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Inspiration Imperative. 5 Ways to Shine Up.

Inspiration Imperative RES
Inspiration imperative! Here come FIVE ways to shine up.

Inspiration Imperative! Finding inspiration is no luxury in these chaotic times. If you’re awake inside, you crave it.

Yet where are you to turn? (Besides this blog.)

I mean really, where will you seek inspiration, your newspaper? (Haha. But not followed by any joyful roll on the floor, laughing.)

What can help? Here come five solutions. CONTINUE READING

What Inspires You?

Divine inspiration in everyday life
Divine inspiration in everyday life

News in America is elevated these days by Pope Francis’s visit, an inspiration to America’s Catholics and countless others as well.

Isn’t it rare for the news media to cover anything inspiring? How wonderful this is.

I wonder, would you be willing to comment here on what inspires YOU lately?

Here are three of my biggest inspirations CONTINUE READING

10 Ideas to Inspire You on this Father’s Day

This Father's Day, 10 reasons for you to celebrate
This Father’s Day, 10 reasons for you to celebrate

No matter what did — or didn’t — happen during your childhood, this Father’s Day can inspire you. Here are 10 reasons why.

Father’s Day Idea #1: YOU have been a father. Often.

You can be sure that YOU have been a father many times. A human father! So experience in this lifetime adds to your progressive learning about fatherhood here at Earth School.

Why do I think so? Right now, you’re not only human. You’re evolved enough to have gained Gutenberg literacy in this lifetime. You are even evolved enough to have an interest in energetic literacy. Maybe also empath skills. And even a strong desire to move toward Enlightenment?

Now I haven’t read your aura, personally. Probably. Most of you’all are lurkers here at Deeper Perception Made Practical. Even among you regular blog contributors, unless you have been in session with me, I have never done Skilled Empath Merge or aura reading on you.

Yes, spiritual evolution does show in an aura. So that would reveal a great deal. But merely being practical, of course you have been a father plenty of times by now. I have it on good authority that in order to rate an incarnation in human form on earth, each of us has had at least 10,000 lifetimes. CONTINUE READING

The Power of Prayer, a Guest Post by JULIE from my Enlightenment Life List


Prayer power, in Enlightenment and as part of one's path to Enlightenment
Prayer power, in Enlightenment and as part of one’s path to Enlightenment

Blog-Buddies, so often the juice of this blog lies in the comments. Today’s Guest Post began as a shortish comment at Householder Enlightenment, a guest post by JULIE after nearly two years in Enlightenment .

What a gem from JULIE! Wisdom about Householder Enlightenment. JULIE was responding to Comment 4 by ALLISON at that aforementioned guest post.

How can an Enlightened person wisely handle distressing current events, troubling stories in the news? Maybe not too differently from people who have not yet crossed the threshold into Enlightenment.

For sure, I am not the only Enlightenment Coach around here! From me, headings and all the rest comes from Enlightenment Coach JULIE!

Being of  Service to Others, Pre-Enlightenment or in Enlightenment

The better I take care of myself, mentally and emotionally, the more I can be of service to myself and others. From that standpoint, I read and pay attention to the news, but not too much.

If there is something that troubles me deeply, I will hold a space for it. CONTINUE READING

What makes celebrity love tick? A guest post by JULIE.

A Valentine's Day look at celebrity crushes
A Valentine’s Day look at celebrity crushes

Most of us, if we’re honest, will recognize that we have had some rather complicated relationships with celebrities, be they movie stars or politicians or athletes.

Why do we follow them on Twitter? Why do we crush on them?

Or feel disappointed when they marry or divorce?  

Do we care so much that sometimes we drop them like hot potatoes? Because they did what? Absolutely fascinating!

What exactly fascinates us? Repels us? Judy Garland famously sang an anthem to celebrity crushes, You Made Me Love You,” in “Broadway Melody 1938.” Gee, do you think a person living today might be exposed to a few more celebrities than in 1938?

Today Blog-Buddy JULIE has added to a thread begun at yesterday’s Academy Award Reading of Cate Blanchett. Such a gorgeous sequence of insights, dressed up in human garb. And how appropriate to Valentine’s Day,

What has been quirky or puzzling or spiritually evolutionary about your relationships with celebrities, Bl0g-Buddies? CONTINUE READING

10 Ways to Cheer Up

Aura Reading by Rose RosetreeFace Reading, Aura Reading, and Empath Empowerment — all of them can help you to overcome winter blues.

What if, lately, you have felt well and truly stuck? Then this blog post is for you. Check out my list of 10 ways to cheer up, then add your own tips at the end.

The main thing to remember is that right now MANY people are going through enormous releasing and reorganization. We’re all getting ready for 2012, which is not all that far away now. So take it one day at a time. Survive and you will look back at this time quite joyously. Meanwhile…. CONTINUE READING

We Have Come Through

Finally it happened. You knew soon as you woke up this morning. Finally, you have broken through the fog into the light.

Rose Rosetree, HolidaySometimes life grows murky by degrees, with change so imperceptible that you never feel the fog start. You only know that, increasingly, your journey has become difficult. Maybe there’s a specific problem with a relationship, a job or a deadline.

There can be any kind of nuisance: Repairs to your home, the illness of a loved one, your own physical worries. Newspaper headlines could match your inner doom and gloom, or set it off.

Or maybe there’s no outer reason, and you know full well the problem lies within. Somehow you just don’t feel like yourself. And you wonder, will you ever? CONTINUE READING