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Dick Bolles AURA. Was He More Than a Dreamer?

Dick Bolles Aura
Dick Bolles Aura. Let’s explore the money mojo of Mr. “What Color Is My Parachute?”

Dick Bolles Aura. Famous for giving career advice, he wrote “What Color Is Your Parachute?” What did his own aura say about gaining wealth?

We began discussion of Bolles’ work here.  What didn’t I mention yesterday? GILLIAN concluded her contest entry with these thoughtful words:

I don’t mean to suggest that he was some kind of rip-off merchant. I’m sure he believed sincerely in what he was offering.

But it would be interesting to find out whether he had a toughness and reality when it came to making money that wasn’t obvious from the ideas presented in his book.

Blog-Buddies, it’s important to bring together in our minds what we’ve learned about success and prosperity, not just Law of Attraction-type teachings. Of course, you may know I’ve got a workshop coming up next month to help do that — with definite help from RES Energy READING Skills and Energy HEALING Skills.

Prep to Read Dick Bolles Aura

Here’s a link to some bio. There you’ll also find the Aura Photo of Dick Bolles that I’ll be using for today’s aura reading. (Of course, once you’ve learned full Stage Three Energetic Literacy, every picture is an aura photo.)

Besides that, if you’d like to know more about the parts of his aura I’ll be reading here, this blog post would be a great preparation:

Money Happy Profile. To Help YOU Win More Success

Now let’s go for it. Jumping in with no parachute required! Let’s do a Making Money Profile for Rev. Bolles.

#1. Dick Bolles Aura. Root Chakra Databank for Earning Money

Symbolic Size

80 feet. Over-functioning a bit


Evidently Dick Bolles feels very solidly confident about his own ability to earn money. A word that adds nuance is “entitled.” He feels entitled to earn money.

#2. Dick Bolles Aura. Root Chakra Databank for Saving Money

Symbolic Size

22 feet. Normal range.


First of all, Dick Bolles does appear to be a saver. Second, tight control is his preferred way of saving.

#3. Dick Bolles Aura. Root Chakra Databank for Personality at Work

In his case, that might include giving speeches or interviews, doing work as a consultant. (For applicability later to our contrasting chakra databank that comes next, requiring interaction with others.)

Symbolic Size

90 feet. Over-functioning


Loving his work. Feeling Divinely inspired.

#4. Dick Bolles Aura. Root Chakra Databank for Personality PROJECTED at Work

Symbolic Size

Fills the room times five.


Pushing his charisma for a purpose, to bring religiously-tinged inspiration. Not pushy. Rather, he’s a big believer. (After graduating from Harvard, the man did go all the way through training as an Episcopal minister, right? See details at Part One of this short series of articles.)

#5. Dick Bolles Aura. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Self-Confidence at Work

Symbolic Size

5 feet. Under-functioning


Seems to me that, at the time of this photo, Dick Bolles doesn’t feel at the top of his game.

Could be just that day, one of those flukey moments that assails us seniors. Or could be some other transient experience.

I doubt this is typical for him.

#6. Dick Bolles Aura. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Handling Conflict at Work

Symbolic Size

80 feet. Over-functioning


Dick Bolles lives large. Perhaps he has a temper to match.

Reading this chakra databank from a photo doesn’t reveal what happens with this temper. Does he explode? Stuff the rage and feel guilty?

How could I find out?

If Dick or someone else in the room with me were my client. Then I could, on request, pull out some energetic holograms from the incident. The sort of Energy READING Research that I do in many a session.

#7. Dick Bolles Aura. Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Intelligence at Work

Symbolic Size

2 inches. Nearly shut down.


Speaking of sessions, had Dick Bolles been my client, if he wanted… I might have helped him to get past this sort of problem.

Anyway, here’s what shows at the time the photo. Evidently Dick Bolles is stuck, stuck, stuck regarding emotional intelligence. Instead he stereotypes, theorizes. Maybe even possessing quite an established set of explanations for other people’s behavior. Explanations with a religious tinge.

