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Human Beings Count

Human Beings Count
Human Beings Count. Do you believe that enough to raise your hand and say “Yes”?

Human Beings Count. Do you believe that? Really?

How much? Maybe you believe more in Tinkerbell. Or angels.

Or “God, Whose Job Is To Be My Rescuer.”

Beliefs have consequences, right? Will you dare to explore some today? Because being human can mean… Being willing to change your habits.

As a result, you might start moving forward more rapidly on your personal path. CONTINUE READING

Personally, what I heal most often

First, aura bounce. After, cutting astral ties.

Recently we’ve been discussing the uses of energetic literacy in everyday life. Self-disclosure, especially in public isn’t my comfort zone. (Face Readers, read my lips.)

However, having gone into some detail about what this teacher actually does in her life, I feel duty bound to fill in a gap.

After all, I’ve summarized how I use face reading and aura reading in everyday life. You already know that as a skilled empath, I keep all my empath gifts turned OFF most of the time. Exceptions are the brief times during a day when I will do a technique for Skilled Empath Merge. 

You can guess (correctly) that all the skills I use with clients are also used on myself, with the exception of moving out frozen blocks of energy through past-life regression therapy. For this (like anyone else) I need to become the client of another regression therapist skilled in this healing art. I have definitely done this on occasion.

Self-hypnosis is something I do every day of my life, since I believe in this part of my work. But the regression therapy part is like a meal that you cannot make at home.

On my own, as needed, I will cut a cord of attachment; do Thrill Your Soul aura reading research; pull out energetic holograms of people I have met and research their auras in detail; or facilitate a technique for which I haven’t found a proper name yet — using aura reading research to revisit sticky situations, understand what made the other person tick, and re-evaluate what I did with speech and actions, seeking improvement.

But can any of you Blog-Buddies guess which skill set I use most often? As in every day of my life. Many times. Many ways. CONTINUE READING

Saving others or co-creating to help others heal? Your choice.

Easter Sunday is a favorite holiday for many, including me. However, I’m not celebrating it in the way of many of my Bible-Belt neighbors.

Some of those neighbors here in Sterling, Virginia feel both grateful and relieved when Eastertide rolls around: Jesus died to take away my sins. That was the whole purpose, really.

One former neighbor across the street was clearly enthusiastic about this popular proposition. At Christmas, she put lights on her roof in the form of a very large cross. The meaning seemed clear: Forget about the cute babe in the manger. Get to the good part. That death on the cross. For us all. Hurry up already.

To me, the idea of having Jesus save everyone permanently is beyond ludicrous. To me, plenty of Christians unintentionally put Jesus in a role akin to the guy in the circus with the broom and dustpan. You know, the  man in the circus dressed like a janitor, the humble fellow who follows elephants around, cleaning up all their poop.

No, I don’t believe that Jesus ever made such a deal with humanity. Nor is it possible that any Christian can make a magical agreement, such as “I am now officially Born Again,” and then act any old way, confident of being “saved” for all eternity. Actually, in my last book, Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy, I used deeper perception in order to explore the theory of being “Saved.” I systematically researched 50 grassroots Christian leaders, checking out their auric modeling regarding “Connection to Spiritial Source” and other chakra databanks. As you know, if you read that chapter, the findings were quite consistent. And not necessarily as expected. CONTINUE READING

Five healing terms I do not use

Sometimes it’s useful for healers — and clients — to check out the empty spaces. What language doesn’t get said? In my case, as a healer and teacher, I’m very clear about five bits of language that I consider no-no’s for Energy Spirituality. In sharing these five terms with you, I’ll give you my reasons.

Will you agree with me? That’s what our COMMENT boxes below are for, to share opinions. Pro or con, what matters surely is that you engage with your full self-authority.

In writing today’s article, my goal isn’t forcing you to agree with me but rather to encourage you to think for yourself about five different terms often brought up by my first-time clients. Could terms like these be blocking your progress?

 Term Avoided in Energy Spirituality #1: Clearing

In New Age circles, it’s very common to hear practitioners or clients talk about “Clearing.” Not as in that fine tree-less picnic spot deep within Sherwood Forest but as in, “In my session, I got a clearing.” CONTINUE READING

Where to begin my Aura Healing and Transformation?

Helping you to become a skilled empath

Overwhelmed, anyone? Recently “Loretta” requested help to prioritize the various skill sets taught through this blog, my how-to books, workshops, etc. Her email went like this:

I was initially interested in your book Cut Cords of Attachment, but in looking at your website, I’m pretty sure I’m an (unskilled) empath. I ended up buying both books, Cut Cords of Attachment and Become the Most Important Person in the Room at the same time.

