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Vote. Don’t Just Feel.

If you care about your country, VOTE. No "Age of Awakening"-type excuses are acceptable.
Americans, if you care about your country, VOTE. No “Age of Awakening”-type excuses are acceptable.

“I’m not feeling it.” What if people you know don’t plan to vote on Election Day 2016?

Talk to them, please.

Tell them, “Voter turnout is key for this crucial election. Voting all the way down-ballot.”

Or tell them, “Unless you exercise your right to vote, you have no right to complain about anything the government does.”

And maybe also tell them:

“Vote for the best choice you’ve got. Not the perfect choice

“Because effective politicians don’t have to be perfect. Realistically, we can’t expect that. Not unless YOU run for office, of course. ;-)” CONTINUE READING

Revolting Media Aftershock from the Earthquake

Breaking news from the media about the earthquake..,. oh so scary!
Breaking news from the media about the earthquake..,. oh so scary!

Ooh, breaking news, from the terror-inflaming media about Washington’s one-minute earthquake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, dateline August 24 from Sterling, Virginia. I’m reporting this the day after the less than ONE MINUTE earthquake we had in Sterling, Metro D.C., and other parts of the East Coast.

Far as I know, the earthquake did little damage anywhere… although it did stir up fears, as noted by JEAN in Comment 10 to yesterday’s post. (Incidentally, Blog-Buddies, that JEAN is doing huge, amazing removal of fears and STUFF, as she and I already know.)

Granted, expensive damage was done to the complicated architecture of The Washington Cathedral and elsewhere. Mostly, though, the damage was pretty darned small.

Yet, did you notice? The terror-starved media in our Age of Terror wanted to break a big earthquake story. And so they did. Media reports as if the tiny earthquake was really a terrifying, scary-like dangerous disaster.