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Post-New-Age Tips. For Steadier Personal Growth in The Age of Awakening

Post-New-Age Tips
Post-New-Age tips for Beth. And others who are still living New Age.

Post-New-Age tips in this article can help you. Might I suggest? For personal growth, you can do better than New Age concepts and practices. Because now we’re living in The Age of Awakening. When you keep up with the times, that can make you a leader!

Blog-Buddy BETH started me thinking about Post-New-Age versus NOW. Thanks to her heartfelt and generously-detailed contest entry. I’ll be quoting from this throughout this multi-part post, which she inspired. BETH has agreed, via email, to receive this article for assistance on her personal path. Rather than be considered for the three contest prizes.

Why offer this alternative? Because I thought it would help her more. Actually, it may help a lot of you Blog-Buddies! And perhaps you may also think of some friends who would find today’s article helpful. In which case, please share today’s post.

Do you know any seekers of personal growth who are feeling stuck?

Maybe they’re frustrated, spinning their wheels when they could move forward at the speed they deserve. CONTINUE READING

Inspiration Imperative. 5 Ways to Shine Up.

Inspiration Imperative RES
Inspiration imperative! Here come FIVE ways to shine up.

Inspiration Imperative! Finding inspiration is no luxury in these chaotic times. If you’re awake inside, you crave it.

Yet where are you to turn? (Besides this blog.)

I mean really, where will you seek inspiration, your newspaper? (Haha. But not followed by any joyful roll on the floor, laughing.)

What can help? Here come five solutions. CONTINUE READING

Purpose Redefined, a guest post by SARAH

Finding purpose in life. Sweet!
Finding purpose in life. Sweet!

Rose, thank you so much for this post on life purpose! It is very special to me on a personal level because of how much my relationship to this topic has changed since I found your work.

It reminds me of why I was attracted to your blog and your work in the first place–I was desperately seeking a deeper purpose for my life! (hah) And the first time that I heard you offer this perspective on purpose, I was very uncomfortable, to put it gently.

(Internal tantrums, temporary “rage quit” from reading the blog for a day or so, eventual acceptance that I could disagree wholeheartedly with you on this topic and still enjoy your work…)

But I must confess –- secretly I love this kind of discomfort.

You made me think, you made me question the beliefs that I held firmly, but I never felt that I had to give them up to benefit from your healing and your wisdom. And I had no intention of changing my mind with respect to finding my purpose. CONTINUE READING

What Is My Purpose?

Seeking direction, seeking life purpose
Seeking direction, seeking life purpose

There are so many reasons to seek a purpose in life, especially if you are a Spiritual Seeker. (Which is exactly what I’m going to call you today, Spiritual Seeker.)

Energetic literacy can bring a fresh perspective to your quest. Let’s take the search for purpose one question at a time.

What does life purpose mean?

It’s a thrilling concept, really. Supposedly there is one big and beautiful spiritual purpose for your life. Once you find that, your life has meaning.

Life purpose, the real purpose of my life, my true purpose, my Divine purpose, my sacred purpose, finding my purpose. “Purpose” just might be the sexiest word in the English language.

Daily experiences may not always be perfect. Yet you’re less likely to sweat the small stuff once you know about your big, glorious purpose. With that spiritual clarity you can trust your path in life.

Finding that purposeful life is so appealing. Spiritual Seeker that you are, I suspect you’re not content to have your life just be about the size of your paycheck or your number of friends on Facebook. It’s so important to connect up with something bigger than yourself. Really, could you go even one day without having your life be meaningful? I don’t think I could.

Look around and you will find so many different ways that people pursue the quest for purpose. CONTINUE READING

12-12-12, plus purpose and passion

Rose Rosetree and Blog-Buddy Evgenia, enjoying a human day

Well, well, well. The world isn’t ending neatly on this 12-12-12. Nor have you spontaneously popped into Enlightenment, right?

If so, do send the memo, or comment, below!

What can you do between now and the end of the Mayan calendar?

Many of my New Age colleagues are very involved in lightworking, 12-12-12 and for the rest of the year. A quick search on the Internet might find you some fun activities.

My friend Rebecca Jernigan has gone off to Egypt, for instance, to ring in the new. She suggests doing any sort of meditation, in your own time frame, to help the world… for a few minutes any time from December 18 to December 21.

Me, I aim to do just that. Have already begun Rebecca’s idea. Actually, that tiny bit of volunteer work has been part of my lifestyle for a long, long time. Just a minute here and there.

You do realize? Every minute on earth is a treasure. Just a sentence here, a two seconds of awareness there — and you can give the world a bundle of goodies, depending on how you have spent that precious human time.

