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Name Alignment® Trademark Celebration

Name Alignment Trademark
Name Alignment Trademark. Backstory presented here. With a photo of me in the early Rose Rosetree years, plus my friend Gail Romiti

Name Alignment Trademark Celebration! Because this skill set has deep meaning for me, I’m moved to share an uncommonly personal story with you today. CONTINUE READING

Soul Thrill Trademarked

Soul Thrill Trademarked
Soul Thrill Trademarked now as Soul Thrill® Aura Research! It can help you avoid living like a puppet made of wood.

Soul Thrill Trademarked. That’s Soul Thrill® Aura Research!

Which can change your life. More than that, it can keep your life choices current. And give you a sense of spiritual purpose.

Unlike Pinocchio, you’re not made of wood, right? But have you ever tried to live that way? Holding tightly to one rigid purpose. A lifestyle. A political affiliation. Or even a very rigid sense of self.

Probably not. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading today’s article. Still I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if… CONTINUE READING

Surprising Soul Thrill™ Aura Research

Surprising Soul Thrill Aura Research
Surprising Soul Thrill Aura Research can help you solve a lot of problems.

Note: In November 2017, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded a trademark for the service.  Soul Thrill® Aura Research

Surprising Soul Thrill™ Aura Research  — this post explains how to prepare for this super-practical kind of RES Energy READING session.

See that little TM by the name of this service? That’s new.

Today I’ll start using it because I finally applied for a trademark. (Eventually it hit me, this kind of aura reading is quite distinctive, and so many clients love it. I thought, “Hello, it’s trademark time.”) CONTINUE READING

Top 10 Soul Thrill™ Aura Research + Name Alignment™ Aura Research

Top 10 Soul Thrill
Top 10 Soul Thrill™ Aura Research. Plus one specialty within that form of energetic literacy, Name Alignment™ Aura Research. Powerful for your personal growth!

Top 10 Soul Thrill Aura Research  articles. I’ll also include articles on a popular specialty, within this form of energetic literacy. It’s called Name Alignment.

This Blog Post Collection aims to help you accelerate your personal growth. Yes, 10 times yes! That’s the purpose of this article. CONTINUE READING

Weighty Soul Thrill Aura Research. A Guest Post by KYLIE

Weighty Soul Thrill Aura Research
Weighty Soul Thrill Aura Research. How it Helped Kylie Drop 28 Pounds.

Weighty Soul Thrill Aura Research — significant but lighthearted. That’s the topic for KYLIE’s guest post today.

Eight months ago I did Soul Thrill Aura Research with Rose on foods. Mostly I was seeking to discover if I might have any food intolerances.

I’d always worried that I might be allergic to dairy, because a lot of nutritional information I had read suggested that eating dairy made seasonal allergies worse, and I have year-long seasonal allergies.

I didn’t have high expectations from my session. Mostly I was just curious. Because I thought I already ate a healthy diet.

Actually, I had no idea how much that one session would change my life. CONTINUE READING

Soul Thrill Aura Research

Soul Thrill Aura Research
Soul Thrill Aura Research — What is this and how can it help you?

Soul Thrill Aura Research is one of the most popular types of session I offer. Yet this kind of aura reading can be really hard to describe. “Thrill Your Soul” Aura Reading Research, quickly defined?

It’s a practical kind of Aura Reading Research to help you make choices. Detailed info comes from your own chakra databanks. (These are important parts of your aura that anybody can read with solid skills of energetic literacy.)