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Energetic Literacy 21 Ways

Energetic Literacy 21 Stages
Energetic Literacy 21 Stages . No longer “just” 15. Learn the latest.

Energetic Literacy 21 Stages — Reflecting the rapid growth of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).  Surprise!

Today I’ll publicly update the number of stages from 15-21.

Have you been a client for RES sessions with me or other RES Experts? Then you’ve been benefiting from some of the newer upgrades of energetic literacy. Because these simply developed. Similar to how you once were three feet tall. Remember? Somehow more height snuck up on you.

How EXACTLY Can Aura Reading Protect You? 10 Ways, for Starters.

Aura reading can protect you in so many ways. Here are 10.
Aura reading can protect you in so many ways. Here are 10.

Three cheers to Blog-Buddy ISABELLE for asking such a practical question.

How EXACTLY can aura reading protect you? That’s relevant to many, many practical aspects of life. Right off the top of my head, here are 10 ways that reading auras can protect you. After you take a look, please comment below with:

  • Any stories you have about how aura reading HAS protected you, saved you money, helped you get back on your path in life.
  • Any questions about whether aura reading CAN protect you in a particular area of life of concern to you now.

Aura Reading Protection #1. Clarity


Sandra Bullock, Aura Reading a 3-D Movie Astronaut

What doesn’t a cartoon astronaut face? The “Vomit Comet.”

Sandra Bullock May Be Hollywood’s Gutsiest A-list Actress” proclaimed the New York Times. Just how much physical courage was required, making “Gravity”?

According to this fascinating profile, Sandra Bullock has been terrified of flying since she survived a plane crash in 2000. However, she agreed to make a movie that required “filming inside a jetliner that simulates weightlessness by climbing sharply and then plunging downward.” NASA astronauts called it “The Vomit Comet.” CONTINUE READING

Jessica Biel and Husband Justin Timberlake, Compatibility Aura Reading by Jordan, Part 2


Encore for Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake in a Compatibility Aura Reading
Encore for Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake in a Compatibility Aura Reading

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake — now they are married. And rich. And famous. Sure.

But how are they doing as people? In Comments 9 and 11 at yesterday’s post, Jessica Biel was quoted extolling the wondrous comforts of marriage:

“Someone to change a lightbulb. Someone to take out the garbage.” And then, just as routine, “Someone to go swimming naked with.”

Presumably because the spouse comes from a mega-rich family and, between the two of you, the family property includes many private lakes. Also, as needed, plenty of luxe swimming pools hidden by gigantic hedges. 😉

Blog-Buddies, you want Part Two of our Compatibility Aura Reading Research. I hear you! Today, Guest Poster JORDAN explores chakra databanks belonging to the bride, Jessica Biel. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Pattie Mallette, mother of Justin Bieber

Pattie Mallette, ready for our Aura Reading Jamboree

What a Christmas gift, a celebration gift to this blog! We have already had a first Aura Reading Jamboree, only it wasn’t “official.”

Instead, we had a spontaneous bunch o’ goodie gifts at Learning from movies, music, and TV — aura reading, face reading, Enlightenment coaching, courtesy of AMANDA for the original photo, then PAIGE, MELANIE, and ELAINE each volunteering terrific aura reading research.

Let’s mark the moment. Because this historic set of comments amounted to our first-ever, and maybe any blog’s first-ever, gathering of aura reading research with Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

Yes, it was an unofficial Aura Reading Jamboree

Look back, everyone, and you’ll see these aura readers were researching chakra databanks. They were using techniques of energetic literacy to research all the way over to chakra databanks.

Wonderful insights from each of the three aura readers! Insights into expression of soul, verbal integrity in personal life vs. being a performer, and the trademark Jack Nicholson confidence… as a performer.

All these aura readings had the following characteristics, which I think are really important in the context of developing Stage Three Energetic Literacy. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading, How Fame Changed Tom Cruise

When Tom Cruise became really famous, aura and all

Yes, here comes an aura reading won by Blog-Buddy BRIDGET for her nomination of Tom Cruise for our Fame Change Contest for Face Reading or Aura Reading, Your Choice.

She nominated Tom Cruise as candidate for a Fame Aura Reading, meaning research of his chakra databanks, comparing how fame may have changed him. In her Comment 8 at that blog post, BRIDGET expressed curiousity about Cruise’s involvement in Scientology as well. She worked hard to find a photo pre-fame, and came up with “the only high school pic I can find where it doesn’t seem like he’s posing.”

That would be this one.

Tom Cruise with chakra databanks pre-fame

Young Tom Cruise was still posing, of course. Just as an athlete rather than an actor.

