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Skilled Empath Merge? What Is That?

Skilled Empath Merge Rose Rosetree
Skilled Empath Merge, so fascinating! What is it?

Skilled Empath Merge means what? Different from an aura reading, a psychic reading, an energy reading, or “Picking up a vibe.”

Learn the truth here.

What Is a Skilled Empath Merge?

During a Skilled Empath Merge, you safely, deeply and powerfully experience what it is like to be another person.

This is the deepest experience of energetic literacy, a.k.a. aura reading.

Frankly, it’s the purpose of all empath gifts. Whichever of the 15 empath gifts you may have, they have been installed in preparation for you to do Skilled Empath Merge.


Fragile Empaths? How You Can Help Them

Empaths are NOT fragile, like glass that's easily broken.
Fragile empaths? Real empaths are decidedly NOT fragile, like glass that’s easily broken. Unless…

Fragile Empaths? This is one of three awful stories that I’ve noticed gaining traction since the last time I offered the Empath Empowerment® Workshop. Since this annual workshop begins exactly one week from today, let’s set the record straight.

Including news crawl that would be showing the latest developments.

Latest development for fragile empaths if you were watching “Empath TV.”

If there really were such a thing as “fragile empaths.”

Also if, in the first place, there were an “Empath TV” show to watch.

Even Without Being Fragile, Empaths Are Now

— To Some Degree — At Risk


Paying the Price as an Empath. A Guest Post by LILIAN

Paying the price for being born as an empath -- uh-oh!
Paying the price for being born as an empath — uh-oh!

Observant LILIAN has combined two separate themes we’ve been exploring lately.

At the end of her insightful guest post 🙂 you can find links to each of the two themes that LILIAN cleverly brings together in the following article.

At Times, I’ve Paid a Price for Being an Unskilled Empath

I thought it was interesting how the series of wonderful blog posts about “paying the price” was being closely followed by a series of blog posts about empath skills.  I thought to write a post to honor the experience of being an empath, even while unskilled, and what I feel I have gained from simply being born with talent as an empath. CONTINUE READING

A Guest Post by RES Professional JESSICA GATES

Illuminating a Post-New-Age Consumer Viiew of RES
Illuminating a Post-New-Age Consumer View of RES

RES Apprentice LEO set in motion an illuminating conversation when he guest posted here recently. LEO expressed some of the Frustrations of an RES Apprentice. A Guest Post by LEO.  Great comments followed!

And this even gave rise to a contrasting guest post by a client for sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). Stick with those RES Sessions. A Guest Post by Lilian was then followed by a marvelous series of comments from you Blog-Buddies.

And then… another Blog-Buddy got into the conversation. She offered up this guest post: Explaining RES to the Logical. A Guest Post by IRENE . With additional fascinating comments.

Well, today we have another one of this unplanned series — which I might name in retrospect “When You Seek Energetic Healing as a Post-New-Age Consumer.” CONTINUE READING

Intellectual Empath Ability, So Much More Enjoyable with SKILL. A Guest Post by ISABELLE

Skilled Empath Merge can enliven the empath gift discussed in our guest post for today
Skilled Empath Merge can enliven the empath gift discussed in our guest post for today

If you’re an empath and you’re reading this blog, what do you know by now?

I offer skills of Empath Empowerment®. The first step is to learn about the gifts that you have. The second step is to learn how to develop the effortless habit of keeping your empath gifts turned OFF. While the optional third step is learning techniques for doing Skilled Empath Merge.

Sadly, many empaths — and even empath coaching “experts” — don’t yet have that first part right. So they define an empath as “Somebody who feels everyone else’s feelings.”

So inaccurate. The empath gift described with those words is Emotional Oneness, and it’s just 1 — ONE — of 15 different empath gifts that you can learn about with “The Empowered Empath: Owning, Embracing and Managing Your Special Gifts.”

Some empaths have only this one empath gift. No mushy gushy emotional anything!

Are they still empaths? Of course.


Unskilled Empath Problems? ANSWERS to the Bonus Questions

Rose Rosetree, Empath, Doing Her Best to Teach Other Empaths
Rose Rosetree, Empath, Doing Her Best to Teach Other Empaths

So many thoughtful, wise answers have been given in response to Unskilled Empath Problems? A Quiz

Thanks to one and all who shared your wisdom. I celebrate your emerging understanding.

Empath Empowerment(R) is new in the world. It’s understandable that many folks are struggling with what it means to be born as an empath. It really can help to read the answers below, lending you some perspective based in professional knowledge.

Empath” used to have just a few screens on Google, back when I published the first book in English for empaths, Empowered by Empathy. Googling on “empath” today, I find how many hits? 415,000. 

