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ONEderful August 2017

ONEderful August 2017
ONEderful August 2017. Even on the very first day of this long month, you can find reasons to celebrate. Join us!

ONEderful August 2017. The latest month of your amazing journey in life begins today.

Already you know it’s going to be a generous collection of days. After today, we’ll still have 30 to go. And, in this hemisphere, that means 30 more very hot days.

Much to look forward to.

Below are some of the highlights that I anticipate. Shared to prime the pump. So you can start thinking of possibilities and, maybe, gratitude. And maybe even feel inspired to share some of your hunches and hopes about this magnificent month. CONTINUE READING

Snow Crocuses. Heralding Greatest Happiness

Snow Crocuses
How snow crocuses heralded a kind of happiness I never felt before.

Let us now praise snow crocuses! They arrived on the same day I completed my first online workshop. Still a mystery workshop, which I will officially share the details about… this Monday.

Today, though, I can tell you the inside story.

Snow Crocuses, Heralding


Empath Empowerment 2017 Workshop Is Coming

Empath Empowerment 2017 Workshop Rose Rosetree
Who will come to metro Washington D.C. for the Empath Empowerment® Workshop 2017?

Empaths will come. Empaths who seek an even better life. That’s who will be coming to my Empath Empowerment 2017 Workshop.

Fast-growing empaths from far and wide! (Already one participant is coming all the way from England.) Also, just possibly, YOU.

There’s so much I can tell you in advance about that workshop. Why you might consider attending. And how those two fast-moving days could move you forward by six months with your level of skill as an empath.

Easiest way to get a taste for the fun and passion of this workshop? Just check out this new YouTube video: Empath Empowerment® Skills with Rose Rosetree. CONTINUE READING

Nine RES Workshops in a Year? Advance Notice on What Is Changing

One week from today, I’ll be offering the Aura Reading Workshop, Level 1.

Many of you Blog-Buddies are used to seeing the annual Calendar of Workshops at my official website, expecting to see a huge range of distinctive workshops that you won’t find elsewhere.

Still others of you display a very sweet enthusiasm. You contact me from time to time, asking when I will come to your city to give a workshop. Well…

Time to Consider What Is Humanly Possible

Students love these Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) workshops, and I love teaching them. Moreover, these workshops are the very best way to learn skills that involve deeper perception. CONTINUE READING

Rose Rosetree’s Workshops in 2016

Hear ye, hear ye, Rose Rosetree's workshops for 2016
Hear ye, hear ye, Rose Rosetree’s workshops for 2016

Blog-Buddies, are you planning big goals yet for 2016? (Which you may already be calling, “Your best year yet.”)

I’ve been planning too. Accordingly I have boldly redesigned all the following workshops. Each will be offered just once in 2016. In Sterling, Virginia (convenient to Dulles Airport, and with discounted hotel rooms available at the same hotel where the workshop will be offered).

Of course, I’ve developed new workshop descriptions to go along with the workshop redesigns.  Fresh details will be posted at my website as soon as we can manage it.  Meanwhile, can’t wait?  Email Mitch, Workshop Coordinator, with your questions.

Once that website listing is updated, you’ll see some additional RES workshops that aren’t being offered in 2016, like the Cut Cords of Attachment (Level 2) Workshop. These can be taken through personal mentoring.

Empath Empowerment® (Level 1) Workshop*

Make the Gentle Shift into Empath Empowerment® CONTINUE READING

Inside Information about My Workshops in 2015


In the February issue of “Reading Life Deeper,” you learn inside information about my workshops in SEVEN WAYS.

To subscribe, just go onto The Official Rose Rosetree Website and sign up for the free monthly treat for as long as you wish to receive it.

Feel free to start commenting below

Even before the newsletter is sent out this week, you may have some perspective to share. At my official website, there is no place for asking questions about my workshops. Let this blog post be the place!


Rosetree Energy Spirituality WORKSHOPS for 2015, inside information

For me, teaching a workshop is always a sacred activity
For me, teaching a workshop is always a sacred activity

Announcing my in-person workshops for 2015, I’m so glad to be offering these transformational experiences that take place real life, a close encounter of the human kind.

Each workshop will bring you knowledge from one of my trademarked systems. (The exception is the Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Workshop. Although this skill set is unique, I have not trademarked it at this time.)

Smart New Age Consumers, consider:

How hard is it to find a workshop on tapping or Reiki or angels or clairvoyance?

Not very. Compare that to any of these workshops , the like of which you won’t find elsewhere.

Each weekend of group learning can move you forward by six months, or more. Imagine how one weekend can help you to rapidly make progress at becoming really GOOD at that skill set! That’s true whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student of the skill set being taught. CONTINUE READING

Have More Fun in Lucky 2013

Workshops with Rose Rosetree

While our new baby year is still cute as a button, let it be announced officially. What is the singular quality of 2013? Fun.

Yes, I’m thinking of the possibilities for this new year as “Have more fun in 2013.”

Finally that weirdly accelerated evolution of 2011 and 2012 has slowed down to a more normal clip. You will keep all that spiritual evolution, fear not. But expect daily life to progress more normally.

In human ways of your choosing, you can consolidate growth. A great way to do that?  Simply have fun.

2013 is about Fun

Fun as a guiding principle for spiritual evolution and material achievement?

Sure! In Lucky 2013 it’s okay to follow your bliss. Now isn’t a time for earnest plans to improve yourself and save the world.

Of course, you can still improve yourself and save the world while having more fun. 😉

Mainly, pay attention, Blog-Buddies, to what appeals to you. This need not be huge Major Miraculous Wowser, down to the special effects of a Bollywood musical.

Here’s a context for guidance on your path to Enlightenment

Blog-Buddies, don’t wait for the Archangel Gabriel to appear and announce you are pregnant by the Holy Spirit. (Especially unlikely for you male readers.)

Consider your choices in 2013 as more like getting fitted with new eyeglasses. CONTINUE READING