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Aura Reading Consumer

Aura Reading Consumer
Aura Reading Consumer, attention! What you might need to know to really shop smart.

Aura Reading Consumer Smarts. Our topic for today. Those smart-shopper skills depend on what?

If you’re in the market to learn aura reading, surprise! Most folks today know that auras exist. And that there are teachers of aura reading.

But most have no clue at all… about differences between one type of aura reading and another. Watch today’s new YouTube videos to learn more. CONTINUE READING

Surprising Soul Thrill™ Aura Research

Surprising Soul Thrill Aura Research
Surprising Soul Thrill Aura Research can help you solve a lot of problems.

Surprising Soul Thrill™ Aura Research  — this post explains how to prepare for this super-practical kind of RES Energy READING session.

See that little TM by the name of this service? That’s new.

Today I’ll start using it because I finally applied for a trademark. (Eventually it hit me, this kind of aura reading is quite distinctive, and so many clients love it. I thought, “Hello, it’s trademark time.”) CONTINUE READING

Finding Your New Direction for Success, Health, and More. Newsletter Announcement.

In praise of your magnificent path
In praise of your magnificent path

May is a splendid time to question assumptions about finding your direction in life.

“May I make this choice, God? Am I supposed to?”

So many of us asked questions like these. We want to be good boys or girls, and do as we’re told. How earnestly some of us have prayed for Divine guidance. Or we’ve sought merciful synchronicities to show us the way.

Awakening Reader, have you ever felt downright tormented because you needed to find your way and it seemed as though that vital information was cruelly being withheld from you?

What is my purpose? I demand to know my life purpose. How can I follow my spiritual path if I don’t know what it is? CONTINUE READING

Thrill Your Soul, Snow or No Snow

Finding your path, even when it seems narrow
Finding your path, even when it seems narrow

Blog-Buddies, are you ready for a treat? I’ve been saving something special, and this dig-out-from-blizzard Day Three seems like just the time.

You might remember A Contest to Celebrate 27,000+ Comments at the Blog. You might remember,too, that I announced a contest winner, LORI RUBENSTEIN.

Well, LORI and I did a two-part session of Thrill Your Soul Aura Research.

You can listen on demand at this Soul Thrill Research link.

Why Listen to Someone Else’s Aura Reading?


Top 10 Soul Thrill Aura Research and Name Alignment

Top 10 Soul Thrill
Top 10 Soul Thrill Aura Research. Plus one specialty within that form of energetic literacy,d Name Alignment. Powerful for your personal growth!

Top 10 Soul Thrill Aura Research  articles. I’ll also include articles on a popular specialty, within this form of energetic literacy. It’s called Name Alignment.

This Blog Post Collection aims to help you accelerate your personal growth. Yes, 10 times yes! That’s the purpose of this article. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading for a Spiritual Snapshot

The quest to live our spiritual aspirations is more complex than it might seem
The quest to live our spiritual aspirations is more complex than it might seem

Some exceptional wisdom made its appearance recently in Comments 37 and 38 at What does it mean to be spiritual, really? Blog-Buddy LARA wrote:

I guess I think that all of us are evolving to express or embody as fully as possible all the different aspects of our make-up. All of these aspects can be considered spiritual in the sense that they are part our divinely created selves, one part of which is the ability to consciously connect with the divine.

Some lifetimes specialise in certain ones like power, wealth, poverty, health, etc, some maybe in developing a ‘spiritual connection’ in the Third Eye sense. Ultimately all of these are necessary for ‘spiritual’ evolution. Isn’t that the essence of humanly evolving spirituality? Elizabeth Holmes may not be experiencing her larger consciousness spiritually but through other aspects.


Your Name of Power. And how to awaken your life with Name Alignment Aura Reading Research.

Rose Rosetree and Evegnia, demonstrating Soul Thrill Aura Reading Research
Rose Rosetree and Evgenia, demonstrating Soul Thrill Aura Reading Research

Don’t save this for your Bucket List. Put it on your list of things to do in the new year. At least if you’re interested in having a much, much better life.

Does the name you have now really help you express your true self? To fulfill your potential?

You can find out. If the news isn’t good, you can do something about it.

The best way to find out whether your current name helps or hinders

Ask your aura. Use Stage Three Energetic Literacy to research in detail the impact on major chakra databanks. CONTINUE READING

NAME ALIGNMENT Aura Reading Research, a Powerful New Way to Express Your Soul.

Looking to express your soul more fully?

Legally, it is no big deal to change your name. Making this shift can be one of the easiest things you ever do, and one of the cheapest investments you make in this lifetime.

Finding a name that reverberates with the vibration of your soul? I consider that to be the single best investment you can make in your spiritual evolution, success, and personal happiness.

A super-easy way to grow, as well.

One way to choose a name wisely is NAME ALIGNMENT Aura Reading Research. This is one of my very favorite skill sets within Rosetree Energy Spirituality. CONTINUE READING

Reading the royal aura of Prince Splendid

Every baby photo includes an aura photo

The royal baby has arrived. So have photographs of Prince George. You know what that means, Blog-Buddies. Bring on an aura reading, using Stage Three Energetic Literacy skills.

Introductions to today’s aura reading research

Need I introduce you to Will and Kate? Or the rest of the British royal family?

Nah! But I would like to give a shout-out to Kate for bravely emerging from the hospital less than 24 hours after giving birth. How radiant, picture-perfect. Frankly, how brave.

Childbirth isn’t that easy. As Dave Barry once observed, even rich people can’t pay others to do childbirth for them. Ouch!

I’ve heard it said that women are close to death while giving birth. Personally, I can relate. So I fell in love with Catherine all over again, seeing her smile and wave, leaving the hospital as if emerging from a minor cotillion or perhaps the launch of a paint job on the Queen Elizabeth 2 Ocean Liner.

To look fresh as a daisy like that? In front of a world stage. (So very different from “All the world’s a stage.”)

Holding this baby as if she had been a mother for millennia. I wonder, did she practice child-carrying in advance? Because this first-time mother was so awkward holding her child, it probably took months to approach a facsimile of “normal-looking.” To look like Kate here, a relaxed, confident mother? Awe-inspiring!

Since her baby’s name hasn’t been announced, I will refer to him as “Prince Splendid.” Rather than, say, “Cuddles.”

Technical points about the aura reading itself

One extra bit of fun for today’s aura reading is that I will be researching chakra databanks that I don’t usually investigate on blog posts.

As I name each one, you might have fun thinking about that particular chakra databank. How might it be especially relevant to the reading of a Royal? CONTINUE READING

Becoming a Citizen, a Skilled Empath Merge

Evgenia, aura ready for Skilled Empath Merge

Any big shift in legal status ripples an impact throughout your aura. Every chakra databank can be affected.

As a skilled empath, or an aura reader, you can research life passages in the most tender and meaningful ways.

Recently I had an exciting opportunity to do a new kind of research on evolving chakra databanks. Because Blog-Buddy EVGENIA became a U.S. Citizen.

American EVGENIA is keeping that zesty Russian name, pronounced yev-GHYEHNN-eee-yah. (At least, that’s how it sounds to me.)

Same name, but what about the impact on her auric modeling, Evgenia’s chakra databanks?

Auric modeling for a brand new American citizen

How on earth do you research that? CONTINUE READING