Gulp, I’m not even on the first page of hits. Guess that’s because I have been too busy helping empaths and doing the rest of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, rather than working SEO. As always Blog-Buddies, your old-fashioned word of mouth is appreciated for spreading the word about empath skills.

Oooh, Catch This First Announcement of Interest to Empaths

For months, I have been working to update that first book for empaths. Later this year I will publish this pair of books to help you. Ready to see those titles? Ta da!

Unskilled Empath Problems? A Quiz

Calling all empaths: Quiz Time
Calling all empaths: Quiz Time

Lucky you, if you were born as an empath.

Lucky you, if you know what the word “Empath” really means.

Even luckier you… if you are getting skills, or have already learned skills like those in the system of Empath Empowerment(R). Meaning skills that can turn you into a skilled empath. Skills to avoid the many problems that can occur in the lives of unskilled empaths, protecting yourself energetically.

Coaching empaths, over the past few years I have noticed an interesting trend. A trendlet, if you would.

As the founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, I have identified 10 different types of subconscious STUFF that can cause emotional and behavioral problems. These problems can be alleviated or, sometimes, completely overcome.

How? By permanently removing that particular bit of astral-level STUFF, then adding  appropriate energetic PUT-IN that serves the person better.

Turns out, it is common for newbies to attribute a whole bunch o’problems to just one type of STUFF.


Rest of my answers to Empath’s Earth Changes/Fire and Rain Quiz

New Empath Quiz Answers, Part Two

Blog-Buddies, we have been having fascinating e-converstion around the Earth Changes/Fire and Rain Quiz Answers Part 1.

The post itself ended with a list of actions one could take in objective reality. And, throughout, did any of you catch an underlying theme?

Completing Quiz Answers today, I’ll place that theme up near top, in bright red letters:

Unskilled empaths often try to solve problems in objective reality by making efforts subjectively. This doesn’t work. Not at Earth School.

Skilled empaths do something different. We save empath merges for Skilled Empath Merges, done for only minutes a day, maximum.

Always use a dedicated technique for Skilled Empath Merge, as this will keep you safe. (You can find two chapters full in “Empowered by Empathy,” plus a very servicable technique toward the end of “Become The Most Important Person in the Room.”)

As you consider my answers to our Empath’s Earth Changes Quiz, perhaps you will have some aha!s about putting that shift of emphasis into practice in YOUR life. Whether or not you are dealing with weather catastrophes, either directly or indirectly or not at all. CONTINUE READING

Enlightenment vs. Detachment, a Guest Post from Jill





Blog-Buddies, I wanted to post something really special today. You don’t have to be a number mystic like me, or even a professional numerolgist, to figure out that 11-20-2011 could count for at least as special a day as the widely hyped 11-11-2011.

  • We’ll have another double day on 12-12.
  • We’ll have a cool date on 11-11-2111. But that’s a hundred years off. and really, isn’t today’s date more cool?
  • We’ll have the very interesting date of 33-33-3033 in another thousand years plus, but, hey! We don’t have 33 months in a year yet, do we now? If earth lasts that long, maybe yes, maybe no.
  • In England and other countries, the date would be called 20-11-2011.

Anyway, I just delighted when the following comment arrived from wise JILL on this busy day (with barely time for me to do formatting, not time enough for writing a brand new blog article). 

This is a great post, JILL.

Detachment, a failed path to Enlightenment

So many of us who want to be enlightened either have, or are in the midst of, some path of practicing “detachment,” thinking that alone would/will get us “there.”

In my own experience I pursued that path under the guise of Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism with varying degrees of success of detachment. But all it got me was confusion and pain. CONTINUE READING

How a cord of attachment can stall Empath Empowerment

Blog-Buddies, three cheers for you curious seekers of truth who are moving full speed ahead on your personal path to Enlightenment.

Have I mentioned lately what a delight it is to host this blog for you? Today, like so many days, I wake up brimming, buzzing, twinkling with excitement. I can’t wait to read your comments and share a new article with you if my schedule for the day can possibly allow it.

Today it is possible, so I aim to follow up on one of the many things I have offered to do, with the prod of enthusiasm. Back in this article about setting priorities with aura-level healing, I mentioned that there can be dynamics within a cord of attachment that limit a person’s success at becoming a fully skilled empath. (See the heading on that post, “No more exceptions?”

In the first comment below today’s post, I’ll list other things that I have promised to write for you. Please add in anything else you have found that represents a loose end. Of course, Blog-Buddies, you probably know that we have a contest in progress through the month of April where the prize is that you get to request a blog article on a topic that fascinates you, be that a person with public photo (oh, so very rare these days 😉 ) or a topic under the general heading of Deeper Perception. CONTINUE READING