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Aura Reading Worry… No More. Let’s Bring Clarity.

Aura Reading Worry
Aura Reading Worry? Today’s post is an app for that.

Aura Reading Worry has appeared in some recent blog comments. So let’s bring clarity.

Find out why to never, ever fear Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.

Aura Reading Worry #1. Being Told Something Horrible


Psychic Development Is Optional. Empath Skills Are Not.


An empath, a psychic, or just plain zany?
An empath, a psychic, or just plain zany?

Of course psychics are not the same as empaths. Let’s continue with this little series about differences between being a psychic, or intuitive, versus being an empath, or simply considering yourself to be energy sensitive.

Choice Is a Big Difference, for Starters

Being an empath is not a choice. You are born that way. Without exception, all empaths are born as empaths. That could mean you, since 1 in 20 people was born as an empath.

Also not a choice? Until a born empath gets effective skills, there will be suffering. Because every empath is born as an unskilled empath.

Every day, that unskilled empath will pick up Imported STUFF, astral level garbage that detracts from quality of life.

That’s why, IMHO, it is so wise for every empath to choose to develop empath skills. I recommend this as a priority for any empath, at any stage of education in mind-body-spirit.

Well, what if you’re born with talent as a psychic. You have noticed energies or seen energies or had flashes of knowing the future?

Whether or not you pursue that IS a choice. CONTINUE READING

Empath or Psychic, What’s the Difference?

Psychic intuitive or empath, is there really much of a difference?
Psychic intuitive or empath, is there really much of a difference?

Do you consider yourself an empath or a psychic? Do you prefer to think of yourself as both? That matters enormously.

Your choice — and it can certainly be a choice — will have big consequences for:

  • Your consciousness lifestyle (what you do with awareness in your waking hours)
  • Your relationships
  • Your sense of identity
  • Making money
  • How well your aura is doing
  • And the kind of work you do to help people


Human or Psychic or Divine — Quiz Yourself about Vibrational Frequencies

How trippy do you need your life to be, vibrationally?
How trippy do you need your life to be, vibrationally?

Answering this quiz can help you to move forward more rapidly on your personal path, improving love relationships, friendships, family relationships, and self-esteem.

Also you may find improvement at making money, success, enjoying your work life, gaining more respect from others.

Why could it help you so much, responding to this quiz, then reading the follow-up article that supplies answers?

Living after The Shift into the Age of Aquarius, what you do with your consciousness matters enormously. Vague ideas can really create problems now, because awareness flows so rapidly between astral, human, and Divine.

Most of us are finding it easy to understand the difference between psychic-level experiences and spiritual-level experience. Once we think of things in terms of vibrational frequencies. Before then , uh-oh. Sorting things out can be way confusing. CONTINUE READING

Who, exactly, is in charge of your talent?

Human life is complicated enough without believing that you must actively pursue every possible talent
Human life is complicated enough without believing that you must actively pursue every possible talent

Talent is not destiny. It’s a resource.

Talent is not a cosmic SHOULDING. Talent adds to the beautiful scope of your free will.

Today let’s consider your relationship to something so personal and, mostly, beautiful. Because you do have talent.

That’s great. Just don’t make yourself a human sacrifice on the altar of your talent. Misuse of free will can cause talent to turn distracting or even ugly. For example… CONTINUE READING

What is The Romance of the Astral?

What is The Romance of the Astral according to Rosetree Energy Spirituality?
What is The Romance of the Astral?

With this year’s movie awards behind all of us, and snow swirling around some of us, does there seem to be a distinct lack of glamour in your life?

Maybe that’s a good thing.

Today let’s consider why you can help your life bigtime by NOT falling for a certain type of glamour.

“The Romance of the Astral” means what?

If you’ve heard that term “The Romance of the Astral,” you’re way ahead of many in New Age. Who live for it.

To start explaining, here are some basic spiritual facts of life that can help you to avoid getting sidetracked on your path of personal development. CONTINUE READING

Capture the Fort — Why to Choose Spiritual Development First If You Seek Enlightenment


Capture the fort, a strategy for pursuing Enlightenment
Capture the fort, a strategy for pursuing Enlightenment

Eileen Caddy, founder of the world-famous Findhorn Community, was added to my Enlightenment Life List today.

