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Dick Bolles AURA. Was He More Than a Dreamer?

Dick Bolles Aura
Dick Bolles Aura. Let’s explore the money mojo of Mr. “What Color Is My Parachute?”

Dick Bolles Aura. Famous for giving career advice, he wrote “What Color Is Your Parachute?” What did his own aura say about gaining wealth?

We began discussion of Bolles’ work here.  What didn’t I mention yesterday? GILLIAN concluded her contest entry with these thoughtful words:

I don’t mean to suggest that he was some kind of rip-off merchant. I’m sure he believed sincerely in what he was offering.

But it would be interesting to find out whether he had a toughness and reality when it came to making money that wasn’t obvious from the ideas presented in his book.


Elon Musk’s Aura. Making Money Profile #2.

Elon Musk's aura.
Elon Musk’s aura. Money-maker extraordinare! Ever wonder, how’s his aura doing?

Elon Musk’s aura stars today in our series of Making Money Profiles. Could his aura show something even better, spiritually, than the life he is having humanly?

Already you know how amazing he is, right? Elon Musk: First of all, entrepreneur! Second, inventor! Third, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX!

Yes, not just CEO of anything but CEO of TESLA!!! and SPACEX!!!

Finally, the man is rich, rich, rich. CONTINUE READING

Jenna Marbles Aura. A YouTuber’s Making Money Profile

Jenna Marbles Aura
Jenna Marbles Aura, YouTuber extraordinaire! Will WEARING money be next for this vlogger?

Jenna Marbles Aura? Definitely curious!

She a professional YouTuber. Making money by winning followers. Then keeping them interested.

Aren’t you, too, curious about this successful vlogger’s aura? Energetic literacy insights go deeper than style or charisma. What will we learn about this money maker? CONTINUE READING

Money Happy Profile. To Help YOU Win More Success

Money Happy Profile -- The Basics + a New Video
Money Happy Profile — The basics + a new video

Money Happy Profile — what’s that for? It can serve you by inspiring your greater success. And helping you to avoid strategies that only enrich the success coach.

Let’s not forget the fun and surprises, plus indulging your curiosity about a variety of role models for success.

Both success and personal growth are at stake here, Blog-Buddies. Plus, I promised you three prizes for our Money Happy Contest. CONTINUE READING

How my view of making money has changed. A Guest Post by Isabelle

Learning how to balance making money with personal growth... in a way that works for Isabelle
Learning how to balance making money with personal growth… in a way that works for Isabelle

Energetic literacy and effective skills of aura healing have made a difference for many of my readers and clients. Today’s guest post comes from a Blog-Buddy who sounds quite new to the modality of Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

She still has a powerful tale to tell about learning to operate more in objective reality in order to make money. To Isabelle and others who have been struggling to use energy in conjunction with making money, I do recommend the how to “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.”

I also recommend cautionary tales like the following one. Sometimes a path teaches us powerfully when we realize that it led us to a dead end. Then we can change, as Isabelle has started to do. Change for the more practical and reality-based!

Taking direct action now in order to make money

To be honest, I only worked for 3 months in 2014; the rest of the time I was unemployed. But then, I also started to study again in 2014.

And what changed there was the way I approached the possibility to get a scholarship. I haven’t yet received it, but I can proudly say that I really gave my best and didn’t let ‘no-sayers’ stop me. CONTINUE READING

Magnetize Money Profile, New Aura Reading Contest

Why does energetic literacy bring greater success?

Yes, Blog-Buddies, it’s time for a new contest. The prize(s) for this one will be my doing a special kind of aura reading that I call a “Magnetize Money Profile.”

NOTE: Deadline for entering this contest is extended to December 1, 2011. Even after deadline time is over, you may enjoy the protocol here for doing your own Magnetize Money Profiles.

Energetic literacy is the new perspective that I offer you Blog-Buddies for becoming more successful, making more money, and having better impact on relationships in your career. “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy” is the fruit of extensive research I did into chakra databanks linked to success.

It’s a perspective that shows why the Abraham-Hicks-Rhonda-Byrne-style Law of Attraction practices don’t work as promised. Actually, since I did Magnetize Money Profiles on tall three of them, Esther Hicks, Rhonda Byrne, and “Abraham,” I was able to bring a pretty surprising perspective on them, as well as other LOA teachers.

But Magnetize Money Profiles aren’t just interesting ways to evaluate teachers of success and prosperity. They’re fascinating for reading ANY public figure. Hence this contest.

What is a Magnetize Money Profile, anyway?

A Magnetize Money Profile is a research sequence that correlates directly with a person’s success at making money, gaining and keeping respect from others, and overall material success as a human being.

Yes, the quality of information in 10 chakra databanks carries tremendously useful information to investigate anyone’s prospects for major wealth creation. CONTINUE READING

Fight $$$ Fears with Aura Reading

coins, Aura Reading article, Rose RosetreeWith recent, alarming financial events, Aura Reading is no substitute for voting or regularly contacting your reps in Congress.

Although, when more people do Aura Reading, that crazy cast of characters will quickly change for the better.

  • If you want to vote the bums out, your first step is to tell who they are. Bums who lie, abuse power, etc. can be spotted easily using my three really accurate Aura Reading Lie Detector Tests. (If voters had used Aura Reading in 2000 or subsequent elections, we would never have been in this mess.) CONTINUE READING