#8. Dick Bolles Aura. Throat Chakra Databank for Communication at Work

Symbolic Size

24 feet. Normal range.


Mental clarity helps him to communicate.

Perhaps of interest? Nothing emotional or spiritual shows in this chakra databank. “Just the facts, Ma’am.”

#9. Dick Bolles Aura. Third Eye Chakra Databank for Awareness of Your Human Life

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Shut down. (Chakra databanks can always bounce back, you know. Reminiscent of the saying, “Where there’s life, there’s hope.”)


Could be, Dick Bolles “has it all figured out.” Meaning, “all that matters.”

Religion, or other strong beliefs that are psychological or political, can do this for a person. Maybe you’ve noticed?

#10. Dick Bolles Aura. Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

Symbolic Size

2 inches. Close to complete shut-down.


Dead certainty. Dick Bolles is righteous. Supposedly, he has God handled, under control.

Tiny Aura Reading Tutorial

How to square that quality with the size of the chakra databank, nearly shut-down?

From this aura reading, it appears that Dick Bolles believes himself to have mastered the “topic” of religion. Like many a church member and many a clergyman!

So the quality of this databank suggests what? At the level of his aura and his subconscious mind, God is a “topic.” And he’s mastered it.

What’s your immediate reaction, Blog-Buddies? Do you think that it is possible to connect, or relate, to Almighty God like a little set of ideas? And if you’re smart, like Dick Bolles, you know it all?

Clearly many folks live that way. Yet I wouldn’t call that much of a relationship, would you? Bolles’ religious certainty reflects, more than anything, his level of consciousness. At his stage of spiritual evolution, all this is true and right. All he could ask for.

However, the size of a chakra databank provides a sort of reality check, or point of comparison. If this chakra databank were doing so well, wouldn’t it barely be functioning?

Any size and quality are possible with a chakra databank. It takes practice reading auras to sort it out. But don’t be intimidated, Blog-Buddies. Because you sort things out when you read words as well. This discernment has taken you many years, much education.

Eventually you’ve developed a level of skill that works for you. With practice, the same thing happens with developing energetic literacy. Every time you do either kind of reading, you can get just a bit better at using your skills. (Unless you decide “I know it all. I know it already.”)

In Conclusion

Here’s my response to GILLIAN’s initial question, towards  the top of this post.

“But it would be interesting to find out whether he had a toughness and reality when it came to making money that wasn’t obvious from the ideas presented in his book.”

I’d say this. Dick Bolles was forceful and very interested in making money. He had many qualities related to success, especially showing in some of the chakra databanks I’ve read here, #1, 2, 3, 4, and 6.

Otherwise, he had limits, both emotionally and spiritually. Perhaps his system has worked best for people of similar consciousness. (And GILLIAN would not be one of them, being a deeply caring person, plus an empath, plus someone with a lot of spiritual awakening.)

Given his long-term fame, his elite education, and his clergyman status… Dick Bolles could be doing worse by this stage of his life.

Perhaps he put the best of what he wanted to give in the book that has brought hope to so many people, “What Color Is Your Parachute?”

Incidentally, you can find many resources at my website to learn aura reading. One of the best is also the newest: A powerful course for learning to read auras — online, sophisticated, and totally on-demand. There’s also an Aura Reading Free Intro — Five lessons long… and prepared to be of service to you.

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More Aura Reading of Rev. Rick Warren. Why Is He So Successful?

Celebrity Pastor Rick Warren, ready for his second aura reading
Celebrity Pastor Rick Warren, ready for his second aura reading

Recently I read the aura of Rev. Rick Warren. The context was spiritual. Long story short, spiritual qualities don’t explain why the man is so successful.

Yet Rev. Rick Warren is immensely famous. In Christian circles he’s a household name, mega-successful as a megachurch pastor; also famous as the author of the megabestseller, “The Purpose Driven Life.”

Why him?

Commenting at that aura reading, ROSANNA TUFTS asked a great question: “Holy smokes, the largest [Chakra databank you read] is 10 inches — at least out of the ones you profiled here? You’ll have to do a follow-up, for contrast: which databanks really ARE ‘large and in charge’?”

