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New Strong Online Workshop… My Big Announcement

New Strong Online Workshop
New Strong Online Workshop — To help you get stronger in ways that make all the difference in the world.

New Strong Online Workshop — it’s going live today.

What can you gain from these on-demand workshops?

New Strong Online Workshop Solves Underlying Problems


Aura Reading Online Workshop. Available Now.


Aura Reading Online Workshop
Aura Reading Online Workshop begins today, including a FREE introductory workshop

Yes, really! My Aura Reading Online Workshop — today it becomes available. Today’s also the first day for my FREE Introductory workshop “Aura Reading for YOU.”

Here’s a link to sign up for the FREE Intro. When you check out this new resource, you’ll find it on the left. Scroll down a bit.

Yes, really! That’s where to start aura reading, with the free introductory workshop. Five lessons. Much knowledge and zero obligation!

After finishing “Aura Reading for YOU” then you can decide if you’re ready to go on to the full workshop, “Aura Reading Online Workshop.” Today’s blog post answers seven Q&A’s about it. CONTINUE READING

ONEderful March 2017

ONEderful March 2017
Come celebrate ONEderful March 2017.

In so many ways, we can celebrate ONEderful March 2017. Just open up your hymnal to “The Wordless One” and sing along with me. 😉

Okay, back with awareness positioned at human reality, I’ll put it another way: Preparing for spring, come celebrate with me. Alternatively, for you Blog-Buddies on the other earth polarity, soon you will welcome the cooling breezes of fall.

Either way, weatherwise and otherwise, we’re in for a ONEderful March 2017. CONTINUE READING

Next Newsletter Features Skilled Empath Merge with Environment. Plus More

Dancing Spirit Lake, Site of my first Skilled Empath Merge with the Environment
Sacred Dancing Lake, site of my first Skilled Empath Merge with the Environment

What, do a Skilled Empath Merge with the environment? And I did one?  And I’m about to published an article about what happened????

Yes, that’s the lead article in the upcoming issue of “Reading Life Deeper.”

Actually it’s a double issue, September – October 2016.

Besides including my first-ever published Skilled Empath Merge of this type, I’ll be sharing inside information about a certain renaming… CONTINUE READING

How EXACTLY Can Aura Reading Protect You? 10 Ways, for Starters.

Aura reading can protect you in so many ways. Here are 10.
Aura reading can protect you in so many ways. Here are 10.

Three cheers to Blog-Buddy ISABELLE for asking such a practical question.

How EXACTLY can aura reading protect you? That’s relevant to many, many practical aspects of life. Right off the top of my head, here are 10 ways that reading auras can protect you. After you take a look, please comment below with:

  • Any stories you have about how aura reading HAS protected you, saved you money, helped you get back on your path in life.
  • Any questions about whether aura reading CAN protect you in a particular area of life of concern to you now.

Aura Reading Protection #1. Clarity


Last call for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Workshop in 2014 — this coming weekend

A timely reminder about a great workshop to take at this time of Energetic Ponzi Schemes
A timely reminder about a great workshop to take during this transitional Age of Energy era of Spiritual Addiction

Yowza, has it ever been wonderfully busy around here lately, Blog-Buddies. For you too?

Yesterday a lovely thank you came in from Tatiana about the workshop she took last weekend, Empath Empowerment Level 2:

“The workshop was so powerful! I’m so happy I had an opportunity to be there.

“The next day I looked at myself in a mirror and got the feeling “That’s me, I’m back”.

“I am recognizing myself again. I know better who I am. During the past three years I was totally lost; I was anyone and anything but not me-:).

“Everyone I met during this weekend was a lovely, kind, open, hard-working empath. All of them (us) are beautiful and unique.  It’s so inspiring.”


Empath Coaching at the College of Psychic Studies in London

Empath Empowerment at the College of Psychic Studies

Blog-Buddies, sending you’all a big wave as I leave for a “fortnight” in England.

What fun, to use such language. Of course, I might ask a living British person, while there, if anyone there ever uses the word “fortnight” any more. 😉

Rose Rosetree, not yet at The College of Psychic Studies

Preparing to leave the comforts of this dear place where I live, I’m freshly aware of my deep affection for this online community, my clients and students so far. I am thrilled to be reconnecting with people on the wavelength of Energy Spirituality and Energetic Literacy. And I have that “New voyager” anticipation about the new folks I’ll be able to help.

The College of Psychic Studies is sponsoring two weeks of sessions, plus a weekend workshop on Empath Empowerment(R) June 23 and 24 plus the workshop on Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection (June 16 and 17).

Yes, there will be personal sessions of Energy Release Regression Therapy and all the various skill sets of Energy Spirituality.

Also, this time I will have the chance to give two evening lectures, Reading Life Deeper with Energetic Literacy this coming Friday and next Friday, How to Be a Happier Empath.

A workshop to end that mouth dribble problem

Alas, there’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip. Today that old proverb is still oh-so-true, especially in the Age of Starbucks. 

So many pressures today! So many choices! So many ways, human and electronic, to chase a dream and have bits of it dribble down your shirt, as it were.

Fortunately Blog-Buddy, you probably have got the physical drinking coordination down. Most of the time, you can tilt that cup close to your mouth, open wide, and not lose a single precious sip of Starbucks mega-whoopdie-flavor-gigantico. Not a single, staining mouthful dribbling downward from your chin.

When it comes to drinking up life’s most delicious winnings, however, things can get more difficult. As in manifesting:

  • An appropriate, fulfilling, committed love relationship.
  • A job that you really enjoy.
  • Financial security, even abundance.

Some of you Blog-Buddies have been working so hard, so long. Yet results are frustrating, and way more annoying that losing a mouthful of coffee. I would love to help you change that. CONTINUE READING

Consumer alert about cutting cords of attachment

Advanced practitioners learning more about cutting cords of attachment

What if you’re looking online for a healing practitioner? Say that you find someone who says “I studied with Rose Rosetree” or “I use Rose Rosetree’s trademarked method, 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R).”

What does that mean exactly?

Take it from me. It doesn’t mean that the person has done depth study with me. That person is not a graduate of my Mentoring Program in Energy Spirituality, not if you’re reading anything on the Internet as of today’s date or earlier. That would be June 14, 2011.

Now I’m delighted when people use my method for cutting cords of attachment. I’m grateful for the integrity when this is attributed — when my book is mentioned, for instance.  It’s only fair, really, to acknowledge the source of your work.

And a healer gets extra points with me by referring people who are curious to the Official Rose Rosetree Website, rather than Amazon.com (Where the integrity factor is so low, they even sell alleged “New” copies of books like mine, discounted sales that bring zero money to the publisher or author. )

Here are some words of clarification for you as a consumer. CONTINUE READING

Why Learn Face Reading?

Between gawking at face changes to Lady Gaga…

and preparing for my annual Face Reading Workshop, a month from today…

I thought, now is the perfect time to answer the simple question, “Why.”

As in “Why bother to study the 5,000-year-old art of physiognomy? Aren’t there more useful things to do with your time?”

And, hey, let’s add a question about “What.” CONTINUE READING