Which set of skills should I pursue mastering first? Can I start cutting my own cords before completing the 30-day empath training program discussed in Become the Most Important Person in the Room? Do I have to have skill with my empath gifts to be able to read my aura or do I use some other sense?

For best results, don’t play “Eeny Meeny Miney Moe.” Not with the trademarked systems I have worked so hard to develop. Thank you, Loretta, for asking. Here are some ideas to consider. CONTINUE READING

Cutting Cords of Attachment — What Not to Tell

Miniature golf, different from Energy Spirituality

Lydia has asked me some interesting questions about cutting cords of attachment, inspiring a whole series of posts.  Today, here comes a question with so many interesting implications! How could I give just a quick response to Comment 142 at the blog post devoted to Cord Cutting Q&As.?

Lydia asked:

My energy worker, Dan, has started cutting cords of attachment. He uses your method. I’m very pleased with the results. Only I’m very curious about the textures of cords of attachment. CONTINUE READING

Rose Rosetree’s Ethics for Mind-Body-Spirit Healers

Spontaneous situational ethics, deeply felt

Ethics for are so important for any healer who is a practitioner of Energy Spirituality, Energy Medicine, or Energy Psychology.

Ethics are central for doing energetic literacy readings, or for going the different path called “psychic development.”

Ironically, people can have trouble living up to their ideals. Unfortunately this is the case for the original post here by GLADYS. It has recently come to my attention that GLADYS has been posting information about my trademarked system for cutting cords of attachment, teaching her ideas about how to do this, offering a PDF version of a chapter from my copyrighted book, etc. 

When asked to change what was posted, GLADYS has not responded. So I have decided to remove many references praising GLADYS here at this blog. On October 31, 2011, I am keeping this post live out of respect for the concept of having ethics — the original topic here. The topic matters and lives on!

Plus there are some fine comments below. I am changing references to the original poster’s name to GLADYS, as I am no longer inclined to promote her work.

And, as a basis for further discussion, I will humbly offer you the Rose Rosetree Code of Ethics for Energy Spirituality.

If you know me much, you will have noticed that I’m very organized in terms of information, yet very spontaneous as a communicator. I do make silly jokes — at every opportunity. 

However, you won’t find too many people who are more serious about their core values. Mine are learning, healing, teaching, and joining with all lightworkers on the planet (whatever they call themselves) in order to bring millions of people into Enlightenment. As householders! CONTINUE READING

Ethics for healers, like fixing furniture?

Not every day does a comment at this blog win the game of “Stump the Host.” But such a wildly historic event did occur on Monday, November 15, 2010.

In response to my post about ethics for healers, PRIMROSE wrote:

I’m not really getting this. I don’t see why it’s unethical to say “I think you have this, I’m sorry I can’t help you with it”.

Okay, this is about furniture, not healing, but if I see a client and they have a piece of furniture that needs mercury gilding I say to them “This needs mercury gilding, sorry I don’t do that kind of work because it’s too dangerous, and I don’t know anyone who does it either”.

And that’s the truth. I know what needs doing to the furniture, but I can’t do it. If I didn’t tell them what kind of gilding they needed or that it’s dangerous, or that it’s virtually impossible to get mercury gilding done these days, I wouldn’t be telling them the truth as I know it. CONTINUE READING

Ethics, please. How you can help.

Ouch! Otherwise talented healers can display really shoddy ethics.

Twice in one week, clients of mine had been treated very badly by previous healers. Far from feeling remorseful, those healers probably felt smug about themselves. (If they even thought twice about the rather horrifying ethical implications of what they had done.)

My purpose here is to alert you to a rather serious problem that — apparently — many healers don’t know about yet.

  • If you’re a healer and you have been doing the kind of behavior detailed in this post, please cut it out.
  • If you are a client whose healer does this sorry thing, please convey a verbal slap, some kind of “What were you thinking?” Follow it up with a discussion. Otherwise supply a link to this post.

Because. geesh! Enough is enough. A certain kind of behavior from healers crosses an ethical line. And for no good reason. CONTINUE READING

Quiz Answers, Spiritual Cleansing and Protection

What’s more fun for Halloween than two snowmen or six pumpkins? Ah, wisdom!

Educate yourself about psychic coercion, astral entities, negative thought forms, and healing extra-terrestrial entities. You’ll improve your quality of life. Truth is, whether you know about these astral-level problems or not, they are affecting you right now…