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New Strong Online Workshop… My Big Announcement

New Strong Online Workshop
New Strong Online Workshop — To help you get stronger in ways that make all the difference in the world.

New Strong Online Workshop — it’s going live today.

What can you gain from these on-demand workshops?

New Strong Online Workshop Solves Underlying Problems


Money Happy Contest Starts Today

money happy contest
Money Happy Contest — enter today to learn more about success

Money Happy Contest, can you guess what that’s for? I’m thinking, a new contest here at the blog with three prizes. Not cash prizes, sorry.

Prizes will be aura readings of public figures you’re curious about. How complicated is that celebrity’s relationship to money? And what kind of complicated, emotionally and spiritually? Learning about that, in turn, can contribute to your own success. (You’ll see.) CONTINUE READING

New Strong Street Smarts. A Guest Post by LEO

Developing New Strong Street Smarts
New Strong Street Smarts! LEO got his start on developing them along with these other students from the first-ever New Strong Workshop

Can you develop New Strong street smarts? Sure you can. If you seek success and personal growth, you’d better.

Granted, your version of those street smarts may look different from mine. Or LEO’s. Whichever version you develop, once you see the need you’ll be on your way.

As the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Truth is, New Strong street smarts are essential for personal growth in The Age of Awakening!

What Are New Strong Street Smarts, Anyway?


Awkward Relatives at Your Holiday

Awkward relatives at the holiday gathering. Uh-oh!
Awkward relatives at the holiday gathering. Uh-oh!

Awkward relatives — will they spoil your Christmas holiday? Or some other holiday? What can you do when family members are invited to gather around your holiday table and… You. Just. Don’t. Like. Them. ?????????

As a professional at Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) and survivor of my share of holidays with awkward relatives — I thought I’d share a few ideas with you. Also invite you to share your ideas as well.

Because chances are, many members of our informal RES community are planning for the worst. Or dreading with a nameless kind of hopelessness, akin to a stuffed and trussed turkey.

Gotta love the custom of relatives together at family gatherings! (Or maybe not.)


Pray for Trump? I Sure Can.

Pray for President Trump? Yes, I do. And I will.
Pray for Trump? Suprisingly, I now believe that is a smart thing to do.

I do. I really do plan to pray every day for Donald Trump and his family.

You may hate me for even writing this paragraph. Apologies in advance. Ordinarily this is not a political blog. Nor have I blogged about prayers — until a recent article here in advance of the presidential election.

If you’re game to keep reading, I’d like to explain what I’m doing, and why. Perhaps I might even inspire you.


Patrick Lives THE NEW STRONG. A Guest Post

You can find a clickable, readable back cover of The New Strong at my website or Amazon.com
Living THE NEW STRONG brings fun, human-type fun.

PATRICK has surprised me with an email. That email made my day.

He had just finished reading “The New Strong.” This inspired him to send  me a report on his personal progress… not just vibrationally. In life. 

PATRICK had been doing sessions of aura healing and aura research with an RES Professional (not me). Reading that book really helped him to consolidate his understanding of what has happened, results in his life that (I’d say) unfolded simply because of better vibrational positioning, less STUFF, and a stronger sense of self.

Which human-type results, exactly?

And what does it mean, in human terms, to get results from those “Rules & Tools” in “The New Strong” — its Program for Easy Vibrational Balance?

You’ll see. With permission I’m quoting his email below.

Inspired by PATRICK’s appreciative words, today begins an occasional series of guest posts where some of you volunteer (like PATRICK) to report.

Which results you have had from reading “The New Strong” — or from sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) — or both. Big thanks, PATRICK!

Yes, Patrick Has Started to Live THE NEW STRONG


Selecting a Goal that Is More than a Dream. A Guest Post by IRENE

IRENE, a big goal-getter, this time pictured in a rather big place
IRENE, a big goal-getter, this time pictured in a rather big place

GRACE W.’s recent guest post about success got a lot of us thinking. For instance, what is the difference between having a dream versus setting goals effectively?

Blog-Buddy IRENE has offered to share her latest insights, and I think they are human-sized, Earth-School-sized, GREAT.

Look for the part about the hours I spent, in IRENE’s first personal mentoring with me, educating her in a way that was NOT like the perfectly fine skill from improv, “Yes, AND.”

IRENE got “No, no, no, no, no, yes, and no.” Yet she survived!

What Works for Success?


For More Success Take this Happiness Quiz

Interested in being happy? Take this quiz.
Interested in being happy? Take this quiz.

Aspirational YOU, do you remember to enjoy your human life?

Sure makes it easier to stay steady while living in this tumultous world. Besides, if you’re interested in moving into a higher state of consciousness, this Enlightenment Coach recommends that you live in Human-Based Spirituality.

Where wise choices about your human life can help you greatly to advance spiritually.

So today I won’t just give you some questions about ways to have a happier, more spiritually evolutionary life. Just for giggles, there will be multiple choices. CONTINUE READING

What Is It Like for an Athlete, Having Both Physical Oneness and Physical Intuition? A Guest Post by CYNTHIA

Big success for soccer player (and empath) Leo Messi
Big success for soccer player (and empath) Leo Messi

Recently we had quite the aura conversation about soccer legend, and multi-millionaire, and humanitarian… Leo Messi. Blog-Buddy CYNTHIA had such perceptive observations about this talented empath, I have elevated her comments to become her first guest post here.

Way to go, CYNTHIA!

When an Empath Has Physical Oneness

I am fascinated that he has Physical Oneness as an empath gift and has become an athlete.

It may have been an advantage in learning the sport, almost as if he could have watched the great players as a child and actually experienced how it felt to move the way they moved, felt the co-ordination, the skill and strength. CONTINUE READING

Labor Day Book Announcements. And What Makes Your Work Meaningful to YOU?

365 FrontCover Ingram


In America and Canada, we’re celebrating Labor Day Weekend. Our summer season ends with a back-to-school, back-to-work theme. In the background it’s a celebration of the diligent everyday work done by people like you and me.

And isn’t it highly evolutionary for personal growth that we are able to work? That we care about our work? That we develop careers as best we can?

Definitely. Be proud of what you do in the world, Blog-Buddies. When you make that work the best you reasonably can, that is honorable living. “Our sacred honor” was such an important part of the founding document of the United States. These are the culminating words of the Declaration of Independence, “Our sacred honor.”

Honor has gone out of fashion in public life. But we can help bring it back. One way to affirm honor, sacred honor, is through the everyday work that you do.

I feel that way. Of course, it’s also important to be effective at work. I strive to do both. Wearing my labor hat as Publisher, my indie company has some big announcements to make today.

In our COMMENTS section, please share your story about the work that you do. What makes it meaningful to you?

How have Empath Empowerment® skills, or other RES work helped in your career?