In your honor, Blog-Buddy ROSANNA! CONTINUE READING

How my career developed. A guest post by ZELDA

A big, blazing purpose, like the sun. Do you need that to become successful?
A big, blazing purpose, like the sun. Do you need that to become successful?

Ooh, dare I write this? There’s more to life than passion. There’s more than some big flaming sense of LIFE PURPOSE.

Admittedly, this is a counter-culture way to look at career. In New Age spirituality. In many Christian circles. Elsewhere, too.

People talk incessantly, it seems, about following your dream.

Well, what if you don’t find a big, shiny dream? Does that make you deficient? Will you never be able to find happiness or success?

Ha, as if!

At our online community, energetic literacy skills bring us perspective. And yet that’s not dogma. Reading life deeper with skills for aura reading etc. just broadens perspective, helping us to overcome popular illusions that can sound so sweet yet taste so bitter. CONTINUE READING

Adorable, Asexual Tim Gunn Receives a Magnetize Money Profile

Aura reading Tim Gunn for success
Aura reading Tim Gunn for success

During a blog contest years ago, Grace W. wrote:

I’m interested in seeing a reading of Tim Gunn. Any reading of him would be fascinating, no doubt. The reason I think a Magnetize Money profile would be intriguing is that, from the little I’ve read and heard about his career path, he seems to have sort of fallen into his success rather than competitively chasing after it in any kind of driven way. So I think it would be especially interesting to see what’s up in his Mag$$ chakra databanks.

And then Blog-Buddy Jordan added: CONTINUE READING

How to make more money in 2015


How to make lots more money in 2015
How to make lots more money in 2015

Many a new client says something like this, “I would like to earn more money. Help me to strengthen my Root Chakra.”

Mind-body-spirit healing can deliver a lot, but not when we pursue an approach that simply can’t work. Definitely the case here, although, this “Strong Root Chakra magnetizes more money” is one of the most popular cliches in New Age. Not only popular with Abraham-Hicks and “The Secret” but common with energy medicine approaches like Reiki.

Here I’ll explain what this doesn’t work, can’t work, and what would work better to help you make lots more money in 2015. CONTINUE READING

Success, Prosperity, $. Top 10 Articles

Top 10 and top ten

At the start of a new year year, making more money may be one of your desires. Blog-Buddies, you deserve that greater affluence, financial security, efficacy in life.

  • You are invited to comment below about how your view of making money has changed in the past year.
  • Have you changed energetically, building success circuits, as a result of moving out STUFF and putting in what serves you better?
  • Have your beliefs changed about what makes money and what doesn’t?
  • Are you moving forward more clearly now on a path to Householder Enlightenment, rather than a semi-renuniciate spiritual path?


Last Chance to Take My Workshop on Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy

Making more money as part of your personal path to Enlightenment
Last call for the Magnetize Money Workshop, in person, making a difference for YOU

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Interested in Making More Money? Resources If You’re Local to Metro Washington, D.C. Another Resource If You’re Not.

Making more money as part of your personal path to Enlightenment
Making more money as part of your personal path to Enlightenment

Hooray for money! Today you will probably have a close encounter with money.

  • Making money.
  • Spending money.
  • Improving your life because of what money can buy.
  • Trying to improve yourself so you can gain more of the goodies that money can buy.

What if you could benefit from leading-edge research about what really helps people become more successful at making money?

Well, you can. I have done exactly that research — with results that are both surprising and practical. In today’s post are two money-related resources that could make a big difference for your gaining more success and prosperity.  One is local, convenient if you live in Northern Virginia, Maryland, or the District of Columbia. Not local? Scroll down to Resource #2.

Resource #1 for More Success and Prosperity

Pathways Magazine will hold a huge Natural Living Expo on Sunday, March 30, 2014. Conveniently locate right near the White Flint Metro stop in Maryland, in North Bethesda, loads of free parking will be available, too.

Yes, I will be one of 64 workshop presenters, right in that first batch at 11:30 a.m. My topic will be… CONTINUE READING