Divine Presence. How can we find it?

Divine Presence. How does that feel during spiritual awakening? And after, but still not in Enlightenment? What changes in Enlightenment?

No doubt you’re familiar with at least two of these categories, Blog-Buddies. So let’s explore. Let’s inspire. CONTINUE READING

The Guru Game in the Age of Awakening

Where can you find your guru? Dwelling in the lotus of your heart.
TRADITIONAL: Where is your guru? Dwelling in the lotus of your heart.                            AGE OF AWAKENING: Come play the Guru Game. Now!

Here’s what got me started thinking about the Guru Game.

The Guru Game is a hidden fact of spiritual life now, in the Age of Awakening.

Today I did a session with JOE, a courageous client who has been going through a hellacious health ordeal. We were researching different foods for him, massages and foot soaks; all sorts of ways he might take the best care of his body.

Yes, this is a form of Thrill Your Soul Aura Research that could have been developed just to help people like JOE, folks who are going through big ordeals in life and have so many  choices about what to do… that, without this kind of research, those choices could be overwheming.

This has been quite the morning. Before doing the 2+ hours with JOE, I got an email from one of my very dearest friends in all the world, GLADYS. We had been doing a bit of emailing back and forth lately.

This time she reported on how she’s been doing with a long-term health problem (pretty well, but with some scary parts left hanging — which could well have terrified somebody less spunky). While all this is going on, GLADYS work situation has been deteriorating. She needs to find another job fast. CONTINUE READING

God Game

Play The God Game YOUR Way


God Game — play it and you win. To help you succeed, this blog post introduces you to a simple way to search for God. And find God, too: “The Pocket.”

Today’s post flows from a wonderful Guest Post by SOPHIA, If you don’t believe in God, how can Energy Spirituality help you? Part 1,

In response, we’ve got an equally heartfelt and amazing Guest Post by AMY. Her Part 2 to this conversation was Does your relationship to God depend on social belonging? A Guest Post by Amy.


If you don’t believe in God, how can Energy Spirituality help you? Part 1

An eloquent, heartfelt comment came in this morning from SOPHIA. When you read it, you may understand immediately why I moved it into the start of a whole new thread, as the start of today’s blog post.

So, first, the words of new Blog-Buddy SOPHIA….

What if the concept of God revolts you?

I’ve been working with “Become the Most Important Person in the Room.” I feel quite overwhelmed with skepticism though, as some exercises mention God.

For the life of me, I cannot turn to God, in any shape or form.

I can’t quite express in words how distant I feel to the idea of turning to God.

Mildly put, turning to God for help would be like turning to “Lexi” from [the how-to book for empaths] for help (I feel extremely unease around that “Lexi”, I literally want to take a step back simply when seeing her in a picture).

To the best of my ability, all I know on the topic of God, I have heard from other people.

I have no first-hand knowledge of God.

The only way I could turn to God, is by somehow getting the approval of other people first. And this doesn’t look like it is ever going to happen.

Given that all I know on the topic of God, I have heard from other people and have no first-hand knowledge of God, how could I possibly turn to God? CONTINUE READING

How could God let this happen to me?

Life is either bliss or lessons, sweet key lime pie or puckery lemons. At the time, we may not even consciously know what those lessons are.

That’s when we really feel clobbered. One of the deepest expressions of pain at such times is the question, “How could God let this happen to me?”

An example is the problem described by MYRNA at Comment 280 in our Q&A thread about cords of attachment:

“I have had a very strong affinity for a man. Felt that hankering, borderline-obsession with thinking he is ‘The One.’”

So many of us have been there, just like MYRNA. The craving feels wrong, seems weird, isn’t what we would consciously choose to “work on.” Yet we can’t stop it. Gotta keep thinking about “Lover Boy”…. gaaaaack!

The whole situation can seem so unfair, even like a punishment. What can we do? CONTINUE READING

Why cut your cord of attachment to God?

God is great! And that’s just the beginning of all of the praise you may have for the All in All.

Nonetheless, it’s possible to have a really disgusting, limiting cord of attachment to God.

