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Divine Co-Creation ANSWERS for Better Energy Healing.

Divine Co-Creation ANSWERS
Divine Co-Creation ANSWERS for better energy healing. .

Divine Co-Creation ANSWERS for energy healing: You CAN learn to do it. Moreover, as a consumer it’s indispensible to understand how energy healing is sourced.

Thanks to all who took Co-Create Healing. A QUIZ. If you haven’t done that yet, hey! Might I suggest you go back and take that quiz first. You’ll get more from the answers.

Trust me there! For instance, JNANA took the time to share some beautiful comments in response to that quiz. And her Comment #4 in particular is inspiring its own article. Just not today, because QUIZ ANSWERS first!


New Strong Wakeup Call

New Strong Wakeup Call
New Strong Wakeup Call to empower you.

Today’s New Strong Wakeup Call can help you appreciate the practical importance of developing The New Strong. Also included: A spiritual invitation.

It all boils down to a hidden but very real new vibrational freedom. You have it. Everyone has it.

Discovering how to use that freedom productively is the whole point of The New Strong. Both the paperback and eBook. Also, now, you can fast-track that way of being successful in The Age of Awakening. Thanks to a lively, interactive new learning experience described in this recent article.

Today I’d like to share three success stories. All related to receiving a wakeup call from using the “Program for Easy Vibrational Balance” in The New Strong. CONTINUE READING

New Strong Street Smarts. A Guest Post by LEO

Developing New Strong Street Smarts
New Strong Street Smarts! LEO got his start on developing them along with these other students from the first-ever New Strong Workshop

Can you develop New Strong street smarts? Sure you can. If you seek success and personal growth, you’d better.

Granted, your version of those street smarts may look different from mine. Or LEO’s. Whichever version you develop, once you see the need you’ll be on your way.

As the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Truth is, New Strong street smarts are essential for personal growth in The Age of Awakening!

What Are New Strong Street Smarts, Anyway?


Remote Negative Thought Forms

Removing Remote Negative Thought Forms can help you to stay energeticaly strong.
Removing Remote Negative Thought Forms… can help you to stay energeticaly strong.

Why remove Remote Negative Thought Forms? This can help you to feel like yourself. Protect you energetically. Safeguard your everyday sense of self.

Because, have you noticed? The world you’re living in has become energetically turbulent even more than politically turbulent. CONTINUE READING

Which RES Resource Comes Next for Me? A Guest Post by KRISTINE

THE NEW STRONG is the latest resource in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)
THE NEW STRONG is the latest resource in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)

Which RES resource comes first? That’s a good question. By now there’s a whole field called Rosetree Energy Spirituality (for long) and RES (for short). All you need do is glance at the left column on this screen and you’ll see the opportunities for you. Also the problem.

So much to choose from!

Which RES resource comes next for YOU? So much is offered. RES helps people solve problems through energy READING skills, energy HEALING skills, Empath Empowerment® skills, and Enlightenment coaching. All designed to work for The Age of Awakening.

Where do I start?

Wherever appeals to you! That’s my most universal answer. But it’s the stories of different people — like KRISTINE — that show why.

Why so important to choose for yourself? CONTINUE READING

Announcing My New “Mystery” Workshop for July 9-10. Meet “The New Strong.”

FRONT COVER The New Strong

Well, Blog-Buddies, the official name is…

Workshop for The New Strong

Rules & Tools for Thriving in the Age of Awakening

Today I finished writing up an announcement that will soon appear on my website — where, so far, all it says is SAVE THIS DATE.

It may take several days for Website Wizard Mitch to get this onto the website. He already wears a whole lot of other hats around here, like Session Coordinator, Workshop Coordinator, Newsletter Sender, etc.

So I’m letting you Blog-Buddies be the first to know. Right now. I’m wondering, will you be as excited as I am?

Why Design a Whole New Workshop?


Cutting Cords of Attachment, Not for Emergencies

What does cutting cords of attachment have in common with counting sheep?
What does cutting cords of attachment have in common with counting sheep?


Could this be the start of a joke? “What does cutting cords of attachment have in common with counting sheep?”

No, it’s a slightly lighthearted but ultimately serious question, given some of the conversations people can have about what is involved in cutting cords of attachment, when to do it, why to do it, etc.

“What does cutting cords of attachment have in common with counting sheep?” Definitely something. CONTINUE READING

My Secrets for Cutting Cords of Attachment. A Guest Post by ZELDA

Cutting cords of attachment for self-healing, of course you can stay organized
Cutting cords of attachment for self-healing, of course you can stay organized

What’s happening in the world of RES? Today a new group of students will graduate from my most advanced workshop on cutting cords of attachment. I’m so proud of these talented energy healers!

Meanwhile, here at the blog, we have been having a very practical conversation about cutting cords of attachment. If you didn’t catch this little series yet, for background, here are the links:

In Comment 3, KATIE asked how a smart Post-New-Age person could “get though the backlog of cutting all these ties?” Such a good question!

In response, Emily proceeded to share some wonderful suggestions in her Comments 6-10. (Note: Could be that cutting cords of attachment is one of the ways that EMILY accelerated her personal development before moving into Enlightenment.)

There is more to be said about self-healing with the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R). Proceeding forward steadily and calmly will protect you from overwhelm.

Today Blog-Buddy ZELDA has given us her (former) secrets for pacing herself with this popular skill set from RES. CONTINUE READING

Whichever Cords of Attachment You Cut for Yourself, Avoid This Kind

A deeper look at cutting cords of attachment
A deeper look at cutting cords of attachment

Following up on Big Problems Averted by Cutting a Cord of Attachment After a Death, here is a start of an answer to KATIE’s excellent question about where to start when self-healing by cutting cords of attachment.

There is one big no. Do NOT cut these cords of attachment for yourself…

Even if you have excellent skills at self-healing with the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®, I urge you not to attempt to cut a cord of attachment when someone who has recently died or committed suicide. Neither to the late individual, nor to family members or friends of the deceased person.

Or to a person who has died, however long ago, if that person was a blood relative, a lover, or someone else of very big importance in your life.

I’ll supplement that fair warning with today’s article.

The target audience for today’s article is you, your friends, and anyone you know who has learned any of the self-healing techniques of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

Self-Healing with RES Can Definitely Empower You, But…


What Are Energetic Frozen Blocks?

Frozen blocks can come in plenty of shapes besides bricks.
Frozen blocks can come in plenty of shapes besides bricks.

Time to learn about FROZEN BLOCKS. Here’s one reason why.

Surely you have heard of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Would it surprise you to learn that PTSD is an extreme version of something that happens to you every day? CONTINUE READING