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Rose Rosetree Aura Reading

Rose Rosetree Aura Reading
Rose Rosetree Aura Reading. What does this have to do with nesting dolls? Watch this YouTube and see.

Rose Rosetree Aura Reading. Huh?

Maybe it’s about time I explained what that is. Because I don’t mean chakra readings, psychic readings, intuitive readings, energy readings, clairvoyant readings, etc. What do I mean?

Here’s a YouTube to summarize the basics of aura reading. As done by Rose Rosetree.


How is Energetic Literacy Different from Psychic Readings?

Why aura readings do not have to be psychic readings
Why aura readings do not have to be psychic readings

Thanks to recent comments here at the blog, ta da! We have another teachable moment. It’s on a recurring theme: What makes energetic literacy different from psychic readings?

Blog-Buddies, this is such an important topic because, for centuries, people have sought answers to life’s mysterious questions through psychic readings or intuitive development.

By  contrast, energetic literacy — particularly full, Stage Three Energetic Literacy is pretty new in the world.

This is a very Age of Awakening kind of energy reading with skill. It’s more like word literacy. The methods that I teach include Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® and (for Skilled Empath Merges) Empath Empowerment®.

Even experienced aura readers can sometimes fall into a bit of turmoil about what to expect, given how much we have heard all our lives about psychic readings. Certain expectations can confuse us. CONTINUE READING

How Wise Is It to Speculate About Past Lives?

Curious about your past lives?
Curious about your past lives?

Past lives may intrigue you or not. Either way: Don’t speculate about your past lives. Get expert help or leave it alone. Learn more here.

  • “Maybe Caitlin Jenner is transgendered because most of her past lives were female.”
  • “I’m sure I haven’t lived on earth for a very, very long time.”
  • “Two different psychics have told me about my past lives. Because they both told me the same kind of thing, I’m positive that what they told me is true.”

What do these ideas about past lives have in common?


Rose Rosetree’s Ethics for Mind-Body-Spirit Healers

Spontaneous situational ethics, deeply felt

Ethics for are so important for any healer who is a practitioner of Energy Spirituality, Energy Medicine, or Energy Psychology.

Ethics are central for doing energetic literacy readings, or for going the different path called “psychic development.”

Ironically, people can have trouble living up to their ideals. Unfortunately this is the case for the original post here by GLADYS. It has recently come to my attention that GLADYS has been posting information about my trademarked system for cutting cords of attachment, teaching her ideas about how to do this, offering a PDF version of a chapter from my copyrighted book, etc. 

When asked to change what was posted, GLADYS has not responded. So I have decided to remove many references praising GLADYS here at this blog. On October 31, 2011, I am keeping this post live out of respect for the concept of having ethics — the original topic here. The topic matters and lives on!

Plus there are some fine comments below. I am changing references to the original poster’s name to GLADYS, as I am no longer inclined to promote her work.

And, as a basis for further discussion, I will humbly offer you the Rose Rosetree Code of Ethics for Energy Spirituality.

If you know me much, you will have noticed that I’m very organized in terms of information, yet very spontaneous as a communicator. I do make silly jokes — at every opportunity. 

However, you won’t find too many people who are more serious about their core values. Mine are learning, healing, teaching, and joining with all lightworkers on the planet (whatever they call themselves) in order to bring millions of people into Enlightenment. As householders! CONTINUE READING

Ethics for healers, like fixing furniture?

Not every day does a comment at this blog win the game of “Stump the Host.” But such a wildly historic event did occur on Monday, November 15, 2010.

In response to my post about ethics for healers, PRIMROSE wrote:

I’m not really getting this. I don’t see why it’s unethical to say “I think you have this, I’m sorry I can’t help you with it”.

Okay, this is about furniture, not healing, but if I see a client and they have a piece of furniture that needs mercury gilding I say to them “This needs mercury gilding, sorry I don’t do that kind of work because it’s too dangerous, and I don’t know anyone who does it either”.

And that’s the truth. I know what needs doing to the furniture, but I can’t do it. If I didn’t tell them what kind of gilding they needed or that it’s dangerous, or that it’s virtually impossible to get mercury gilding done these days, I wouldn’t be telling them the truth as I know it. CONTINUE READING