This vileness doesn’t come from God directly, of course. It’s like what happens with so many other truly horrible cords of attachment. The degree of being horrible — what I call  “Scoring 10 out of 10 points”  on my Yuckiness Index for Cords of Attachment — is directly proportional to one’s degree of caring about the cordee.

When you’re strongly invested emotionally in a relationship, that’s like driving a car in fifth gear at 80 mph. You’ll respond bigger to bumps on the road.

Compared to what? Compared to a “No big deal” relationship. That would be more akin to driving a car in first gear at 2 mph. Same bump in road, smaller response. You can be quite sure that certain relationships involve major cords of attachment, even if you never think about the cordee usually. That would definitely include at least one form of God.

In the case of God, even an atheist will have a cord of attachment that’s a 10 on the Yuckiness Index. It can be rife with garbage deposited from other sources than God, of course. Same for a cord of attachment to Jesus, to Buddha, to Archangel Michael. Cord items recycle within us 24/7 until the last minutes of a lifetime. We can have horrible messed-up cords of attachment to Divine Beings. Which doesn’t hurt them but us.

For instance, I have had clients who decided to leave the Catholic church. This really, really upset their mothers… to such a degree that these mothers tried seriously hard to re-convert their kids. When this failed, the mothers had nervous breakdowns. For one such client, Joe, guilt from his mother’s emotional breakdown did become part of his cord of attachment to God. Without that bit of cord-cutting, Joe would have kept going through that guilt-ridden dance until the very last minute of his life.

Today, you may notice that the world has not ended — as predicted would happen just a couple of days ago, May 21, 2011. In celebration, I’m going to share with you the contents of two very different cords of attachment to God. As always, details about each client has been disguised. As usual, I first received permission from these courageous clients, both of whom are doing much, much better in life after releasing distorted old energies related to that very special relationship. CONTINUE READING

MBS Books with Muscle, Pathways Magazine, Winter 2010

Amy Lee Coy, MBS Writer with Muscle

Bodybuilders create works of muscle, will, and beauty by sculpting their bodies. A different beauty is shaped when a person simply works hard, really hard, to accomplish a task. Indirectly, muscles are built up, torn. Later those same muscles will repair themselves, even regenerate, producing more strength than ever.

Each title selected for review in this Pathways Winter 2010 Issue is the product of someone who worked really hard, building spiritual muscle with great passion and skill. I feel honored to have met these courageous authors through their work. I’m excited to introduce their books to you.

As for you Blog-Buddies with energetic literacy, check out our two author photos here. They, like their books, can make your chakra databanks tingle. CONTINUE READING

God and Me, a GUEST POST by Belinda

What Belinda modestly neglects to write in this Guest Post is that she now works professionally as a hypnotist and healer. Her essay is part of our ongoing series on how our view of God has evolved over time, with special emphasis on the role of deeper perception, such as aura readings, empathic merges, reading faces and, in this case, a miraculous experience that I would call reading auras with a strong gift for psychic knowing.

If you would like to contribute, email your essay to me at RoseRosetree[at]verizon.net.

I can tell you that as a child I believed God was a father like my father because that’s how I was taught. In my mind’s eye as a child, I saw God as ethereal yet in human form but living above me and elsewhere in our vast universe.  I believed he could peek through the clouds and change things.  CONTINUE READING

God and Me, a GUEST POST by Jim

Continuing our series about the search for God, and how aura readings can change it, here are fascinating comments from Jim:

I grew up in a very strict Roman Catholic household. My parents were both somewhat sticklers for every detail in every instance, although I make no pretense of having lived up to their expectations in any sort of consistently reasonable way. I fell short over and over again, although I was always trying to do better. CONTINUE READING

God and Me, a Guest Post by CSR

Here comes our second installment in this continuing series. Just because you read people deeper doesn’t mean that you have an particular stereotypical view of God. Reading faces, using skills as an empath, or doing aura readings — these are skills that help you to know more. How you use your perception is YOUR business. CONTINUE READING