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Aura Reading Rowling

Aura Reading Rowling
Aura Reading Rowling, my computer is propped up by which two books?

Aura Reading Rowling? Because you don’t need a Sorting Hat to discern she’s an extraordinary person. Of course, we can learn so much extra from her aura.

So intrigued was I, face reading J.K. Rowling! Of course I jumped at the chance.

First of all, though. Inside info about this Harry Potter fan.


Aura Reading Worry… No More. Let’s Bring Clarity.

Aura Reading Worry
Aura Reading Worry? Today’s post is an app for that.

Aura Reading Worry has appeared in some recent blog comments. So let’s bring clarity.

Find out why to never, ever fear Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.

Aura Reading Worry #1. Being Told Something Horrible


Shalonda Holt, Aura Reading this Teacher of the Year

Shalonda Holt
Shalonda Holt! Aura reading a hero!

Aura Reading Shalonda Holt? Let’s, please. I fell in love with her the day I read about her in the Washington Post Magazine. What a force of nature!

Shalonda Holt was born on a bathroom floor, to a 17-year-old mother who had kept the pregnancy a secret — even from her parents. That mother, Rhoda Buckner, later sacrificed everything to raise a stand-up daughter. And did she ever succeed! CONTINUE READING

Feeling Disappointed in Your Life?

Rainbows mostly come AFTER the rain, right?
Rainbows mostly come AFTER the rain, right?

In winter, it’s not unheard of to feel The Blahs. Well known to some of us in the Northern Hemisphere at this time of year.

In summer, it’s not unusual to feel rageful, with tempers as short as the days are long. Well known to some of us in the Southern Hemisphere, too, at a different time of year.

This Northern Hemisphere person was very moved, today, by a question posed by RACHEL.

Over at Comment #3 at the aura reading of actress Marion Cotillard, who happens to be gorgeous, rich, and famous… Plaintively, RACHEL asked, “… you write that this is the life her soul planned and prepared for. Do you believe that souls always get what they planned and prepared for?” It didn’t take an empath merge for me to sense RACHEL’s pain. CONTINUE READING

Virtual Reincarnation, important when aura reading Liz Taylor’s last marriage

Aura reading Liz and Larry

Is there love after rehab? For Elizabeth Taylor there was Larry Fortensky, her final husband. (And later, her final divorce.)

This aura reading of Larry marks our final post of this series, requested by some of you Blog-Buddies. Including, as it turns out, the first post in which I will be discussing a very important theme for many of you readers, Virtual Reincarnation.

This energetic literacy profile also can bring a good feeling of closure, I hope, for all of you who have been following the longest series of energetic literacy profiles ever at “Deeper Perception Made CONTINUE READING