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Enlightenment Journey for AJ McClary. Generous Guest Post, Part One

Enlightenment Journey for AJ McClary
Enlightenment Journey for AJ McClary — guess he’s more thrilled than me, but maybe not by much.

Enlightenment Journey for AJ McClary — this has been my privilege to witness. Ever since my first session for AJ, I was impressed by his keen intelligence, sweetness, and drive to evolve. But did I expect him to reach Age of Awakening Enlightenment? Not really.

Pleasantly surprised, and yet not surprised. That was my reaction when facilitating “Enlightenment Validation” for him recently. CONTINUE READING

Overcoming spiritual addiction. A guest post by ISABELLE

Empath Isabelle shares how she has emerged from spiritual addiction
Empath Isabelle shares how she has emerged from spiritual addiction

For me, spiritual addiction started when I was 16. I was so, so sensitive. I felt everything that other people felt and found it very very hard to live in objective reality. Hard to live as a human being.

One of my gifts as an empath is that I am a molecular empath. Which may have made it even harder since, back then, I lacked skills as an empath.

Secret struggles, at first

Every day was a struggle; I only felt safe when I was with myself. I hated school. Even though I was considered as one of the ‘cool ones’ (but also the ‘very silent one’), I felt so very different from everybody else.

I couldn’t understand why I had come here. Very painful!