Regarding 12-12-12 and beyond, I have a few ideas to offer. Especially regarding the two most important buzzwords I’ve encountered in 2012: Passion and Purpose. I mean, really, don’t you wish you had $5,000 for every time in 2012 you have heard people refer to either purpose or passion?

As always, with your self-authority, choose whatever works for you and fling the rest away.

Start treating your human choices as seriously as you consider any mystical date

Of course, it gives any spiritual seeker a super-great feeling to receive a BIG channeled message about BIG trends where you have BIG importance and time and space move in BIG, BIG ways. Once you get the BIG message, everything is settled.


How human it is, to seek this kind of passion and purpose in life.

Go for that, if you wish to. But also consider that you could have very human-sized passion and purpose. For doing that, it helps to pay a bit more attention to yourself. And those humble human choices that make up everyday life. CONTINUE READING

Extra-credit points from being an empath

So many points to being a skilled empath!

For your eyes only, empaths.

Today’s post, Part Three of this series, might make non-empaths jealous.

Hey, that’s only fair. So much of the online conversation about empaths screams “Victim!”

And it’s true that being an unskilled empath is no fun. Unless one likes pain… such as physical pain from taking on STUFF with Physical Oneness, or spiritual anxiety due to taking on STUFF as a Spiritual Empath, or the ever-popular “What did I think anyway?” confusion of an Intellectual Empath.

The list of torments goes on and on, inter-psychic and inter-personal and, especially, Internet. Yesterday’s post stunned ME, when I found the statistic of 1/2 million hits on the pathetic concept of  “Empath + victim.”

Those words never have to be juxtaposed for you, Blog-Buddies! And maybe you even know a different empath pair ‘o terms with a way lower recognition factor right now, “Molecular + empath.” Currently this has just 19 thousand hits on Google… but “molecular empath” refers to something that really exists.

In fact, today’s blog post is being written by a molecular empath. And I’m pretty sure that I exist.

Whereas “Rose Rosetree as empath victim” ended back in 1997.

No repining about some of the weirdly popular victim terminology. Let’s allow the not-yet-skilled empaths to feel good about themselves, whatever it takes to make even a marginal improvement. 😉

Truth is, unskilled empaths are less effective than non-empaths. But skilled empaths are more effective than non-empaths. CONTINUE READING

Why, if I am a World Server, do I feel crummy?

January was a hard month for some of you Blog-Buddies. Even if good things happened, too.

JOE had a tough month, for instance. He looked online, seeking explanation, consolation, whatever would bring him a feeling of support. Here’s what JOE found:

“If you feel bad, you should introspect and find out what you are doing wrong.”

For most of you Blog-Buddies, that would be a terible approach. The purpose of today’s post is explain why I think so, plus offer you alternatives.


Cut Cords of Attachment, a Guest Post by Blanche”

I have a personal story of a cord of attachment I would like to add to this discussion.  I have done numerous removing cords of attachment and Energy Spirituality healing with Rose in the last several years, so I know the validity of her work from my own personal experience.

From about 2004 to 2007, due in part to life circumstances, I sought out various psychics, etc. to help me deal with some painful issues. At the time it was hard dealing with life in general, and I was seeking answers about just about everything because I felt pretty powerless. I thought I had no answers of my own. 

In short, I became addicted to this type of “help,” which in looking back was not help for me but an addiction, a need to have someone tell me everything was going to be all right and exactly how it would be all right.  CONTINUE READING

Your Life Purpose, to this aura reader, anyway


Rose Rosetree, holding up a mirror to human truth

Purpose could be the most highly charged word in all of New Age. Not living your purpose is the woo-woo equivalent of “You are going to Hell.” 

Terror can be at the core of the search for purpose, terror over squandering your life without ever living what you were “meant to do.” 

Yet purpose can also become a highly motivating, positive, and useful concept. Especially during the dark months now — Winter Solstice and Eclipse of Moon and the rapidly accelerating vibrations of earth that can make a person so uncomfy — purpose matters more than ever. Purpose can give you good reason for getting up in the morning. CONTINUE READING

“What if I’m not fulfilling my purpose?”

empowered by empathy, empathIt’s a very familiar worry for so many smart people. We know it isn’t enough to slog through one day after another. So we wonder, “What if I’m not fulfilling my purpose.”

What can we do about this fear?

Recently a conversation with my client Gladys reminded me that there is a third solution to this problem — one I have never written about anywhere before — and that could bring the biggest healing of all. 

But all these solutions are important for you to be aware of. If you’ve ever felt tormented in this particular way, join the very large club.

And then keep reading.