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New Manners. Newsletter Preview.

New Manners
New Manners? Have you been enjoying more friendly waves lately?

New Manners? Look, Blog-Buddies, knowing you, already you’ve got fine manners. But something more might bring you extra success in this Age of Awakening.

Bonjour Monsieur. Bonjour Madame.

Hello, Everyone.

Don’t you wish that everyone greeted you so politely? Even strangers! Actually, people still do this in France today. Yet for most of us, what’s the closest we’ll get to that much public cordiality? Listening to the start of “Beauty and the Beast.” CONTINUE READING

RES Trademarks — What You Never Knew Before. Newsletter Alert!

RES Trademarks
RES Trademarks — learn more about them in “Reading Life Deeper.”

RES Trademarks are the main topic in my upcoming newsletter. Yeah, trademarks, as in: Have you ever had a bright idea?

Well, of course! Every day you have so many of those shiny- delicious ideas. The question is, what have you done with them? Spoken those ideas aloud OR written something down OR used those ideas to help people OR something more? CONTINUE READING

Face Reading Leslie Jones. A Newsletter Announcement.

Announcing three items of face reading data I never saw... before researching Leslie Jones
Announcing three great items of face reading data I never saw… before researching Leslie Jones

My Face Reading of Leslie Jones really, really didn’t go as planned. Ironically I began the November Newsletter like this:

Feel surprised today. If you want, feel pleasantly surprised.

Yes, you could call that  “Waking up your capacity for wonder.” If you have to get fancy about it.

Yet it doesn’t take fancy anything to experience surprise, not really. Allowing yourself to feel surprise can be… simple.

Oy veh! As if I knew what I was doing with that invitation to big surprise! And I thought I was just writing another issue of my monthly newsletter, “Reading Life Deeper.”

Did that ever turn out to be an understatement! CONTINUE READING

Next Newsletter Features Skilled Empath Merge with Environment. Plus More

Dancing Spirit Lake, Site of my first Skilled Empath Merge with the Environment
Sacred Dancing Lake, site of my first Skilled Empath Merge with the Environment

What, do a Skilled Empath Merge with the environment? And I did one?  And I’m about to published an article about what happened????

Yes, that’s the lead article in the upcoming issue of “Reading Life Deeper.”

Actually it’s a double issue, September – October 2016.

Besides including my first-ever published Skilled Empath Merge of this type, I’ll be sharing inside information about a certain renaming… CONTINUE READING

Latest RES Newsletter Has Big News for Empaths

Yusuke, at the leading edge of Empath Empowerment®
Yusuke, at the leading edge of Empath Empowerment®

The April issue of “Reading Life Deeper” will go (very) live tomorrow.

It contains:

  • An inspiring article, of course.
  • The best of this blog, as usual.
  • And what’s really surprising?

You’ll read some pretty exciting news for empaths.

Even though you can always read a recycled, archival newsletter article here at the blog every month… a great idea from some of you Blog-Buddies that I’m implementing now… there’s something special about that fresh, tasty, monthly newsletter.

RES Knowledge Is Not Brought to You by a Stork


Invite All in Your Family Tree to Enjoy This Newsletter

Rejoicing in the roots of your family tree?
Rejoicing in the roots of your family tree?

For the March issue of my newsletter, “Reading Life Deeper,” I’m giving you a special kind of aura reading. Here’s a hint: In the main article, I’ll research the host of the Public Broadcasting System’s TV show,  “Finding Your Roots.”

With Stage Three Energetic Literacy, we can all do much better than a simple “Root Chakra Aura Reading.”

Wonderfully Human Reader, let’s enjoy a Root Chakra DATABANKS Reading, where I’ll compare and contrast what is happening with seven completely distinct Root Chakra databanks in the aura of Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

For us, living now, this Root Chakra DATABANKS Reading is happening for the first time ever. Probably the first time that such a thing has ever been done on earth. CONTINUE READING

Cicely Tyson’s Generously Empowering Aura

Announcing more celebrity readings to come
Announcing more celebrity readings to come

Here’s a Comment Space and also a new kind of Placeholder Space.

In my January issue of “Reading Life Deeply,” I gave an aura reading of Cicely Tyson.

Blog-Buddies, you’re invited to comment below.

Also I have decided to start posting at this blog some past newsletter articles with aura readings, face readings, and Skilled Empath Merges…

ONE year after publication. Longer, for many articles that are in the backlist of my monthly newsletter.

You see, I do want to keep the newsletter special, a leading-edge, latest news in the world of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

Here’s How the Aura Reading of Cicely Tyson Begins


John Slattery Stands in for Santa Claus in the December Newsletter

Face reading Santa Claus? No, but here's as close as I'll get this year...
Face reading Santa Claus? No, but here’s as close as I’ll get this year…

Blog-Buddies, wouldn’t you like to meet Santa Claus? He is loved and trusted worldwide by those with the purest hearts.

Sadly, I can’t interview him in person for my next newsletter. But…

Why not designate a face to represent him? That’s what I can supply in the December issue of “Reading Life Deeper.”

Then I’ll use the system of Face Reading Secrets® to read his lips. And more. CONTINUE READING

My Next Newsletter Will Answer This Question about Ben Carson.

In this bromance-style painting, Jesus is really smaller than the other guy?
In this bromance-style painting, Jesus is really smaller than the other guy?

It’s a fact. Although this could be the stuff of urban legends. Could be mere gossip. But nooooo, apparently this is a fact.

Presidential candidate Ben Carson has many portraits in his house. One of them shows Jesus placing an arm over Carson’s shoulder. Further, it might be worth mentioning that, in this painting, Jesus is smaller than Carson.

You can see it in the current issue of “People Magazine” — at this online link just scroll down and you’ll find it easily.

What Kind of a Person Would Do That? An Aura Reading of Ben Carson


Rose Rosetree’s First Detailed Skilled Empath Merge with a Crystal

This crystal empath is about to do a new type of Skilled Empath Merge
This crystal empath is about to do a new type of Skilled Empath Merge

Skip today’s article if diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and other stones make you want to snooze. 😉

But if you happen to like them, you may want to share a new type of Skilled Empath Merge with me.

For Crystal Empaths, Even Semi-Precious Stones Can Transport You to a Wonderland

Some people assume that fancy gemstones are the only ones with big value. True, some dedicated crystal collectors invest in exquisite, sizeable stones — showy, even to the casual observer. That’s lovely, but some of us casual collectors content ourselves with very small stones, not necessarily valuable monetarily.

We know that, once cleaned and well programmed, the most inexpensive crystals can work wonders. CONTINUE READING