Technical points about today’s Fame Aura Reading

Two photos will be used today, Pre-Fame Tom Cruise — that youthful photo where he was merely a school celebrity. You can use the following link to open up the same version of this aura reader’s Tom Cruise photograph. Or click onto the next link for a larger-sized version of the Young Tom Cruise photograph suitable for aura reading.

At the top of today’s post is a still from the actor’s big screen performance in “Risky Business.” Although famous by then, in the 1983 film, Tom Cruise wasn’t nearly as long-time famous as he would become.

If any of you Blog-Buddies would like to do aura reading Guest Post, or personal reading of his aura, in that mid-famous mode, here is a link to the Risky Business aura reading photo at the top of this post, only a larger version. 🙂

What couldn’t I resist choosing for this post, representing a Very Famous Supersized Celebrity Superstar Tom Cruise?   CONTINUE READING

When a child is born, celebrate with aura reading

Aura reading Baby Julia, gifts of the soul in each chakra databank

“For unto us a child is born.” Isn’t that one of the most gorgeous aspects of Christmas? Here at Earth School, humans get to have babies.

Long before I became a mother, I would brake for babies. Walking down the street, a baby carriage would halt my stride, even stop my talking mid-sentence.

It was comical, actually, how this usually impatient person would lose all conversational ability. I would pause, practically drooling, to adore the unsteady steps of any random toddler.

You too? However you feel about those little people, the Christmas season provides a baby-related reason to celebrate. 

For instance, suppose that you hate the high-maintenance bundles of joy. Then you can feel relieved that Mary was the fabled mom, not you. Probably you will never live in a barn, having a roommate who is, literally, an ass.

For our final issue of “Reading Life Deeper” in 2012, let’s celebrate the beauty and pathos of human parenthood with an aura reading of Julia. This gorgeous baby, born to Blog-Buddy BRIDGET, may still be tiny. But not too little to have been photographed!

And as you aura readers know, with Stage Three Energetic Literacy you can read any chakra databanks you wish, in person or from a photo. No age or size requirements, either. A full-sized soul inhabits each human body and that means reading gifts of the soul.

Be sure to subscribe for “Reading Life Deeper” by going to my home page and scrolling down.

I take your privacy seriously

Recently a friend, Joe, told me how his coach promised himway more success. All he had to do was invite colleagues to contact all their people, mentioning Joe’s product. Then Joe would, in return, give each colleage a chance to sell product withy Joe’s mailing list.

Nope. Won’t go there.

If you sign up for my newsletter, you are not somebody who is going to be sold product or have your personal e-information sold to the highest bidder.

You will get what you signed up for, period.

What is Energetic Literacy?

Energetic Literacy
Energetic Literacy. What is it? Why does it matter?

Energetic Literacy, huh?

Maybe the term is new to you. Well, get used to it. Because Energetic Literacy is THE happening everyday skill in the Third Millennium. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading to explore mysteries of Angela Merkel

Chancellor Angela Merkel, ready for her aura reading

First prize in our Mysterious Aura Reading Contest goes to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Or, you could say to Blog-Buddies JILL ERIN and RACHEL.

JILL ERIN described the political powerhouse this way:

“Angela was born in West Germany in 1954, but, her father, a Lutheran Minister, moved the family to East Germany soon afterward. She was a physical chemist before entering politics after the Revolution of 1989 just prior to the German reunification. She was elected Chancellor of Germany in 2005, the first woman Chancellor in Germany. She chaired the G8 in 2007, the second woman to do that. Forbes magazine ranked her as the fourth most powerful person in the world and #1 most powerful woman for two years in a row.”

When providing aura readings of all three winners of this latest contest, I’m going to demonstrate how useful it is to be able to read chakra databanks, those 50 different tubes of energy within each major chakra, with more chakra databanks readable through sub-chakras. CONTINUE READING

Aura Reading Nobuo Uematsu

Aura Reading Nobuo Uematsu
Aura Reading Nobuo Uematsu. Insights from Melanie Shimokawa.

Aura Reading Nobuo Uematsu. Learn secrets of this artists through energetic literacy skills. Courtesy of guest post author Melanie Shimokawa.

Aura reading is practical in so many ways. One of my favorites is being able to research chakra databanks of my heroes.

Blog-Buddy Melanie clearly agrees. Because she has given us a beautiful guest post with aura reading of someone whose work she has loved for 20 years. When first she discovered Nobuo Uematsu’s work, Melanie was just 15.

And that praise counts for a lot extra since Melanie is, herself, a singer. CONTINUE READING