I met Caddy around 1986, while she gave a talk about her community. By the time of Eileen Caddy’s transition, January 1, 2007, she had evidently reached Enlightenment.

Today I came across a website commemorating Eileen Caddy’s work with the Findhorn Foundation.

It was a treat to research her and be able to  list her as a member of my personal Enlightenment Life List.

Was Eileen Caddy a Psychic or a Spiritual Teacher?

The order matters, at least if you aim to progress on a path to Enlightenment.

Psychic development is about astral frequencies. Often it is said to be equivalent to spiritual development.

Personally, I do not find this to be borne out by my aura reading research. Instead, there are psychic frequencies and there are is also a spiritual frequency.

Chakra databanks, for instance, contain both a gift of your soul (Divine frequency, and permanent) and a changeable size and quality (astral frequency, and healable).

The Findhorn Foundation does attract many people interested in psychic development, no question. However, here is a tipoff about where Eileen Caddy was coming from in her wonderful work. As noted at her website:

“Eileen Caddy first received personal guidance from a ‘still, small voice’ inside herself, a source she called ‘the God Within.’ From that day on she lived her life by that inner guidance, which led to the creation of the international spiritual community that is the Findhorn Foundation.” CONTINUE READING

Empaths, living during earth changes

Fires in the West, affecting horses and humans

Of course, empaths are on my mind this morning. Today’s the day for an in-depth radio interview with the great Rebecca Jernigan!

Details for listening and calling in, texting in, diving in, are at an earlier post about this Empath Radio Interview.

You may know that a teacher’s knowledge flows based on demand. Not that different from milk production if you’re nurturing a baby, as some of you Blog-Buddies may remember in a rather visceral, squirty, leak-onto-your-clothing, way. 😉

Anyway, Blog-Buddies, your questions and comments, as part of the show, could make this the best media interview I have ever given.

Maybe tonight Rebecca and I will talk about the role of an empath when there are fires and floods. Such as fires in Montana, Colorado, and other states. That’s breaking (burning) news right now. Along with water horrors in Louisiana and neighboring states.

Maybe the natural disasters will not be a topic for the radio interview. (So much will depend on listeners’ demand, your questions.)

Regardless, today’s post is the start of a thread where some of you empath-type Blog-Buddies share your experiences and advice. It’s timely, given the earth changes now, accelerating climate changes, plus flooding, hurricanes, drought, fires.

Let’s start that ball rolling with a question and then a brand new quiz…. CONTINUE READING

Enlightenment and the Astral, a guest post by JILL

These days I am packing for two weeks in England, sponsored by the College of Psychic Studies in London. Of course, I have been thinking about psychic development. It can be any of these for a seeker:

  1. A skill set
  2. An interest
  3. A hobby
  4. A belief system, even a religion or way of life

For some time, I have recommended doing no more than 30 minutes per day of mind-body-spirit based activities. Each of these possibilities is entirely compatible with that balanced lifestyle on one’s path to Enlightenment. Unless the paranormal becomes a person’s “normal.”

Blog-Buddies, here is a wonderful set of insights from JILL, volunteered on just this very topic. Nice timing there, JILL! CONTINUE READING

How to become a skilled empath, first official ebook now available (again)

How to become a Skilled Empath

Here’s a triumphant, if poignant, reminder of how long things can take at funny Earth School. One month exactly after I launched my first official ebook of “Become The Most Important Person in the Room, ” here’s some breaking news:

Once again, I announce the first official ebook edition of this book on how to become a skilled empath. This time, the Kindle edition of “Become The Most Important Person in the Room” is being announced. 🙂

Out with the old — the month-old Nook edition. A professional is now tweaking that one, making it soon available for multiple other e-editions including Nook.

Other ebooks are in progress, as I do my best to bring them forth between workshops, sessions, and writing “The Baby” to be published later this year.

Some of you Blog-Buddies also followed the saga of the mystery, unauthorized Kindle edition of “Empowered by Empathy.” Yoicks!

Anyone who thinks it is easy to convert a backlist of many books into this format, has never… appreciated how much is involved, even in hiring specialists and checking their work.

Plus now is the perfect time to not only reformat but create new editions, if warranted. One done already, one 3/4 done. More to be reported later. Meanwhile, whew!

Do spread the word among any friends who love their Kindles, now they can love themselves as empaths more, too.